The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.88

Chapter 88 – He would harm you

In the following days, 0329 couldn’t stay still. It was curious about everything, the beautiful birds flying in the sky, the lush green trees, and the colorful flowers. Anything could catch 0329’s attention, and it truly loved this vibrant and colorful world.

As for the previous black and white colors, 0329 completely abandoned them.

Even when encountering a shop on the road, 0329 chose stickers in golden red and other colors, completely ignoring anything with black. Perhaps immersed in the joy of seeing colors, 0329 seemed to have completely forgotten Xi Xun in these past few days and hadn’t mentioned Xi Xun in front of Yu Ti again.

This made Yu Ti feel slightly relieved.

“Although I’ve seen so many flowers, I still think sunflowers are the most beautiful!” 0329 said to Yu Ti.

“Me too,” Yu Ti replied with a smile.

“Shall we go pick some more?” 0329 held Yu Ti’s hand.

“Okay,” Yu Ti agreed to the little guy.

Immediately, 0329 excitedly pulled Yu Ti towards another sunflower field. Yu Ti followed 0329’s lead and asked while walking, “You don’t like black, do you?”

“I don’t like it,” 0329 shook its little head.

For some reason, after being able to see colors, 0329 discovered that it didn’t like black anymore, feeling a faint sense of aversion. 0329 didn’t know the reason behind this, but it truly didn’t like black anymore.

It loved red! That kind of light red color resembling the evening glow, the color of Yu Ti’s aura, was incredibly beautiful!

Yu Ti smiled lightly and continued walking with the little one.

Meanwhile, after Yu Ti and Zhuo left, a figure slowly emerged from the nearby woods. The law enforcement sword was far away from Xi Xun because it could clearly sense its owner’s emotions at the moment, which filled it with a sense of fear.

Xi Xun stood expressionless in place. At this moment, his eyes were completely black, eerie and inscrutable, like a deep abyss stained with blood, terrifying and horrifying.

“Let’s go,” Xi Xun commanded.

The law enforcement sword instantly transformed into a beam of light and headed towards 0329’s direction.


0329 didn’t let Yu Ti join in picking the flowers; instead, it asked him to wait aside. After all, these were the flowers it intended to use for proposing to its host, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for others to touch them, as it would seem insincere.

Yu Ti didn’t insist and quietly sat aside, waiting.

He gazed at Zhuo, who was earnestly picking flowers, his eyes filled with a distant look.

In fact, Yu Ti deliberately asked Zhuo those questions earlier. He didn’t know if Xi Xun was nearby, but he could sense that elusive chill. So he asked Zhuo those questions, hoping Xi Xun would voluntarily give up if he heard them.

But if Xi Xun decided to play hardball, then Yu Ti would have to take action.

He knew he wasn’t a match for Xi Xun, but he wouldn’t let Xi Xun take Zhuo away.

These past few days, Yu Ti hadn’t slept well at all.

He didn’t know why, but during this period of time, Yu Ti kept having dreams. However, the dreams were different every day, and the only similarity was that the scenes were fragmented and Yu Ti couldn’t grasp them. But one thing he was certain of… Zhuo was his younger brother.

As for why he was so sure…

It was because recently, the images flashing through Yu Ti’s mind were all about Zhuo. Although he didn’t remember those dreams, he had a feeling in his heart.

And every time he saw Zhuo, he had a different feeling.

It was an indescribable feeling.

“Brother Yu Ti, I’m going a little further to pick some sunflowers. Will you wait for me here?” 0329 walked over with a bouquet of sunflower in its arms and spoke to Yu Ti.

Yu Ti chuckled and said, “Okay.”

Upon hearing these words, 0329 felt relieved and turned to run in the direction a little further away.

Yu Ti kept watching Zhuo’s figure until it disappeared from sight.

Suddenly, Yu Ti felt a sense of danger. He stood up and then saw Xi Xun, who had appeared here at some point. Xi Xun’s eyes were calm and still, like a silent sea, but Yu Ti could sense the terrifying intent to kill.

Meanwhile, 0329 on the other side knew nothing.

It continued picking beautiful sunflowers, humming a song as it picked, as if it had already foreseen the future. 0329 kept thinking that maybe it was lucky and the host really agreed to its proposal!

Then it could be with the host forever.

If the host agreed to marry it, it would love and cherish the host forever and never let the host feel sad. It would tell the host stories every day and lull him to sleep. If the host was bullied, it would come out to protect him!

It would never let the host suffer any harm. It had heard from other systems that misunderstandings or third parties could sometimes appear in relationships, but it wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

It only liked the host and completely trusted the host, it won’t listen to others and make the host sad.

It would protect the host well.

The host was its forever sweetheart and precious treasure!

The more 0329 thought about it, the happier it became. It lowered its head and kissed the last sunflower, then carefully put it away.

Now everything was ready, only the host was missing!

But that Brother Yu Ti said that it should cure itself completely before leaving. Isn’t that too troublesome for him? 0329 sighed as it thought, that big brother is really kind.

What a pity.

If it weren’t for its special liking for the host, it would have tried to match that big brother with the host.

But it liked the host and really didn’t want to give him to anyone else.

But it would take good care of the host! It wouldn’t mistreat the host like other scum systems once it obtained him!


At this moment, a loud noise seemed to come from the distance! The sound was not too far away, it seemed to come from Yu Ti’s side.

0329’s expression changed immediately, and it quickly turned into light and disappeared.

On Xi Xun’s side.

Yu Ti was lying on the ground, blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, and he was heavily injured. The previous sword strike could have taken Yu Ti’s life, but suddenly, a strong golden-red light emanated from Yu Ti, blocking the strike of the law enforcement sword.

But it was useless. As long as another sword strike came, Yu Ti would still die.

Yu Ti covered his chest, coughing up blood.

Although his face was pale and his chest was stained red with blood, there was no trace of fear in Yu Ti’s expression. He looked at Xi Xun and slowly said, “Zhuo can already see.”

Xi Xun’s expression remained unchanged, but upon closer inspection, one would notice that his icy gaze froze a little more.

“He doesn’t like you, why force him?”

“Oh? Then who does he like? Do you think he likes you?” Xi Xun walked slowly towards Yu Ti, and he stepped on Yu Ti’s neck from above, looking down at him condescendingly. “Too bad, your calculations are wrong. His liking means nothing to me. If I want him, he can only stay by my side. His opinion doesn’t matter, and your opinion matters even less.”

Yu Ti’s face changed, showing an ugly expression.

The enforcement sword was now positioned above Yu Ti. As long as Xi Xun gave the order, it would instantly pierce Yu Ti. The enforcement sword was very powerful, capable of annihilating Yu Ti’s soul.

But just as the law enforcement sword was about to pierce Yu Ti, a small golden-red sword suddenly appeared, blocking the intent of the law enforcement sword, slightly deflecting its blade.

Xi Xun turned his head and saw Zhuo in human form, looking bewildered at the scene before him.

0329 looked at Yu Ti on the ground, then glanced at the host.


Its gaze settled on the host’s black aura, and 0329 was instantly stunned in place.

The atmosphere became somewhat quiet.

After a long time, 0329 finally snapped out of it. It moved its lips as if it wanted to ask the host how his aura turned pitch black. But in the end, it didn’t ask and quickly ran over to check Yu Ti’s injuries.

“Are you okay?” 0329 asked with concern.

Yu Ti shook his head.

Upon hearing that he was fine, 0329 felt relieved. It carefully helped him up and used its own power to heal his wounds. Throughout the process, it completely ignored Xi Xun, as if Xi Xun didn’t exist.

Xi Xun’s face grew colder, and even the law enforcement sword was scared away by its master.

0329 used all its strength to heal Yu Ti, as if it were treating Xi Xun’s own injured hand. Along the way, it would carefully ask Yu Ti if he was in pain or not.

During this period, Xi Xun simply watched silently as 0329 busied itself.

No one could know what he was thinking at this moment.

After 0329 finished its busy work, it found a car nearby and quickly helped Yu Ti get into it. After getting in the car, 0329 seemed to remember Xi Xun and said in a low voice, “Do… do you want to come with us? It’s dangerous around here.”

Xi Xun agreed, although his face remained expressionless.

0329 found a small village and helped Yu Ti into a house. As for Xi Xun… it told him to find a place to stay on his own, and it would come to find him later.

Xi Xun calmly nodded and quietly watched as 0329 and Yu Ti left. In the palm of his hand, a black chain formed by aura slowly condensed behind his back.

0329 helped Yu Ti onto the large bed in the room and reminded him as it walked away, “Watch your step.”

It finally breathed a sigh of relief when Yu Ti was completely settled on the bed.

“Have some water first!” 0329 said.

Yu Ti took the water handed by 0329 and looked at it, saying, “Zhuo.”


“Did you see the color of Xi Xun’s aura just now?” Yu Ti asked.

When Yu Ti mentioned this, 0329 fell silent.

Yu Ti gently caressed the little guy’s face and said, “While he hasn’t done anything to you yet, leave this place. If you return to the system law department, he won’t be able to find you and harm you.”

“The host would harm me?” 0329 asked in astonishment.

“Yes, he would harm you.”

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