The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.89

Chapter 89 – Little Angel 0329 Cub

“But the host treats me very well!” 0329 said with a furrowed brow.

“Just because he is good to you now doesn’t mean he will always be.”

0329 fell silent and sat there for a long time, thinking mostly about why the host’s luck aura was black. The host was clearly a good person. He used to be the Minister of Law Enforcement and personally slayed eight thousand evil gods!

Feeling frustrated, 0329 gazed at the round night light absentmindedly.

Yu Ti gently patted the little guy’s head and whispered, “Let’s leave this place. I’m worried that if we stay here for too long, we won’t be able to leave when we want to.”

“But I promised the host to stay with him for the rest of his life!”

“But he deceived you.”

“No, maybe the host himself doesn’t even know that his luck is black,” 0329 suddenly thought of this and quickly said to Yu Ti.

After all, the host is currently in a reincarnated state and cannot see his own luck.

“If his luck is black, it means he has done something in the past, but he disguised himself as a good person in front of you and made you trust him, right?” Yu Ti stared at the little guy.


“No ‘buts.’ You said that black luck signifies a person with deep sins. Did you forget?”

“I haven’t forgotten!” 0329 exclaimed loudly.

As a law enforcement system, how could 0329 forget that! But it still hesitated and said, “How about I go and ask the host why he deceived me? Senior Brother once said that if there is a conflict, it’s best to ask the person involved directly.”

“That may work in your system world, but it doesn’t apply in the human world. Even if you go and ask, you won’t be able to leave afterward. He might harm you or even kill you.”

“No, the host is not like that!”

“If he’s not like that, then why did he deceive you?” Yu Ti said.

0329 fell silent.

It felt like those words made sense, but it still wanted to see the host again and ask for clarification.

Yu Ti seemed to sense its thoughts and reached out to straighten it, making it face him. He said, “You’re still young and don’t understand everything. I won’t harm you. Listen to me, don’t you have a system you like in the System Department? Go back and find it.”

“But…” 0329 suddenly became hesitant.

“But what?” Yu Ti asked.

“Well, actually, the host is the system I mentioned. Of course, he’s not a system now!” 0329’s words were vague and ambiguous. After all, the fact that the host is now in a reincarnated state cannot be revealed.

Yu Ti furrowed her brows, finding it all quite confusing.

After about three to four minutes, Yu Ti had a moment of realization, but when he reached out to grasp it, it felt elusive. He pursed his lips, eventually giving up on thinking and turned to the little guy, asking, “Does he look like the system you like?”

“Well… somewhat,” 0329 replied vaguely.

“Then it’s just a transference, you don’t actually like Xi Xun, understand?”

“No! It’s not transference! I really like him!” 0329 said anxiously.

“But he’s human, and you’re a system.”

“What does that matter?” 0329 asked blankly.

“He’s human, and humans are fickle.”

“No, no, no, the host is different. The host has always been good to me, his attitude towards me has never changed!” 0329 struggled to speak of Xi Xun’s virtues, hoping to change Yu Ti’s perception of the host.

“That’s because you’ve spent little time together. Human love usually deteriorates after three or four years, losing patience. Perhaps he sees you as a pet, similar to a little cat or dog, not as a person.”

“I, I can transform into human form.”

“But you’re still not human.”

Upon hearing this, 0329 lowered its head in sadness, feeling a bit heartbroken.

“Moreover, he has black luck,” Yu Ti saw how upset the little guy was, and although it pained him, he remained calm. He knew this would hurt the little guy, but it was better to face the truth. This was an unrequited love, one that would never bear fruit, especially since it didn’t understand anything about love.

Perhaps it didn’t even understand the meaning of love.

0329 kept its head down, feeling sad for a long time. Yu Ti gently stroked its head and said, “You once told me stories about the sea, about a system that willingly gave up everything for humanity and ended up becoming bubbles. Do you think it was worth it?”

Sitting on the side, 0329 poked at the blanket without saying a word.

“If he truly liked you, he wouldn’t deceive you. If he deceived you, it means his intentions aren’t pure, you know?” Yu Ti spoke softly.

“But the host didn’t use deception to do bad things.”

“He pretended to be a good person in front of you. True goodness doesn’t require pretense; feigned kindness is hypocrisy.”

“No, no, no.” 0329 shook its little head and said, “My teacher said there are no absolutes in the world. As long as the person receiving help is genuinely helped, there’s no distinction between genuine and false goodness. As long as it’s help, it’s good. Although the host deceived me, he might have his reasons, and what he did was a good thing. He hasn’t harmed good people; he kills the bad ones.”

“He has hurt me twice now, including this time,” Yu Ti said.

0329 became downcast, but then it suddenly thought of something and looked up, asking, “Brother Yu Ti, do you have a misunderstanding with the host?”


“Then why do you keep fighting with the host? It seems like you don’t like him very much. Is it because he hurt you? Should I apologize to you on behalf of the host?” 0329 looked at Yu Ti with hopeful eyes.

Yu Ti’s eyes showed complex emotions that 0329 couldn’t understand. After a long while, Yu Ti spoke in a low voice, “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“But I haven’t been hurt!”

Yu Ti looked at the silly little guy before him and sighed, “I want to make sure you never get hurt.”

0329 didn’t understand the meaning behind Yu Ti’s words, its eyes filled with confusion.

After a while, 0329 gave up trying to understand. It pursed its little lips and said, “Then, let me think about it.”

“I hope you can leave now.”


“Listen to me, Zhuo,” Yu Ti rubbed 0329’s small head.

“But I still want to ask the host in person!”

Seeing the little guy so stubborn, Yu Ti frowned. After observing 0329 for a moment, he said, “He would kill everyone in the world.”

“Huh?” 0329 was confused, not understanding how the topic had suddenly shifted so far.

“I had some dreams these past few days, and one of them was about this world. He would kill everyone in the world, without exception. Are you not afraid of someone so ruthless?” Yu Ti gazed at 0329.

0329 widened its eyes, finding it hard to believe.

“Is it true?!”


The atmosphere became heavy, and after three seconds, 0329 tried to comfort Yu Ti, saying, “Brother Yu Ti, that’s just a dream. My senior brother told me that dreams are the opposite of reality. Maybe the host saved the world!” As it spoke, 0329’s eyes brightened.

Yu Ti looked at the little one repeatedly finding reasons for Xi Xun. Finally, he stopped beating around the bush and directly said, “This is not a dream. I have some memories of the past life. In the past life, Xi Xun destroyed the entire world. If you still don’t believe it, you can scan my memories, and then you’ll know whether it’s true or not.”

0329 was stunned.

It still didn’t believe, but Yu Ti’s gaze was serious. Finally, 0329 scanned Yu Ti’s memories. Then… it saw a scene.

In that scene, everyone stood on one side, accusing the host of something.

And the host stood there, his expression dark and cold.

The next moment, the scene changed. A massive fire erupted, engulfing everything, and the entire earth was devoured by the flames. It was a horrifying and devastating sight.

0329 stared at the scene in bewilderment.

“Now do you understand why I didn’t want you to be with him? He is someone who can kill the entire world. His heart is cold. Do you think he would care about you?” Yu Ti spoke slowly.

0329 moved its mouth and whispered, “Perhaps, perhaps there is some hidden truth behind it?”

Yu Ti didn’t speak this time but looked at 0329 helplessly.

0329 lowered its head and fell into silence, lost in thought. After a while, it left the room, but instead of going to the host, it squatted at the doorstep, gazing at the sky in a daze.

It didn’t want to believe Yu Ti’s words, but the evidence was right in front of its eyes now.

Could the host really be someone who would destroy the entire world?

Was it because of his actions that his aura of luck was black?

0329 poked at a blade of grass and then looked towards the host’s room.

After hesitating for three or four minutes, 0329 didn’t go to the host’s room. Instead, it returned to Yu Ti, looking dejected. In its hands, it held a sunflower, lost in thought. It had originally planned to give the sunflower to the host as soon as it saw him.

But now it couldn’t.

With a sigh, it put the sunflower back into its storage space.

When it returned to Yu Ti’s room, 0329 went to help Yu Ti up from the bed, saying it would take him to a safe place.

Yu Ti refused, “I’m fine. You should leave first.”

But 0329 shook its head earnestly. It insisted on taking Yu Ti away from here and sending him to a safe place. Yu Ti couldn’t resist 0329’s insistence and agreed.

0329 draped a coat over Yu Ti and carefully supported him as they walked towards the courtyard where the car was.

At that moment, 0329 was unaware that Xi Xun had witnessed the scene. Xi Xun stood by the window, seeing the image of Yu Ti being supported by 0329, including the car slowly starting and leaving the area.

Xi Xun watched silently the entire time.

Although his gaze was cold, there was an indescribable sadness enveloping him, as if a dagger had been thrust into his heart, causing immense pain.

Xi Xun slowly closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his gaze had returned to its usual indifference.

“Let’s go,” Xi Xun commanded.

The Law Enforcement Sword appeared abruptly and began leading the way towards 0329.

Xi Xun walked leisurely. The cold wind blew outside at this moment.

The wind carried fallen leaves that scratched Xi Xun’s face, but he paid no attention, calmly continuing forward. The branches of the trees rustled loudly in the wind, and the sky was pitch black.

Xi Xun didn’t know how long he had walked, but he didn’t feel tired at all.

In fact, Xi Xun could move faster, just like before. However, he didn’t because he suppressed his emotions with the passage of time, using it as a buffer.

Even though everything had come to this point, he still didn’t want to reach the worst-case scenario.

Even though he knew everything had already been destroyed.

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded, filled with concern and anxiety. Immediately after, a warm cloak was draped over Xi Xun.

Xi Xun finally snapped out of his thoughts.

He silently looked at Zhuo in front of him, seeming somewhat stunned.

“Why did you come here? I went back and looked for you everywhere but couldn’t find you!” 0329 scolded while covering Xi Xun’s head with the hood of the cloak. “Alright, now you won’t feel cold.”

Xi Xun gazed at Zhuo for a while, making 0329 puzzled. Then, he pulled it into his embrace, hugging it tightly.

“What’s wrong, host?” 0329 asked, confused.

Xi Xun didn’t say anything, just held onto it tightly, almost choking it.

But 0329 didn’t blame the host.

It patted Xi Xun’s back and said, “Did you wake up and get scared because you didn’t see me? It’s okay, I’m back now, good boy.”

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