The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.90

Chapter 90 – 0329 Cub’s Confession

“Why are you hurt here?!” 0329 held Xi Xun’s face gently and looked at it. After looking for a while, 0329 gently kissed it, and a miraculous scene occurred—the wound suddenly disappeared.

0329 was finally satisfied, but it still had a stern face as it scolded its host for not taking care of himself properly.

Xi Xun remained silent the whole time, just staring at 0329.

At this moment, 0329 didn’t notice that Yu Ti was quietly watching this scene from behind a nearby tree. Yu Ti kept watching even after Zhuo walked away holding Xi Xun’s hand, standing there all along.

After a while, Yu Ti slowly closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, 0329 didn’t sense anything amiss and led its host to a car it had scanned. The weather was too cold, with a chilling wind blowing, and it was afraid its host would get sick. So, it quickly looked for a warm place.

The car was scrapped and there was a zombie inside.

0329 directly reached into the car window, pulled the zombie out, and after a quick cleanup, pushed its host inside.

The zombie that was pulled out remained in a daze, wandering in place.

Inside the car, 0329 first scanned the closest house from this location, then started the car. The car was almost out of fuel, but 0329 could temporarily use its own energy as a substitute.

And 0329 was quite skilled at driving, so it quickly reached the destination.

0329 held Xi Xun’s hand throughout the entire journey and didn’t let go even after entering the room. Once inside, 0329 ignited a fire and gestured for Xi Xun to sit down while it diligently checked for any other injuries on Xi Xun’s body.

Xi Xun suddenly grabbed Zhuo’s hand that was examining his face.

“Host?” 0329 asked in confusion.

“You left with him, didn’t you? Why did you come back?” Xi Xun stared at Zhuo with a cold tone.

0329 was initially baffled but seemed to remember something.

It blinked at Xi Xun and said, “By ‘him,’ do you mean big brother Yu Ti?”

Xi Xun remained silent.

0329 sighed and looked at its host, who was always in a sulky mood, and explained, “It seems that Big Brother Yu Ti is somewhat afraid of the host.” At this moment, it paused and continued: “But this is normal, after all, he doesn’t know the host. So I sent him to a safe place a little further away so that he wouldn’t be afraid!”

Thinking about it, 0329 felt quite proud, considering itself incredibly clever.

“Oh? Are you not afraid, then?”

“I’m not afraid. Why should I be afraid of the host?” 0329 was puzzled by this question. It held Xi Xun’s hand and earnestly said, “I know that the host may seem cold on the outside, but deep down, the host is very gentle.”

After saying these words, 0329 suddenly hugged Xi Xun and said, “I also know that the host must have suffered a lot. It makes me sad to think about it. If only I had appeared earlier.”

Xi Xun’s eyelashes trembled, and his cold facade couldn’t hold up any longer. He slowly reached out and embraced Zhuo.

“But don’t be sad, host. I will protect you.”

“The aura on me is not golden-red, and I’m not the good person you think I am,” Xi Xun said calmly.

“The host is a good person!” 0329 strongly disagreed.

It held the host’s shoulder, looked into his eyes, and said earnestly, “Host, while I was taking Brother Yu Ti away, I thought a lot. I thought the host is definitely a good person. How could you have a black aura? There must be a reason! Did someone bully the host? Did the host reach his limit and kill the person in self-defense?!”

“Something like that,” Xi Xun replied, gazing at Zhuo.

“I knew it!” 0329 clenched its fists in anger and said, “Host, don’t be sad. It’s not your fault. Let me tell you, my senior brother, 0321, has also encountered similar situations.”

In the law department of the system, except for 0178, who returned to the law department after only one life, there is another system, that is, its senior brother 0321.

According to its brother’s description, its kindness was also tested in the first life.

Being kind-hearted didn’t work out well. After saving someone, they betrayed him. In the end, Senior Brother got angry. 0329 didn’t know the specifics, but it caused quite a stir. It was said that it almost blew a hole in the sky, and senior brother lost all its merits. It meant that the world was probably destroyed.

Even after returning to the law department, Senior Brother kept complaining. Judge Senior Brother frowned and tried to stop him but ended up being kicked.

At that time, 0329 visited its senior brother in the system prison.

Its intention was to comfort Senior Brother because the system only had one chance to be reborn as a saint. However, Senior Brother showed no signs of regret. It said the test was simply bullshit! To become a saint, one had to be good all the time, sacrificing oneself for others.

But if someone wanted to kill you, you couldn’t retaliate, and you still had to repay them with kindness, was that the meaning of a good person?!

That was being a fool! Well, 0329 couldn’t do that!

At that time, 0329 listened without fully understanding, but it learned one thing. When being bullied, you must fight back. If the other person had a bad attitude, you didn’t have to be nice.

Senior Brother taught it these things.

So the host had already done well enough, and 0329 was proud of him! As for why the host deceived itself, the host must have been afraid that it would look down on him.

Just think about it. If 0329 was going through all of this, it would also be afraid of the host knowing it was a bad system!

The more it thought about it, the more 0329 felt sorry for the host.

It hugged the host tightly once again and said, “Host, don’t be sad. I know you’ve been trying your best. It’s okay, even with the black aura. I have a lot of points, and I can exchange successful merits for the host! I am the host’s strongest support! So don’t be afraid, host, and don’t be sad.”

Xi Xun’s fingers twitched.

After a while, Xi Xun pulled Zhuo into his embrace. His voice was low, gloomy, and hoarse as he said, “But my aura is black. Don’t you dislike black?”

0329 paused and cleared its throat, saying, “Actually… I do dislike it a little. Of course, not disliking the host! It’s just that after millions of years, I’ve grown a bit tired of this color.”

But right after saying that, 0329’s tone changed. It suddenly leaned closer to the host and said mysteriously, “But the host is different.”

“What’s different about me?” Xi Xun whispered.

0329 pursed its lips and stared at him without blinking, saying, “A world with colors is indeed beautiful, but I have discovered that the most beautiful thing is the host. Even if the host has a black aura, it still attracts me. Black looks different on the host! So if I had to make a decision now, between a colorful world and the host, I would choose the host.”

The teacher had said that sometimes, there must be regrets in life, and we can’t have everything. Sometimes we must sacrifice something. Although the world full of beauty and splendor was hard to let go of, what 0329 couldn’t bear to lose the most was the host.

Moreover, the host with a black aura was indeed beautiful.

Outside the room, Yu Ti lowered his eyelashes and concealed his emotions. He let out a low sigh and temporarily left the place.

Inside the room.

Although Xi Xun’s face didn’t show much change in expression, 0329 could feel its arm being tightly held. Thankfully, it wasn’t a human; otherwise, its arm would probably be injured!

They were truly a perfect match!

0329 sighed and patted the host, saying, “Host, have you not rested for many days? Your eyes are red. Let’s sleep for now. Host, lie down, okay?”

However, Xi Xun didn’t move and continued holding onto it.

Feeling the strength of the host’s embrace, 0329 couldn’t help but sigh again. The host was becoming more and more sticky. What to do in the future? How could it make the host more independent?


That night, Xi Xun had managed to catch up on a long sleep. When he woke up, he smelled the aroma of caramel. As he looked outside, he noticed Zhuo stir-frying melon seeds.

0329 seemed to realize that the host had woken up, so it quickly brought the melon seeds over and said, “Host, let’s see if it’s delicious!”

All the melon seeds had been peeled.

In the past, it often saw Judge Senior Brother peeling melon seeds for Senior Brother 0321 to eat. Back then, it had been envious, envious that Senior Brother had a partner. And now, it had one too!

Xi Xun ate one of the neatly peeled melon seeds.

“Are they delicious?” 0329 eagerly asked Xi Xun.

“They’re delicious.”

“I knew they’re delicious!” 0329 exclaimed happily. “These are sunflower seeds. Sunflowers are the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen in this world. They are both beautiful and edible.”

As it spoke, 0329 took out the sunflower from its storage space and showed it to the host, asking, “Isn’t it particularly round and beautiful?”

“Not bad.”

“Hehe.” 0329 chuckled sheepishly, then cleared its throat. It slowly handed the sunflower to Xi Xun and said, “If the host likes it, I’ll give it to the host.”


0329 pursed its lips, then took out the entire sunflower. Perhaps it was too nervous and excited, it forgot that the room was particularly small. When 0329 took out all the sunflowers, it filled the entire room.

If it weren’t for Xi Xun’s quick reflexes, calmly dodging a sunflower by turning his head, he would have a sunflower on his head now.

“I picked these sunflowers for a long time, wanting to give them all to the host. They look a bit wilted now, not as beautiful as before. Do you like them, host?” 0329 carefully looked at Xi Xun.

“Especially for me?” Xi Xun’s eyebrows moved slightly.


“I like them.”

0329’s eyes instantly lit up. It tightly held the host’s hand and said, “Does that mean the host agrees to marry me?”

“Marry?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, is the host unwilling?” 0329 was a little nervous.

Xi Xun fell silent. After three or four seconds, he finally said, “I do, but once you’re with me, there’s no breaking up. There’s no concept of breaking up with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” 0329 excitedly embraced the host.

It actually managed to bring the beautiful person home!

Seeing how happy the little one was, Xi Xun’s gaze gradually softened, and he slowly embraced Zhuo.

“So, am I the host’s husband now?”


“Host?” 0329 poked at the host, who lazily closed his eyes and suddenly ignored it.

Xi Xun still didn’t answer, lazily crossed his legs, and closed his eyes to rest.

“Have I not met the host’s expectations of a husband? I’ll work hard! I will definitely not disappoint the host,” 0329 declared with high spirits.

Xi Xun opened his eyes, glanced at it, and said, “Then work hard.”


Just as the atmosphere became extremely warm, a sound suddenly came from outside. 0329 curiously went out to take a look and found a familiar figure standing in the courtyard—it was Big Brother Yu Ti.

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