Chapter 60 – The New Official Takes Office

The morning meeting of the company’s executives was tumultuous. However, the protagonist of this meeting, Wei Chen, had no idea about it. Similarly, he was unaware that Zhuge Feng had recruited him for a task that seemed impossible in the eyes of others without considering his wishes.

Almost simultaneously with the executives’ morning meeting, Wei Chen, as the Director of the Marketing Department at Changfeng Group, held the department’s first meeting.

At nine o’clock sharp, the marketing department’s morning meeting began.

The employees of the department gave Wei Chen face by arriving before nine, except for the department manager, He Keqiang.

Wei Chen stood at the host’s position, scanning everyone in the meeting room with cold eyes. Perhaps Wei Chen’s aura was too strong, which made everyone in the marketing department overlook the fact that Wei Chen was younger than everyone present. His intimidating presence silenced the room, and everyone sat upright, waiting for Wei Chen to start the meeting.

Wei Chen asked his assistant to distribute the files he had prepared, one copy per person, and even before He Keqiang, the manager, could do anything, the meeting began promptly at nine o’clock.

“I won’t waste time. Here are the reports from the past two months and the comparative chart for last month,” Wei Chen said, and the corresponding data appeared on the PowerPoint presentation behind him. Wei Chen had spent an entire night organizing these materials, providing a clear visual representation of Changfeng’s performance for the month. The downward trend on the graph was truly disheartening.

“Can any of you tell me the reasons behind these results?” Wei Chen pressed his hands on the table, his gaze cold as it fell forward. He wasn’t actually looking at each individual in the room, but everyone present felt as if Wei Chen’s gaze was fixed on them. His eyes were filled with aggression and pressure, making them feel a chill down their spines. They didn’t dare to make any small movements.

The conference room fell into complete silence, with everyone pretending to study the reports. They all wore expressions of unease and had difficulty finding the right words to say.

“It’s not your fault,” Wei Chen suddenly spoke, just when everyone thought he was about to explode. However, the relief that the people in the conference room expected did not come. The tension still lingered, making them feel uncomfortable.

The PowerPoint presentation changed to the next slide, displaying the annual development strategy formulated by the previous director. “The problem lies here,” Wei Chen stated in a flat tone, as a highlight appeared on the slide. The audience looked up, astonished by Wei Chen’s words. Wasn’t the new director supposed to focus on them rather than targeting the plans and strategies established by the former director?

Ignoring their surprise, Wei Chen continued flipping through the slides, pointing out the flaws in the development strategy formulated by the previous director. Wei Chen’s words were concise and to the point. The expressions on everyone’s faces shifted from surprise to seriousness and solemnity. Wei Chen’s words felt like an enlightening revelation. Over the past six months, they had followed the overall strategy outlined by the previous director and implemented it diligently. However, the results were meager, and they couldn’t quite pinpoint what was wrong. Now, with the new director’s explanation, they finally understood.

“Alright, that’s the problem. Each of you should prepare a plan by tomorrow and send it to my email,” the final slide displayed Wei Chen’s email address. As the audience noted down the email, Wei Chen waved his hand and adjourned the meeting.

The crowd stared at Wei Chen, unable to react. The meeting was over just like that? Why didn’t Director Wei elaborate more? It had only been twenty minutes! Normally, their meetings lasted less than half the time!

After the meeting ended, Wei Chen didn’t linger in the conference room. He tidied up his belongings and prepared to leave the office. Just as he reached the door, he collided with Manager He Keqiang, who had arrived late.

“Sorry, I’m late,” He Keqiang apologized, but his face showed no signs of the guilt one would expect from someone who was late.

Wei Chen didn’t say anything and didn’t even spare a glance at He Keqiang. He simply bypassed him and walked away with long strides.

The anticipated scene didn’t unfold, leaving He Keqiang somewhat puzzled. He looked towards the conference room and noticed that his colleagues were already organizing their materials. He asked, “Did the meeting end?”

“It’s over,” a colleague who was closer to He Keqiang answered. “If Manager He has nothing else, we’ll get busy.” With that, the person passed by He Keqiang and left.

One after another, the rest of the people also left with their materials.

He Keqiang watched their departing figures, feeling that their enthusiasm had suddenly been ignited.

So, what had happened during the time he was late? He couldn’t help but wonder why the motivation of his colleagues had been instantly revived.

The employees who could enter Changfeng Group, except for a few who got in through connections, were filled with ideals and ambitions, and they were also capable in their work. In the recent meeting, Wei Chen didn’t paint a vague future blueprint for them, nor did he make any promises. However, his analysis of the previous director’s strategy allowed them to see Wei Chen’s abilities and greatly benefited from it. A thought began to take root in their minds – following this director would lead to success!

It was because of this that the motivation of these employees surged.

A good leader doesn’t need to say much; their abilities and personal charisma can easily inspire and make people willingly follow them.

Wei Chen possessed these qualities.

When Wei Chen returned to his office, Chen Li was leaning over the desk Wei Chen had specially prepared for him, writing. Although his expression still seemed a bit blank, he was genuinely focused and immersed in the task, as if he was doing something important. He didn’t even notice Wei Chen’s arrival.

To avoid disturbing Chen Li, Wei Chen walked quietly next to him. When he saw what Chen Li was writing, Wei Chen’s gaze softened.

The page was filled with the characters “Wei Chen.”

When Chen Li finally put down his pen after the last “Wei Chen,” he felt the familiar presence behind him. Chen Li turned around and looked up, meeting Wei Chen’s gentle gaze. Chen Li’s eyes lit up, and he picked up the paper with the words “Wei Chen” written on it and handed it to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen solemnly accepted the note from Chen Li and carefully examined the words written on it.

Clearly, Chen Li had imitated the characters from the dictionary and hadn’t developed his own handwriting style yet. Every stroke was neat and uniform, almost identical in size, resembling printed text. But with each stroke, Chen Li’s dedication was evident, touching Wei Chen’s heart with a warm feeling.

“Li Li, well done!” Wei Chen held the thin sheet of paper in one hand and gently ruffled Chen Li’s hair, praising him.

In response, Chen Li’s gaze became even more focused. Wei Chen instantly understood what Chen Li meant. He leaned down and lightly kissed Chen Li’s forehead.

Receiving a kiss of praise, Chen Li turned back and picked up the pen again, ready to write. Wei Chen stood behind him, observing Chen Li’s every stroke as he wrote on the paper with extreme seriousness.

This time, Chen Li didn’t just write the simple words “Wei Chen.” He wrote a sentence, a flawless sentence – “Chen Li likes being with Wei Chen.”

Just seven simple words, but they felt like a nuclear bomb detonating in Wei Chen’s heart. His entire chest burst open, a mushroom cloud of ecstasy bloomed, permeating every nerve in his body. Overwhelmed by sudden joy, his body began to tremble uncontrollably, and Wei Chen felt like something was about to overflow from his eyes.

“Li Li…”

Wei Chen wanted to call Chen Li’s name, but when he opened his mouth, he realized he was too overwhelmed to even speak. The words “Li Li” turned into a breath, dissipating in the somewhat sweet air.

“Li Li!”

“Li Li!”

“Li Li!”

Wei Chen repeatedly called out Chen Li’s name, as if only by doing so could he find a place to anchor his overflowing joy.

Chen Li heard Wei Chen’s voice, turned his head to look at him once again, and his vacant gaze dimmed. Anxious, he stood up and gently wiped Wei Chen’s face with his hand.

At some point, Wei Chen’s tears had uncontrollably flowed down.

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand and gently pulled him into his embrace, tightly holding him in his arms. The two of them were tightly pressed together, and their throbbing hearts seemed to synchronize in this moment, beating against each other’s chests.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen called Chen Li’s name once again. This name had already been deeply engraved in his heart, taking root and sprouting in the softest part of his being.

Chen Li allowed Wei Chen to hold him, his expression blank. His big eyes seemed to hold the dazzling sunlight outside the window, and he willingly surrendered to the embrace that Wei Chen had woven with tenderness, never wanting to escape.

When Chen Li was firmly imprinted in his heart, Wei Chen leaned down and picked up the pen Chen Li had just put down. Below the line Chen Li had written, he added another line, also stroke by stroke, with utmost sincerity, as if making a promise.

At that moment, sunlight penetrated through the French windows and cast its glow on the desk, illuminating the paper. The words written in black ink seemed to be coated with a layer of light, shining through the days to come and illuminating their entire journey.

一Chen Li likes being with Wei Chen.

一Wei Chen also likes being with Chen Li.

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