Chapter 147 – Demotions, Dismissals, and Compensation

The less Xu Jinning cared, the more guilty Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian, the husband and wife, felt.

“By the way, Dad Changzheng, about Lin Wangshu hurting me, will she go to jail? And what about the incident of the Lin family switching children years ago, can they be convicted?” Xu Jinning asked.

Xu Jinning was somewhat surprised when she learned that her family had reported Lin Wangshu to the police.

Perhaps because she had read too many melodramatic novels before, Xu Jinning was indeed a little afraid that her family would not report to the police, given their emotional connection with Lin Wangshu, and hoped that she would not pursue the matter.

Fortunately, fortunately, her family didn’t let her down.

However, Xu Jinning also knew that whether it was Lin Wangshu hurting her or the Lin family switching children fifteen years ago, it would be difficult to convict them.

The incident with Lin Wangshu was due to the current status of the Lin family.

Although everyone is equal in theory, in reality, those in high positions or with value always receive preferential treatment.

As for the Lin family’s child-switching incident, there is still no clear law in this book about how to convict them for it.

Xu Jinning knew this because in the book, Zhong Dequan wanted to use the Lin family’s child-switching incident to threaten Lin Wangshu and the Lin family.

But Lin Wangshu consulted a lawyer, and the descriptions of the law regarding this matter in the book were very vague.

The actions of the Lin family could be defined as guilty or innocent, depending on how they were interpreted

Perhaps this was also a plot point in the book; after all, the Lin couple were the parents of the female protagonist Lin Wangshu.

However, once this matter was exposed, even if they couldn’t convict the Lin couple, it would definitely have an impact on their current careers, status, and reputation, which would still be a serious influence.

Although Xu Jinning asked about the possibility of conviction, deep down she knew that whether it was about Lin Wangshu or the Lin couple, conviction was unlikely.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Zhang Changzheng fell silent. It seemed like he was weighing his words carefully. He glanced at Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian, who were also waiting for an answer, and finally looked at Xu Jinning, saying, “Aiguo, sister-in-law, Ningning, you need to be prepared mentally. It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to convict them.”

“Why? Are we just going to let Ningning suffer for this?” Zhang Ailian couldn’t help but ask, her eyes turning red.

“Ningning calls me Dad Changzheng, so naturally, she’s my daughter. Naturally, I also hope to get justice for her, but this matter… it’s not easy.”

In fact, after Zhang Changzheng’s analysis, Xu Aiguo and the others also understood that blaming Zhang Changzheng for this matter was unfair.

However, they couldn’t bear to watch the Lin family, who had harmed Xu Jinning, go unpunished and unscathed. They felt it was unfair and were sad for Xu Jinning.

“I will do my best to fight for it, but the hope for this matter is indeed slim.”

“However, even if we can’t convict them, they will definitely suffer some consequences.”

“Perhaps we can think about what compensation we want. Compensation is something we can definitely demand.”

Xu Aiguo sighed slightly, patting Zhang Changzheng’s shoulder, and said, “Changzheng, I know you’ve been working hard on Ningning’s behalf. I also know that some things are beyond our control right now. Just do your best, and we’ll patiently await the outcome.”


Here, Lin Wangshu also met her own parents.

Originally, she thought that seeing her parents would be the moment she could leave, but she didn’t expect that there wouldn’t be any resolution to her situation yet.

“Wangshu, how could you act so impulsively this time? This time, you not only harmed yourself but also harmed us.”

“We’re still trying our best to fight for you. You’ll have to wait a bit longer to get out.”

“How could this be?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? And why didn’t you mention that the chief of this police station is that girl’s godfather? He’s quite influential.”

If it were just the Xu family, there wouldn’t be much of a problem, but Zhang Changzheng was different.

After several consecutive case breakthroughs and promotions, Zhang Changzheng’s future was unpredictable and highly valued.

“I really can’t get out now?” Lin Wangshu urgently wanted to leave. Being stuck in the cell with so many people, especially with a crazy woman inside, was driving her almost crazy. She couldn’t stand staying any longer.

She truly didn’t want to stay for another moment.

Staying longer, she’d either go crazy herself or be driven crazy by that lunatic.

In just a few days, Lin Wangshu had become quite haggard.

“No, wait a little longer, Wangshu. Don’t worry, Mom and Dad will definitely get you out.”

In the end, Lin Wangshu could only helplessly watch her parents leave.


Here, after discussing and deliberating, a decision was made regarding this matter.

As expected by Zhang Changzheng earlier, convicting and imprisoning Lin Wangshu and the Lin couple was not feasible.

However, they couldn’t simply let their actions go unpunished, as that would be tantamount to disregarding the law and could easily foster a culture of misconduct.

So, they made the following decisions:

First, Lin Wangshu, who currently works in the education department, would be dismissed from her position. Furthermore, she would be prohibited from working in any official department in the future, meaning she couldn’t hold a government job.

Second, Lin Zhenghao would be demoted two levels from his current position and would be ineligible for promotion for the next ten years.

Third, Yao Shuimin, who is currently a university professor, would be stripped of her position and revert to being an ordinary university teacher.

“…And the fourth is compensation for Ningning.”

“There are two options from above: one is a one-time compensation of six thousand yuan for Ningning, and the other is compensation with a small villa owned by the Lin family in Haishi City. The decision on this is up to you.”

Zhang Changzheng also mentioned the address of the Lin family’s three-story small villa.

The Lin family owns three properties in total, with this small villa being in a moderate location and not valued too highly.

“Brother, sister-in-law, Ningning, what are your opinions on this?”

“If you’re not satisfied with this outcome, I can help you appeal further.”

Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian also knew that this was the best result Zhang Changzheng could achieve for them and Ningning.

However, how this matter should be resolved ultimately depended on Ningning’s decision.

So, they all looked towards Xu Jinning, who was lying on the bed.

After a few days of rest, Xu Jinning had improved significantly, and Song Yi had mentioned that she could be discharged from the hospital tomorrow to recover at home.

Xu Jinning said, “Let’s settle it this way, and as for compensation, I choose the small villa.”

Honestly, Xu Jinning felt that achieving this result was already very good.

She knew that Zhang Changzheng must have put in a lot of effort behind the scenes.

Sometimes, to make an enemy suffer, you didn’t necessarily have to deal a fatal blow right away; a blunt knife cut could also work.

The three previous punishments effectively blocked the Lin family from climbing higher and crossing social classes.

Lin Zhenghao’s demotion and ten-year ban on promotion, Yao Shuimin’s dismissal, meant their status would no longer be as lofty.

Moreover, the Lin couple were getting older.

As for Lin Wangshu, it would be impossible for her to enter politics in the future.

Regarding the money and the small villa:

Although six thousand yuan was a significant amount in this era and time, it was a large sum of money.

But Xu Jinning knew that in the future, the house would be the most important.

The small villa in Haishi, despite its current average location, was in a first-tier city. That place would develop in the future, and the value of that small villa was immeasurable.

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  1. What I don’t understand is how did the Lin family get so rich and successful so fast ? A few months ago, they were poor, and living in the countryside as labourers…

    1. I could be wrong but there was a novel with a title like “Koi in the 70s” where highly educated and influential people like professors and officials were sent to labor farms during the bad times and were brought back and reinstated to high positions after the opening up. The ML in that novel was the child of a couple like that. So if that’s the situation the Lin parents were in, they would have been destitute in the farm and reinstated after they were let out. (That koi novel was a bit op for my taste and had some annoying toilet humor but overall it wasn’t bad so I remember quite a bit)

      1. You’re correct about the situation. With a change in political leadership, previous punishments were reversed (labor farms with very harsh living circumstances) for people with certain occupations and political positions as a form of compensation and to promote the new political movement.

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