Chapter 28 – It’s cold, let the church go bankrupt

The speed of the tentacle monster, Little Love, is much faster than Hill imagined. Two days later, he got the illustrations of “Daughter of the Sea” and “Thumbelina”, but the aesthetics seemed to be a bit more demon-oriented. When Hill asked for some changes, the tentacle monster, Little Love, mumbled: “This is a desecration of an artist’s work.”

This tentacle monster surprisingly has a painter’s ethos?

Hill deliberately said majestically: “What if this King insists on doing this?” After finishing speaking, he released a little momentum.

The tentacle monster, Little Love, immediately put all the tentacles on the ground and said respectfully: “It is my honor to be desecrated by the Lord Demon King! Please desecrate me as much as you want!”

……Well, that seems to be his illusion, the other party is still a typical demon, but sometimes, its mouth is harder.

A day later, Little Love, the tentacle monster, submitted the revised drawing, and Hill was very satisfied with the results this time. Then Hill went to Joan Baker, and he learned from Joan Baker that humans did not have too mature technology for mass printing—magic machines for mass printing were too expensive and only some large organizations had them. Normal books are copied by hand or directly printed by magic.

Hill had to go back to the lower realm first and get the movable-type printing out. The books printed in movable type are actually relatively crude. Hill is not satisfied with this, but it is cheaper. Hill first gave the first batch of books to Joan Baker. The latter thought it was rubbed out by the magicians of the lower realm. After placing the first batch of magazines in the cinema, Hill did not pay attention to it. In the following time, he worked on this printing problem in addition to making movies.

While studying the basic theories of magic, Hill looked at the information on the principle of the photocopier found on the Internet. First, he added special materials to the ink, and wrote down the things to be copied. The special materials must have a good affinity for magic so as to facilitate the smooth import of magic, and avoid blurring when copying. Then engrave a fixed projection array on the magic crystal—this is similar to the projection stone, but there is also a certain difference—then let the magic power form a magical latent image on the projection array, and then use ink to reproduce. In theory, another magic circle could be used to transfer the recorded image onto paper, but Hill did not find a suitable magic circle for a while.

And another problem is that the current parchment paper is not suitable for this.

Does he have to make modern paper first?

Hill threw the reference materials in his hand casually into the fire beside him and then lay down on the table to rest.

The flames on the fire piled high and then Irvine put the reference materials back into the Demon King’s library through the flames.

Irvine reminded him cautiously: “My King, you should go to make a movie.”

Hill crouched on the table and groaned: “I don’t want to shoot, use a stand-in, cut out the picture, edit it, it’s okay to be a big-headed baby.”

These words made Irvine confused. He tentatively asked: “Then cancel the shooting today?”

“Are they all ready?” Hill continued to ask, lying on the table.

“They’re all ready,” Irvine responded, “But if you don’t want to shoot, My King, I will let them go back first.”

“Forget it,” Hill got up from the table and walked towards the fire, still have to be diligent ah, cannot be lazy. After walking halfway, he suddenly had an idea, “Get Aligeli here too, I have something to say to him.”

Lich Aligeli is one of the demons with the deepest research on magic in the lower realm. Things like a professional magic copy machine should be handed over to him. This is called a professional counterpart. However, Hill felt that he had to know a few things, he could not just give it to his men after copying it from the Internet. He could not specialize in it, but he had to know some of everything so that he could coordinate the four sides and put the right people in the right position.

Thinking of these things in his mind, Hill stepped into the fire again, and the flame rose sharply and turned into a faint blue color. The surrounding scenery changed rapidly, and in the next second, he had already arrived at the shooting scene.

The filming scene was originally a bit noisy, but today is the end of the filming, there will be a finale in the evening, so all the important actors are here. Everyone chats with familiar people in groups, and there are also a few demons next to Leona, the necromancer. As a powerful messenger of the Dark Church, although she is a human, she has already been affirmed by some demons.

When Hill emerged from the flames, the scene immediately calmed down. All the demons knelt down at the same time and saluted: “My king.”

Hill stood alone in front of the flames, looking at the demons who were kneeling on the ground, inexplicably lonely and emotional, but this feeling was only a moment. His gaze swept over a few uncomfortable paladins over there, they are, of course, standing.

At this moment, a black eagle swooped down from the air. Hill raised his arm and the eagle landed on his arm. He untied the envelope tied to its feet, opened it, and took a look. It was a letter from Joan Baker. It said that the five hundred magazines had been sold out. People who hadn’t bought any magazines were in a hurry. He hoped that Hill would send more magazines.

Five hundred books are indeed too few. Hill thought.

He lowered his arm and the black eagle flew away with a long cry. His black cloak rose with the wind because of the flapping of the eagle’s wings. Then Hill took a step forward, the letter in his hand quickly blackened and fell to the ground, breaking into ashes. The wind blew and his long black hair flew up, his red eyes did not have much emotion: “Well, let’s start shooting. “

The paladins on the other side looked at such a demon king, feeling quite shaken in their hearts.

Hill generally has a very calm gesture when getting along with them. He understands that his demon king’s majesty does not need to be splashed on humans. On the contrary, being more approachable can cause the inner fluctuations of human hearts. This is also the first time the paladins have seen his posture in front of other demons. This feeling of arrogance and loneliness still shows he is a demon king.

Hill was serious when he should be serious.


In the final shooting, the heroine finally agreed to be with the demon king, so she began a brazen life. In this plot, Hill shamelessly used a large number of substitutes, of course, the scale must be controlled, after all, in this era, going too far will be counterproductive. In these scenes, Hill brought all those magical lines from his previous life.

“Woman, are you satisfied with what you saw?” Wall-slam!

“Woman, you are so damn sweet.” Wall-slam!

“Woman, the fire you started by yourself should be extinguished by yourself.” Wall-slam!

Anyway, a wall-slam in every scene… Hill expertly slammed Leona on the wall, emptying his brain of thoughts.

He really is dedicated to art this time, bending over for money ugh.

The next scene is the demon king standing in front of the window, looking at the cold autumn rain, watching the first yellowing leaves fall from the window. The attendant came up and draped the luxurious fur cloak over him. The demon king hung his head, his long black hair cut across his face, covering his scarlet eyes, and then he picked up the leaves and played with them at his fingertips, then turned around and smiled evilly: “It’s getting cold, let the church go bankrupt.”

After speaking, the leaves completely turned to ashes at his fingertips.

At this moment, Hill wanted to hit his head to death on the window sill.

The other demons watching by the side looked longing, thinking that their family’s Lord Demon King was really too domineering, this is really a line full of profound meaning ah!

Domineering my ass! Hill couldn’t help but burst out in his mind.

At the end of the story, the human heroine refused to become a demon, she gradually aged, but the demon king always accompanied her. She is already full of wrinkles, but the demon king still looks at her lovingly. Finally, the heroine died, and the demon king who guarded her side, forever lost his love.

Finally, many years later, the demon king gave some orders ruthlessly. A demon woman cried and said, “Lord Demon King, do you even have a heart?”

The demon king smiled faintly at the camera, “I had once, but it was taken away by a human.”

This is the end of the whole movie.

Hill stepped down from the throne and couldn’t help but sigh, it was finally over.

When he announced that it was officially over, apart from him, Leona was the happiest person. Leona felt that she had not suffered so much even when she first started practicing necromancy and when darkness eroded her body.

By the way, the scene where the heroine gets old in the play is not an illusion, but Leona’s true character. Leona’s body was already aging when she was practicing necromancy. Her youthful appearance is just an illusion. Although she is only twenty-three years old, she looks like an old lady in her seventies or eighties. When filming, she directly canceled the illusion and played in her real appearance.

The film was finally finished before September, the next step was further promotion and release.

‘The other world’s first experience with the domineering president, I wonder how it will be…’ Hill will wait and see.

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Movable type printing – they use wooden blocks like in mahjong, engrave it with characters like a stamp, and then arrange them to form a sentence or paragraph, brush them with ink, then lay a paper on top of it.

Little Love – little love’s name is a bit confusing to me, it was originally Xiao Ai which lit means Little Love. IDK if I should use the english one or the chinese one.

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