Sacrifice to the Devil 9

Chapter 9 – That kind of thing does not work on me

Wen Yu slept on the dining table all night.

The bright sunshine in the early May morning sprinkled into the dining room through the bright floor-to-ceiling windows and swept away all the darkness of last night.

The teenager who had just woken up raised his hand to block the dazzling sunlight.

A pair of bright eyes with drowsiness and confusion, looked dazedly at the red mark on the arm pressed by his forehead.

The luxurious and spacious dining table in front of him, and the wide villa lobby, all reminded him that the experience last night was not a dream.

The young man sat up straight with his lips pressed, then a black coat covering his back slid to the floor with a soft sound.

Wen Yu followed the sound and looked back: Is it the jacket that man wore last night?

Ying Chen is back!

Wen Yu’s heartbeat raced suddenly and he immediately became vigilant.

After he made the bed last night, he has been sitting in the dining room waiting. But the man did not come back and he also fell asleep unknowingly.

In front of him, there was a new short sleeve shirt folded on the dining table, looking at the size, it should have been prepared for him by the man.

Wen Yu looked down at the large tear on his shirt exposing his chest, he picked up the short sleeves without hesitation and put them on.

The hall was quiet, he couldn’t feel the gloomy and depressing breath of the man last night.

Wen Yu glanced back and forth between the door in the hallway and the stairs leading to the second floor. Finally walked in the direction of the stairs.

A room on the second floor is the bedroom where he made the bed last night. He walked to the bedroom door, held his breath, and knocked on the door twice, shouting: “Ying Chen.”

No one responded.

He opened the door tentatively.

The room was empty and cold. The bed is still in the state he has stacked and has not been moved.

So, Ying Chen came back last night.

Not only did he not do anything to him, but he also put a coat on him who was sleeping defenselessly, prepared new clothes, and left quietly.

He can’t understand the meaning of that man’s behavior.

He speculated in his heart: Ying Chen prepared new clothes for him, does it mean that he was allowed to go out?

Wen Yu turned around, went downstairs, and walked quickly towards the entrance hall.

The slender, cold white hand gripped the metal door handle and pressed down hard: with a ‘click’, the door that couldn’t be opened no matter what opened.

The bright sunlight outside the door instantly shot into the hallway, shining on the teenager’s surprised face.

Below the line of sight was an open courtyard, with a green lawn trimmed like a carpet and exquisite flowers, trees, and plants.

Wen Yu breathed a long sigh of relief and turned back to the living room to find his backpack and mobile phone.

As he was about to leave, he saw the black jacket that had fallen on the floor.

Wen Yu pondered for a moment, took two steps over, picked up the jacket, and stuffed it into his school bag.

— —

It was far from Wen Yu’s area of residence, he took three bus transfers to get to the closest bus stop to his home.

But instead of going home, he went to the police station first. He entered the police duty room with the excuse of finding Liu Yiming.

In the duty room, Liu Yiming was discussing the case with several colleagues, and when he saw Wen Yu coming over, he asked strangely:

“Xiaoyu? Why did you run here in the morning? I was about to get off work to deliver the things I bought for you last night. Oh right.” Liu Yiming slapped his head: “I forgot I still need to move your things. How about this, after work I’ll drive to your house and move all your clothes and stuff for you to the villa.”

Wen Yu knew well that if Liu Yiming knew of his experience last night, he would help him deal with Ying Chen.

But Liu Yiming could not be able to deal with Ying Chen, and instead, he would receive harm because of his involvement.

However, he can let more police officers doubt Ying Chen’s identity.

The boy looked at the police colleagues of Liu Yiming sitting in the duty room and asked: “I just wanted to ask my uncles, is it really appropriate to accept the money and house from Ying Chen like this?”

“What’s not appropriate!” Uncle Liu joyfully pulled Wen Yu and said, “My child, your good day is coming. For us, the house is scarily expensive, but for Mr. Ying, it is his way of returning the favor of saving his life. You can accept it with ease of mind and live in that big villa.”

Several other police colleagues also echoed, even saying congratulations to Wen Yu.

Wen Yu nodded: “But I don’t want to just accept it. I want to meet that Mr. Ying in person and say thank you. But I can’t reach him. Can you check his address for me? Or is he in China now?”

He knows that the police can find all information about a person through his personal phone number, including his nationality and immigration status.

But Ying Chen is not a human being.

So, in the era when all kinds of information are digitalized, there will be no such person in the world who will appear out of thin air.

Wen Yu hopes that in the process of investigating Ying Chen’s information, they would find some clues.

A policewoman sitting in front of the computer typing on the keyboard quickly pulled up Ying Chen’s information and said, “Mr. Ying is currently living in the East District, and the house is also in his name. Do you want to copy the address down for you?”

Wen Yu nodded: “Isn’t he a foreigner? How come he has a house in our city?”

The policewoman looked at the information on the computer screen and explained with emotion: “This one’s ancestors are from a prominent family. Their family immigrated to Canada three generations ago. At present, their family has been involved in various fields in the world. It is said that the family’s wealth can rival the country.

“Ying Chen seems to be the only child of the Ying family. He has been living in the city where your parents originally studied. He entered S City on the 5th of last month and then bought a house for you.”

In addition, the policewoman also gave a lot of detailed information about Ying Chen, the teenager’s hopeful heart gradually sank into darkness.

Ying Chen’s identity is simply impeccable.

What kind of evil ghost is he? He actually has a real identity and several generations of family and even genealogy exist in this world.

Wen Yu was not reconciled and asked: “I don’t understand some of the questions. Mr. Ying gave me a house property certificate written in my name.”

“We have never seen each other before. How could he have my documents to apply for the real estate certificate for me?”

“This matter ah.” The policewoman smiled and said, “Mr. Ying found you through the people above us, we don’t know who it is. Anyway, he’s a VIP who can make the boss of our city bureau personally come out and give him a convenient process.”

Uncle Liu saw Wen Yu’s concerns and patted him on the shoulder to persuade him: “Didn’t I tell you, Ying Chen’s returning the favor to you has been recorded by the people above. He is not a bad person, you can accept it with confidence.”

With Uncle Liu’s pat on the shoulder, the teenager’s heart followed and sank to the bottom.

Ying Chen’s identity is flawless, he’s rich and powerful, and can make the higher authorities give him convenience. Even Uncle Liu and the police in this room completely trusted him.

What should he do?

It was noon when Wen Yu walked out of the police station, the scorching sun was shining on him, but he was chilly.

Suddenly, he saw a cab parked not far away with a poster of a human face with a golden glow.

It reads: Master Huang He, a descendant of the Yi family, know Feng Shui, can see good and bad luck, engaging in various rituals, exorcise evil spirits, and pray for blessings.

Wen Yu never believed in this before, and even believed that the so-called masters were scammers who cheat people for money.

But now, he clutched the phone and dialed the above phone.

Two hours later, he arrived at a gray brick yard on the outskirts of the city, raised his hand, and knocked on the rusty door.

After a while, the door opened.

A middle-aged man with a goatee and a navy-blue Taoist robe appeared. He seemed to be the master Huang He on the poster.

Wen Yu: “Hello, Master Huang.”

Huang He looked at the young man up and down, and asked strangely: “It was you who called just now? Are you trying to ward off evil spirits?”

Wen Yu deliberately hugged Ying Chen’s coat in his schoolbag and said, “Yes, can you see, is there something unclean on my body?”

“Something unclean?”

Huang He stroked his beard and looked at him pretentiously for a while, then sneered: “High school student, right? Is there too much pressure on the college entrance examination recently?”

Wen Yu’s eyes darkened, holding his school bag and turning around to leave.

He should not have done such a stupid thing!

Huang He hurried out and called him: “Hey, hey, little brother, people normally come here and talk before leaving. If you don’t want to say anything, I can still read your future.”

Wen Yu: “Then can you see that there is a ghost energy in me?”

Huang He squinted his eyes: “I can’t see any ghost energy, I only see a clear and auspicious atmosphere surrounding you, little brother. I think something good must have happened to you recently, little brother.”

Wen Yu: “Sorry to bother you.”

“Hey, little brother.”

The Taoist chased up again. This time he took out a business card from his sleeve and stuffed it to Wen Yu and said,

“I know that you don’t believe me, just wait. Don’t forget to thank me when something good happens to you.”

A piece of yellow talisman paper was taken out along with the business card and fell lightly on the ground.

Wen Yu asked: “What is this?”

Huang He is quite proud: “For exorcising evil spirits, all ghosts and monsters can be scattered and wiped out by the paper talisman written by me.”

Wen Yu: “Sell me a few.”

Huang He: “It’s useless to sell it to you, you don’t know how to use it.”

Wen Yu took out Ying Chen’s black coat, handed it to him, and said, “You exorcise it for me to see.”

Huang He looked at the clothes, a little helpless: “500 at a time, are you sure you want to spend this money?”

Wen Yu nodded.

“Okay, since you are a student, I’ll give you a discount, give you a 250!”

Huang He teased him, then took out a piece of yellow talisman paper from his robe, pinched it on Ying Chen’s black coat with his index and middle fingers.

Bright red and strange symbols are drawn on the bright yellow talisman paper, which is especially eye-catching when pressed on the pure black clothes.

Wen Yu stared tightly. He saw the Taoist closed his eyes and mumbled in his mouth, not knowing what he was talking about.

Then the other hand suddenly waved out and shouted: “Scatter!”

The yellow paper talisman trembled slightly because of the strong wind from his arm and then fell to the ground lightly.

Wen Yu hid his expectations and asked in a low voice, “Did you see anything?”

The Taoist priest put his hands away and said solemnly: “I saw that the little brother’s coat is very expensive.”

Then he took out a QR code for the payment and said: “Come on, 250, give the money.”

Wen Yu’s eyes dimmed, he took out his mobile phone with a wry smile, and when he was about to transfer money to the Taoist priest, he received a message.

Ying Chen: [Little devil, that kind of thing does not work on me.]

Ying Chen?

How does he know what he is doing?

Wen Yu instantly turned pale, his hands shook, and the phone dropped to the ground with a ‘thud’.

He looked around in panic, his voice trembling: “You, you really don’t see anything?”

Huang He was waiting to receive the money, and when he saw the sudden change of the boy’s expression, he became worried, and sincerely persuaded him:

“Little brother, how about I introduce you to my friend in the neurology department, 250 is enough for me to give you his work number.”

Wen Yu was still looking around vigilantly when he received another message on his phone.

[Give you one day to pack your luggage and move in immediately.]

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