Sacrifice to the Devil 10

Chapter 10 – As long as you are obedient

Wen Yu’s face turned pale, coldness crept up his spine, making his body cold and sweaty.

Is Ying Chen around?

But why does he know what he is doing? In the end, this man saw himself through what?

The teenager’s heart fell to the bottom, heavy and stuffy. The road ahead seemed to be suppressed by a thick dark cloud, so that he could not see the sunlight that could penetrate the clouds.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Ying Chen had not only intervened in his life, but also infiltrated his relatives.

After he left the Taoist Huang He and returned home, Wen Yu immediately noticed that his uncle Guan Haitao’s car was parked at the door.

The familiar voices of relatives talking came from the courtyard of the house.

When those people saw him coming back, they immediately surrounded him with a smile, talking affectionately and caringly.

“Xiaoyu, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you, you’ve grown so big now. We came to see you and bought you something to eat by the way.”

“I heard from your second uncle that you were admitted early to the S University School of Fine Arts. Tsk, the good genes of our old Guan family really all grew up on Xiaoyu alone, tall and handsome, but also smart and talented. You’re really giving lights to your relatives’ faces.”

Wen Yu looked at these people and the boxes of gifts stacked at the door indifferently and asked, “What do you want from me?”

Since grandpa passed away, none of these so-called relatives have visited him. Every time Guan Haitao came, he only reminded him of selling the house.

The present hypocrisy can only be said to have ulterior motives.

Guan Haitao gave a light cough, looked at him with a smile, and said, “Xiaoyu, you have met a noble person, how come you didn’t tell us about it. We were shocked to receive a call from Mr. Ying this morning.”

Ying Chen? Ying Chen again!

Wen Yu felt suffocated, his eyes condensed into a gloomy look: “What does he want from you?”

His Aunt tutted in envy: “Your parents saved a child when they were doing good deeds, and they didn’t think that child would now be the richest man in the world.

“Now Mr. Ying has found us and said that he wants to repay you, Xiaoyu, and also thanked us for nurturing and caring for you for so many years.”

Guan Haitao continued his words and said: “Mr. Ying also heard that you don’t want to sell this old courtyard, saying that he is going to buy this yard and give it to you. This is really a blessing of several lifetimes for you.”

Wen Yu thought of something, his heart sank, and asked coldly: “You sold it to him? How much did you ask him?”

“This…” Guan Haitao and his relatives exchanged smiles with each other, and he said: “Mr. Ying is rich and he brought the sentiment of returning the favor. So, we asked for a little more”

Wen Yu gritted his teeth: “How much did you ask?”

Guan Haitao’s eyes dodged and weakly stretched out a finger: “Ten, ten million.”

Ten million!

Wen Yu suffocated a burst of anger, rising up and rushing towards his brain.

He only wanted to escape Ying Chen, but Uncle and the others wanted him to sell the house for ten million.

This account, in the end, must also be counted on his own head!

The young man tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart, looked at these people coldly, and said in a low voice: “If there’s nothing else, you can leave now.”

His aunt sneered: “This child, why are you so coldhearted? It is not easy for our old Guan family to raise you, so there should be more points—” Before she finished speaking, she immediately closed her mouth.

She saw Wen Yu’s cold and sharp gaze looking towards her, his clear piercing eyes with a sharp light, which seemed to penetrate people’s hearts, and see the dark and selfish thoughts in her heart.

She stood back in embarrassment, “Mr. Ying didn’t say anything and just paid the money.”

Wen Yu looked around them and warned: “The part of the ten million that belongs to me will be sent to me tomorrow. Don’t come here to find me if you have nothing else in the future.”

The atmosphere became awkward because of the boy’s face.

Guan Haitao gave a light cough and motioned to his relatives to go out, saying: “Okay, then we will go back today. Xiaoyu, take good care of yourself.”

The teenager watched these people leave with cold eyes and closed the door of the courtyard heavily.

It was grandpa who raised him.

Not these so-called relatives.

He has a vague memory of his parents, it was his grandfather who brought him up in this home. He always remembered how cold he was treated by these people in this home.

Uncles, aunts, and sister-in-laws looked at him as if he was an intruder who would only steal the family’s property from them.

If Grandpa hadn’t protected him until he was 14, it’s hard to imagine what kind of childhood he would have experienced.

Grandpa was the only person in the world he was close to.

So, although this home is old and dilapidated, everywhere are the warm memories of the years he spent with his grandfather.

On the mottled walls are the crayon paintings he drew when he was a child, and on the wooden handrails are pictures of Peking opera characters wielding a musket which he carved with a knife.

He remembered that every time he drew in the house, his grandfather would get angry and pull him to make a gesture to beat him.

The slap was always raised high and fell gently, giving a painless lesson each time.

However, when guests came to the house, grandpa sat on a wicker chair, shaking his fan, and said, “Look at this wall, it’s my stinky grandson’s scribble again, so now it looks like that.”

The words were clearly complaining, but it was more like proud and bragging.

And now, he can hold this kind of house that keeps such tender memories, it turns out that he is also that kind of sentimental man.

Wen Yu’s footsteps were heavy and slow, looking at every corner of the house with nostalgic eyes, walking up to the second-floor step by step.

Suddenly, his gaze fell on the easel in the small living room, which still had the unfinished landscape painting on it.

The teenager’s eyes suddenly widened.

On the canvas is the natural scenery of the lush woods that he painted himself, and at this moment, they brought him an overwhelming sense of familiarity.

As if he had lived in such a place.

He suddenly thought of the nightmare he had on the night of his birthday and remembered the man’s words that he should clean the main hall.

Yes, the main hall.

There should be a big hall in the painting, but he can’t remember what the big hall looks like no matter what.

There was a dull pain in his brain, the more he tried to think the more it buzzed.

It’s like some very important things are carved in the depths of his soul, yet it’s ethereal like a silk thread flying in the air, he can’t grasp it no matter how hard he tried.

Perhaps, he and Ying Chen really have a past life connection.

Ying Chen said that he ran away in his last life, why did he run away from him? What did Ying Chen do to him and what did he do to Ying Chen?

Will Ying Chen harm him?

The teenager squatted on the ground, holding his buzzing head, his vague memory made him want to go crazy.

He had escaped in his previous life and now Ying Chen has found himself. All the interpersonal relationships involved in life are still being controlled and monitored, and he can only live according to the rules set by the man.

Wen Yu gritted his teeth and said secretly: If he doesn’t get rid of Ying Chen, he will not be able to escape Ying Chen’s control in his next life, even if he is reincarnated several times.

There was another parking sound and a harsh whistle outside the window, which also awakened the young man who was struggling in pain with a blank memory.

Wen Yu squatted on the ground and gasped heavily, his chest undulating slightly.

Outside, the people in the car should have come out. Wen Yu heard the sound of closing the car door heavily and the sound of pushing open the small iron gate of the courtyard.

He thought it was Guan Haitao who was back again, frowning, he walked downstairs.

Unexpectedly, it was another uninvited guest.

Three men in sharp suits and bright leather shoes stepped into Wen Yu’s courtyard without permission and looked everywhere.

Among them is a man with sunglasses.

Wen Yu remembered him, it was the guest Guan Haitao brought to see the house the other day, who seems to be called Zhou Xing, an entertainment industry boss.

Standing on the steps in front of the door, he asked in a cold voice, “Does Mr. Zhou know what trespassing is?”

Several men were slightly surprised when they saw the teenager coming out.

Zhou Xing took off his sunglasses and explained with a smile: “I paid a deposit for this house and half of it belongs to me. It’s not considered trespassing.”

He approached Wen Yu and asked, “Your name is Wen Yu, isn’t it? Why haven’t you moved out yet?”

Probably, Guan Haitao just received Ying Chen’s 10 million housing payment today, and has not yet had time to return the deposit paid by Zhou Xing.

Wen Yu narrowed his eyes without looking at him: “I’m afraid to disappoint you, Mr. Zhou, but you cannot buy this house anymore. Guan Haitao will return the deposit to you in two days.”

The teenager has a very bad attitude and a strong aura, which should make people retreat three feet.

However, even with the cold and hostile look, he has an extremely handsome face, and even the angry look makes people cannot move their eyes.

It makes people think that this young man should have this kind of wayward look, and it makes people want to see him smiling after getting angry.

Zhou Xing took off his eyeglasses and looked at him, and asked with a smile, “Not selling it? You have the final say? As long as I want this house, I can definitely buy it.”

Wen Yu stared at him.

Zhou Xing asked meaningfully: “Why not contact me? Not interested in making money? Five million is a lot of money for you, but for me…” he glanced towards the parked cars outside the courtyard: “It’s just a car money.

“In this world, there are people who make a living from anything. If you don’t take advantage of the unique conditions you have, it’s a waste.”

The man is tall, wearing a white shirt and black trousers that are very expensive at first glance. The deceitful look in his eyes was the same as Ying Chen’s.

The sullen air that Wen Yu had suppressed all day gradually soared.

Zhou Xing, on the other hand, still took a picture of the teenager’s angry look with his phone and said, “Really handsome ah. Tsk, any one of them can be taken as a model photo, even without retouching.

“Xiaoyu, do you want to go with me? I will make you popular, let you make money, and make your hands soft.”

The man approached, with a smile on his lips, and said in a low voice, “As long as you are obedient.”


A monster of unknown origin wanted him to be obedient, and now a person dares to threaten him like this.

There are two other men in the courtyard, should be Zhou Xing’s bodyguards.

Wen Yu looked towards the car, inside sat two people who looked like bodyguards.

The look in the boy’s eyes was untamed, his chin lightly pointed towards the house, and said, “Then let’s come in and talk.”

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