Chapter 30 – Movie premiere

The day of the premiere of “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

Magnolia City, Viscount Lestat Residence.

Mrs. Lestat is also one of Magnolia City’s socialites. Although her husband’s title is not the highest, she herself is in the highest position in Magnolia City’s social circle. She is a well-known salon hostess in Magnolia City. Some people say that she is not the most beautiful woman in Magnolia City, but she is the most attractive woman in Magnolia City. She was wanton and coquettish, and used this to attract a lot of political resources to her husband. His husband knows this very well, and he also believes that having such a charming lady is a very honorable thing… …Um… There are indeed many men who admire him, which also represents a relatively abstract social phenomenon.

Even on Earth, it still exists.

This Mrs. Lestat divided the guests at her salon very clearly and meticulously into friends, prospective friends, lovers, prospective lovers, spare tires, and accessories… and also perfectly balanced the relationship between men. The accessories are generally artists. In this era, the status of artists is closer to that of pets, and some famous works are produced in these salons.

Mrs. Lestat went to play on the east coast of the empire some time ago, and just missed the release time of “Daughter of the Sea”, so she didn’t know the influence of the film. When she first returned to Magnolia City, she heard some people talking about this new thing, but she didn’t take it seriously. Instead, she began to earnestly prepare for her salon and was ready to officially announce her return to the celebrities in Magnolia City.

She feels that with her influence, even if she leaves Magnolia City for a few months, as soon as she spreads the news of her return, there must be many people visiting and wanting to participate in her salon. But unexpectedly, after she contacted several aristocratic ladies who she was usually close to, they all said that there was something to do that night, so they could not come to her salon.

Something? What is more attractive than her salon?

Mrs. Lestat felt the crisis. As a famous salon hostess, she understood that if she wanted her salon to be one of the trendsetters of Magnolia celebrities, then she had to keep track of all the developments in Magnolia City in real time. During the time she was gone, what exactly happened in Magnolia City?

Her close friend, Duchess Eri Dalle, told her that the movie was the talk of the town and that the day of her return party coincided with the premiere of the second movie, “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me,” so many people would surely choose to go to the movie.

Movie, that movie again?

Mrs. Lestat was a little angry. She had seen a lot of new gadgets. She knew that many new gadgets would soon be abandoned after they became popular. The eternal is still the tradition, and the traditional is the classic. And the invitation has already been sent out, she would like to see whether she is attractive or the movie is attractive.

In the end, fewer than one-third of the number of people came, and they were all men, not a single woman.

Mrs. Lestat had not received such a cold treatment since she became an adult, and now she was so surprised by the situation that she could not even get angry. So, she sat on the exquisite and luxurious sofa and asked the men about the movie.

Siren princess, demon king, shipwreck… these words sounded quite strange, and the meaning of their words surprised Mrs. Lestat—they actually sympathize with the demons? What exactly is going on? Movie? The opera in the projection stone?

Today’s salon ended hastily. What makes Mrs. Lestat even more displeased is that the poem that the troubadour read this time is not a tribute to her beauty, but a tribute to the siren princess. What the hell is going on? Are all the people in the city deceived by the demons?

This time, the salon party was not even half as long as usual. Mrs. Lestat sat in the living room frowning and thinking. She suddenly got up, and the servant immediately stepped forward: “Madam.”

“Prepare the carriage.” Mrs. Lestat said, “I’m going to the cinema to have a look.”,

“Yes, Madam.”

Only by knowing the enemy and confidant can you survive a hundred battles. Mrs. Lestat thought so confidently.

She wants to see what the movie is that attracted most people from her salon!

On the way to the cinema, Mrs. Lestat found that there were many people coming and going on the street. Generally speaking, there should be fewer people on the street at this point. She frowned and asked the coachman to slow down a bit. She opened the curtain a little and heard the chatter of passers-by.

“The demon king is so handsome…”

“If I were the heroine, Ann, I would choose to become a demon.”

“Those paladins are really hateful.”

“For you, I am willing to be the enemy of the world~!”

The carriage finally arrived at the cinema, but Mrs. Lestat got the news that the tickets had been sold out.

Mrs. Lestat raised her eyebrows.

Is the movie so popular? You know, the Royal Theatre Company did not have this kind of glory when it was performing. At this moment, a voice came from nearby: “Mrs. Lestat?”

Mrs. Lestat turned around and saw that the speaker was Miss Olivia Jackson. Next to her was her brother, Viscount Jefferson Jackson.

“It’s a coincidence, Miss Olivia, Mr. Jefferson.” Mrs. Lestat greeted with a smile covering her face with a fan.

“It’s a coincidence, are you going to watch the movie, too?” Olivia said happily, “My brother and I were dragged by my dad to talk for a long time, we missed the first one and had to come to the second one. “

“The tickets are sold out now,” Mrs. Lestat reminded.

“Of course, it’s sold out. You need to book the spot on the day of the premiere a week in advance.” Olivia said quite naturally, “Oh, by the way, Mrs. Lestat, you might not know about this because you just came back from the west.”

A week in advance? When did this place become the royal clubhouse? Mrs. Lestat raised her eyebrows again.

“Mrs. Lestat…wouldn’t have no tickets, would you?” Olivia asked.

Mrs. Lestat felt hot on her face, but she still maintained an elegant and reserved attitude, and said: “I just returned to Magnolia City. I really don’t know the situation here.”

“Then let’s come together and see, I’ve booked a private room.” Olivia said briskly, she was already unique among a group of reserved and elegant noble ladies, she had more masculine bravado than feminine gentleness, “Trust me, it will be wonderful.”

Mrs. Lestat nodded, “Okay.” Then her lips curled up with an arrogant smile, “Half the money for the box will be paid by the Lestat family.”

“Okay.” Olivia didn’t take it to heart, she said as she walked into the cinema, “The box is a thousand gold coins, Mrs. Lestat, you pay five hundred is enough.”

Mrs. Lestat’s body stiffened.

A box is a thousand gold coins… Is this stealing money?

They sat in the box together, and the movie soon began, still with Demon King Studios and the Q (cute) version of the skull, followed by the appearance of the heroine, Ann, in the first act.

Mrs. Lestat covered her slightly enlarged lips with a ball fan, “Is this… something that really happened in the real world?”

“It’s not very clear, it should be a fictional story.” Olivia shook her head, “but it is very real, which is also one of the charms of the movie.”

Jefferson Jackson next to her said: “This is the real world, Ariel is real!”

Mrs. Lestat glanced at Jefferson Jackson with some surprise. In her impression, the son of the duke was quite cold, he was not close to women. She had never heard of a rumor about him and any other lady in the circle… But now, his expression is exactly that of a man in love? Speaking of which, Ariel… seems to be the siren princess?

Mrs. Lestat analyzed it in her heart, and then she said: “Anyway, she is a demon.”

Jefferson Jackson glanced at her and said nothing.

In that cold gaze, Mrs. Lestat found what Jefferson Jackson once felt.

What was going on here? Mrs. Lestat was completely bewildered. Anyway, she felt that it was impossible for her to sympathize or even like the demons, and it was even more unlikely to agree with what the passers-by said that ‘she would choose to become a demon’ when she came to the cinema.

One hour and forty minutes later.

Mrs. Lestat blurted out: “If I were Ann, I would promise the Demon King to become a demon!”

Olivia was crying and nodding vigorously.

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