Chapter 31 – The trend of Magnolia City

“Hi, I’m Theodore from the magazine, can I ask you a few questions? Your answers may be published in the next issue of the magazine.”

Olivia and the three of them had just left the cinema when they were stopped by a young man with black hair and soulful eyes, who looked very young, and was a very attractive young man.

“Magazine?” Mrs. Lestat asked curiously.

“Mrs. Lestat really doesn’t know anything.” Olivia smiled and glanced at her. Her words were not malicious, because at the moment, the Magazine and the movie were really something that everyone knew about in Magnolia City. Olivia didn’t have any scheming, and her noble status made her need not do so, she was just being straightforward.

But Mrs. Lestat felt a little uncomfortable, it was actually an insult to a salon hostess—of course, she herself thought so. Mrs. Lestat is determined again to catch up with this trend and to be at the forefront of the trend as before.

Olivia didn’t notice the emotions of her female companion. She smiled and said to the reporter: “Please ask questions.”

“A few of you just finished watching this movie, what are your first impressions of this movie?” reporter Theodore asked.

Olivia didn’t hesitate to think about it: “It’s very exciting! It’s better than I imagined!”

Her brother Jefferson thought for a while and replied: “The attitude of the demon king to his lover is something a man should learn.”

After a few seconds of careful consideration, Mrs. Lestat gave her own answer: “Unprecedented, unparalleled.”

“Then, “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” and “Daughter of the Sea”, which one do you prefer?” reporter Theodore continued to ask.

Olivia hesitated for a long time before replying: “I like both…but “Daughter of the Sea” is too sad. It is a tragedy from beginning to end. The overbearing demon king is better.”

Jefferson said bluntly: “Daughter of the Sea.”

Mrs. Lestat didn’t speak because she hadn’t watched the first one.

The reporter asked, “This charming lady, which one do you prefer?”

Mrs. Lestat had to answer: “I haven’t watched “Daughter of the Sea.”

The reporter Theodore showed a surprised expression: “I thought everyone had seen that movie.”

Mrs. Lestat’s face was a bit unpleasant, Olivia quickly gave the reason, “She has just returned to Magnolia City, so she hasn’t seen it.”

Mrs. Lestat squeezed the handle of the fan secretly, she really missed a lot of things on her trip.

In addition to the three of them, reporter Theodore also randomly interviewed many audiences who had just come out of the cinema.

“My favorite line in the movie? Of course, it’s the line in the promo, ‘Woman, you are playing with fire’! After watching the promo, this sentence echoed in my mind several times! This is too manly! I couldn’t help but say this to the girl I like next door, and then she beat me out of the yard with a broom…”

“The most regrettable scene in the movie. There are no regrets in this movie. It is perfect! Ah, the only regret is why Ann did not choose to become a demon. What is so good about being a human? I do not understand this unreasonable persistence. If it was me, I would definitely become a demon and live with the Lord Demon King.”

“Actually, I think I’m much more beautiful and mature, if it’s me… if it’s me… Hehehehehehe…”

Reporter Theodore: “Uh, lady, please calm down. This is an interview now.”

“To be honest, I think their relationship is not equal, and Ann actually wanted to assassinate the Demon King at that time! God of Light! This is terrible!”

Reporter Theodore: “But he is the Demon King after all.”

“If there is such a good and handsome man who loves me so much, whether he is a demon or something, I will definitely accept him.”

“Will all my words really be published in the “Magazine”? Hey Ms. Eri Dalle, I am Alexander. I want to confess my love for you, I’ve liked you for a long time!”

Reporter Theodore: “Ah sir, only movie-related content is published…”

“Okay! Ms. Eri Dalle, you are so damn sweet!”

Reporter Theodore: “…” Farewell.

In the interview, the one he heard most was “I really want to fall in love with the demon king.” The men’s answer is that if you really love a woman, you must learn from the demon king. Some men also feel that they have learned the tricks of teasing girls.

…But most of the men who imitated later were beaten. They also feel quite naive.

The standard for the so-called overbearing president is handsome and powerful. If you aren’t like this, you will be treated as a sex maniac and mentally ill.


After Mrs. Lestat returned to the mansion, her mind was full of movie plots, the turbulent plot, the domineering demon king, and the disappointing ending, all made her completely immersed in that world, unable to extricate herself.

The butler greeted her and asked, “Madam, the salon expenses this time…”

Mrs. Lestat waved her hand and said absent-mindedly: “Whatever you need, you can just go to the bill.”

The butler was a little surprised. He didn’t know what happened to the Viscountess, but he still did his duty and asked: “Then the next salon time…”

“It’s boring, it’s better to watch a movie.” Mrs. Lestat blurted out, and then she thought, if she hadn’t held this boring salon today, she would be able to watch the movie twice! Twice!

Butler: “…Huh? Madam?”

Only then did Mrs. Lestat crawl out of the trance. She thought about it for a while, and then said: “The theme of the next salon is… the movie.”

Butler: “Huh? Madam, didn’t you just say that you don’t like movies today?”

“…That’s because I’m so ignorant,” Mrs. Lestat said heavily.


Compared with the siren princess, the sense of substitution of human woman is undoubtedly stronger, and this script is made by Hill after reading many overbearing president novels and absorbing the essence of it. The plot is ups and downs and exciting, plus so many magical lines, Hill is quite confident about this.

One night later, “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” set off an upsurge no less than “Daughter of the Sea” in Magnolia City and Josh Kenny.

And compared to “Daughter of the Sea”, some lines in “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me” seem to be more memorable…

The Jackson family had dinner that day, the family was sitting together drinking black tea. The old duke added some milk to the black tea while reading the newspaper. He threw the newspaper directly on the dining table angrily when he saw some news, the candlestick next to it fell down and set the newspaper on fire.

The servant hurried up to put out the fire. Olivia glanced at the candlestick in a daze, and then said: “The fire you started yourself should be extinguished by yourself.”

Old Duke: ???

Olivia’s elder brother Jefferson Jackson directly sprayed black tea.

He thought that movie was good, but it was not as impressive as “Daughter of the Sea”, after all, he was a man.

‘My own sister is really into that demon king ah…’ Jefferson thought. Then he thought of Ariel’s action figure he put next to his pillow and thought with a guilty conscience that he too seemed to be…

Although the old duke didn’t quite understand what his daughter said, his son’s gesture of spraying black tea was too inelegant, so he drove his son directly out of the door again. Jefferson Jackson slid away quickly. He was afraid that his sister would suddenly stop in front of him in a trance and say “I am willing to be the enemy of the whole world for you”, which could scare their father to death.

Not to mention, Olivia, who is now completely immersed in the movie, seems to be able to do such a thing.


A week later, the second issue of “Magazine” was released.

This time, the publication is the second chapter of “The Ugly Duckling”, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and a selection of street interview records about “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

“The demon king is really affectionate. Ann pointed a dagger against his chest. When he grabbed Ann’s hand and stabbed himself, I almost cried. Then he said, ‘Is this what you want?’ And “Whatever you want, this King will give it to you” I am really so moved! Why can’t I meet such a demon king! Ah…”

“When I saw the last scene, the Demon King told the woman that he had a heart but was taken away by a human, I broke into tears.”

“This movie is so good to watch, ooh, it dumped those knight romance novels for several blocks!”

“I really want to go to the Lower Realm, but I guess my parents won’t let me.”

At the end is a very long film review:

“When I walked out of the cinema, the night sky outside was as deep as the night sky in the lower realm. I couldn’t see the boundary. The stars seemed to be scattered like dust, and the life of human beings less than a hundred years is even worse than dust.

When I think about it, I feel really desperate and desolate.

But at least Ann has the love of the demon king. You cannot die when someone remembers you. The church teacher told me that. I thought a lot at the entrance of the movie theater. I thought of the demon king and Ann’s warm relationship when they were in the human world. The demon king’s blood-stained hands were actually willing to pick up kitchen utensils for Ann. He was willing to change for her, but she insisted on always holding on to herself.

She has always been what he likes and she has always maintained the same image as his first love.

I have to say that Ann is very cunning, even though she is unintentional.

The demon king is really affectionate, so affectionate that I have expectations for love.

At first, I thought that if I were Ann, I would be willing to become a demon to be with the demon king for a lifetime, but then suddenly, I felt that the original resolution in the movie was also good. At least let us see that the demon king really loves her soul. When Ann was getting old, when she got wrinkles, gray hair, age spots, the demon king still looked at her with compassionate eyes.

That moment is probably eternal. This is my favorite scene. The second scene is the scene where the Demon King is cooking for Ann.

Maybe everyone is interested in going to my salon this weekend, this time, the movie is the theme.

Helen Lestat.”

At the weekend, Mrs. Lestat’s salon ushered in unprecedented prosperity.

Sitting in the position of the hostess, Mrs. Lestat shook the ball fan lightly, with a light smile on her lips.

She grasped the trend of Magnolia City.

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God of Light, Olivia… LMAO

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