Chapter 262 – Declaration of War

Half a year later.

Compared with the turbulent days before, the past six months can be described as calm.

“Demon Realm Magazine” has been published one issue after another, and there are more and more idols and stars in the demon race. The five elders have been widely known to the public. Although they have not participated in movies or sang later, Hill has packaged them with variety shows, “Demon Realm Magazine”, and other stuff so that they all had their own fans.

In terms of movies, Hill filmed “Fight Club”, “Leon: The Professional” and “Life of Pi” in the past six months. In addition, he made a series of movie plans for the Lich Aligeli, starting with “Jungle Book”, “Tarzan of the Apes”, and “Alpha: The Return of the Wolf” and a series of movies about man and nature. – Yes, in the past six months, Hill has begun to gradually instill the protection of the environment into the minds of the people.

The first season of the TV series “The Walking Dead” finished airing, which really set off the doomsday and zombie craze, followed by a wave of fictional novels and films appeared. The zombie-themed immersive theater will also be launched soon (Hill has been preparing for it in advance). According to players’ response, that theater is much more exciting than the pirate immersive theater. In terms of the plot, Hill directly used the old cliche setting, human betrayal and team organization. What’s more interesting is that the hero or heroine will have a loyal subordinate of the opposite sex. In the setting, the loyal subordinate of the opposite sex will be reborn. In the future, the protagonist will be the leader of the largest human organization, and the opposite sex subordinate is the right arm of the protagonist. Later, the protagonist was betrayed and died, the opposite sex subordinate also died together and then reborn, and then they went through untold hardships to find the protagonist again, telling the protagonist how brilliant you are in the future, they will remind the protagonist of the next route and how the task should go.

The protagonist played by the player will meet another person after walking half of the route. That person claims to be his future subordinate and also has memories of rebirth. Then the other party will say ‘your subordinate is lying to you, he (she) is the one who really betrayed you…’ The zombie apocalypse drama is all about human nature until the end.

Exciting zombie fights, various weapons, handsome and beautiful NPCs, plus suspense and decryption… This fifteen-day immersive theater is really cool. However, most of the people who came to experience it were men, and many women did not dare to face zombies. Players who completed the 15-day exciting experience went back and described how exciting the immersive theater of “The Walking Dead” was, and two consecutive magazines have related content. Many people who dare not face zombies are dying of entanglement, and then they reached a consensus and unanimously joined the request for more immersive theater.

Hill is actually having a bit of a headache.

At this stage, no one among the demons has been able to create an immersive theater, and Lich Aligeli and the Death Knight Goldnia do not have this ability now. After all, this is not easy and is quite complex.

But this immersive theater is indeed quite profitable and tempting… Hill picked at the information at hand, digging out “Harry Potter”, after the launch of this series, he can also start the immersive theater… and it can have multiple themes. One is the immersive theater before the establishment of Hogwarts and the Big Four, the second can be the daily life in the academy, and the third is the Voldemort period… It’s quite interesting… … Hill rubbed his chin and thought. That said, he wants to play too ah.

“I’m a dreamer, but I can’t dream for myself,” Hill said with a sigh.

Joan Baker, who was next to him, had always been cold in his heart, but he felt a little bit emotional when he heard this. When he was about to say something, Hill continued: “I can only dream of spring…”

Joan Baker closed his mouth immediately.

Feeling a little lonely and pitiful for Hill, he is really a Sabi.

Monroe, on the other side, looked over: “Do you need it?”

Hill: “Hey. With you, of course, I don’t need it.”

Caught off guard by the wheels of the car that pressed on his face, Joan Baker, at this point, felt that he should not only not speak, but also not be here.

In addition to these, the Demon Realm Restaurant has launched a lot of new dishes. The most recent and most acclaimed is the black dwarves’ very delicious pepper-based mixed with various seasonings, meat sauce, and bone broth barbecue sauce. This launch of the BBQ platter was a huge hit and is still going strong months later. The second is the plum lychee mint wine, which is prepared by dark elves. The sweet taste makes Hill feel like a fairy.

After Hill introduced the concept of food into the demon realm, various races in the demon realm began to create new foods, which Hill was quite satisfied with. . In addition to plum lychee mint wine, the dark elves also improved the flower cake, moist and full of flower petals, sweet flavor permeated with the fragrance of flowers.

Hill used the whole ten days to make a large batch of snacks, delicately soft and sticky flavorful egg yolk crisp, spicy and sour flavor chicken feet, tongue popping crisp crab meat stick, sauce flavor, spicy flavor, and sweet and sour flavor of dried fish, and all kinds of soy products, commonly known as spicy sticks… Compared with the food in the Demon Realm restaurant, the prices of these snacks are lower (but they are still quite high), so customers can’t help but buy, buy, and buy them. Later, Hill summed up his income and found that the total income of these snacks is actually higher than that of the Demon Realm Restaurant.

Hill also opened a number of fast-food restaurants outside the Demon Mall. The current pace of life of the nobles is much faster than before, which also gives the soil for the survival and development of fast-food restaurants. Hill has made peace with some of the breakfast and fast-food restaurants he has opened before. Fresh and tender small meat dumplings, various hot noodles, juicy chicken fillets… The most popular recently is fried rice with prawns, eggs, diced radish, and luncheon meat, the taste is good but not much different from other fried rice. Hill thinks that it may sell well because of its high face value.

On Earth, the Chinese white shrimp is called the world’s three most famous shrimps, along with the Mexican brown shrimp and the Guyana white belly shrimp. In the other world, because Hill used to eat a lot of white shrimps, so he only recognized white shrimps. There were probably two other types of shrimp, but Hill couldn’t tell them apart, so he simply and rudely named them according to their colors. Then Hill also made some bluffing things like “Four Famous Shrimp in the Demon Realm” and “Four Famous Mushrooms in the Demon Realm”, all of which were actually to better sell to the public – of course, those are indeed also quite delicious.

There are some magic creatures in the Endless Sea. These magical creatures and ordinary creatures are in two different food chains. Magic creatures rarely eat ordinary animals whose magical powers in their bodies are negligible. Fortunately, there is this setting otherwise those sea monsters must have eaten up the ordinary fish very quickly. This kind of shrimp lives in the mud and sand layer of the shallow sea. Under the nourishment of demon breath, it has a bigger head and more meat than the one on Earth. It tastes delicious, not to mention nutrition. But the disadvantage is that it is not easy to digest. Therefore, shrimp sets can generally be replaced with white shrimps that are better digested. White shrimps are actually nearly transparent when alive, and turn white when they die, so they are called white shrimp.

Going back to the Demon Realm Restaurant.

On the surface, whether it is snacks or fast-food restaurants, the status of the Demon World Restaurant has declined, but that is only the surface. In fact, the emergence of the two of them subdivided the functions of diet, and the main position of the Demon World Restaurant is still unshakable. In the past six months, Demon Realm Restaurant has focused on traditional Chinese dishes. Hill has launched a variety of dishes, including the top ten famous dishes in China, which have been wildly welcomed by the foodies like a frenzy.

For example, the southern and northern regions of the Magnolia Continent are generally spicy, and the spicy chicken, which is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the mapo tofu, which is famous for its “numbness, spiciness, hotness, aroma, crispness, freshness and tenderness”, are their favorites. Cities in the mainland are full of praise for seafood, which they had little opportunity to eat in the past. Speaking of opportunity, Hill focused on the development of air transport, he put a lot of money into it, so many ingredients can be directly flown over – it saves money than using the teleport, and after all, the teleport is not convenient to transport living things. Because of the development of air transport, shopping websites have also developed thoroughly in these six months.

The development of the Magnolia Continent and the Demon Realm is changing with each passing day, and only the Oitin Empire has been left far behind.

Because the Church of Light and the Demon Realm are still pretending to establish this diplomatic relationship, people from several countries are also allowed to flow back and forth. The people in the Oitin Empire were dumbfounded when they saw the outside world, while the people outside were quite unimpressed with the antiquity of the Oitin Empire, and opened their mouths to laugh at it from time to time. Most of the people of the Oitin Empire are brainwashed, they feel that all these are temptations and tricks of the demons that are not to be trusted… Oh yes, they regard these things outside as temptations, which shows that they are a little bit tempted.

Although the Pope of Light has issued a strict order, some things from the demon realm have gradually appeared in the Oitin Empire… For example, the food of the demon realm, and eating some things from the demon realm should not violate the belief, after all, the snacks and canned food were really delicious. Hmm… This novel is about human beings and nature, and it doesn’t involve demons, it should be okay to read it, and it doesn’t go against the Lord’s intention… At least that’s what they think now. As for the future, only the demons will know. It just so happens that Hill is a demon.

For the past six months, Hill has sent something to King Oitin every week. Of course, he can’t get anything but food, but the food alone is enough to capture his soul. In addition, Hill did not convey any words to King Oitin. On the surface, Hill seemed to be sticking his face to a cold butt, but in fact, King Oitin became more and more restless, while Hill was very calm.

“I think the hot face on the cold butt position is very obscene,” Hill commented.

“…I think the most obscene thing is your thoughts.” Old Jackson looked at the sky.

“Why are you making personal attacks all of a sudden, aren’t we discussing politics?” Hill glared over.

“Oh well, the most obscene thing is the political relationship, it’s even more obscene than you,” Old Jackson said.

“That’s true. Politics is really too obscene,” Hill agreed.

There’s been rapid growth in all aspects, the general trend… however, it is still not enough.

On the day of summer, Lannon, the Grand Chancellor of Mülheim, became a blood ghost through a blood sacrifice and appeared in front of the public, saying that he would continue to protect Mülheim, and the people accepted it. The Church of Light demanded that the Mülheim royal family hand over Lannon, but the Ice Emperor refused.

The following month, the Oitin Empire declared war on Mülheim.

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The black grass ripples chaotically as the wind blows, and standing in it can feel the feeling of calves being brushed by the tip of the grass. The stars in the night sky overhead were few and far apart, but each star was bright and the temperature was very cold, and the stars were like glowing snowflakes that never fell in the sky.

At this point, dawn was approaching, the sky was rich and psychedelic in color, the edges of the overlapping mountains showed a glowing purple, and the cloud streams rolled in like a dry riverbed.

“I thought you hated war and loved peace,” King Magnolia said. He recently traveled in the Demon Realm, and the matter of the Magnolia Empire was handled by Theodore. Half a year ago, Theodore completely took control of the government. Hill was quite satisfied with Theodore’s actions. Theodore’s further progress meant that the Magnolia Empire would not be out of touch with the other two empires.

“Love?” Hill laughed contemptuously, “What a weak word you’re using to describe what I’ve done.”

The sun rose.

The wind blew, and countless dense armies of demons stood on the black grassland, waiting for the demon king to give the order.

Cold, morose, and majestic.

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Caught off guard by the wheels of the car that pressed on his face — caught off guard by the sudden love talk

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