Chapter 263 – War I

A thousand tent lights late at night. Since the beginning of summer, this area has been raining a lot, however, it did not rain tonight. The plain was covered with misty fog. The flags of each family were planted on their tents, and around the center is the blood-colored flag of the Demon King. Every time they passed by, the patrollers had to tighten their reins and bow their heads in salute.

The biggest difference between this war and the previous wars is not that the demons and humans are united, but basically, there is no need to mobilize. Humans know why they are fighting, after all, the Oitin Empire declared war – naturally, it is impossible to find out that the war was actually caused by Hill. As for the demons, the demons are very clear that their Lord Demon King will break with the Church of Light sooner or later, and they have been looking forward to this battle for too long. After all, the Demon Realm has always been preparing for war, and the students of the Military Academy have graduated several times.

For his subordinates, Hill didn’t say too many bewitching words. He still remembers that when he first crossed over, Hill perfected the search for MLM lines on his mobile phone and memorized them every day, and then told them to the demons. Later, Hill could very proficiently say provocative lines and serious scenes. To this day, Hill no longer needs to speak, his existence has represented everything. Three steps, to the top, everything is in words.

Demons are different from humans. Most of the demons are warlike in their bones. What Hill has done to the demons in the past few years is basically pouring tactics into their brains, and now the time to test the results are coming.

The expensive black sheepskin boots stepped through the soft mud, and the sinking feeling was very clear. Hill looked down at the black soil and said, “Is the Oitin Empire strong?”

Ice Emperor Claude next to him replied: “Of course it is powerful.”

“How so?” Hill asked.

Ice Emperor thought for a while and replied: “The Oitin Empire is a country that has developed in a twisted way, they have all the factors to become a powerful country, and the fact that they have chosen a path of reckless disregard for humanity means that it is even more terrifying than a powerful country in the usual sense.”

“Is it strong because of inhumanity? This is a tenable reason.” Hill raised his head and looked at the misty sky: “But even so, I can’t think of a reason for my failure.”

Darkness closed in from all sides. Hill’s cloak floated silently in the darkness.

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Everyone who was due to arrive the next morning had arrived, and they had a formal meeting in the largest and most luxurious tent – that tent was of course the tent of King Magnolia, only the Magnolia Empire liked such flashy things, but today it also has a rare use.

In addition to the three monarchs, the nobles and generals of the three countries also attended the meeting.

“I think everyone here may have some misgivings about me sitting in the very center, I don’t mind if you have misgivings, but if you do something to drag your feet because of those misgivings, I will show you what it means to be truly cruel.” Hill did not mind releasing his demon king aura. The ninety-nine golden candlesticks in the tent were brilliant, and Hill, who was sitting in the center, was where the light and shadow overlapped. “A lot of people outside like me, adore me, respect me, and even take me as an object of fantasy. I don’t think you are so naive enough to think I’m a harmless person, right?”

Needless to say, Hill’s comment really shattered some people’s illusions.

“I have no opinion.” One of the Dijon tribe elders said, “Because the seat is just a formality.”

He said, “No, it’s not a formality, it means that you have to be under my authority in this war. This is war, this is not a child’s game. Okay, any objections?”

“Lord Demon King, I don’t quite agree with…” said one of the Dijon nobles.

“Drag him out,” Hill said.

The guard stepped forward and dragged the noble away without hesitation. Mattis, the chief of Dijon, tried his best to restrain himself from turning his head to look at the nobleman. He knew his position very well, and he also knew the attitude of the Demon King: this is a very crucial war, so he couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

If there are hidden contradictions, intensify them, and if there are hidden thoughts, stimulate them, and everything will be solved on the surface. This is Hill’s current strategy.

I have to say, it works.

Sometimes you can whitewash peace, but sometimes Hill would rather kill a hundred by mistake.

“This is too…much,” Another Mülheim noble said out loud.

Hill said coldly: “Drag.”

The nobleman kept shouting as he was dragged away, Hill didn’t stop him from shouting, and this blunt indifference seemed more powerful.

There was silence in the tent after the two of them, and Earl Lestat from the Magnolia Empire deliberately said, “Lord Demon King, first of all, I want to say that I agree with you, but I think you may make some people feel rebellious… “

“You’ve all come this far, do you still have such ridiculously boring and childish thoughts?” Hill said, “You are a superior, and you should have the quality of a superior.”

Earl Lestat was stunned for a moment and replied, “I understand, Lord Demon King.”

There is only room for elites around Hill.

There is a clear composition of the entire Magnolia Continent in his brain, and the war has been rehearsed hundreds of times in his mind. Hill gave orders in an orderly manner, and he felt that his reason was burning very clearly.

I’m not a person who likes surprises.

Give me a surprise when I’m carefully planning and I’ll also give you a surprise.

Yes, I am such a stingy person. What is even more frightening is that a stingy person like me is in charge of the life and death of so many people.

So, Zhu Jun, I’ll ask you to be careful with me.

Hill lowered his eyes, his eyes were stuck on a certain part of the map for too long, and just now, he issued an order for absolute control here. It would be fine if it was other places, but for a town where the Church of Light has too much influence, absolute control means killing. The people in the room understand this, but because of Hill’s monstrous flames, no one made a sound.

Hill glanced at Theodore over there. Theodore understood and asked, “Are you going to harm civilians?”

“I only hurt the enemy,” Hill said.

Theodore asked cooperatively: “But many ordinary people will die because of this, which is a bit too inhumane.”

“Then what do you think war is?” Hill asked back: “Do you think war is sitting in a military tent and pointing at the map? Do you think war is when you give an order from the rear and the soldiers in the front rush to kill the enemy for you, and then you win as a matter of course? — Why do you think I hate war so much?” The last sentence actually answered King Magnolia’s question a few days ago.

“I’m sorry, I thought too simply.” Theodore apologized, “Because I come from a civilian background, so sometimes I can be a little indecisive. Thank you, Lord Demon King, for your reminder.”

Hill gave a “hmm”, thinking that Theodore cooperated well in this wave and removed a small hidden danger.

After completing the arrangement of the armies of various countries, the meeting ended. The Magnolia Empire and Mulheim cooperated more. Theodore and the Ice Emperor came out side by side to discuss some details. The Ice Emperor asked, “Are you and the Demon King cooperating just now?”

“En.” Theodore was not surprised that the Ice Emperor could see it. In fact, he would be surprised if the Ice Emperor couldn’t see it.

“But are you doing this out of sincerity? After all, you are from a commoner family, so you should be more… how to say it, more sympathetic to civilians,” the Ice Emperor said.

“No.” Theodore said: “Because I come from the common people so I will not have too much sympathy for this class. Isn’t this the bad nature of man?” Theodore casually pulled the corner of his mouth: “It is enough to clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses, and to give emotional avoidance in making decisions. By the way, on the issue of integration, I plan to break up my side of the army to reorganize mainly on your side. Prince Lewis has too much power in the army on my side…”

Listening to Theodore’s words, the Ice Emperor couldn’t help but think: ‘I heard that he was just a handyman in the past, but now he can get to this point… Sure enough, the people around the Demon King are not ordinary.’

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