Chapter 264 – War II

The first card.

“Now we all know that the reason for the Oitin Empire’s declaration of war was Grand Chancellor Lannon, is it really that simple? Of course not. This is essentially a partisanship of the Church of the Light. I have heard some people say let Mülheim hand over Grand Chancellor Lannon and the war will be avoided.”

There are indeed people who think so, but there are not many who hold such thoughts. Martyrs die for their faith, great men live for their faith, but most people just live in mediocrity.

For example, the daughter of the neighbor’s family was killed by the noble because she was too beautiful. They would not blame the noble, but the girl herself for being beautiful and not knowing how to restrain herself. From the small to the big, and from the big to the small, you can also understand how they have lived their whole life.

“But, you know, today they will threaten us with war because of the blood ghost, tomorrow they will threaten us with war because of the demons, and in two days they may threaten us with war because we have used the things of the demons.”

Hill’s speech has effectively smashed some people’s illusions. In fact, the words of reason may not work so well, they will still have illusions, but the key is that they have just come out from the time when they were dominated by the Church of Light. How long does it take to get out? Now is a very delicate time period. They are not fully used to the life they are currently enjoying, and they still feel that they are living in a dreamy world. At this time, they are particularly resistant to the things they have experienced before.

If a few more years had passed, they would have almost forgotten what it was like to be ruled by the Church of Light, and perhaps would not have reacted so strongly to it. This is also one of the reasons why Hill wanted to end the war early.

After experiencing such a happy life now, and then let them go back to the past is simply too scary – only when the butcher’s knife is about to fall on their heads, they become ‘righteous and awe-inspiring’.

“And what is the blood ghost that has attracted widespread attention? The Church of Light calls it an evil race. Is it evil? No race is born evil. If the existence of a race is originally a sin, then why don’t the gods just destroy them?”

Hill’s words actually contained a bit of sophistry, but under the structure of this era, this question is very sonorous and powerful.

“The birth of blood ghosts, of course, requires some human blood, but when Grand Chancellor Lannon became a blood ghost, he used the blood of some big criminals. The Church of Light can’t even do this kind of workaround, so you can imagine how they would be in other areas. In fact, I always feel that God is absolutely correct, but how to interpret God’s will is a matter for human beings. I don’t believe in the Church of Light in this regard; after all, they’ve been that way before, and if they can do it once, they can do it a second time.”

What ‘the same trick can only be used once’.

Hill would use it a hundred times if it worked.

The so-called shrimp and pig heart probably means this.

There’s going to be another war.

Compared with those who were enthusiastic or unwilling before, this time, the soldiers were very clear about what they were doing. They are guarding their empire, they are guarding their lives, they are fighting for the empire, but also for their families and themselves.

“I no longer swing my sword in a daze, I know what’s entangled on the tip of my sword, but this doesn’t make me hesitate, but makes my sword swing more powerful.” The cover of this issue of the magazine reads this sentence, spoken by a nobleman’s son who joined the army.

On the day of the army’s departure, the generals were speaking to their soldiers with fervor. Hill looked at it all from a high place, there was no extra expression on his face. In the end, Hill said under the gray dome of the sky:

“Please achieve victory for me.

Achieve victory for what we have now.

Fight, fight. “

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The first bleeding came very quickly.

The Oitin army fought against the Allied army, which had a greater advantage because the Allied army had demons as well as the latest weapons.

War correspondents, front-line interviews, war programs, the whole range of propaganda kept up. All three empires were in a state of war, all factories were grasping for war materials, and for the first time, the soldiers were so comfortable fighting a war.

“You have completely ignored these aspects these days,” Irvine said.

“Because I have more important things to do.” Hill nodded his head with his finger and said, “I’m waiting and thinking. Don’t always think about relying on me, dear, I’m not in a good mood these days.”

The flames on Irvine flickered, and then he lowered his head: “Sorry, My King.”

Hill did not respond, but focused on the information in front of him.

The guard next to him thought in his heart, the current battle is not important, and the propaganda and logistics of the war are not important… Then, what is important to this Lord Demon King?

During this period, Dark Pope Monroe came, and Hill asked everyone to leave the tent. He and Monroe had a secret conversation in the tent for two full hours, and then the two walked outside in the path of wild grass, the guard followed them, and heard something that should not be heard: “…Theodore gave me a lot of surprises. After all, he was cultivated by me. How about I promise him the throne of the king?”

Hearing this, the guard broke into a cold sweat, and quickly pulled away from Hill, for fear of hearing things that shouldn’t be heard again.

“As you please.” Monroe’s words seemed a little too spoiled.

It’s almost raining, the wind is picking up on the grassland, Hill’s black embroidered gold cloak is flying up, the sound of swinging up and down sounds quite energetic. He looked up to the horizon, and the black clouds rolled in and stormed from the southwest. The black clouds were bordered with blue, lightning tore the sky over there, and a rainstorm had fallen in the southwest direction.

“Have fun with me… too,” he said.

“Teresa ah, he has some fake drama in the end, and cannot get off the stage…”

“You always have extra sentiment, Hill.”

“Okay, don’t use that to remind me that you’re smarter and colder than I am, Monroe.”

“No reminders, I’m just complaining. I don’t want my lover to be bothered by these troubles.”

After a few simple conversations, the clouds moved closer to this side. The bare mountain in the northeast seemed to have been chopped by a giant axe, showing an unnatural straight shape. There were no trees on it, all of them were black rocks. Hill’s gaze stopped on it for a moment and said, “Since living in this world, there are always all kinds of troubles.”

“But you can’t hold me down and not let me think about you. Or in this case, the idea that can’t help but breed in this situation, to let you belong only to me, see only me, let all your emotions, whether love or hate or trouble originate from me and only from me. This kind is complete possession, right?” Monroe replied.

“Tch, what a terrible rhetoric… pity that I am more powerful than you, or I will try to imprison you by my side after the great power has been achieved?” Hill made a joke.

Monroe leaned down and held out his hand to Hill. Hill gave him his hand, and Monroe reverently kissed the back of Hill’s hand: “You do not need to purposely imprison me, for I have now automatically imprisoned myself to you.” The dim sunlight engraved his face, Monroe was originally very bright and handsome, so even if he became a death knight, there was a clear frost in his eyebrows. Although his voice was the same as before, there were some obscure emotions in his eyes.

No matter how many times you look at this expression, no matter how many times you listen to similar words, each time you still can’t help but be aroused, each time you still can’t help but have the fire of desire burning reason.

It’s a pity you can’t do it now.

Hill looked away, originally thinking of breaking the subject, but when he opened his mouth, he made a sarcastic remark: “Ugh your words ah, is it to make my whole body soften, or is it to make me partially hard?”

Monroe: hmm…

Monroe: “Well, I thought we were talking about business.”

Both sides reluctantly reined in their flood of feelings for each other, and Hill chuckled, “Everything that’s been happening lately has been so intense that I couldn’t help but say some stupid things, okay ignore them and let’s get back to discussing recent events.”

So, it was back to business.

The two were not alone for long, and after the walk was over, Monroe left the place, saying goodbye to Hill in front of the soldiers, kneeling on one knee and performing the salute of a courtier. Hill also did not mix personal feelings, accepted Monroe’s courtesy, and also sent him away with the courtesy of a monarch.

After Monroe left, Hill returned to his previous state. When the whole world was at war, he casually flipped through all kinds of information every day without giving a single order. Although the people around him were puzzled, they still faithfully continued his previous arrangement. This also reflects his previous role after the rampage in the military tent.

Such days lasted until a news came.

The ascetics raided the Dark Church, and the Dark Pope was seriously injured. The leader of the ascetics was Teresa Shelley, the second-in-command of the Church of Light.

After hearing the news, Hill angrily knocked over the candlestick and then told everyone in the tent to get out.

After the tent was empty, Hill smiled at the darkness.

Well, the second card has been played.

The seriously injured Dark Pope, Monroe, had thus gone from the light side into the dark side.

“Your Majesty the Demon King, is the official army of the Demons not yet put into battle?” Dijon Chief Matis sent someone to ask.

“Wait a little longer.” Hill replied.

“But now…” said the messenger.

“Wait,” Hill directly interrupted the messenger’s words neatly and said.

Despite the fact that human and demon lives were being lost every minute and every second, Hill remained calm and steady.

In a battle along the Blackwater River, a hundred Illuminati clerics were sacrificed at the same time, eventually becoming seventy-three angels, and the three thousand allied troops of the devils and humans were almost completely wiped out.

It’s finally here.

Hill’s face sank like water.

Some things must need to be confirmed, the trial of playing cards lost only a few paper cards, but the game of the higher power is a thousand steps. Because of this, it is necessary to be more cautious and more ruthless.

For the demon king, the opposite of cold and ruthless is not warmth and kindness, but indecisiveness.

Hill placed the crown of white bones on the table and said, “It is time to start dropping projection stones in large quantities.”

A day later.

“Using so many humans as bait, he can really keep his composure.” The Pope of Light snorted coldly, “Worthy of being the Demon King.”

“But what if the Allied Army can’t be killed all at once?” Teresa asked.

“Are you soft-hearted?” Pope of Light asked.

“Of course, I’m soft-hearted,” Teresa said. “After all, they’re all human beings, the only ones I hate are the demons, but I won’t be shaken by that.”

“Very good.” The Pope nodded with satisfaction: “Then the next step is to start the beheading operation. You don’t have to participate, recover from your injuries as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Your Holiness,” Teresa replied without the slightest tremor in his voice.

Then the ascetics began to focus on attacking the important figures of the Allied Army. Their single combat capability was too strong, so the Allied Army suffered heavy losses. The Allied Army tried to follow suit, but the effect was not very great, because even if the commander of the Oitin Empire army died, they would still not be confused because of it. They only needed to go up and be cannon fodder and sacrifice their time to the priests of light. Simple and brutal, but effective.

Immediately after that, rumors spread quietly on the battlefield—what the Demon King is doing now is to use humans as cannon fodder, and in the end, he wants to make the demons overtake humans.

Recent events do seem to validate all this. The Demon King obviously still has an army, so why not put it into battle?

It also seems that the Pope of Light is getting better.

After hearing this rumor, Hill laughed very happily at the head seat. He looked at Goldnia next to him and asked, “Gol, what do you think I should announce to counter this rumor?”

Goldnia asked cooperatively: “My King, I can’t think of anything, may I ask how you plan to do it?”

The next day, Hill spread a message directly through the magic phone.

The next Demon King will be Alice, a human female adopted by Lord Demon King. The previous music “Dedicated to Alice” and the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” were both gifts from Hill to his adopted daughter.

As for Alice’s true identity, Hill did not plan to announce it yet. He planned to announce it after the war was over to show his kindness. Only then did he completely use Alice’s whole person to the point of cleanliness. But… well… it should also be called a win-win situation.

This is really a stone that stirs a thousand waves. Many people can’t help but think of “Thor” half a year ago. Demon King Odin would not let Loki, who is a human, become the next Demon King, but Demon King Hill is different. Ah yes, he is the Demon King of the Demon Realm who has always changed everyone’s life. He has also done many things for mankind, and he will not do things like making humans cannon fodder.

The Pope of Light was naturally astonished by this, but he did not bother to suspect Teresa, he had already suspected Teresa once before because of this matter, and Teresa resolved his doubts, so he would not continue to suspect him a second time. This is one of the habits of the Pope of Light. Unfortunately, Monroe knew this very well.

The time to finally see the truth was about to come.

Hill threw the fourth card.

A message was released. The Pope and King Oitin had broken up.

Whether this is a rumor or not depends on the decision of King Oitin himself.

It was supposed to be a long war.

But Hill threw all his cards on the table.

Come on, the long pain is better than the short one. Enjoy it, my esteemed Pope.

The candelabra went out, and Hill smiled meaningfully in the darkness, his eyes blazing red.

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