Chapter 270.1 – Finale

A regular and peaceful life will make time go by very fast. Those thrilling stories have been away from Hill for a while now. Sometimes, Hill recalls the killings, wars, and intrigues in the past, and he feels that he is looking through the smoke cloud of time, hazy, and not very real. It is as if he is now looking at his own life on Earth.

Sometimes Hill lay in bed looking at a pair of oddly shaped portraits of the demon kings above his head and thought, ‘Did I really cross over from Earth? Or is it that I was originally an aborigine who just picked up this phone?’

It’s been too many years, and even though Hill takes great care to protect the phone, it’s running slower and slower, the battery life is getting shorter and shorter, and the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as it used to be. This is inevitable. Hill didn’t have much thought after discovering this, so he hurriedly transcribed the necessary information he could think of. After a while, the phone really couldn’t be turned on. He felt a little emotional, but he didn’t miss it, and threw the phone directly to the scientific research department for research.

The people in the scientific research department were so excited when they received such a sophisticated electronic product as a mobile phone that they almost flew, they could not really create another mobile phone, but through their research on this mobile phone, they invented and created many other things. ‘This plug-in has also completed its final mission,’ Hill thought.

Hill woke up this morning feeling refreshed, the bedroom was built on the water, and everything was fine except for the mosquitoes in the summer. The morning light poured in from outside the window, it was bright and beautiful, and it made people feel better. He got up from the bed and got dressed and put on a felt cowboy sun hat, but when he went out, the hat almost flew out.

How should he put it… The picture in front of him is as follows: Monroe is fishing on the lake with Teresa, King Oitin, and Alice’s mother.

Hill clasped his hat silently: “…It looks like I didn’t wake up, I’ll go back to sleep.”

Teresa and Alice’s mother looked at each other, King Oitin didn’t react, only Monroe said calmly: “Have herb-grilled fish for breakfast.”

“Okay, I think I’m awake,” Hill replied calmly.

Alice’s mother: “Uh, Lord Demon King, you…” She didn’t have much contact with Hill, so she couldn’t help being surprised by Hill’s sand sculpture.

“Don’t call me Lord Demon King, ” Hill rubbed his temples and squeezed between Monroe and Teresa, but neither Monroe nor Teresa let him, Hill was stunned: “What are you doing, there’s no place for me in this lineup?”

Teresa said: “If I step aside, I will be next to the bastard, King Oitin, I don’t want to.”

The outside world called him the Iron Pope, but at this moment, he was not at all what he was rumored to be, and he also said such vulgar words.

King Oitin, on the other hand, gave Teresa a quiet smile.

Hill’s head hurt, and he looked at Monroe: “What about you?”

“I don’t want you next to Teresa,” Monroe said succinctly.

“I haven’t even complained about you and Theresa being too close, but the wicked actually sued first.” Hill stared at Monroe for a few seconds, and suddenly burst into a frenzy: “Believe it or not, I will sit on your lap.”

“Okay.” Monroe replied calmly, “Sitting elsewhere is also fine.”

Hill’s hat was still shocked: “Cough, cough, a lady is here, why did you start the car…”

This time, it was Monroe who threw the fishing rod: “…I didn’t mean that, Hill, I didn’t mean to let you sit on my…forget it…you…”

Teresa there magically pulled Hill’s hat and Monroe’s fishing rod back.

“My bad… Cough, I’m a bad demon.” Hill caught his hat and turned his face to the side, King Oitin smiled to make way for Hill, and said hello: “Good day, Your Majesty.”

“Good day, Your Majesty,” Hill also said, then turned to Alice’s mother and said, “Good morning, mother of the child.”

This time Theresa and Monroe looked over at the same time.

“…Is it okay for me to say that?” Hill asked.

“That’s fine,” Monroe said gently, even giving a smile.

Hill inwardly felt some fluctuations, and his expression couldn’t help but become serious, and then he launched a diversionary big method to change the subject: “Why did you come here together… By the way, Teresa, aren’t you fighting with His Majesty, Oitin recently? You are sitting together today fishing, which scared this old me to death.”

In the past few years, Hill handed over most of the affairs to Alice and the five elders, and later became a hands-off shopkeeper. He chose a beautiful place at the junction of the demon realm and the human world, and then used his private rights to build a beautiful manor for himself, officially announced his return to the mountains and forests, and lived a good life with both cats and dogs. The dog is a hell dog, and the cat is a night ghost cat, which seems to be different from the general cat and dog.

At the same time, Monroe is also planning to hand over everything step by step, but there is no suitable heir for a while. Although the five emissaries of the Dark Church can temporarily serve as the Dark Pope, there is always something lacking, and then Monroe thought to just train an heir like Hill.

Except for Monroe, who lived here with nothing to do, other people would come to visit Hill from time to time. Eating food, fishing, walking, admiring the scenery, chatting. Hill also opened a piece of land in the back and went to farm by himself if he had nothing to do. Time flies, the oldest of several kings, King Magnolia, passed away, and soon after, Old Jackson also passed away, Captain Rod was old, Joan Baker was old, Jacob was old, and all humans Hill knew were old. For all those people who passed away, Hill will personally go to their funerals and will be truly sad.

Irvine once said to Hill: “Otherwise, Lord Demon King, don’t attend those funerals. If you don’t attend, you won’t be so sad, and it’s not necessary, after all, human life is too short.”

“There must always be some persistence,” Hill replied at that time: “Precisely because our lives are so long, so many emotions are stretched so far that in the end there is almost no sadness or joy, there is just a subdued calmness that approaches stagnant water or a life that seeks some kind of extreme collapse. The former then almost loses the passion and meaning of life, and the latter is self-evidently harmful.”

“I didn’t get it, my king,” Irvine said.

Hill smiled: “In simple terms, life is about feeling pain and happiness. You are experiencing life, not passing through it. Only when you are truly immersed can you feel alive and have the passion for life.”

Irvine still seems to not understand, these thoughts are too profound for the fire elemental spirit. He only knows that his joy and sorrow are closely related to Hill.

Irvine once thought about what he would do if Hill returned to nature one day, but he gave his own answer without thinking: he would also disappear, a world without Lord Demon King is a meaningless world.

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