Chapter 165 – Jiang Xiao Buys a Necklace

In addition to working hard on Hou Chen, Jiang Xiao had also been reminiscing about past life events, trying to see if there were any opportunities she could seize.

One of those opportunities was related to Xu Yu.

However, she was too late. The day she went to Qinghe Production Brigade to find Xu Yu and Shen Hongling, they had just left, with Shen Hongling taking Xu Yu to seek medical treatment.

Xu Yu, the future great scientist, and that valuable Black Ten, she was destined to miss out on them.

Then, last night, she slept until midnight and suddenly woke up, remembering something. She instantly became alert, her eyes shining brightly.

She remembered that in her past life, there was a top-grade five-color diamond necklace that was auctioned off and sold for a sky-high price of 5.8 million US dollars.

The owner of the necklace became wealthy overnight.

However, later that owner said that he had acquired that diamond necklace several decades ago with good luck, purchasing it from Lame Xiao in the black market of Anren County.

At that time, Lame Xiao not only had to take care of himself but also his paralyzed mother and his daughter.

Lame Xiao, descended from imperial nobility, had to support his family of three, including himself, for money and food.

He could only sell off the last bits of gold and jewelry that his mother had buried.

Back then, whether it was gold jewelry or gemstone jewelry, they were not worth much.

That time, Lame Xiao’s mother fell seriously ill, and he had to bring out all the jewelry to sell in order to get money to buy medicine for her.

Later, that diamond necklace was bought by this person.

At that time, he didn’t know that the diamond necklace would become so valuable later on. He bought the necklace because it was beautiful and thought his daughter would like it, so he bought it as a birthday gift for her.

Because the necklace was so beautiful, his daughter kept it, but over time, she forgot about it. It wasn’t until the transition to the 21st century during a move that they found the necklace. They guessed that the stones on the necklace might be real diamonds and that it might be quite valuable.

So, they took it to be appraised.

In the end, it was confirmed to be a real diamond necklace of considerable value, so they decided to auction off this five-color diamond necklace.

It fetched a sky-high price at auction.

This sudden wealth made them rich overnight.

As for why they said the necklace came from Lame Xiao…

Naturally, it was because by that time, Lame Xiao had long since passed away. His mother was the first to die of illness.

Later on, his daughter also fell seriously ill, but at that time, Lame Xiao didn’t have the money to treat his daughter’s illness.

So, his only daughter also passed away.

Left alone, Lame Xiao naturally had no desire to go on living.

So, it wasn’t long before one winter day, he was found dead on the street, frozen stiff when discovered.

Actually, at that time, if Lame Xiao hadn’t sold the diamond necklace early on, when his daughter got sick, autioning the necklace to pay for her treatment would have been more than enough.

Jiang Xiao remembered that the person not only mentioned buying his necklace from Lame Xiao but also mentioned the time of purchase.

It was in 1980, close to the Lunar New Year.

Jiang Xiao calculated the time and was sure that the diamond necklace should still be with Lame Xiao at this moment.

So, an idea suddenly popped into Jiang Xiao’s mind.

That is, before that person, she could buy this diamond necklace from Lame Xiao.

In the future, the sky-high price at which this necklace would be auctioned would be hers, Jiang Xiao’s.

As for whether to remind Lame Xiao not to sell the diamond necklace and wait until its value increased before selling it, Jiang Xiao never had that thought.

However, if when she sold the diamond necklace, Lame Xiao was still alive and his daughter needed money for her illness, she could help out then.

As for others, there was no such consideration.

However, she felt that Lame Xiao and his daughter wouldn’t live until that time.

Thinking of this suddenly made Jiang Xiao so excited that she couldn’t sleep that night.

The next day, she left her three children with her mother-in-law and immediately went to the county town to search for Lame Xiao in the black market.

However, she didn’t expect that Lame Xiao wouldn’t show up today.

She waited for so long but still didn’t see him.

Helpless, Jiang Xiao could only restrain herself and go back first.

Afterward, the second day, the third day…

Jiang Xiao came to this black market every day, all to find Lame Xiao.

But Lame Xiao never appeared even once.

Because she came to the black market every day looking for Lame Xiao, others started speculating if this woman had some connection with Lame Xiao. They looked at Jiang Xiao with mocking eyes.

However, some people reminded her.

“Hey, big sister, if you want to find Lame Xiao, just go to his house. I know where he lives.”

Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up.

Yes, she could directly go to Lame Xiao’s house and wouldn’t have to wait here every day.

So, she asked that person for Lame Xiao’s address, left the black market, and immediately went to inquire.

Lame Xiao and his family lived in the county town.

However, their old courtyard had been confiscated before, and now they lived in a dilapidated and narrow old house.

Seeing the shabby and cramped space, Jiang Xiao couldn’t help but frown, feeling a bit repulsed.

But thinking about the diamond necklace, she endured her disgust and went in.

Soon, she saw a scruffy man with a beard feeding medicine to an elderly person lying in bed.

Seeing the man’s abnormal leg, Jiang Xiao asked, “Hello, are you Lame—Mr. Xiao? I want to buy something from you.”

It was indeed the first time Lame Xiao had seen a woman, especially a young and beautiful woman, actively come to his house and say she wanted to buy something.

“Sorry, I’m not selling anything now.”

“Not selling anything?” Jiang Xiao’s voice slightly raised, “Why aren’t you selling anything?”

Before this, not to mention coming to his house, even when he set up his stall in the black market, very few people who knew his identity were willing to approach him.

“Brother Xiao, I really sincerely want to buy something from you. I know you have some beautiful jewelry for sale. My daughter’s birthday is coming soon, and I want to buy something to give her as a birthday gift.”

Jiang Xiao used the excuse from the past life when the man bought the necklace from Lame Xiao.

“I won’t buy much, just one item will do. It’s best if it’s a necklace with multiple colors, very pretty. You know, young girls like those shiny and beautiful things.” Jiang Xiao almost mentioned the two words “diamond necklace.”

However, even without Jiang Xiao saying it, with her description, Lame Xiao naturally thought of his own diamond necklace.

“Brother Xiao, I really want to buy a necklace for my daughter as a birthday gift. You can trust me; in terms of price, I will definitely not shortchange you.”

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  1. I hope Lame Xiao doesn’t fall for Jiang Xiao’s tricks and instead becomes wary about her intentions because her description just happens to perfectly match his diamond necklace. If anything, it should prove to him that his diamond necklace has the future value that Xu Jinning told him, since even a random woman was willing to pay a good price for it without even seeing it.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. Ah yes she’s about twenty. If she got married early her daughter could be four now… and she wants to especially buy a diamond necklace for a four y/o suuuuure if you’re gonna make up excuses make one that’s believable.

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