Chapter 166 – Altered Destiny

In fact, if Xu Jinning hadn’t spoken like that yesterday, seeing Jiang Xiao so earnest now, Lame Xiao might have sold it to her.

Just yesterday, the words of that young girl lingered in his ears.

That young girl, about the same age as his daughter, he really liked her; otherwise, he wouldn’t have given her the jeweled necklace yesterday.

Now, he also wanted to try believing in that young girl’s words.


“Sorry, I don’t have the necklace you’re looking for here.”

“How could you not, Brother Xiao? Think about it again.” Jiang Xiao felt that maybe Lame Xiao had a lot of jewelry, so he forgot about the diamond necklace.

“It’s a necklace with many different colored, beautiful stones embedded in it. You should have it, right?”

Perhaps feeling anxious, Jiang Xiao directly described the appearance of the diamond necklace.

Little did she know, she had exposed a major flaw.

As soon as she described it, Lame Xiao immediately frowned, his eyes alert as he looked at the woman in front of him.

He knew that Jiang Xiao was describing his five-colored diamond necklace.

However, he had always kept that diamond necklace and hadn’t brought it out to sell until yesterday, when he showed it to that young girl.

How could the woman in front of him know that he had such a necklace?

The years of his life had made Lame Xiao no longer easily trust others and had added a sense of vigilance towards strangers.

The woman in front of him made him feel somewhat uneasy.

The more urgently Jiang Xiao behaved, the more she showed that she knew about the existence of that diamond necklace, the less Lame Xiao wanted to sell it to her.

Of course, he hadn’t initially intended to sell it to her.

At first, he thought this woman in front of him was sincere, asking for a gift for her daughter’s birthday. But now, he could see the woman’s eagerness and calculations in her eyes.

He immediately became disinterested in her.

So, Lame Xiao’s expression also darkened slightly. “I really don’t have the necklace you’re talking about. Please leave.”

“It can’t be. Think about it again, really? You don’t have it?”

“Did you sell it to someone else?”

Jiang Xiao’s urgency was all over her face.

She was indeed anxious; after all, it was a necklace worth 5.8 million dollars. Even in modern times, decades later, it would still be a huge fortune.

How could one ever have too much money or jewelry?

“I said I don’t have it, I don’t.”

“My mother needs to rest. Please leave. If you don’t, I’ll have to make you leave.”

Jiang Xiao didn’t understand why Lame Xiao’s attitude suddenly changed.

But in the current situation, all she could do was leave. Of course, she couldn’t let anyone see any connection between herself and Lame Xiao.

“Think about it again. I really need that necklace. As long as you’re willing to sell it to me, I’ll do my best to get you whatever you want.”

“I’ll come back in a few days.”

In the end, Jiang Xiao left unwillingly.

Lame Xiao watched as Jiang Xiao reluctantly walked away, increasingly finding her suspicious.

After that, Jiang Xiao did come a few more times, but Lame Xiao’s attitude remained the same — a firm refusal.

As time passed, Jiang Xiao had no choice but to give up.

However, she also grew to resent Lame Xiao.

She believed that Lame Xiao’s necklace must still be there, but he just wouldn’t sell it to her.

How could this person be so unreasonable!

Jiang Xiao felt that someone as bad as Lame Xiao must have encountered family disasters before as retribution.

During her last departure in anger, she cursed Lame Xiao and his family to die quickly.

After that, Jiang Xiao indeed never returned, and Lame Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

He feared that she might come up with some scheme to get the necklace and harm him. He could handle it, but he also had his mother and daughter to think about.

Now, Lame Xiao was increasingly inclined to believe the words of that young girl.

Perhaps, in the future, that necklace would be very valuable.

Perhaps, freedom, equality, and harmony were in the future!

Lame Xiao planned to hide away the five-colored diamond necklace, which he hadn’t cared much about before, and pass it on to his daughter in the future.

What Lame Xiao didn’t know at that moment was that in the original plot, without Xu Jinning’s reminder, in this story where Jiang Xiao was reborn, she did indeed buy the five-colored diamond necklace under the pretext of buying a birthday gift for her daughter.

Not only that, when Lame Xiao’s family encountered difficulties later on, Jiang Xiao did not offer any help at all.

Later on, Jiang Xiao even claimed that the necklace was passed down from her ancestors, and in the years to come, it was auctioned off for an astronomical price!

As for the true owner of the necklace, no one knew. By then, Lame Xiao’s family had long been deceased for many years.

But now, with Xu Jinning’s reminder, Lame Xiao preserved the necklace, and the fate of their family of three changed in that moment…


After Xu Jinning saw off her eldest sister, Xu Fanghua, for her wedding,

A few days later, there was another wave of excitement in the production brigade.

This was because Shen Hongling had returned with her mother-in-law and Xu Yu.

Of course, that wasn’t the most important thing.

The most crucial point was that Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law’s eyes had miraculously recovered, and this time Shen Hongling had returned to obtain proof of household registration from the team leader.

This was because their family of three was going to move to the urban area of Beijing.

As soon as this news spread, it caused a sensation in the entire Qinghe Production Brigade, and people were talking about it.

And as the family in the spotlight, they were currently at Xu Jinning’s home.

“Oh my, Aunt Xu’s eyes have really recovered, and she can really see now?” Zhang Ailian was amazed at Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law regaining her eyesight.

“Hongling, are you really moving to Beijing? How did this happen? Moving from the countryside to a big city, isn’t that difficult? Especially to Beijing, the capital.”

Many people dream of going there but can’t.

At this moment, Shen Hongling’s face was free of past worries, full of smiles, as she softly said, “It’s true, it’s specially approved by the higher-ups.”

“What, specially approved by the higher-ups?”

“Yes, the reason is because of our Yuyu.”

Shen Hongling hadn’t started speaking yet, but Xu Jinning, who knew the storyline, already understood what was going on.

Shen Hongling took her mother-in-law and Xu Yu to Beijing, heading straight to the Beijing Military Region Hospital to find a doctor named Liao Ming.

After an examination by Dr. Liao Ming, it was determined that Xu Yu wasn’t intellectually disabled but had autism. Furthermore, after testing his IQ, Dr. Liao Ming discovered that Xu Yu was a genius among geniuses.

So, Shen Hongling arranged for them to be admitted to the hospital, allowing Dr. Liao Ming to treat Xu Yu. Under Dr. Liao Ming’s care, Xu Yu’s condition gradually improved.

Not only was Xu Yu receiving therapy at the Beijing Military Region Hospital, but after an examination, the doctor also said that Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law’s eyes could be treated.

So, she arranged for her mother-in-law to be admitted to the hospital as well, and the grandmother and grandson began their treatments.

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  1. Considering Xu Yu is only four-years-old, I don’t know how they determined he was a genius, but at least he has a better fate this life. As for Lame Xiao, it’s good he didn’t sell the diamond necklace to Jiang Xiao, but instead became more aware of its possible value and took care to hide its existence. I can’t wait to see his reaction when sees how much it’ll be worth in the future, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. True, I’m not sure what a 4yo genius is supposed to do…

      But now, with Xu Jinning’s reminder, Lame Xiao preserved the necklace, and the fate of their family of three changed in that moment…

      It’s not like it will change anything, before the transmigration, he sold it to someone in 1980 and his family an him still died because they didn’t have enough money for treatment. At this point, he still won’t have any money for treatment…

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