Chapter 133 – If Xu Jinning didn’t exist, she wouldn’t exist either

The world in the dream seemed more advanced and developed than the world she was in now, with many things she had never seen before.

Her home in the dream was also much more luxurious, beautiful, and upscale than her current home in the city.

In her dream, it seemed like her mother had remarried, and her stepfather had a biological daughter named Xu Jinning, the same name as the girl her parents had sent back to the countryside.

But despite having the same name, their lives were different.

In her dream, when she first entered that family, she looked up to Xu Jinning.

Everything about her, from her beautiful face, cold and arrogant temperament, to the immense wealth and gorgeous clothes her father bestowed upon her, made others envy her and wish they could take everything she had.

In reality, she and her mother slowly took everything away from Xu Jinning, bit by bit.

To vent her resentment and jealousy towards Xu Jinning, she even went to a novel website and wrote stories.

She wrote several books, one of which depicted Lin Wangshu as the protagonist and Xu Jinning as the cannon fodder supporting character.

Watching her character in the book smoothly develop and gain money, wealth, status, and men, while Xu Jinning was manipulated and ab*sed from birth, unloved by anyone, and ultimately died of depression, made her feel relieved.

Upon waking up, Lin Wangshu sat on the bed, unable to shake off the memories of the dream for a long time.

At first, Lin Wangshu didn’t take it seriously, but as the dreams continued one after another, she couldn’t help but pay attention.

At one moment, she even felt like she was both Lin Wangshu and Xu Jinwen.

She felt that perhaps this dream was a gift from heaven, a reminder for her.

But no matter what scenes unfolded in her dreams,

Every time she woke up, she became more concerned about Xu Jinning.

There was even a voice inside her telling her that in this world, she and Xu Jinning could not coexist, that they were opposites.

If she wanted to live well, Xu Jinning had to live poorly or even die.

If Xu Jinning lived well, then she would inevitably suffer.

So, for her own sake, Xu Jinning had to suffer; in this world, only she could exist.

She wouldn’t allow anyone to care about Xu Jinning; Xu Jinning had to follow her original fate, unloved, uncared for, and ultimately dying of depression.

Originally, fate should have unfolded like this.

But the letter from Ye Meizi made her feel uneasy, made her feel like Xu Jinning was slowly taking away what was originally hers. This cannon fodder was unwilling to accept her predetermined fate.

So, she had to go back and see, she must go back and see.

She must suppress Xu Jinning, who dared to emerge again.

Those things that belong to her, whether they are people or objects, are not allowed to be taken away by Xu Jinning! Not allowed at all!

Sitting on the train, Lin Wangshu looked out the window at the scenery, a hint of fierceness flashing in her eyes.


At midnight again, Xu Jinning had a dream.

After such a long time, she dreamt of Xu Jinning once again.

Yes, the Xu Jinning belonging to this world.

However, this time seeing the original owner, she felt a bit guilty and lost.

And the original owner just watched her quietly, without saying a word.

In the end, Xu Jinning couldn’t bear it, hesitated, and approached, bowing her head. “I’m sorry.”

The original owner was puzzled, looking at her with a pair of clear and clean eyes. “Why are you apologizing to me?”

Xu Jinning raised her head and said, “I stole your happiness. Originally, the love of your family belonged to you, this body, this future, all belonged to you, but I… I stole your happiness like a thief.”

“If, if you want it, or rather, you can come back and take it.” Even though she felt reluctant, even though she had always longed for the care and love of her family.

But the little conscience in her heart made Xu Jinning unable to justify being a thief.

So, despite her reluctance, she still wanted to return this care and love from her family to the original owner.

Especially since, for those fifteen years, the original owner had suffered so much, had not experienced any warmth or love.

For those fifteen years, it was only loneliness and hard work day and night for the original owner.

She felt that the original owner also longed for the same, and besides, it originally belonged to the original owner.

So, it was only right for her to return now.

Originally, before making this decision, Xu Jinning was very conflicted, but now that she had made the decision, she felt relieved.

Because, regardless of whether Xu Jinning was loved by anyone, she had always lived openly and honestly, before and now, and should continue to do so in the future.

After Xu Jinning finished speaking, the original owner rested her chin on her hands and looked at her for a long, long time.

It made Xu Jinning feel uneasy.

It wasn’t until then that the original owner let out a slow sigh and said, “You don’t have to return it to me.”


“That originally belonged to you too.”

“Huh?” Xu Jinning was completely confused.

What did it mean, that originally belonged to me too?

“Do you know why I exist?” the original owner asked.

“Actually, I exist because of you. If you didn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist either.”

“It can also be said that you are me, and I am you.”

“So, there’s no distinction between you and me. The Xu family members are my family, and they are also your family.”

“They care for me, love me, and I am you, and you are me.”

“We are both called Xu Jinning, we are originally one.”

As the original owner explained, Xu Jinning slowly understood the meaning behind her words.

This world is a created world, and the original owner was also created.

And the reason she could be created was because of Xu Jinning’s existence.

Or it can be said that her current existence is the soul bestowed upon her by Xu Jinning.

If Xu Jinning didn’t exist, she wouldn’t exist.

So, there’s no distinction between them, no “yours” or “mine.” They should originally be one person.

“In fact, I should have told you this the first time I saw you in a dream.”

“It’s just that I was restricted, and now I can finally say it.”

“Ningning, don’t be afraid, and don’t feel sorry for anything. Enjoy the love of your family. Actually, what you don’t know is that I can feel your emotions, your joy, and happiness.”

“I am you, so I can sense your emotions, your joys, angers, sorrows, and happiness.”

“So, go ahead and love boldly, enjoy love.”

“Ningning, we should enjoy happiness and love. We deserve to be loved.”

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  1. I feel like the “fate” and “restrictions” in this world have way too many arbitrary rules. First, they enforce a fate, except it doesn’t enforce it for Jinning. Then it stops OG!Jinning from telling the MC info, then it lets her do it. Finally, we learn it was created by Lin Wangshu/Xu Jinwen for themselves, then we learn it push her to act in a certain way like the other “NPCs”, unlike Jinning, whom it was supposed to suppress.
    The MC is becoming more and more Mary Sue-ish.

  2. I’m a bit confused–Xu Jinning’s current timeline is just a story written by her previous life’s stepsister, Xu Jinwen, who also wrote many other stories, which I’m assuming are also the source of all the cannon fodders and main characters (from the various novels Xu Jinning read in her previous life) existing in the current timeline. It would definitely explain why only the vicious main characters succeed in life while the good cannon fodder meet terrible ends with a vicious person like Xu Jinwen as their author, lol.

    So the Xu Jinning in the current timeline is the “real” Xu Jinning whose soul was swapped with the “fake” Xu Jinning in her stepsister’s story? At the same time, though, they are the same person with the same soul and one cannot exist without the other. It still hasn’t been explained how they are the same person when one is clearly just a character from a story. Hopefully more details will be explained because I also don’t understand how the various stories were combined into the current timeline and the connection between the souls of Xu Jinning and Xu Jinwen and their story counterparts.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  3. Glad that self pity and loathing was solved fast.

    Woah lol so she’s the sister hu? I kinda saw that coming but I didn’t think she’d be the writer of those shit stories haha.

  4. No wonder the stories were so 💩… Don’t lose hope! Change your fate, Ningning! 👊

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