Chapter 132 โ€“ Xu Jinning’s Fear

“And I suspected that it was very likely more than just Zhong Dequan involved. Anyone closely related to Zhong Dequan and working in Anren Hospital or the Obstetrics and Gynecology department should be investigated. Zhong Dequan has disguised and hidden himself deeply, but we can start from his associates or accomplices,” Song Yi analyzed.

He believed that over the years, with so many eyes in the county hospital, Zhong Dequan couldn’t have hidden for so long, not even a hint of suspicion leaked out.

To be honest, if he hadn’t heard Ningning’s inner thoughts, he wouldn’t have suddenly suspected Zhong Dequan.

So, it couldn’t be completely airtight, and it couldn’t be that Zhong Dequan’s disguise was so perfect. The most likely scenario was a conspiracy involving multiple people, concealing together, and profiting together.

Zhang Changzheng nodded in agreement with Song Yi’s point of view because he also thought the same.

“Alright, then let’s investigate this together. You start from the hospital side, and I’ll start from other angles. If there’s any new progress or information, inform each other promptly.”

“When there’s enough evidence, we’ll immediately arrest Zhong Dequan.”

People like Zhong Dequan, every minute spent in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department means more harm to a mother and a child, and another shattered family.

Next, Song Yi and Zhang Changzheng began their investigation into Zhong Dequan…


And on this side, Xu Aiguo suddenly received a telegram from Haishi City, from Lin Wangshu.

“You mean, Fangfang, no, Lin Wangshu, she’s coming here in a while?” Zhang Ailian asked.


After receiving the telegram and reading its contents, Xu Aiguo went home after work and told his wife about it.

The telegram stated that Lin Wangshu mentioned wanting to visit them and would come in a while.

“Why is she coming?” Zhang Ailian couldn’t quite understand.

To be honest, if it weren’t for this sudden telegram, Zhang Ailian would have almost forgotten about Lin Wangshu’s existence recently.

Zhang Ailian had mixed feelings about Lin Wangshu.

On one hand, this was a child she had raised herself, so there must be some feelings there, especially during those fifteen years when she treated her completely like her own daughter.

But on the other hand, she felt that she didn’t understand this child well enough. She even deeply suspected that Lin Wangshu’s personality had always been disguised; a person with deep scheming, appearing innocent but subtly sowing discord.

To be honest, Zhang Ailian couldn’t understand why Lin Wangshu would help the Lin family lie and speak ill of Ningning.

Painting Ningning as someone who dislikes the poor and loves the rich, selfish and self-serving.

But Ningning is clearly not like that.

Moreover, Ningning had been enduring hardship for those fifteen years, so why would they say she was living a life of luxury in the city?

Could it be to hide something?

And this time, what does she want by coming again?

Zhang Ailian didn’t believe that Lin Wangshu came just because she missed them.

She had a premonition that Lin Wangshu was coming for Ningning.

“Let her come, we’ll take this opportunity to see what kind of person she really is,” Xu Aiguo said sternly.

If Lin Wangshu’s intention in coming this time was to harm Ningning, he would definitely not let her succeed.

If Lin Wangshu wasn’t as innocent as she appeared, then he could admit that he had been blind and deceived for the past fifteen years.

If indeed deceived, then it’s time to recognize and see clearly!

Outside the door, Xu Jinning didn’t expect to hear these words when she came to see her parents.

Is Lin Wangshu really coming?

Looking at the azure sky before her, Xu Jinning’s brows gradually furrowed, her eyes filled with worry, and she seemed to be shrouded in gloom, as if a large part of her spirit had been instantly drained.

In reality, Xu Jinning had been very happy recently.

But sometimes, in the quiet of the night, she would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and feel lost, sinking into random thoughts.

Sometimes, Xu Jinning would feel afraid.

Afraid that Xu Fangfang, Lin Wangshu, would come again.

She was afraid that Lin Wangshu’s arrival would take away her current family.

She was afraid that Lin Wangshu’s presence, as the female protagonist, would dim the awakened family members’ consciousness once again.

She was afraid of facing what she had faced when she first came into this world all over again.

Xu Jinning is emotionally resilient, optimistic, and carefree. It’s as if even if she were the only one in the world who loved herself and others disliked her, it wouldn’t matter to her. Whether others liked or even disliked her, she didn’t care. She could be emotionally resilient to the point of not realizing it, then optimistic and happy, living each day with a smile.

Initially, when she first came into this world, that’s how she thought.

She even planned to live carelessly like that.

But it wasn’t until the Xu family awakened, until she felt their love and concern for her, that she understood and had to admit that she wasn’t naturally optimistic or emotionally resilient. She also cared about whether others liked her or not.

In reality, she did care. She even lacked love and hoped that someone would like and love her.

It’s just that in the past, she knew that nobody would love or like her, so she pretended not to care.

Only by not caring could she avoid expectations and avoid being hurt.

She wasn’t naturally emotionally resilient; it’s just that being disliked and not cared for for a long time, she gradually used emotional resilience to heal herself.

It wasn’t until she met the Xu family that she realized how much she longed for their love.

When she finally had it, it was like a person who had been in darkness for a long time suddenly encountering light, and she wouldn’t want to lose that light and go back to that dark, cold life.

So, she was afraid of Lin Wangshu’s imminent arrival.

She feared losing everything she currently had, being taken away by Lin Wangshu.

On the other hand, Xu Jinning was also conflicted, feeling like a thief.

Because she knew that the Xu family loved her so much because she was Xu Jinning, their daughter, their sister by blood, but she also deeply understood that she was Xu Jinning but not the Xu Jinning of this world.

The good that the Xu family wanted to give was for the Xu Jinning of this world, not for her.

Yet, she had entered this body, feeling like a thief who had stolen the happiness and love that originally belonged to the Xu Jinning of this world.

She felt despicable, shameful.

Tears rolled down Xu Jinning’s cheeks, her eyes filled with confusion.

In the following days, the Xu family could clearly sense that Xu Jinning’s emotions seemed off, but despite asking her several times, they couldn’t get an answer.

Seeing Xu Jinning unhappy, the Xu family also became worried.

They even forgot about Lin Wangshu’s upcoming arrival.

It was as if whether Lin Wangshu came or not didn’t seem to matter.

On the other side, Lin Wangshu finally finished her busy schedule and was on her way to Qinghe Production Brigade.

The reason she rushed here was that Lin Wangshu had been having dreams recently.

In her dreams, she was in a completely unfamiliar yet luxurious place. In these dreams, she seemed to have become another person, a girl named Xu Jinwen…

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  1. I feel like Jinning before transmigration was described as a though girl with a strong personality. Since she transmigrated, she felt more like a porcelain doll, extremely fragile and passive.

    In her dreams, she was in a completely unfamiliar yet luxurious place. In these dreams, she seemed to have become another person, a girl named Xu Jinwenโ€ฆ

    Did they really use that ridiculous plotline..? Sigh…

  2. Could it be that Xu Jinning and Lin Wangshu also exist in parallel worlds, but somehow Xu Jinning’s soul traveled from there to her current world? Or could it be that she was supposed to originally belong in her current world, but her soul somehow got mixed up along the way and was instead sent to a parallel world? The strange mix-up could explain how all the cannon fodders and main characters from the various novels Xu Jinning read in her previous life are somehow all combined into one timeline now.

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