Chapter 131 – Blood Bag

Until Song Yi’s back completely disappeared from view after turning the corner, Zhong Dequan withdrew his gaze.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

Zhong Dequan didn’t think much about why Song Yi went to the data room.

He just happened to pass by and took a bit of interest in the place.

But he inexplicably disliked Song Yi as a person.

Perhaps it was because Song Yi had immediately taken the position that should have been his, or perhaps it was because of the military aura around Song Yi that he didn’t like.

However, even though he didn’t like him in his heart, Zhong Dequan wouldn’t openly oppose Song Yi, and would even try to get along with him on the surface.

He also knew that with Song Yi’s background, he was not someone he could mess with.

Although he had considerable power in Anren Hospital due to having a father-in-law who was the hospital director, Zhong Dequan still knew that there were things beyond his control.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Song Yi only noticed that the gaze behind him had disappeared after turning the corner.

Song Yi naturally knew it was Zhong Dequan’s gaze.

He didn’t know why Zhong Dequan looked at his back that way, but he knew that Zhong Dequan had issues.

And the idea of cooperating with the public security bureau was becoming stronger.

He thought of Zhang Changzheng, who had come to the Xu family on the day of his engagement to Xu Fanghua, the leader of the police station, and Xu Jinning’s godfather.

Perhaps he could collaborate with him.

He just didn’t know if he had finished work at this time.

After thinking about it, Song Yi decided not to delay any further. He turned the front of his bike and headed towards the police station.

“Chief, there’s a guy named Song Yi outside looking for you. He says he’s Ningning’s brother-in-law,” said the subordinate as Zhang Changzheng was about to finish work and visit Qinghe Production Brigade to find Song Yi.

“How coincidental. Let him in.”

As the visitor entered the office, Zhang Changzheng realized it was indeed Song Yi.

“Uncle Changzheng, I’m Song Yi. I don’t know if you still remember me.” Calling Zhang Changzheng ‘Uncle’ was a form of respect following Xu Fanghua’s address to him; during their engagement, that was how Song Yi addressed Zhang Changzheng.

“Of course, I remember. Ningning’s brother-in-law, Fanghua’s future husband, a doctor at Anren Hospital, Song Yi. What brings you here at this time? Do you need something from me?”

“Yes, I do have something to discuss with you.”

Zhang Changzheng smiled, “Funny enough, I was planning to visit Qinghe Production Brigade to see you.”

Song Yi was taken aback.

“Why don’t you take a guess why I want to see you?” Zhang Changzheng asked.

Song Yi hesitated for a moment, then locked eyes with Zhang Changzheng. Though neither of them spoke, it seemed like they understood each other.

Song Yi thought to himself: Could it be what I’m thinking?

“Uncle Changzheng, are you looking for me because of someone?” Song Yi finally asked.

Zhang Changzheng smiled without answering.

“Zhong Dequan!” They both exclaimed the same name simultaneously.

With the mention of that name, the smiles on the two faces vanished, replaced by a serious expression.

“It seems Uncle Changzheng also suspects Zhong Dequan, but I wonder what aspect he’s suspicious of.”

“Trafficking,” Zhang Changzheng uttered the word directly, his expression becoming more serious and grave.

Song Yi’s heart completely relaxed. “It seems like I came at the right time today.”

Immediately, he took out the documents he had in his arms.

“These are the documents I obtained from the data room at Anren Hospital…”

When he heard footsteps outside earlier, Song Yi instinctively hid the documents in his arms, his intuition telling him that while the information might be incomplete, it was crucial.

However, at that moment, he hadn’t expected Zhong Dequan to be the person outside the data room.

To be honest, if he hadn’t undergone military training before, when he turned around and saw it was Zhong Dequan outside, he might have panicked and revealed everything.

“These are the records of all the women who were hospitalized for childbirth in the obstetrics and gynecology department in the first few years after Zhong Dequan arrived at Anren Hospital, as well as in recent years…”

As Zhang Changzheng flipped through the documents, Song Yi began explaining step by step.

He also mentioned the part where some records were destroyed in a fire years ago.

Zhang Changzheng also showed Song Yi the other information his subordinates had investigated.

Although they were looking at different sets of documents, the more they read, the more serious their expressions became.

After finishing reviewing the documents, Zhang Changzheng looked at Song Yi and said, “Song Yi, share your thoughts.”

“My thoughts…” Song Yi frowned, pondered for a moment, and finally said, “I suspect that over these years, Zhong Dequan has been involved in trafficking operations.”

“He takes advantage of his position as an obstetrician to declare healthy newborns as dead or problematic, convincing families to abandon the children so that he can sell them.”

“The mortality rate of newborns delivered under his care has been unreasonably high over these years.”

“And also, Deng Cuicui…”

After Ningning’s reminder, he became concerned about Deng Cuicui, a pregnant woman.

Before going to the data room, he had visited Deng Cuicui’s ward and conducted a simple examination.

Although he wasn’t particularly skilled in obstetrics, he wasn’t bad either.

After all, his grandmother was a military doctor, specializing in surgery and obstetrics.

He had access to the records left by his grandmother as well.

Through Song Yi’s examination, he found that Deng Cuicui’s situation was completely different from what Zhong Dequan had claimed.

Both Deng Cuicui’s current health and the condition of her unborn child were perfectly fine, suitable for a safe delivery.

Zhong Dequan told Deng Cuicui and her husband that Deng Cuicui might have difficulties during childbirth. He warned that if she didn’t stay in the hospital and instead went back to the village to seek a midwife for delivery, it could result in both her and the baby’s deaths.

Using calm words to discuss life-threatening matters, Zhong Dequan’s words left Deng Cuicui pale and trembling by the end of their conversation. Her husband, concerned for Deng Cuicui and their unborn child’s safety, chose to follow Zhong Dequan’s advice and stayed in the hospital.

During this time, Zhong Dequan also confirmed that Deng Cuicui had the rare RH-negative blood type.

Considering that her unborn child might inherit Deng Cuicui’s blood type, the words “blood bag” that Ningning mentioned stuck in Song Yi’s mind.

As a doctor, he was well aware of blood types and the rarity of RH-negative panda blood. It was highly likely that Zhong Dequan’s lies to Deng Cuicui were not just about child tr*fficking as before but also because of the blood type situation. If Deng Cuicui’s child wasn’t RH-negative, she might still be in danger in the future.

He knew that some families with similarly rare blood types, often wealthy, kept “blood bags” as reserves for emergency blood transfusions.

Describing people in such terms was not only apt but also cruel.

Song Yi shared these suspicions about Deng Cuicui with Zhang Changzheng.

Based on Deng Cuicui’s situation and the information from the data room, Song Yi was certain that Zhong Dequan was involved in child tr*fficking and endangering lives!

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