BH (QT) 178 – Rich Second Generation (2)

Chapter 178 – Rich Second Generation (2)

“No need to find a doctor!” Yan Jing Ze said touching his particularly painful nose, and then saw a handful of blood.

He is probably a bit miserable now… With such a face full of blood, he definitely can’t go in front of Lu Jingxiu to offer his services.

He is actually not in the mood to take advantage of Lu Jingxiu like he did before – the memories of the original owner exploded in his mind, and he needed to gather himself.

Yan Jing Ze stopped talking and just looked at Lu Jingxiu.

“Heh.” Lu Jingxiu sneered, standing not far away with a cane, and expressionlessly said to his life assistant: “Get him upstairs and wait for the doctor to come!”

After Lu Jingxiu finished speaking, he turned and walked upstairs.

He walked a little fast, so that his feet were not so steady, and when he took the stairs, he swayed.

Going upstairs is very troublesome for Lu Jingxiu. He has to go up level by level, with his right foot up first, and then drag his left foot up.

Lu Jingxiu has lived like this for many years, but he felt embarrassed when he saw Yan Jing Ze covering his face in the corner of his eye and looking straight at him.

But he showed nothing.

His back was straight and his face was as gloomy as ever, he went upstairs without delay and entered his room.

Closing the door to isolate everything, Lu Jingxiu’s curled left hand swept the vase on the table, sweeping it to the floor and shattering it into pieces, and then used his cane to hit his left leg.

His left leg was already disabled and he did not have a cane to steady himself, plus this hit… Lu Jingxiu fell directly to the ground.

“Hah…” he laughed, slowly climbed up, sat down on the chair next to him, and rang the bell again to let the nanny come in to clean up.

The housekeeper of the Lu family had just been driven away by him, and the nanny had also seen that scene. This 30-something-year-old woman came in tremblingly. She didn’t even dare to take a breath. She only felt that Lu Jingxiu, who was sitting in a chair, was cold and terrifying, as if he was going to violently hurt others at any time.

She quickly gathered up the pieces of the vase, and went away in a hurry, without discovering that some of the pieces were stained with blood.

When she left, Lu Jingxiu looked down at his left leg, and hit it with his cane again.

Lu Jingxiu is thirty-two years old this year, and his life over the past thirty years has been filled with pain all the time.

When he was born, his father was over forty years old. As the only son, he should be well-loved, but he wasn’t.

His father couldn’t control his own lower half, slept with his mother, had him, and didn’t like him.

And his mother? His mother loved his father to the bone and was extremely flattering to his father and sister, but never to him.

He remembers a lot of things as early as when he was a child, remembering that his sister and his father were always quarreling at that time. In order to prevent his sister from getting angry, he and his mother would hide when the sister was at home.

Whenever something happens to his sister, his mother will also immediately leave him and go to attend to his sister’s matters.

Not to mention his father. He rarely goes home, and occasionally, he is also busy with his adolescent daughter who is particularly rebellious. He has no time to care about his inexistent little son.

Once his sister had a quarrel with his father and ran away from home. His family members went to look for his sister. No one remembered him. He was hungry at home for a whole day.

When he was five years old, he was “lost” because his mother took him out and was preoccupied with buying gifts for his sister, but didn’t care about him.

He still remembers how desperate he was when he couldn’t find his mother.

Of course, this was not his most desperate moment.

He already memorized his home phone number at that time. The traffickers did not guard him against a five-year-old child. Once, he actually got the cell phone of one of these people.

When those people were sleeping, he secretly called home, and it was his mother who answered the phone.

“Hello?” He heard his mother’s tired voice ringing on the other end of the phone: “Who? Why don’t you speak?”

He was too excited to hear his mother’s voice, but he was afraid of waking up the traffickers, so he dared not speak loudly, but dared to call his mother very quietly.

However, at this time, his father’s voice sounded, calling his mother to find his sister—his sister should have ran away from home again.

His mother agreed and just hung up.

At that moment, he was like falling into an ice cave.

He called the police again. Compared to his mother, the police were more patient, but…the trafficker woke up.

Realizing that he was not “stable”, they beat him, interrupted one of his legs, and then he developed a high fever and became groggy.

Probably because of this, the traffickers failed to sell him, and his leg was still crooked. Those people simply put him with some disabled children and forced them to beg, even to make him more miserable. His left hand was also interrupted.

He should be thankful that those people wanted them to be able to take care of themselves, so they didn’t break all his arms and legs.

He lived a life controlled by this gang for four years, and after four years, he finally found the opportunity to ask for help, and those traffickers who controlled him were wiped out.

He still remembered a little about his family, but not as clearly as when he was first abducted, and he could only tell the general situation of his family.

The police did not help him find his family, and he entered the orphanage.

His hand and feet have been repeatedly broken and twisted, and surgery may not be enough. Naturally, he has no chance to receive treatment. Fortunately, he can read.

Although there is competition in the orphanage, and some people dislike him and laugh at him, life is actually very peaceful for him.

He plans to learn a craft when he gets older, so that he can support himself in the future, and maybe find a partner.

He hoped that someone would love him.

But when he was fifteen, the Lu family found him again.

His sister is a very troublesome person. She ran away from home during the rebellious period. After he was lost, she eloped, but after a bad life, she took her child back to Lu’s house.

Later, she died in a car accident.

Lu Jingxiu didn’t feel anything against his sister, he had never been with her since he was a child.

What made him chill was the attitude of his mother and his father towards him.

In the previous years, they really couldn’t find him? Did they look for him carefully?

With such a question, he returned to the Lu family.

His father feels guilty towards him, but he hasn’t gotten along since he was a child, so he won’t have feelings. As for his mother…

When he was young, his mother asked him to give way to his sister, and now his mother asked him to give way to his nephew.

Moreover, his mother was even better to Lu Ruiqun, this nephew, than to him, and she was even closer. His sister didn’t stop wandering around after giving birth to the child, the child was brought up by his mother.

In this family, he even felt that he was an outsider.

He actually suspected that he was not a biological son of his parents at one time, but he had done a paternity test when he was recognized, and he was really their son.

He didn’t like this family. He went abroad after living at home for less than a year. He went abroad to study and start a business under the discrimination of others. Until the age of twenty-six, his father became seriously ill.

At his father’s request, he returned to China and took over the Lu family business.

It’s just that his father gave him half of his property, and he was even obviously unwilling. If Lu Ruiqun was not sixteen at that time but twenty-six years old like him, the company will probably be given fully to Lu Ruiqun.

Later, he gave it to him and asked him to take care of Lu Ruiqun.

What’s interesting is that even if his father is partial, his mother also asked him to give way to Lu Ruiqun who has no father and no mother.

Lu Ruiqun’s biological mother died when Lu Ruiqun was five years old. After that, Lu Ruiqun was taken care of by his grandparents.

What about him? What kind of life did he lead from the age of five to fifteen?

Does his mother hate her biological son so much? She even wanted him to return Lu’s entire family business to Lu Ruiqun.

On what grounds?

After his father died, he and his mother had a fight and forced his mother to move out, and they were finally at peace with each other.

But only recently did he learn that his trusted housekeeper had been bribed by his mother. His physical condition, his every move was known by his mother. Not to mention that his mother had also been instructing this housekeeper to take care of Lu Ruiqun and not to let Lu Ruiqun be bullied by him.

This housekeeper was hired to take care of him when he was abroad. It was rare for him to have a close person, but he ended up treating him like this.

Was he that much of a failure that no one liked him?

His real parents didn’t like him and everyone else was afraid of him.

He finally liked a person, and that person also liked his nephew Lu Ruiqun.

Lu Jingxiu still remembers the first time he saw Yan Jing Ze, it was at his father’s hospital bedside, when his father introduced him, saying that this was Lu Ruiqun’s betrothed.

His father was probably afraid that he would treat Lu Ruiqun badly and found the second young master of the Yan family to back up Lu Ruiqun.

At that time, Yan Jing Ze was obviously very happy, smiling silly, opened his mouth and called him “maternal uncle”, was hit by his parents, only to realize that the relationship has not been set, changed his mouth to call him “uncle”.

His face was gloomy, but in reality, he had the feeling that his heart had been struck.

He shamefully liked this person who was ten years younger than him.

He felt quite disgusted with himself.

A gloomy, unpleasant old man who liked a young man who was so much younger than him.

What’s even sadder is that this person likes Lu Ruiqun.

Those six years before, he, Lu Ruiqun, and this person met rarely, he did not feel anything, but recently…

Lu Ruiqun graduated from university and entered the company, and moved to his place to live and dangle in front of him. Even with Yan Jing Ze, he began to dangle in front of him and show his courtesy in order to get his blessing when he got married.

Yan Jing Ze wants to marry Lu Ruiqun, he will not stop, but he will not give his blessings either.

His life is already like a joke, is he going to make it more ridiculous?

Thinking of what happened before, Lu Jingxiu’s head hurts even more.

In the past few years, he has always had headaches and his injured hands and feet have always been sore. Sometimes he doesn’t know why he wants to live.

When Lu Jingxiu was in the room, Yan Jing Ze had just been seen by a doctor.

His nose was injured, but it was not a major problem, and he could take a few days’ rest. The doctor left soon.

Yan Jing Ze also took advantage of this time to sort out his thoughts.

The original owner was in love with Lu Ruiqun and ingratiated himself with Lu Jingxiu for Lu Ruiqun. But in fact, Lu Ruiqun did not like the original owner, he had another favorite person, but he did not dare to offend the Yan family at that time, so he hid the person he liked very well.

He urged the original owner to please Lu Jingxiu. But in fact, he wanted the original owner to provoke Lu Jingxiu’s disgust, and it would be better to just withdraw from their marriage.

Later, when the original owner saw Lu Jingxiu’s “true face” and complained to him, he deliberately made up things about Lu Jingxiu treating him badly to make the original owner target Lu Jingxiu.

After the original owner killed Lu Jingxiu, Lu Ruiqun took over the Lu family business and gained a firm foothold. It happened that the Yan family made an investment mistake at the time, and he proposed to break the marriage contract with the original owner.

Of course, the original owner was not willing. He stalked Lu Ruiqun and caused Lu Ruiqun a lot of trouble, he just didn’t want to break off.

One day, the original owner was drunk and went to find Lu Ruiqun, and found that Lu Ruiqun was rolling the sheets with others, and angrily attacked Lu Ruiqun. The two scuffled together, and finally he was pushed by Lu Ruiqun into the huge swimming pool behind Lu’s house.

The original owner, like Lu Jingxiu, drowned in that swimming pool.

Of course, this is not the time to struggle with this. The problem now is… He has a marriage contract with Lu Ruiqun, but he likes Lu Jingxiu!

Yan Jing Ze actually thinks this marriage contract is nothing.

After the original owner and Lu Ruiqun got engaged, the two did nothing, and Lu Ruiqun kept avoiding him… Except for his title as his fiance, he was not even a boyfriend!

But the people in this place value this kind of marriage contract. The Lu family and the Yan family still have a lot of cooperation. He suddenly wants to withdraw from the marriage, it is not necessarily possible to withdraw.

After the withdrawal, he still has no chance to approach Lu Jingxiu!

What a… headache!

He doesn’t know if Lu Ruiqun has derailed now. If he hasn’t cheated, should he help to hook them up?

If he cheated… could he ask someone to take some cheating photos of Lu Ruiqun?

Really, the original owner’s head was empty, so he also didn’t understand anything.

Yan Jing Ze thought about it, and felt that he had three things to do now.

One is to divorce, the other is to approach Lu Jingxiu, and the third is to help the Yan family resolve the crisis.

However, the original owner had never studied well, and the university certificates were all bought up, so he didn’t know what crisis the Yan family had encountered…

Yan Jing Ze got up from the bed and decided to approach Lu Jingxiu first.

Maybe if he pleases Lu Jingxiu, he will be willing to help him solve the problems of the Yan family?

The Lu family and the Yan family have a lot of cooperation, he does not want to marry Lu Ruiqun, but he can marry Lu Jingxiu!

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