BH (QT) 179 – Rich Second Generation (3)

Chapter 179 – Rich Second Generation (3)

There was no trauma to his nose, so the doctor just gave him two gauze balls to stuff in his nostrils to stop the bleeding.

Yan Jing Ze stood in front of the mirror, looked at the gauze balls exposed in his two nostrils, and sighed.

The original owner is very handsome and he stylishly dyed his hair silver, but with the addition of these two gauze balls, the appearance is greatly reduced.

However, even if there is no external beauty, he has internal beauty.

He has a sincere heart that loves Lu Jingxiu!

Yan Jing Ze came out of his room and went downstairs first, and after looking around, he found the nanny: “Lu… Uncle Lu is in his room?”

The nanny, Aunt Wang, nodded: “Master is in the room… Young Master Yan, the Master is angry and smashed the vase. You should hide and go home quickly.”

Although the original owner is stupid and easy to be deceived, but his mouth is sweet and also good-looking, he is very popular with older women. At least the Lu family’s nanny, Aunt Wang, is quite fond the original owner.

The housekeeper who had just been driven away by Lu Jingxiu was actually good to the original owner, so in the original historical trajectory, the original owner would be so angry when he saw Lu Jingxiu hitting someone.

“I’ll go check on him,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Young Master Yan, don’t go, what if you get beaten up?” Aunt Wang said, “Alas, I also want to quit, my heart is now scared…”

“Aunt Wang, don’t be afraid, actually Uncle Lu is very nice.” Yan Jing Ze said, “Before, he beat the housekeeper for a reason… I’ll whisper it to you, the butler stole Uncle Lu’s company secrets and sold it!”

According to the conversation, the housekeeper was involved with Lu Jingxiu’s mother, so Lu Jingxiu became angry. He told the nanny in this way, it was actually to fool the nanny.

After all, if the nanny leaves, there will be no suitable and trustworthy person to come over for a while.

“Really?” Aunt Wang asked.

“Of course, it is true, otherwise why would Uncle Lu hit people? Aunt Wang, as long as you don’t talk nonsense about family matters, you can work here without worry,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Aunt Wang breathed a sigh of relief, in fact, she did not want to let go of this job.

The Lu family villa only has Lu Jingxiu and Lu Ruiqun, and occasionally Yan Jing Ze will come over. These three people don’t eat at home very much. And they have signed a contract with a special cleaning company for sanitation. They come regularly… She has very little work.

“Aunt Wang, is there milk in the kitchen?” Yan Jing Ze showed a big smile at Aunt Wang.

“Yes, someone brings fresh milk over every morning, and no one drinks it. I don’t like to drink that thing either…” Aunt Wang took out a few boxes of fresh milk.

Yan Jing Ze heated a box with a milk pot, thought about it, and added a spoonful of sugar to it, and then walked upstairs with it.

The Lu family’s villa is very large with a total of three floors. The second and third floors have a very large master bedroom.

The master bedroom on the third floor is Lu Ruiqun’s room, the master bedroom on the second floor should have been Lu Jingxiu’s room, but Lu Jingxiu doesn’t use the master bedroom, he sleeps in a guest bedroom on the second floor facing north.

Yan Jing Ze came to the door with milk and knocked on the door.

“Who?” Lu Jingxiu’s voice sounded.

“Uncle Lu, it’s me, can I come in?” Yan Jing Ze asked.


Yan Jing Ze: “…”

If he listened to Lu Jingxiu, he probably would not be able to get close to Lu Jingxiu! The original owner is very persevering, and has been pestering Lu Jingxiu, but he only exchanged a few more words with Lu Jingxiu.

Yan Jing Ze just pretended not to hear: “I’m coming in.”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze opened the door, he saw Lu Jingxiu sitting on a chair. He looked gloomy and his eyes were as dark as ink: “I said, no!”

“I didn’t hear it just now.” Yan Jing Ze was smiling: “Uncle Lu, I’ve come in, so don’t drive me away.”

Lu Jingxiu let out a “heh”: “You have nothing to do?”

Before Lu Ruiqun moved back to live, Yan Jing Ze appeared frequently, and he didn’t really hate it.

Although he didn’t like his troublesome elder sister, he still remembered that his parents were not close to him when he just came back when he was fifteen years old, but Lu Ruiqun came over with a smile and called him “uncle.”

But after Lu Ruiqun moved back in, he realized that the current Lu Ruiqun was no longer the one who would smile and call him uncle.

He could see that Lu Ruiqun was very defensive of him and had deep ambition in his eyes.

As for Yan Jing Ze…

A few days ago, Yan Jing Ze started to circle around him, trying to please him in different ways. There was no calculation in his eyes and he was very happy because of it.

But when he asked Yan Jing Ze why he was doing this, Yan Jing Ze said: “Uncle Lu, I want to marry Lu Ruiqun, can you bless us?”

He said “no” without hesitation, but Yan Jing Ze was very disappointed, but the next day, he came to talk to him again…

He found someone to check and found out that his nephew told Yan Jing Ze that the two of them could not get married because he did not agree.

It’s funny. What does it have to do with him if Lu Ruiqun doesn’t marry Yan Jing Ze?

If they want to get a license, can he, a cripple, stop them?

In fact, Lu Ruiqun doesn’t like Yan Jing Ze, so he found reasons to delay it, right?

But Yan Jing Ze was sincere to his nephew, and he wanted to get his consent all the time.

Of course, he would not agree.

Lu Jingxiu’s gaze swept over Yan Jing Ze’s nose. After seeing the two gauze balls, his heart was slightly relieved.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and brought the milk over: “Uncle Lu, I brought you a glass of milk, would you like to drink it?”

Lu Jingxiu frowned: “I don’t drink milk.”

“Then Uncle Lu, what do you like to drink?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“You don’t need to know.” Lu Jingxiu faintly felt that something was wrong.

Yan Jing Ze used to please him, but only talked to him when he was eating. Never before has it been like this.

Today however, not only did Yan Jing Ze ran to grab his hand, but he even went into his room.

He doesn’t know if it’s because he hasn’t been touched for a long time, but after Yan Jing Ze touched him, he felt the hairs all over his body stand up, and his heart was full of strong love for Yan Jing Ze.

He had obviously suppressed his liking for Yan Jing Ze before, but now, those feelings have run out again.

Lu Jingxiu’s hand trembled.

Since Yan Jing Ze came in, he had been greedily watching Lu Jingxiu. At this time, he suddenly noticed that there was blood on Lu Jingxiu’s left hand, which he had hidden as far as possible.

“Why is there blood in your hand?” Yan Jing Ze took a step forward, put the milk on the table next to him, and grabbed Lu Jingxiu’s left hand.

After Lu Jingxiu returned to the Lu family, he had surgery on his hand and foot.

But his injuries were so serious that it was impossible for his hand and foot to recover as before, and the shape of his left hand was a bit weird.

At this moment, there was a wound on this hand that was bleeding.

“You are injured!” Yan Jing Ze said worriedly, but as soon as his voice fell, Lu Jingxiu withdrew his hand: “Get out!”

Lu Jingxiu’s face was full of anger, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what was going on with himself, he wasn’t afraid of Lu Jingxiu at all… Yan Jing Ze said, “Wait, I’ll go get the medicine and apply it to you.”

Yan Jing Ze left after speaking.

When Lu Jingxiu saw him leaving, he was stunned for a while, then stood up to the door, closed the door and locked it.

He stood up too anxiously, and his left leg was actually not able to bear any force. After closing the door, he fell to the ground.

Really… too wretched.

Lu Jingxiu slowly stood up, took out his cell phone to call his life assistant, and sat back down on the stool again.

He took a few deep breaths, picked up the milk next to him and took a sip.

What kind of a person did Yan Jing Ze take him for? He even put sugar in the milk for him!

Lu Jingxiu was a bit disgusted, but he drank it in one gulp. After drinking, he stared at the empty cup for a while, and heard a knock on the door, accompanied by Yan Jing Ze’s voice: “Uncle Lu, Uncle Lu, you open the door…”

Lu Jingxiu did not open the door.

He didn’t eat breakfast today. He had been a little uncomfortable before, but now he felt better after drinking a glass of milk… Lu Jingxiu threw the cup on his hand into the trash can and went to the toilet to wash the blood stains on his hands.

When the hands were cleaned, his assistant’s voice came from outside the door.

Only then did Lu Jingxiu open the door and go out.

“Let’s go!” Lu Jingxiu said to his life assistant, and walked forward after speaking.

“Uncle Lu, the injury on your hand needs to be taken care of!” Yan Jing Ze said, but Lu Jingxiu didn’t care about him at all and went downstairs by himself.

Yan Jing Ze caught up and wanted to help Lu Jingxiu again, but was stopped by Lu Jingxiu’s assistant. Lu Jingxiu also looked over coldly: “In your eyes, I’m just a waste?”

Yan Jing Ze was taken aback.

“I’m going to the company, don’t get in the way!” Lu Jingxiu said again and left after speaking.

If Lu Jingxiu wants to go to the company, he really can’t follow…

Yan Jing Ze could only watch him leave.

Lu Jingxiu shouldn’t dislike him, but he doesn’t like him either. He has a long way to go if he wants to catch this person.

After thinking about it, Yan Jing Ze decided to go home first.

He wants to go home and talk to his parents about the withdrawal, ask about the investment, and then get some clothes.

Although he often comes to the Lu family, he doesn’t live in the Lu family. Last night, he took care of Lu Ruiqun until very late, and then slept in the Lu family’s guest room. There was no change of clothes for him.

But he decided to live in the Lu family in the future.

Lu Jingxiu’s health is not good, he is not at ease with Lu Jingxiu living alone!

The most important thing is that fierce women are afraid of stalking men, if he could continue to stalk him, maybe can catch up?

He hopes that Lu Jingxiu will not hate him for this…

Yan Jing Ze touched his nose and drove back to Yan’s house. The original owner went to pick up Lu Ruiqun yesterday after he knew he had been drinking and then sent him home.

When Yan Jing Ze drove away, Lu Jing Xiu was in the car going to the company, holding his phone to watch the surveillance video of his home.

Seeing that once he left, Yan Jing Ze left the Lu family, Lu Jing Xiu sneered and felt his head hurt again.

But he held back.

There are still many things to do in the company.

When Lu Jingxiu joined the company, he concentrated on handling all kinds of affairs.

In fact, he doesn’t get angry very much, most of the time he is calm, but if something really makes him unhappy, he will suddenly explode again.

Everyone in the company knew that he was moody, so they trembled and didn’t dare to provoke him.

Lu Jingxiu is very satisfied with this situation. At least everyone’s work efficiency is very high. He will not be disturbed by messy things and can concentrate on his work.

But today, halfway through the work, Lu Jingxiu suddenly lost his mind.

It took him a while to recover, and he was so upset that he even had the urge to cut his left arm a few times with a knife.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already returned to his home.

He originally had something to say to his parents, but in the end no one in his family was there…

It is also in the middle of the day, so everyone has something to do.

Yan Jing Ze packed up his clothes and returned to Lu’s family villa, planning to occupy the guest room next to Lu Jingxiu as his own room.

As for the parents…

Yan Jing Ze thought for a while and sent a message to his father: “Dad, financial management has risks, investment needs to be careful!”

Then he sent another message to his mother: “Mom, I want to withdraw from the marriage.”

After thinking about it, he also sent a message to his brother: “Big brother, you help me check Lu Ruiqun! I suspect he is cuckolding me!”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze’s message was sent, his mother called him: “Ze Ze, what are you up to again?”

“Mom, I’m not making a scene, I really want to withdraw from the marriage!”

“Who was the one who ran out in the middle of the night last night to find Lu Ruiqun after a phone call came through?” Mother Yan asked.

Yan Jing Ze: “That’s because I was young and ignorant.”

Mother Yan: “…” Are you only young last night and not today?

“Mom, can I withdraw?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Mother Yan said: “You come back tonight, let’s talk about it.”

“I won’t be back tonight.” Yan Jing Ze said, “I plan to live in the Lu family.”

Mother Yan hung up the phone directly.

Then Yan Jing Ze’s brother called: “What do you mean by the message you sent me?”

“Brother, I think there is someone outside Lu Ruiqun, you can check it for me!” Yan Jing Ze said.

“What’s the clue?” Brother Yan asked.

Yan Jing Ze said, “The adulterer should be my college roommate, the one who entered Lu’s together with him.” In the original historical trajectory, the one who rolled with Lu Ruiqun was the original owner’s best friend and college roommate, which is really saddening.

“Okay, I will ask someone to check it, what should I do if I find it?”

“Brother, tell me if you find it,” Yan Jing Ze said.

He believes that his parents and brother will exchange information with each other, and he did so to give them a heads up.

This marriage, even if he doesn’t retreat now, he will definitely retreat in the future.

After hanging up the phone, Yan Jing Ze continued to clean up the room.

Aunt Wang came to help and chatted with Yan Jing Ze at the same time.

Saying that, she suddenly said, “Master really does not like things, always smashing the vase, even a good cup was directly thrown into the trash.”

“Cup?” Yan Jing Ze froze.

“Yes, that cup is the cup you used to serve milk to Master,” Aunt Wang said.

Yan Jing Ze felt cold—Lu Jingxiu didn’t like his attentiveness? Then, can he still chase this man?

Wait… Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought of something: “What about the milk?”

“Milk? He should drink it.” Aunt Wang said: “There is only a cup in the trash can.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” It is impossible for Lu Jingxiu to specifically pour out the milk and throw the cup in the trash can, right?

That’s too much of a waste of time.

In fact, Lu Jingxiu really hates that cup of milk and should not even want to touch it.

Now that the milk is gone, and the cup is thrown into the trash can, why does he have a feeling that…this person wants to cover it up?

Yan Jing Ze had previously felt that Lu Jingxiu didn’t hate him, and he was even more certain of this now.

He’s going all out!

Even if his pestering might make Lu Jingxiu hate him, he must continue!

After all, with Lu Jingxiu’s character, if he doesn’t pester him, he can’t get close.

And… Lu Jingxiu can only be his! He must be his!

Yan Jing Ze made up his mind and felt that he was suddenly enlightened. At this time, Father Yan, Mother Yan, and Yan family’s eldest son were indeed exchanging things about him.

The three set up a special group chat to communicate, and after the exchange, they felt that perhaps Lu Ruiqun was too close to others, so much so that Yan Jing Ze was unhappy.

Brother Yan said: “I’ll let someone check it, it’s best if it’s okay, if something’s wrong…”

“If something’s wrong, we will withdraw!” Mother Yan said.

Father Yan typed and asked: “What about the cooperation between the two companies?”

“You just care about cooperation, do not care about your son?” Mother Yan was angry. She ate too much when she gave birth to her baby son, which made the baby fat. The baby was suffocated in her stomach and almost could not be born. He has been a bit stupid since then… She could not let such a stupid son suffer.

“That’s not it. But can Jing Ze be willing? He has liked Lu Ruiqun since he was a child,” Father Yan said in the group.

“Check it out first!” Mother Yan gave a final word.

When it was time to get off work, Lu’s employees left work one after another, but Lu Jingxiu didn’t mean to leave work.

The people around him could only bitterly accompany him to work overtime.

They don’t understand, Lu Jingxiu looks unhealthy, how can he be so energetic and not get tired of working overtime every day?

A clubhouse.

Lu Ruiqun came over as soon as he got off work, and he made an appointment to meet here.

He often comes over here to hang out with some rich kids who are about his age and eat, drink and play all day. But he didn’t come here to play today, but to meet a few people who are as ambitious as he is and talk about cooperation.

He has graduated from college and he wants Lu’s.

If his grandfather had not died prematurely, Lu’s would definitely be his, even his grandmother said that Lu’s should be his… He and Lu Jingxiu have the same number of shares of Lu’s, why should Lu Jingxiu be in charge of Lu’s while he can only start from the bottom?

It’s just that Lu Jingxiu is not easy to deal with.

After a few pleasantries, someone looked at Lu Ruiqun: “Lu Ruiqun, did you report to your fiancé when you came out? He will not come looking for you, right?”

Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Ruiqun very closely, many people know about this.

“No, he hasn’t been free recently.” Lu Ruiqun said: “I found something for him to do.” Yan Jing Ze regarded himself as his fiancé and wanted to follow him no matter what he did. He was quite annoying.

However, he recently pushed the two people’s inability to get married to his uncle, and Yan Jing Ze stopped staring at him. Instead, he wanted to please his uncle, and seemed to have caused his uncle a little trouble.

Seeing these two against each other, he was in a really good mood.

“Or you are good at teaching people, the second young master of the Yan family is obsessed with you,” person who just spoke said again.

Lu Ruiqun turned the wine glass and smiled: “The feeling is mutual.”

The man sneered when he saw Lu Ruiqun doing this.

None of them are good things, but so what… As long as you have money these days, you are the boss.

He was actually quite envious of Lu Ruiqun, that’s why he spoke so sourly.

He fought hard for a little share, but Lu Ruiqun already has half of Lu’s shares.

Then Lu Jingxiu worked so hard to make money, but the money in his hand is not much more than Lu Ruiqun.

However, Lu Ruiqun wants to take the helm of Lu’s, he also understands.

Who would want to live their lives under someone else’s thumb all the time? The ancient princes were not necessarily worse in food and clothing than the emperor, didn’t they still all want to be emperors?


“Lu Ruiqun, your uncle is not easy to provoke, you really want to fight him?”

“Are you not afraid that he will drive you out of Lu’s directly after he finds out?”

Hearing these people’s questions, Lu Ruiqun said in a group: “He was not easy to provoke before, maybe he will be in the future.”

These people were taken aback.

Lu Ruiqun added: “I seek your cooperation because I am sure I can deal with my uncle.”

“You are sure.”

Lu Ruiqun said, “I’m sure. He’s not in a good state of mind, and it’s not surprising that he’ll end himself one day.”

“As soon as Lu Jingxiu took over the Lu family, he put several Lu family elders on the ground. His father’s funeral, he just attended the funeral casually and left. And he directly drove out his mother… isn’t this self-destructing?”

“He hasn’t slept well for several years. He often can’t sleep at night, and he often self-harmed himself this year,” Lu Ruiqun said in a group.

“It turns out that… it is said that people who are physically disabled will have psychological problems. It seems to be true.”

These people discussed things.

On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze sat on the sofa of Lu’s family and waited for Lu Jingxiu, he was so bored that he fell asleep waiting.

Fortunately, when the needle was pointing to ten o’clock, the door opened.

Lu Jingxiu leaned on his cane and walked into the house and froze.

He doesn’t like to be too bright, so thick curtains are used all year round in the house, and the main light is generally not turned on, so that it is always dark and dull, but now…

All the lights in the living room were turned on, even the light strips in the corners were not spared, so much so that the room was particularly bright.

Of course, the brightest and most dazzling one is the silver-haired Yan Jing Ze.

“Uncle Lu, you finally came back, I have been waiting for you,” Yan Jing Ze smiled widely at Lu Jingxiu.

“I didn’t let you wait.” Lu Jingxiu took a deep breath, and did not look at Yan Jing Ze.

“But I want to wait for you.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Uncle Lu, I have prepared a supper for you. Would you like something to eat?”

“No,” Lu Jingxiu refused coldly.

“Uncle Lu, I prepared for a long time, if you don’t eat, I will be sad…” Yan Jing Ze looked at Lu Jingxiu: “Just take pity on me?”

Lu Jingxiu sat down in front of the dining table.

Yan Jing Ze laughed and went to the kitchen to order some small wontons.

This was suggested by Aunt Wang after learning that he intended to make a snack.

Small wontons have a thin skin and less filling. After they are wrapped in advance, they can be eaten after being cooked for a little while, which is good for digestion.

Yan Jing Ze ordered three bowls of small wontons, one for himself, one for Lu Jingxiu, and one for Lu Jingxiu’s assistant.

“Uncle Lu, I made this wonton.” Yan Jing Ze took the credit as soon as he sat down.

Lu Jingxiu wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything and scooped up a wonton to eat.

“Uncle Lu, be careful it’s hot,” Yan Jing Ze reminded.

Yan Jing Ze’s face was full of concern. Lu Jingxiu felt his heart trembled, but when he thought that Yan Jing Ze was doing all this for Lu Ruiqun, his face sank again: “I am not a child!”

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