Chapter 65.2 – Doubt

When the phone rang, Jiang Yujin was still in Hu Li’s office.

The other person sat behind the desk, and he sat in front of the desk. After taking a sip of the drink, he started nibbling on a small cake, holding both hands, making it impossible to free up a hand to answer the phone.

Hu Li kindly answered it for him. When he answered, he glanced at the contact, then looked away.

Jiang Yujin didn’t avoid him; he just made the call right in front of him.

It was just a very ordinary phone call. The high schooler routinely inquired if he had eaten, and while he was munching on the cake, he mentioned that he had, and then the other person hung up.

The screen went black, and he sighed, “So cold.”

Hu Li picked up the car keys and said, “Let’s go, I’ll drive you back.”

Not wanting to miss a free ride, Jiang Yujin stood up and followed him out of the office.

Hu Li didn’t use the SIU’s car; he drove his own, a conspicuously red one that was the most eye-catching in the parking lot.

One could only say that the car perfectly matched the other person’s personality.

Seated in the utterly flashy car, Jiang Yujin automatically took the back seat, casually taking out his phone to play Xiaoxiaole.

When he looked at the level on the screen, his pupils seemed to twitch.

Once immersed in the world of Xiaoxiaole, Citizen Jiang automatically tuned out all surrounding sounds. After attempting to engage in conversation several times without a response, Hu Li glanced at the quiet person playing the game in the rearview mirror and ultimately chose to drive in silence.

When the vehicle stopped downstairs, the last bit of game energy depleted, Jiang Yujin put away his phone, opened the car door, and got out. The person who was originally in the driver’s seat also followed suit.

He looked up at the other person. “Are you very free?”

“Indeed,” Hu Li nodded, looking entirely unashamed, and said, “Can I come up and sit for a while?”

Citizen Jiang, upholding the most basic manners and hospitality as a citizen, allowed the other person to come upstairs.

Hu Li seemed as if he had never been to this place before. As he went upstairs, he continuously observed with hands behind his back, as if he wanted to analyze every blade of grass growing in the gaps between the bricks.

Upon entering the house, he sat down on the sofa. The other person turned and went to the kitchen to pour him a glass of water, appearing very considerate.

“…” Hu Li took the water glass and said, “If I’m not mistaken, this water should be directly drawn from the tap, right?”

After handing over the water glass, he walked towards the refrigerator. Jiang Yujin turned his head and nodded, saying, “Yes.”

“I think your physical condition is good, able to handle tap water.”

Hu Li was incredulous, “I just gave you drinks and small cakes.”

Pouring milk for himself from the refrigerator, Jiang Yujin said, “This is my condition.”

Hu Li felt like he must be blind not to see that bottle of milk.

Forcing his attention away from the quality of the water, he took the opportunity while the other was pouring milk to assess the interior.

It was a typical house, with ordinary furnishings that seemed to have aged a bit. Signs of life were evident all around.

On one side, there was a glass cabinet with a wooden body, filled with various items. There was a picture frame, but no photos inside. Next to it, there was a stack of honorary certificates and awards.

Everywhere exuded a sense of daily life; it looked like a typical family setting.

Noticing his gaze, Jiang Yujin took a sip of milk and said, “How did you know that those certificates in the cabinet are my son’s awards?”


Hu Li didn’t know and wasn’t particularly eager to find out. He retracted his gaze and casually said, “You’ve been living here for quite a while, haven’t you?”

Sitting across from him, Jiang Yujin nodded.

After a brief chat, Hu Li switched to official language and said, “During all those incidents, you happened to be present each time, cooperating well with the investigations and assisting us significantly.”

Jiang Yujin smiled, “As a citizen, that’s only natural.”

Hu Li looked into his eyes and said, “But I have some questions.”

Jiang Yujin approached, holding the milk.

“At the Hongsheng Building, each person present had a corresponding doll. I killed many dolls, but not yours. Where did your doll go, and who resolved it?”

He had killed the dolls quickly, carefully inspecting each one, and never found a doll representing this person.

Hu Li’s tone gradually changed, and his eyes, which were initially raised, began to narrow.

“At the Goose Square, according to the surveillance, the place where you got off is closer to the square’s parking lot, making parking more convenient. Yet, you chose to take a detour, even crossing several roads to park your car outside the square. Is it because you like taking longer routes, or did you know something was going to happen at the square, so you chose to protect your car in advance?”

“At Duolan Mountain, why was the random spot you stood in the entrance of an organization branch?”

The smile on Hu Li’s face faded gradually as he asked, “Who are you?”

He noticed every inconspicuous detail, as these inconspicuous details were more likely to reveal flaws.

These flaws were often crucial pieces of information, and upon closer examination, many illogical and unreasonable aspects became apparent.

“How could you not know who I am?”

Jiang Yujin’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “It’s been a long time since those events happened. Asking me these questions now doesn’t guarantee that I can remember everything immediately.”

Hu Li said, “I know who you are.”

After finishing the milk, Jiang Yujin set down the empty cup.

“Not long ago, there was an incident of a strange species attack at a hotel. At that time, a person from our side and a well-known entrepreneur had a physical altercation over someone. According to those present, that person had the exact same voice as yours.”

The similarity in voices went from being similar to now being identical. Hu Li spoke without blinking.

Initially, he thought the other person was a player who had concealed their identity after coming out of the Game. The more someone tried to hide something, the more it indicated there was something to hide. After hearing what Xu Gao said yesterday, he finally understood what the other person wanted to conceal.

No one would have thought that the person representing absolute strength in the Game would be like this in reality – decadent, fond of joining in on the fun, gossiping, and living as just another ordinary person among many.

What he wanted to conceal was his identity.

Jiang Yujin neither confirmed nor denied, continuing to listen to him. “And then?”

Even now, he maintained a calm indifference, as if listening to someone else’s story.

Hu Li continued, “Then I checked, and that well-known entrepreneur had sent you many flowers in the previous period.”

Jiang Yujin replied, “Is that so.”

Even at this point, his expression remained unchanged.

Anticipating his predictable response, Hu Li wasn’t surprised. He set down the water cup he had been holding, taking out a sealed plastic bag from his coat pocket.

At first glance, the plastic bag seemed empty, but upon closer inspection, one could see a single strand of hair inside – perhaps a human hair, white in color, neither long nor short.

Hu Li said, “This was found on the edge of the Kala Snow Mountain, right beside the corpse of the strange species. Maybe, by examining it, we can figure out whose hair it is.”

As long as he wanted to investigate, there was nothing he couldn’t find. Whether it was information about flower delivery or past records.

After thoroughly searching through the case files related to this person in the archives, he discovered one case that had not been truly resolved – the Kala Snow Mountain incident.

Apart from one tourist who died, all the others successfully survived. They killed the eerie sheep they encountered, and it seemed like the issue was resolved.

However, players knew that behind the sheep, there should be a king. Yet, the entire record never mentioned the existence of such a person.

This was entirely illogical. Given their situation at the time, they had to confront the king to leave.

Illogical things meant someone was lying behind the scenes.

The person in charge of the case at that time was unwilling to go back to the mountains. Hence, Hu Li went to the snow mountain himself.

In the depths of the snow mountain, beneath a massive crevice, he found what he was looking for – or rather, a corpse.

The harsh conditions of the snow mountain ensured that the body maintained its appearance from the time of death.

The person died brutally and directly. The wounds on the body indicated previous violent treatment, and the crown on their head had already been taken.

The same brutal and violent method he had witnessed more than once before.

“In the fingers of the strange species pierced by ice spikes, I found a white hair.”

“Jiang Yujin,” Hu Li said, “Who do you say you are?”

The white hair was right in front of him, and Jiang Yujin looked somewhat curious, even leaning in for a closer look.

Up until now, he hadn’t shown any intention to admit anything. Hu Li’s eyebrows moved slightly, and just as he was about to say something, his phone, which had been placed in his pocket, rang twice.

Jiang Yujin kindly suggested, “Maybe you should check the message first.”

Hu Li took out his phone for a glance, originally casual, but his expression changed after seeing the content.

It was a message from the SIU, reporting the appearance of an SS-class strange species in the western region. However, the strange species wasn’t the main point. Before causing significant casualties, the strange species had already been eliminated.

Or rather, massacred.

Before they arrived, some civilians had recorded a short video, just a few seconds long.

Hu Li opened the video.

Amidst the swirling yellow sand, in front of the massive and grotesque strange species corpse, a person with white hair stood quietly. Underneath their feet was the flowing blood, and the black coat billowed in the wind.

A tremendous sense of oppression swept over like a landslide.

A team member quickly contacted him, saying, “Vice-Captain, 001 is suspected to have appeared in the Zhai Mountains.”

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