Chapter 164 – Jiang Xiao’s Search

Lame Xiao had been setting up his stall in that courtyard for quite some time; everyone knew him.

Once, Xu Xiangbei saw someone wanting to buy his jewelry, but Lame Xiao refused to sell.

Today, Xu Xiangbei brought his little sister to Lame Xiao’s place to try their luck. Unexpectedly, the little girl really caught Lame Xiao’s liking. Lame Xiao even gave her the anklet. If it weren’t for his little sister’s refusal, he would have wanted to sell the necklace to her as well.

His little sister, indeed, was loved by everyone.

However, Xu Xiangbei was puzzled when his little sister picked up the anklet and could explain its origin. How did the little girl know?

In theory, his little sister couldn’t have come into contact with these things in her previous fifteen years.

However, there were too many inexplicable things about his little sister. For example, her family could hear her thoughts, which was akin to foresight. How did she know?

In any case, there were many mysteries surrounding the little girl, and his intuition told him that she was definitely not ordinary.

However, for now, he would not worry about these things. Since Xu Jinning was now his little sister, he wouldn’t ask too many questions and would just protect her well.

Xu Jinning didn’t expect such a story from that uncle; he had experienced such a major change before.

He hoped that he and his family would be fine in the future.

Having bought gold and jewelry, Xu Jinning finally had something to add to her big sister’s dowry, which was the gold necklace set with emeralds.

Xu Jinning estimated that if this necklace could be preserved until modern times decades later and taken to auction, it would probably fetch tens of millions.

So, when giving it to her big sister, Xu Jinning advised her to preserve it well, preferably to keep it as a collectible.

Naturally, Xu Fanghua listened to Xu Jinning’s words.

Forget the exquisite and beautiful jewelry that the little girl gave her; even if there were no gifts, only blessings, Xu Fanghua would still be happy.

On this auspicious day, with firecrackers sounding, Song Yi, dressed in military uniform, rode his bicycle and brought the bride, Xu Fanghua, home in her red wedding attire.

The people present were all smiling, expressing their blessings to the newlyweds.

However, from afar, there were two people watching this scene, although they kept their distance.

These two people were Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen.

“Envious, aren’t you? Jealous, aren’t you? Too bad, you can’t marry Song Yi, nor can you be like Xu Fanghua,” Yang Zhiwen taunted Wei Rou.

Wei Rou turned her head, gave Yang Zhiwen a cold look, and remained silent.

Naturally, she was jealous, insanely so.

There was even a moment when her eyes were in a daze. It would be great if she were Xu Fanghua at this moment.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs.

From birth, she was destined to be Wei Rou, unable to attain any happiness, like a weed.

“Stop looking and go back. You still have our Yang family’s child in your belly,” Yang Zhiwen’s gaze shifted to Wei Rou’s stomach, his eyes filled with complex emotions.

Indeed, Wei Rou was pregnant, and it was obvious whose child it was.

She felt disgust towards this child.

But she intended to give birth to him anyway.

With this child, she could gain more trust from the Yang family and find their weaknesses.

Once she brought down everyone in the Yang family, this child could also help her inherit the Yang family’s possessions.

Since the Yang family went to such lengths to marry her into their family, she naturally had to “repay” them by taking everything from the Yang family, considering it as compensation for their treatment of her.

No rush, there was plenty of time ahead.


“Excuse me, sir, can you tell me where Lame Xiao sets up his stall?”

“What? You’re looking for Lame Xiao? It seems like he didn’t come to set up his stall today. If he did, he usually stays in that spot.”

“Oh, I see. Alright, thank you.”

In the county town, at the courtyard that was like a small black market, a woman arrived and inquired about Lame Xiao’s whereabouts.

She came the day after Xu Jinning and her brother had finished buying jewelry from Lame Xiao.

“He didn’t come today. I guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow,” the woman muttered to herself.

In the courtyard, the woman waited at Lame Xiao’s usual spot for a long time but didn’t see anyone. She furrowed her brow and left.

If Xu Jinning were there, she would have recognized this person as Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao came to the black market for Lame Xiao.

Speaking of which, Jiang Xiao had been reborn for half a year now.

In these six months, aside from improving her relationship with her mother-in-law, husband, and three children, she had been pondering about any opportunities that might arise.

Over the past half-year, thanks to her efforts and patience, her mother-in-law’s impression of her had improved significantly.

As for the three children, they were currently safe and sound, although sometimes she struggled with taking care of them, especially the youngest who frequently fell ill.

Regarding her husband, Hou Chen, he had been stationed in the military all this time. However, because they regularly communicated with each other over the phone and learned that his mother and three children were doing well, Hou Chen’s attitude towards her was also good.

She even went directly to Hou Chen’s military base two months ago to declare sovereignty.

She knew that Ruan Xiaohui, the woman Hou Chen later married, was also there.

Naturally, she wanted to remind all women not to covet Hou Chen, as he could only belong to her, and the future General’s wife could only be her.

Upon arriving there, Jiang Xiao showed Hou Chen tremendous enthusiasm, both verbally and physically.

Verbally, Jiang Xiao had lived in the 21st century for so long that her soul was not as conservative. So, even when faced with Hou Chen’s cold demeanor, she continuously expressed love for him, how much she liked him, and how much she missed him.

As for physically, although Jiang Xiao now had the appearance of a beautiful young woman, her soul was that of a fifty-something woman. So, how could she not be tempted when seeing Hou Chen’s young, robust body in his twenties?

Especially since the person in front of her was her legitimate husband.

So, every night there, as long as Hou Chen returned, she would seduce him into bed, even subconsciously using the seductive techniques she had mastered in her past life.

As for Hou Chen, he found his suddenly passionate wife strange, but he thought she had come to terms with things. Moreover, Jiang Xiao even fabricated a story about having liked Hou Chen from before.

So, Hou Chen didn’t have many suspicions.

However, whenever he faced his wife, Hou Chen couldn’t shake off a feeling of discordance, but every time he tried to think about it more, various things would interrupt his thoughts.

It was as if something beyond his control prevented him from dwelling on these discrepancies.

Jiang Xiao stayed in the military base for a whole week before leaving. If it weren’t for some matters back home and Hou Chen being scheduled for a mission, she wouldn’t have been willing to leave.

After all, in her past life, starting from her body falling ill in her thirties, she hadn’t touched another man, especially not someone like Hou Chen, a top-notch man.

During that week, enjoying the company of Hou Chen, Jiang Xiao realized how foolish she had been in her past life.

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