Chapter 160 – A Bit of Goodwill

Trigger Warning – SA

The eldest son of the Cui family had never met Wen Huihui or Wen Yulan. The only person from the Cui family he had interacted with was Aunt Wen.

As for how Wen Huihui knew about the Cui family looking for a sh*red wife before, that was something she accidentally heard someone else mention.

The eldest son of the Cui family entered the agreed-upon thatched house and, upon seeing the unconscious woman on the bed, naturally assumed that it was Wen Yulan, whom Aunt Wen had promised to him.

So, he picked up the person and left.

The Cui family lived deep in the mountains.

This place was actually a small village with a few households. However, they did not rely on farming but rather on hunting for a living, exchanging the game for money and provisions.

It was precisely because they lived deep in the mountains, almost cut off from the outside world, that no woman was willing to marry into this place. The tradition of having sh*red wives had been passed down and continued from the past.

Firstly, women were hard to find, and secondly, marrying or rather b*ying a woman was also more cost-effective.

As for ethics and morality, they didn’t care at all. After all, they had been exposed to these practices since childhood, so to them, having sh*red wives was normal.

That night, the three brothers from the Cui family took turns with Wen Huihui while she was still unconscious.

It wasn’t until dawn that Wen Huihui woke up, realizing her situation and circumstances. The room erupted with a sharp and terrified scream, followed by frantic and fearful sobs.

Members of the Cui family rushed in upon hearing the noise.

“You’ve got it wrong, I’m not Wen Yulan, I’m Wen Huihui, you’ve got it wrong.”

“My body, my body…”

“No, I need to leave.”

Wen Huihui was filled with hatred towards the Cui family members who had mistreated her, but the most important thing now was to escape.

However, the three brothers from the Cui family blocked her way out.

“We don’t care whether you’re Wen Yulan or not. You slept with us last night, and who knows, you might already be carrying our little brat in your belly. You’re our woman.”

“Our woman can only stay here and cannot leave.”

“The person has already taken our money, so you belong to us.”

The three brothers from the Cui family didn’t care whether she was Wen Yulan or Wen Huihui. As long as she was a woman, they accepted her.

Moreover, they had already spent the money, and she had already arrived at their house and slept with them.

It was impossible for them to let her go.

“No, I have to leave, I have to leave…”

Wen Huihui, disheveled and desperate, struggled to get off the bed, ignoring the discomfort in her body as she tried to rush out.

But the tall Cui family brothers stood in front of her, and she couldn’t get out at all.

“Get out of the way, all of you, get out of the way!” Wen Huihui pounded on the second eldest brother from the Cui family in front of her.

The second eldest brother from the Cui family, with a stern face and a bad temper, raised his hand the next moment, delivering a hard slap to Wen Huihui’s face.

Wen Huihui was slapped to the ground directly.

“You damn woman, don’t even think about running. You’re our wife, and you can only stay here forever and give birth to our children!”

After saying that, the three brothers from the Cui family locked the door and left.

Left alone, Wen Huihui sat on the ground, holding her swollen face and bleeding mouth, crying.

“Who will come and save me?” Wen Huihui murmured, her eyes filled with despair and panic.

Why did this happen? Why did it turn out like this, not for Wen Yulan, but for her?

Why did Wen Yulan know their plan and turn it against them?

Why, did Wen Yulan never think about what would happen to her if she was given to the Cui family?

They were both women, why was Wen Yulan so cruel?

Was she so afraid that she would take Xu Xiangdong away from her?

Yes, that must be it.

Xu Xiangdong must not know that Wen Yulan is such a ruthless and heartless woman, willing to sacrifice her cousin’s life for her own gain. If he knew the true face of Wen Yulan, he definitely wouldn’t marry her.

At this moment, Wen Huihui’s heart and eyes were full of hatred towards Wen Yulan.

She felt that if it weren’t for Wen Yulan, she wouldn’t have fallen into the hands of the Cui family and suffered such ab*se.

But Wen Huihui completely overlooked the fact that this idea was actually hers from the beginning. She, together with her parents, conspired against the innocent Wen Yulan.

When they were planning to sell Wen Yulan to the Cui family, didn’t they know what would happen to her at the Cui family’s place?

They definitely knew.

But they didn’t care.

The pain wasn’t on them, so they didn’t feel it.

It’s only now, with Wen Huihui experiencing the pain firsthand, that she understands.

But blaming Wen Yulan or anyone else is useless. This was her own doing from the start. Wen Yulan and Xu Xiangdong just turned the tables, making her bear the consequences.

If she hadn’t schemed against Wen Yulan in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened.

It can only be said that evil begets evil.

After venting her frustrations, Wen Huihui thought the only person who could come to her rescue was her parents.

“Dad, Mom, you must come and save me.”

Little did Wen Huihui know at that moment that her parents wouldn’t come to rescue her, even if they knew she was here.

Meanwhile, Uncle Wen and his wife had actually woken up last night.

Of course, the medicine they had taken was supposed to make them wake up on their own until the next morning.

The reason they woke up so quickly was that one of the children who had been staying in another room came out.

Seeing them asleep at the table and unable to wake them up, the child fetched some well water and splashed it on their faces.

Uncle Wen and his wife gradually woke up.

However, upon waking up, they couldn’t see Wen Yulan or find Wen Huihui.

After exchanging a glance, they understood what was going on.

Certainly, Wen Yulan had figured out their plan, deliberately mentioned the missing jade in the kitchen, and lured Aunt Wen, who had always wanted that jade, to search for it.

While Aunt Wen was searching, she switched the food.

That’s why they ended up eating dr*gged food and passing out.

“What about Huihui?”

Unable to find Wen Huihui at home, they decided to go to Wen Yulan’s house to check if she was there.

However, since they had just schemed against Wen Yulan and she had seen through it, they hesitated to go at that moment.

So, they sent Wen Huihui’s younger sister instead.

When Wen Huihui’s sister returned, she brought back news.

Wen Yulan was indeed at home, but Wen Huihui wasn’t there. However, Wen Yulan said something—

“Wherever you were originally planning to take me, that’s where Wen Huihui is right now.”

Originally, Wen Yulan said this with a bit of goodwill.

She thought that since Uncle Wen and his wife woke up so quickly, would they go searching if they knew that Wen Huihui had been taken away by the Cui family?

After all, Aunt Wen knew where the Cui family lived.

If they rushed to the Cui family’s place overnight, perhaps they could bring back Wen Huihui unharmed.

Upon hearing this from their third daughter, Uncle Wen and his wife realized that Wen Huihui had indeed been taken away by the Cui family.


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  1. I have to say that the only redeeming fact in Wen Huihui’s unfortunate situation is that she was unconscious the first time, so she avoided the most painful part of her future nightmare. I can only say that I feel sorry any woman living up there, especially the Cui brothers’ mother, who was also most likely a shared wife. I don’t know she didn’t end up taking her live to avoid such a terrible fate, but it’s clear that she’s not around anymore, so she probably died from abuse and/or depression. I could also imagine that she didn’t love her children and probably even hated them because they represented the horrible life she was forced into by her family. Hopefully the Cui family and other families in that mountainous area will get punished for their atrocious deeds, but it’s highly unlikely at this point.

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