Chapter 185 – Xu Jinning, who came to correct this world

“What, is there such a thing?” The captain listened as everyone talked at once, looking a bit stunned.

There’s such a miraculous thing? Scoop a basket, get a basket of fish; scoop a bucket, get a bucket of fish?

Is that even possible?

Despite everyone speaking with conviction and assurance, the captain still found it hard to believe.

He knew too well the phrase “spreading rumors and distorting the truth.”

So he looked at the three siblings, Xu Xiangdong, and asked, “Xiangdong, tell Uncle, is this true?”

What could Xu Xiangdong do but answer truthfully?

Of course, he was also quite proud. “Captain, it’s true. These fish, the ones in these two buckets, were caught by my little sister.”

Xu Xiangdong resisted the urge to boast about how lucky his little sister was.

“It’s actually true!” The captain hadn’t expected Xu Xiangdong to admit it as well. He looked at the fish in the two buckets, then at the big black fish in his arms, and then at the petite, frail, innocent-looking girl next to him.

Is this really true? Without seeing it with his own eyes, the captain still had some doubts.

He knew about Xu Jinning.

The girl who was mistakenly raised by the wrong family for fifteen years, only returning last year. It was said that during those 15 years, she had a tough time, both physically and emotionally.

He remembered when she first arrived, how fragile and weak she seemed, as if a gust of wind could blow her away, or a slight illness could take her at any moment.

And then, a lot happened to the Xu family.

Like Xu Aiguo becoming the workshop director at the textile factory and getting allocated a welfare house, which, rumor had it, Xu Jinning got by drawing lots herself.

Furthermore, the little girl also acknowledged several godfamily. One was the chief of the local police station, who was her godfather. Another was Xu Yu, whom she recognized as her godbrother. Xu Yu is now making strides in Beijing, with limitless prospects for the future.

Why did these people all want to acknowledge Xu Jinning as their godfamily? And they were the ones who initiated it.

Maybe this little girl really does have something extraordinary about her.

Maybe even a blessed person.

Then there’s the matter of the fish today.

Just hearing everyone talk about it made him feel mystified.

Although feudal superstitions have been debunked, some beliefs are deeply ingrained in people’s minds.

Such as blessings, fortunes, and luck.

If this girl really is blessed, maybe it’s because she did something good in the past and received blessings.

Of course, if she truly is a blessed person, then he would need to treat Xu Jinning and her family differently, perhaps even be more friendly.

He knew that blessings and luck were mysterious things.

Being good to someone blessed, with good fortune, could bring some blessings to oneself.

And if the relationship turned sour, it would surely not end well.

However, whether Xu Jinning is truly blessed or not, he would have to see for himself.

Some things, hearing about them, are far less impressive than seeing them with your own eyes.

So he said to Xu Jinning, “Girl Ning, how about you catch some fish again for Uncle to see?”

“Well, let’s not use the bucket this time, let’s use the basket.”

Xu Jinning: …

Xu Jinning felt that the captain’s gaze was a bit strange, but his tone when speaking to her was very gentle.

Alright, since he wanted to see her catch fish again, she would do it.

But can I really catch fish every time? Xu Jinning wondered to herself.

And when the basket went back into the water and came up again, Xu Jinning looked at the basket full of fish, and that doubt in her heart found an answer.

I really can catch fish every time!!!

But I’m just a cannon fodder.

I’m not the protagonist.

How can I keep catching fish every time?

“Girl Ning, it seems like you really are a blessed and lucky person,” the captain said as he looked at the full basket of fish, unable to deny it, whispering to Xu Jinning.

He was convinced in his heart that Xu Jinning was indeed a blessed and lucky person.

Be on good terms, must be on good terms!

Am I really a blessed and lucky person? Is that true?

Xu Jinning was very confused.

In reality, who wouldn’t want to be blessed and lucky?

But Xu Jinning had to make sure that this blessing and luck weren’t at the expense of others.

Because of the novels she had read before, Xu Jinning knew that blessings and luck could be obtained by using some extreme means to snatch from others.

Once snatched, your luck would get better and better, while the person being snatched from would become more and more unlucky.

Everyone likes blessings and luck, but if it means snatching from others, she would rather not have them.

Xu Jinning indeed had blessings and luck, but what she didn’t know was that her blessings would continue to increase afterward, and her luck would become stronger and stronger.

In fact, her luck and blessings had already manifested when she helped Xu Aiguo draw lots for house allocation. She just thought it was a coincidence and that her luck was a bit good at the time.

Actually, if the original owner were there, she could tell Xu Jinning that her worries were completely unnecessary. She did have blessings, and they would only grow stronger and more abundant in the future.

Her blessings were indeed given to her by others, willingly given from the heart. And these others, in the past, present, and future, would awaken and change their fate because of Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

The original owner knew, in the countless cycles she had experienced, those controlled cannon fodders had endured numerous tragic fates. They, too, could only watch helplessly as they were controlled.

In those cycles, countless cannon fodders harbored endless resentment. It was precisely because of this resentment that the sealed small world’s cosmic order broke the seal.

Watching the small worlds they managed being distorted by protagonists with skewed morals in the author’s novels, the cosmic order was furious. It wanted to correct things. However, this was a world constructed by the novels of the author. While it had broken the seal, its abilities were still limited, unable to personally correct things.

So, also being a cannon fodder, controlled and ultimately dying in the 21st century, Xu Jinning was chosen by the cosmic order of this small world to enter this realm.

Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts were also read by the cannon fodders, another ability granted by the cosmic order.

The purpose was to have Xu Jinning help the cannon fodders change their fate, gradually correcting the world and returning it to normal.

As for Xu Jinning’s blessings, they were naturally the cosmic luck that had been taken directly or indirectly by the protagonists, given back to her as gratitude—a gift from the cannon fodders.

Now, Xu Jinning was staying in Qinghe Production Brigade, helping a few cannon fodders. When she leaves this small place and goes to larger areas, helping more cannon fodders, changing bigger things, and saving more people, her blessings and luck will increase even more profoundly.

Of course, these returns won’t affect the luck of the cannon fodders at all.

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