Chapter 40 – I’ve returned to the 80s

Xu Jinning thought carefully. It seemed like this author mainly wrote period novels, all set in the 1980s. But whether it’s time travel, rebirth, or transmigration, everything was present.

Of course, that wasn’t the most crucial point. The key issue was that the author had skewed values. The female protagonists in her stories had distorted values too. For the success of the female lead, every other character could be sacrificed.

Those female leads weren’t invincible; in fact, some of them were quite foolish. However, the antagonists and cannon fodders were all dumbed down.

This was somewhat terrifying.

Would I, in the future, have to deal with those monstrous female leads in the works of this author?

Xu Jinning muttered to herself, feeling a bit scared.

She didn’t want to be dumbed down or become cannon fodder.


Xu Jinning then thought of another thing. In the period novel she transmigrated into, members of the Xu family were awakening one after another. Could this mean that other cannon fodders and antagonists might also awaken?

Xu Jinning was just speculating and wasn’t entirely sure.

Oh well, let’s forget about it. I’ll deal with it when it actually happens.

Meanwhile, Shen Hongling was anxiously trying to ask Xu Jinning about the situation with Yu Yu, but the words wouldn’t come out.

Similarly, Xu Jinning wanted to tell Shen Hongling but found herself unable to speak.

Both of them could only scream silently in their hearts.

[Aunt Hongling, the big black tens from your mother-in-law’s family are extremely valuable. If you take them to the bank to exchange, you can get a lot of money. You can use that money to take Yu Yu and your mother-in-law to see a doctor.]

[Stay away from a woman named Jiang Xiao; she will deceive you, leaving your family in ruins.]

[Yuyu is not really a fool; he is a genius, a national treasure-level scientist. You must take him to Beijing for treatment. His opportunities are in Beijing; you must go.]

Xu Jinning screamed in her heart, but she felt a sense of powerlessness.

Because she knew that she couldn’t bring herself to say these words directly to Shen Hongling.

If she could, she didn’t want Shen Hongling and her family to be deceived by Jiang Xiao. She hoped that Xu Yu could become a scientist and realize his own value.

On the other side, Shen Hongling heard Xu Jinning’s screams in her heart.

She didn’t understand why Xu Jinning didn’t speak out loud but seemed to have said it in her heart, and she heard it.

Looking at Xu Xiangdong next to her, it seemed like he hadn’t heard anything.

It seemed like only she heard it.


Moreover, the things that Ninging said didn’t sound like something that had already happened in the present or past; instead, it sounded more like something that would happen in the future.


Why would Xu Jinning know?

Why did she hear it?

Are these things true?

If they are true, then…

Then Xu Jinning is their family’s lucky star!

Perhaps she was a fairy who descended to earth, she couldn’t bear to see Yuyu being treated as a fool, couldn’t bear to witness their family falling apart. That’s why she specifically came to help them.

Although it’s not allowed to talk about these bizarre things now, that’s how Shen Hongling feels.

As for why Xu Jinning didn’t directly tell her, Shen Hongling thought that maybe for some reason, Xu Jinning couldn’t bring herself to say it, just like earlier when she couldn’t ask.

However, she heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

Even though she couldn’t say it openly, she practically heard it.

Shen Hongling knew that such a lucky star or fairy couldn’t casually help others; there must be some taboo.

She knew and understood.

She would verify it.

But magically hearing Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, Shen Hongling had already believed most of it.

Now she couldn’t wait to go back and confirm with her mother-in-law whether they really had the big black tens at home.

Both sides had hidden thoughts, not saying much. Shen Hongling took Yuyu home, and Xu Jinning also followed Xu Xiangdong back home.


“Jiang Xiao, Jiang Xiao, the children are crying. Are they hungry?”

“Jiang Xiao, go and check. We can’t let them go hungry.”

“Jiang Xiao, bang…”

“Jiang Xiao, Jiang Xiao…”

“Call, call, call, what are you calling? Calling the soul!” On the bed, Jiang Xiao hadn’t even opened her eyes, and curses were already coming out of her mouth.

When she opened her eyes, hatred and regret filled them.

Upon closer inspection, even though the person on the bed looked like they were not even twenty years old, the emotions in their eyes seemed surprisingly old, as if they were in their fifties or sixties.

She looked around in confusion, gazing at the familiar yet dilapidated place in her memories.

When her eyes fell on the calendar showing the year 1980, her eyes widened suddenly, as if realizing something. Then, like a madwoman, she burst into laughter.

“I’ve come back. I’ve come back.”

“I’ve returned to the ’80s.”

Jiang Xiao, who died in her fifties, was unwilling before her death. At that time, she thought if she could have a second chance at life, she would never abandon her husband and children. She would treat her husband Hou Chen well, be filial to her mother-in-law, and take good care of her three children. She wanted to be the wife of a general, seize every opportunity, become rich, and suppress the woman who had taken away her husband, children, and status, making everyone look up to her.

However, Jiang Xiao didn’t expect that her wish would be heard by the heavens, granting her a second chance.

“This is great, Ruan Xiaohui. I will never let you steal my perfect life.”

“I will seize every opportunity. I will make everyone like me and look up to me.”

Jiang Xiao felt that she must be the child of heaven to have this chance to start over, and she was sure she would succeed.

Oh right, what should she do at this time?

Oh right, she should send a telegram to Hou Chen, telling him that she missed him and liked him.

She couldn’t let her mother-in-law die of illness.

And her youngest son couldn’t starve to death.

She also needed to win the hearts of her eldest and second sons.

At this point in time, what other opportunities were there?

Jiang Xiao desperately recalled in her mind, and suddenly a name jumped into her mind.

Xu Yu!

Yes, it’s that great scientist Xu Yu!

Calculating the time, Xu Yu was still a fool in the Qinghe Production Brigade now.

Xu Yu’s mother, Shen Hongling, once mentioned that if she hadn’t accidentally learned about the value of her mother-in-law’s big black tens, she wouldn’t have been able to afford to take Xu Yu to Beijing for treatment. Without going to Beijing, everything that followed wouldn’t have happened.

Big black tens!

Jiang Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Yes, Shen Hongling had quite a few big black tens.

As a person who lived in modern times, Jiang Xiao knew the value of big black tens very well.

When she died, one big black ten could be exchanged for two to three hundred thousand.

Now, although big black tens couldn’t be exchanged for that much money, they were still valuable.

Now those big black tens belonged to her, so…

Jiang Xiao could imagine how much money she could get.

Jiang Xiao admitted that, even though Hou Chen sent a monthly allowance during this time, it still wasn’t enough.

With that money, she could buy clothes, buy some snowflake cream…

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Big Black Ten – second set of RMB banknotes with a face value of 10 yuan (200k in today’s market value)

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