Chapter 39 – Jiang Xiao is a harmful person

This book was also written by the author of the real and fake rich daughter novel she transmigrated into.

The reason she read it was because Xu Jinning felt that the author’s writings lacked proper moral values. For instance, in the real and fake rich daughter novel she transmigrated into, the female lead Lin Wangshu, also known as Xu Fangfang, was not at all like the virtuous and beautiful character the author portrayed. On the contrary, her virtue and beauty were built on the bodies of the original owner, the Xu family, and many innocent so-called antagonists.

Moreover, the cannon fodder and antagonists were all dumbed down, so the female lead progressed smoothly, and no one else noticed the issues.

And this rebirth in the 1980s, Xu Jinning couldn’t understand it even more.

Why would a woman like Jiang Xiao, who was disobedient, selfish, and abandoned her husband and children, get a chance at rebirth?

And why should the unaware Hou Chen accept her now that she has changed?

Remember, in the previous life, Hou Chen wished to kill Jiang Xiao. Jiang Xiao indirectly caused the death of his mother and his youngest son. Hou Chen was raised by his mother since childhood, and he had deep feelings for her, and he also cared for his children.

However, the interests of the country and the family cannot be balanced.

Two lives were lost between Jiang Xiao and Hou Chen.

If Hou Chen knew about the events of the previous life, Xu Jinning was sure that, given Hou Chen’s values and personality, he would never be with Jiang Xiao.

Moreover, in this life, behind the sweet relationship of Jiang Xiao and Hou Chen, things were not as good as they seemed on the surface.

In the later stages, Jiang Xiao had ambiguous relationships with many men, and there were even intimate moments.

Behind Jiang Xiao’s wealth and prosperity were the pain and interests of many people.

For example, Shen Hongling and Xu Yu.

Yes, Shen Hongling and Xu Yu appeared in this rebirth 1980s novel.

Jiang Xiao did not have a rebirth in her past life.

Shen Hongling never gave up on seeking medical treatment for Xu Yu, but unfortunately, they lacked the funds. Later, she unexpectedly discovered the big black tens left by her mother-in-law, which was the second set of RMB. Although it couldn’t be used now, exchanging it at the bank could fetch a considerable amount of money.

So, Shen Hongling took these big black tens to exchange for cash and tickets, ultimately taking her mother-in-law and Xu Yu to seek medical treatment in the capital city.

Not only did she cure her mother-in-law’s eyes, but Xu Yu’s condition also improved.

Moreover, from the experts at the Beijing City Hospital, she learned that Xu Yu was not originally mentally impaired or mute; he had autism.

Furthermore, Xu Yu had a very high IQ; he was a genius, particularly sensitive to mathematics and interested in science.

At that time, the college entrance examination had been restored, and the country, in order to cultivate talent, had established the Huaqing Youth Class.

Xu Yu happened to catch the attention of professors from Huaqing University, and with his exceptionally high IQ, he successfully enrolled in the youth class.

Later, at a young age, Xu Yu successfully developed a scientific research product, gaining significant attention. To nurture him properly, they provided him, Shen Hongling, and Xu Yu’s grandmother with a house and household registration in Beijing. The three of them successfully settled in the capital city.

Subsequently, Xu Yu’s autism improved significantly.

Moreover, Xu Yu achieved remarkable success in scientific research, becoming one of the country’s top scientists.

He even appeared on television.

Therefore, Jiang Xiao also knew that Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law had those big black tens, Xu Yu was not mentally impaired but a genius, and the inventions he developed could create substantial wealth.

But in this lifetime, not only did Jiang Xiao not inform Shen Hongling of Xu Yu’s true condition, but she also deceived Shen Hongling and took away the big black tens. After selling them, she pretended to sympathize with Shen Hongling and Xu Yu, giving Shen Hongling some money. However, that money didn’t even amount to one percent of what she earned from selling the big black tens.

However, Jiang Xiao used this opportunity to establish a connection with Shen Hongling and later became Xu Yu’s sister.

In the previous life, Shen Hongling unexpectedly passed away after the reform and opening up period in the 1990s.

At that time, her mother-in-law also passed away.

Shen Hongling entrusted Xu Yu to Jiang Xiao.

By then, Jiang Xiao, riding the wave of reform, had started buying houses and opening businesses, aiming to become wealthy.

She willingly accepted Shen Hongling’s entrustment, stating that Xu Yu was like her brother, and she would take good care of him.

Later, the narrative briefly mentioned that Jiang Xiao settled Xu Yu in a villa in a coastal city, and there were no further updates on him.

On Jiang Xiao’s side, she introduced an invention every year and a half.

While these inventions were not groundbreaking, they brought in a substantial income. Jiang Xiao claimed she developed them out of her own occasional interests, and of course, she registered them. These inventions not only helped Jiang Xiao earn a lot of money but also allowed her to build a network of connections.

When Xu Yu was mentioned again, it was when Jiang Xiao was in her fifties. By that time, Jiang Xiao had already become rich and successful, standing almost shoulder to shoulder with her husband Hou Chen.

During a gathering, she received a phone call from the coastal city. The details of the conversation were unknown, but after hanging up, when someone asked, Jiang Xiao casually said, “It’s just a distant relative in the coastal city who passed away.”

She didn’t disclose the identity of that distant relative, and her eyes showed no sadness, only a hint of regret.

After that incident, Jiang Xiao never brought out any more inventions.

At that time, readers of this book, including Xu Jinning, began to suspect that those inventions were not actually created by Jiang Xiao. How could someone like Jiang Xiao, who never attended university in this lifetime, come up with such inventions?

In the previous life, Jiang Xiao only graduated from elementary school. In this lifetime, she went to college, but her admission letter wasn’t hers; it belonged to someone else. How she obtained it was another tragic cannon fodder story, another tale of Jiang Xiao taking someone else’s place to go to college.

Returning to Xu Yu’s story.

If it weren’t for Jiang Xiao’s interference, perhaps Xu Yu would still become a national treasure-level scientist like in the previous life. His contributions would have been even more significant, benefiting the country, and Shen Hongling and her mother-in-law would have lived longer.

However, due to Jiang Xiao’s interference, a potential national-level scientist was lost, turned into a tool for her personal gain, without even a name.

Shen Hongling and her mother-in-law also met an early demise.

It could be said that Jiang Xiao was a harmful person.

The author indeed lacked proper moral values, turning everyone into stepping stones for the protagonist without considering the feelings or lives of the innocent cannon fodders.

Behind Jiang Xiao’s success were numerous lives drenched in blood.

How many innocent cannon fodders were there, wailing beneath piles of white bones?

At this moment, Xu Jinning realized that maybe she didn’t transmigrate into a novel. With characters from another book by the same author appearing, would she encounter characters from other books next?

Could her transmigration be into a world created by multiple books from this author?

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The Author has something to say: Everyone, don’t compare the timeline in the story with reality. This is a fictional setting, and the timeline is entirely the author’s creation.

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