Chapter 38 – “Rebirth in the 80s, Sweet Life with a Rough Husband”

After the woman finished speaking, she seemed to realize she had said something wrong, immediately changed the topic, and quickly left.

However, what she said was remembered by Shen Hongling and her mother-in-law.

Yuyu’s situation seemed to be really similar.

As Yuyu grew older, by the time he was four or five years old, his situation remained the same.

Shen Hongling and her mother-in-law had to admit that Yuyu might be different from ordinary children.

But as a mother, Shen Hongling was unwilling to believe it. So, she borrowed money and took Yuyu to the county hospital. However, the doctor’s words completely crushed Shen Hongling’s hopes.

The doctor said that Yuyu’s brain development was indeed problematic, and although he couldn’t pinpoint the issue precisely, he was sure there was a problem. He suggested they go to a major hospital in the provincial capital for further examination.

This statement was equivalent to sentencing Shen Hongling and Xu Yu to death.

Shen Hongling didn’t have the money to take Yuyu to the provincial capital for treatment, so she could only take him back home.

Later on, the fact that Xu Yu was either a fool or a mute somehow got leaked.

In fact, there were speculations and rumors circulating faintly before, but no one dared to say it openly.

Now, seeing Shen Hongling return from the county hospital with Xu Yu looking devastated, people immediately guessed what had happened.

They expressed pity for Shen Hongling’s unfortunate fate but also kept talking about Xu Yu being a fool and a mute, advising their own children not to play with him.

Fool and mute, in the eyes of ordinary people, seemed to be anomalies.

Anomalies were destined not to be accepted into the group and were fated to be isolated and b*llied.

Those kids took advantage of the times when she went to work and b*llied Yuyu.

Every time Shen Hongling finished her work, she would see Yuyu, injured, covered in dirt, and unable to complain.

As Shen Hongling cleaned Yuyu up, her eyes turned red.

She didn’t understand why those people b*llied Yuyu when he clearly didn’t provoke them. Could it be that Yuyu wanted to be seen as a fool or mute?

Yuyu didn’t want that either.

If possible, Yuyu would certainly want to live like a normal child.

It was her, as a mother, who didn’t do well. She couldn’t give him a healthy body.

This mistake, this suffering, should be borne by her, not by Yuyu.

During that time, in countless late nights, Shen Hongling didn’t know how many times her eyes turned red, and how many times she cried into her pillow.

During that period, Shen Hongling was fragile. She admitted that she was just a small woman, someone who needed support.

But it was only in those late nights that she could cry silently.

When the day broke, she had to wipe away her tears, put on her armor again, and be the invincible mother who protected her child.

Days passed like this, one by one, endured.

Now, Yuyu is 7 years old.

Life seems to have little fluctuation, but Shen Hongling often wonders, let it be like this now, but what about later? If she is no longer there, what will happen to Yuyu?

This question troubled Shen Hongling for countless nights, and it remains unanswered.

[Xu Yu is not a fool, nor is he mute; he is just autistic.]

Lost in her thoughts, Shen Hongling was suddenly awakened by Xu Jinning’s inner voice.

“You…” Shen Hongling, shocked, tried to ask Xu Jinning, but found that she couldn’t say anything, as if she had suddenly become mute.

What’s going on? How could this happen?

Shen Hongling was astonished at why, even though Xu Jinning hadn’t spoken, she could hear her inner voice. And when she tried to ask Xu Jinning about it, she couldn’t speak.

But what is autistic?

Is Yuyu really not a fool or mute?

What exactly is autistic? Is Yuyu sick? Can he become normal if this autism is cured?

Shen Hongling wanted to ask all these questions, but unfortunately, she couldn’t utter a single word.

On the other hand, Xu Jinning knew that Xu Yu was not a fool or mute; he was just autistic.

However, Xu Jinning was also in a state of shock at this moment.

Because suddenly, she realized that she might not have traveled into just one novel, but possibly into two or more novels.

Before, when she was in the Xu family, not venturing outside, she thought she had traveled into the novel of the real and fake rich daughter.

But Shen Hongling and Xu Yu, these two characters, were in another novel.

This novel is called “Rebirth in the 80s, Sweet Life with a Rough Husband,” and the female lead is named Jiang Xiao.

In her previous life, the beautiful Jiang Xiao, introduced by a matchmaker, married her soldier husband Hou Chen. Just three days into the marriage, Hou Chen had to leave for an urgent mission and returned to the military.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiao became pregnant and gave birth to triplets.

Although her husband didn’t return, he sent money every month. However, Jiang Xiao spent all that money on skincare products, clothes, and various treats, completely ignoring her paralyzed mother-in-law and the triplets who were crying from hunger and freezing cold at home.

Later, Jiang Xiao got involved with a young man from the village. Using Hou Chen’s connections, she not only helped the young man return to the city but also followed him.

When Hou Chen returned, he faced his deceased mother and the son who died of starvation in bed.

Hou Chen harbored deep hatred for Jiang Xiao and that young man.

The subsequent developments in the story became even more dramatic.

Hou Chen took the two children back to the military, participated in blind dates, found a new wife, and not only had a happy marriage but also steadily rose in position.

Meanwhile, the man Jiang Xiao followed abandoned her and even sold her to other men.

Jiang Xiao endured countless torments. By the time she was in her fifties and contracted a disease, lying in bed, she saw her ex-husband become successful and marry a stunning wife, enjoying prosperity and wealth.

Her two sons also acknowledged this woman as their mother, and their relationship was very good.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t bear to see such a result.

This life should have been hers; it should have been hers.

Jiang Xiao regretted it, and she was instantly enraged.

Little did she expect that after being enraged to death, she would actually be reborn. Although the timing of her rebirth wasn’t ideal, as she was already involved with that young man at the time, it wasn’t too late—she hadn’t run away with him yet.

In this life, Jiang Xiao decided to retaliate against the scum man, be filial to her mother-in-law, take care of her three sons, and live a good life with Hou Chen.

She wanted to witness Hou Chen’s success and see all three sons enter university, secure stable jobs. In this life, she would never let that woman take away her husband and children.

The subsequent plot involved Jiang Xiao using her rebirth advantage to foresee events, gain benefits, establish a good reputation, and become wealthy.

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