Chapter 212 – The Qing Dynasty Ended Long Ago

Jiang Xiao was smug, thinking she had victory in her grasp.

Little did she know that everyone in the room who heard her was looking at her as if she were an idiot.

Was Jiang Xiao a fool? Or had she gone mad?

How could she make such brainless demands? Making Hou Chen her servant?

Hou Chen was a patriotic soldier with limitless future potential. In the future Jiang Xiao predicted, Hou Chen would even become a general.

This alone showed how much Hou Chen would contribute to the country and its people in the future.

Given this, how could they possibly let such a promising future leader of the country become a woman’s servant?

Moreover, the Qing Dynasty ended long ago; what talk of servants was this?

Did Jiang Xiao think of herself as an empress or a dowager empress?

They concluded that Jiang Xiao was truly a vicious and extremely selfish woman.

She was so ruthless that she would casually order the death of Ruan Xiaohui just because she disliked her, and she wanted a team to do her bidding.

Did this mean that anyone she disliked had to die?

Did Jiang Xiao think she was an emperor with the power to decide life and death over everyone?

Even emperors couldn’t just kill anyone they disliked; they at least needed a legitimate reason, or else everything would descend into chaos.

Jiang Xiao was also a greedy person, asking for a mansion in Wangfu Siheyuan, as if she really thought of herself as royalty.

She even demanded money for providing information.

At a time when the country was in dire need of resources for development, Jiang Xiao, as a citizen, wasn’t thinking about how to help her country but was instead finding every way to exploit it.

Then she added a threat.

“What now, Jiang Xiao, are you threatening treason if we don’t agree?”

Did Jiang Xiao have a screw loose? Didn’t she realize her current predicament?

She was on their turf, “invited” by them. Unless Jiang Xiao had some other extraordinary powers besides being from the future, how could she possibly leave without their permission?

Now, with her threat, they were even less likely to let her go.

Jiang Xiao was at a loss for words when confronted with this question.

Still, her words did carry an implicit threat.

She believed that no matter what, these people would have to compromise.

“Jiang Xiao, to be frank, we will not agree to a single one of your conditions.”

“What! Not a single one!” Jiang Xiao was shocked to receive such a reply.

“Aren’t you going to reconsider or report to a higher authority? I am a regressor. Don’t you understand my importance?”

“Having me is like having a prophecy, like having a seer. Don’t you understand the significance?”

Of course, they understood that knowing the future was incredibly important.

That’s why they never intended to let Jiang Xiao leave from the start.

Initially, they planned to cooperate with Jiang Xiao. After all, if Jiang Xiao could provide information about the future to help the country, she would certainly be considered meritorious, and her contributions would be significant.

They had even thought of making Jiang Xiao a state employee, assigning people to protect her without restricting her freedom.

That was their initial plan, but now…

From the conditions Jiang Xiao proposed, they saw her cruelty, greed, and selfishness.

Jiang Xiao was nothing but a person with insatiable greed.

Someone like that was impossible to cooperate with.

Her demands would never end.

Moreover, her threats only made them more repulsed.

Jiang Xiao had no patriotism in her heart; she only cared about herself.

They couldn’t understand how someone like her could possess the advantage of regression.

If they let such a person go, with her nature, she would surely cause chaos in the world.

For the sake of benefits, money, status, and power, she would certainly disregard the lives of others and commit heinous acts.

Knowing that Jiang Xiao was such a malevolent person with the opportunity of regression, how could they possibly let her go?

“Take Jiang Xiao away and find another place,” the man ordered before getting up and leaving.

Take her away? Where to? What other place? Jiang Xiao was confused.

But then, several people approached to “escort” her out.

“What are you doing? Let go of me.”

“I am a regressor, and you dare treat me like this! Let go of me, let go of me—”

Jiang Xiao had been shouting, but no one responded to her anymore.

After that, Jiang Xiao was taken to another place.

A nightmare-like place for Jiang Xiao, where she no longer had her previous arrogance.

Once inside, when would Jiang Xiao come out again?

No one knew.


On this side, Jiang Xiao being taken away did indeed relieve Hou Chen.

The leader also informed Hou Chen of Jiang Xiao’s previous words and her current whereabouts.

Jiang Xiao was definitely not coming back, but her departure had to have a reason, it couldn’t be without cause.

So, Hou Chen cooperated and staged a play, claiming that Jiang Xiao died in an accident.

Hou Chen also became a widower.

As a widower, Hou Chen continued to interact with Ruan Xiaohui rightfully, of course, he carefully selected the details and wrote them in a letter to his mother, stating that Jiang Xiao’s matter had been resolved and asking her not to worry anymore. He promised to bring back a satisfactory daughter-in-law when he returned.


“What, Jiang Xiao from your production brigade died? How is that possible?”

It was the day before Wen Yulan’s wedding, and before the wedding, it was not suitable for her to meet too much with Xu Xiangdong, so any matters between them were conveyed through Xu Jinning.

Today, Xu Jinning came over and conveyed her eldest brother’s longing for her sister-in-law, and they began to chat.

Unexpectedly, from Wen Yulan’s mouth, Xu Jinning learned about Jiang Xiao’s death.

Xu Jinning found it hard to believe.

That’s Jiang Xiao, the female protagonist of “Rebirth in the 80s, Sweet Life with a Rough Husband.” She’s also a regressor. How did she just disappear after going with her husband to the military?

Where’s the protagonist’s halo?

Isn’t a protagonist with a halo supposed to have everything go smoothly?

How come she’s lost even her life now?

Xu Jinning wondered, is Jiang Xiao really dead or is it fake?

If it’s true? Does that mean her so-called protagonist identity is useless, without the protagonist’s halo, she won’t receive any special favor from heaven.

If her death is fake, then Jiang Xiao is very likely being controlled, her regression may have been discovered.

And the person who can discover Jiang Xiao’s regression and create the illusion of her death…

Hou Chen!

This name instantly entered Xu Jinning’s mind.

Thinking about Hou Chen’s identity, as well as the country behind him…

The more she thought about it, the more Xu Jinning felt that if Jiang Xiao hadn’t really died, then this possibility was very high!

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