Chapter 213 – The Century-Old Shen Family

As for why Hou Chen discovered it, it was likely because he had awakened.

Anyone who could become a general was naturally not foolish and was very perceptive.

Without the protagonist halo, Jiang Xiao was actually very foolish. If Hou Chen had awakened, he would surely have quickly noticed that something was wrong with Jiang Xiao. Given Hou Chen’s patriotism, it was entirely possible that he would turn in the woman who wasn’t his wife.

Of course, this was Xu Jinning’s guess; she wasn’t sure if it was accurate.

However, the “death” of Jiang Xiao, the female protagonist, made Xu Jinning even more hopeful for the future.

She might really not need to worry about other male or female protagonists harming them, the cannon fodder.

These cannon fodder could all awaken one by one and thereby take control of their own destinies.

Life did not need to be controlled by others; they could take charge themselves, bearing the consequences, whether good or bad.

In fact, Xu Jinning’s guess about Jiang Xiao was almost spot on.

Actually, what Xu Jinning didn’t know was that from the moment she entered this world, the protagonists’ so-called halos had been gradually disappearing.

They no longer received preferential treatment and had to rely on their own abilities to live their lives. If they made mistakes, they had to bear the consequences, possibly even losing their lives.

Not only was this true for Jiang Xiao, but also for the female protagonist in the same novel Xu Jinning was in — Lin Wangshu.

In Haishi, after the last incident, Lin Wangshu was dismissed. After that, Father Lin and Mother Lin tried every possible way to secure another public job for her, but to no avail.

The previous conclusion was that Lin Wangshu would never be able to hold another public office again.

So, even if Father Lin and Mother Lin put their faces on the line, it was of no use.

Furthermore, ever since Father Lin was demoted and Mother Lin was dismissed from her position, their status has declined, and many long-time friends who knew their character have distanced themselves from them.

It can be said that the Lin family of three, although their days are not difficult now, are far worse off compared to when they first returned to the city.

“Mom, Dad, maybe we should just forget about it. I plan to review my studies and wait for the college entrance exam to resume, either going to college or having a better chance of getting into one,” Lin Wangshu suggested.

“That’s fine, let’s go with that.”

As for when the college entrance exam would resume, Father Lin and Mother Lin didn’t know, but the fact that these people were able to return was a signal in itself.

They believed the college entrance exam would resume soon.

Getting into college would lead to job assignments, and those jobs were stable. They didn’t believe that with Lin Wangshu’s excellent grades, she wouldn’t be able to get a good job.

The Lin couple still believed that their current plight was only temporary.

One day, the Lin family would regain their past glory, and those who distanced themselves from them, persecuted them, would regret it and receive punishment.

Especially the Xu family from Qinghe Production Brigade!

They were the root cause of the Lin family’s current predicament.

Since it was the root cause, one day in the future, they would definitely find a way to cut it off.

Lin Wangshu wasn’t too worried about the job aspect because she wanted to take the college entrance exam.

However, recently Lin Wangshu was a bit troubled because she had lost contact with Shen Huai.

When Shen Huai first returned to the city, although communication wasn’t very convenient, they still had contact, exchanging letters and making phone calls.

But recently, Lin Wangshu’s letters to Shen Huai had gone unanswered.

The calls Lin Wangshu made couldn’t get through either.

This situation had been going on for half a month now.

It made Lin Wangshu somewhat anxious.

Had something happened to Shen Huai in Hong Kong? Or did he just not want to contact her anymore?

Lin Wangshu felt it was unlikely to be the latter.

The former seemed more probable.

Because in their previous communications, she hadn’t sensed any dislike or impatience from Shen Huai.

So, the likelihood of something happening was higher.


What could have happened to Shen Huai?

He was in Hong Kong, and moreover, he was in such a large family. If something happened, it must be significant.

Yet she was in Haishi and couldn’t find him, couldn’t even contact him.

If possible, Lin Wangshu wanted to go to Hong Kong to see how Shen Huai was doing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do that at the moment.

However, Lin Wangshu guessed correctly; Shen Huai had indeed encountered difficulties during this time.

Because not long after he returned to Hong Kong from Haishi, Grandfather Shen passed away.

Grandfather Shen had always been in poor health, reaching the point where surgery was necessary.

And the sooner the surgery, the better.

The reason for delaying the surgery was the fear of potential accidents.

This accident stemmed from Grandfather Shen’s rare blood type.

Grandfather Shen had Rh-negative blood, an extremely rare type known as “panda blood.”

The entire Shen family, apart from Grandfather Shen, had blood type O inherited from Grandmother Shen.

Due to the uniqueness of this blood type, no one else with it had been seen in all of Hong Kong.

Neither the blood banks nor the black market had Grandfather Shen’s blood type.

The surgery Grandfather Shen needed could result in bleeding at any time, requiring blood transfusions.

If the blood supply fell short, Grandfather Shen might die.

Because of this, everyone in the Shen family was secretly searching for individuals with Rh-negative blood. Since they couldn’t find any in Hong Kong, perhaps there were some on the mainland?

So they all went to the mainland to search.

Moreover, Grandfather Shen instructed his confidant to promise that whoever found a person with the same blood type or found blood of the same type would receive half of the Shen family’s estate. They might even be designated as the inheritor of the Shen family, regardless of age or gender.

The Shen family, a century-old prominent family in Hong Kong, held a significant position in the city.

Accumulating wealth over a century, the exact extent of the Shen family’s estate was unknown.

Their status in Hong Kong was unparalleled.

If you were to walk around in Hong Kong and claim to be from the Shen family, even if you were a distant relative, no one would dare to provoke you.

This shows how important the position of the Shen family heir is.

Over the past century, every generation of the Shen family’s descendants has fought fiercely for the position of family head. In fact, every generation’s family head, upon assuming the position, had hands stained with countless blood, often stepping over the bodies of relatives and clan members to ascend.

And each generation’s Shen family heir is designated by the family head.

Of course, whether this Shen family heir can survive to inherit the position of family head depends on their abilities and luck.

This illustrates how difficult it is to become the Shen family heir, let alone the family head.

Therefore, when Grandfather Shen’s confidant made that promise, everyone in the Shen family immediately became active.

They all used their connections and employed various methods to search for individuals with Rh-negative blood on the mainland.

As for Shen Huai, a young man who had always been inconspicuous and even ignored in the Shen family, he unexpectedly received news about Rh-negative blood after coming to Haishi by accident.

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