Chapter 214 – A Lifetime of Calamities

Upon receiving this news, there was a moment when Shen Huai felt like he might be the proud son of heaven itself. Otherwise, why would heaven be on his side? Why had no one else, despite searching the entire mainland, found any information about Rh-negative blood?

He had just arrived in Haishi, only here to handle some business. The matter of Rh-negative panda blood was just something to be aware of; he didn’t take it to heart. Yet, fate had it that he received this news.

“Fortune favors me!” That was the feeling in Shen Huai’s heart at that moment.

He began to take this matter seriously.

Soon enough, he received definite information.

The person with Rh-negative panda blood was an expectant mother about to give birth.

If the mother had Rh-negative panda blood, then it was highly likely that her unborn child also had this blood type.

The person said that once the mother gave birth and it was confirmed to be this blood type, they would find a way to bring the child to him.

Of course, due to the rarity of this blood type, the price was relatively high, 50 Great Unity notes.

Knowing that one “Great Unity” note was worth 10 yuan, Shen Huai chuckled. Wasn’t 50 Great Unity notes just 500 yuan?

For Shen Huai, a direct descendant of the Shen family, this amount of money was insignificant.

At the same time, he secretly despised the people of mainland for being so poor that 500 yuan was considered a large sum.

Naturally, Shen Huai agreed to the price.

There was also news from the other side that within a month, once the expectant mother gave birth, they would quickly bring the child to him.

If the child didn’t have this blood type, they would bring the mother, confirmed to have this blood type.

Either way, Shen Huai was fine with it; after all, they were just blood bags.

However, if it was the baby, the effect would be even better.

By raising the baby, the old master would have a long-term, fresher blood source.

The process went smoothly, so much so that Shen Huai could handle business in Haishi while also flirting with Lin Wangshu.

Just when he thought everything was fine, trouble struck at the last moment.

There was news from the other side.

The person who was supposed to sell the child to him had been caught by the authorities here. The situation had escalated, with everyone involved getting arrested and sentenced quickly. The authorities were also looking for the children who had been trafficked.

In other words, he couldn’t get the child he wanted, nor the woman.

Not only that, but he also couldn’t get back the 200 yuan deposit he had paid.

Shen Huai didn’t care about the deposit; it was just 200 yuan. But he cared about that child or woman.

With that child or woman, secretly bringing them back to Hong Kong, he could become the heir of the Shen family and even get half of the family’s assets in advance.

What a huge temptation.

So much so that Shen Huai thought about staying in Haishi for a while longer and finding someone himself to abd*ct the child or woman.

Unfortunately, when he proposed this idea, he was rejected by those around him.

Because the child tr*fficking incident had caused a huge stir, there had always been people watching the mother and child to lure out buyers like them and arrest them together.

Although he was from the Shen family in Hong Kong, if caught here, the situation would be tricky. He might not come out unscathed, and it could even affect Shen Huai’s position within the family.

Upon analyzing the situation, he indeed shouldn’t take such risks.

But Shen Huai was unwilling to give up, thinking of waiting a little longer.

Maybe there would be an opportunity.

But Shen Huai didn’t have to wait long before hearing news from Hong Kong that Grandfather Shen’s condition wasn’t very good.

Unable to do anything, Shen Huai had to leave Haishi, and also leave Lin Wangshu, to go to Hong Kong.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, it was evident that Grandfather Shen’s health wasn’t great. He even fell into a coma at one point but eventually pulled through.

However, the doctors insisted that Grandfather Shen needed surgery urgently. If the surgery was delayed any longer, there was a high chance he wouldn’t wake up from his next coma.

Moreover, the next coma could happen soon, at any time.

The final decision rested with the semi-comatose Grandfather Shen.

His choice was also difficult.

Because the surgery carried significant risks and might require blood transfusions, but Grandfather Shen had a rare blood type, and they couldn’t find a second person with a matching blood type.

If during the surgery they needed blood but couldn’t find it, the outcome for Grandfather Shen would be surgery failure, dying on the operating table.

On the other hand, if the surgery went smoothly without needing a blood transfusion, Grandfather Shen could be saved.

These two scenarios were equally likely, making it hard for the doctors to predict.

Furthermore, they were the most professional and skilled medical team brought in by Grandfather Shen. Using other doctors might lower the success rate of the surgery.

Searching for other reliable doctors or Rh-negative panda blood was simply not feasible in terms of time.

If only another Rh-negative panda blood were available right now.

Shen Huai sighed to himself, ‘If only that mother and child could have been brought back, even if it was just one of them.’

Although he was the legitimate heir in the Shen family, due to having useless parents, he was in a weak position. He had to rely solely on himself to compete for the position of heir or head of the family.

Others had parents to rely on, but he had none.

If he hadn’t had the ability, he would have been swallowed alive by the Shen family long ago.

It was a literal sense of being swallowed alive.

Because Shen Huai was the only other person in the Shen family, aside from Grandfather Shen, who had Rh-negative panda blood.

No one else in the Shen family, not even his parents, knew about this.

The reason he could keep this secret until now was because of Aunt Xin.

Aunt Xin was the maid his mother hired to take care of him when she was pregnant with him.

Having been hurt by a scumbag in the past, losing a child, and now being unable to conceive again, Aunt Xin adored children. Even before he was born, she took meticulous care of his mother.

After he was born, because of his resemblance to her deceased child, Aunt Xin felt he might be the reincarnation of that child.

So, Aunt Xin took even more care of him.

From the moment he was born, his father was engrossed in his external affairs, leaving no time for his newborn son.

Everything about him was taken care of by Aunt Xin.

She soothed him, cared for him, and was there for his crying, laughter, growth, and illnesses.

At one point, Shen Huai even thought Aunt Xin was his real mother.

The fact that he had Rh-negative panda blood was also carefully concealed by Aunt Xin, at great effort.

Although Aunt Xin wasn’t highly educated, she was undoubtedly a clever woman.

She knew too well what it meant for a Shen family member with no status, even a newborn child, to have the same special blood type as Grandfather Shen.

It didn’t mean soaring to the sky; it meant a lifetime of calamities.

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