Chapter 215 – Old Master Shen’s Will

If the fact that Shen Huai had Rh-negative blood was exposed, then there was only one possible fate for him, which was to become a blood source for Grandfather Shen until the moment Grandfather Shen died. At that point, Shen Huai would be of no further value.

Aunt Xin couldn’t bear to see the child she loved and cared for so deeply suffer such a tragic fate as becoming a mere blood source.

Therefore, Aunt Xin tried every possible way to keep this matter a secret.

She kept it hidden until Shen Huai was old enough to understand. She then told him about it and instructed him to keep this secret no matter what.

At that time, the person closest and most important to Shen Huai was Aunt Xin, so naturally, he listened to her. He was still quite young then and didn’t understand the implications, but as long as Aunt Xin said it, he obeyed.

To Shen Huai, Aunt Xin was like a mother.

It wasn’t until he gradually grew up and experienced the intrigues within the Shen family that he realized how crucial it was that Aunt Xin had helped him keep this secret.

It could be said that in this world, the only person Shen Huai trusted completely and would entrust his life to was Aunt Xin.


Aunt Xin, who was so important to Shen Huai, passed away two years ago.

It wasn’t due to illness or an accident. Although it appeared to be an accident, Shen Huai discovered through his investigation that Aunt Xin was killed by other members of the Shen family because of him.

As for who that person was, he found out, but due to the disparity in power, he couldn’t do anything about it.

No one knew how much Shen Huai suffered during that time.

And no one knew how long he cried and knelt in front of Aunt Xin’s grave on the day she was buried.

He knew that, at that moment, the person who loved him the most and was the most selfless towards him was gone.

From that moment on, Shen Huai had to fight alone.

During that time, Shen Huai was undoubtedly in pain.

He even shut himself away and wallowed in despair.

It wasn’t until he found a letter from Aunt Xin under the pillow in her room that things began to change.

In that letter, he learned that Aunt Xin had anticipated her own demise and had written the letter in advance.

Aunt Xin said that by the time Shen Huai read the letter, she would probably already be dead.

She hoped that Shen Huai wouldn’t be too sad and wouldn’t give in to despair.

He had to pull himself together.

She wrote that she always knew he was a smart and resilient child.

So, even in her absence, she hoped Shen Huai would stay strong.

Aunt Xin mentioned that there were two paths for Shen Huai’s future.

One was to stay out of the Shen family’s conflicts, live as a wealthy recluse, and avoid being targeted by anyone.

The other path was to rise up, using every means and strategy to fight, where he would either die or become the heir and the head of the family, and then avenge her!

At the end of the letter, Aunt Xin expressed her personal wish that Shen Huai would choose the first path.

As a motherly figure, she didn’t have high expectations for Shen Huai. She didn’t demand that he achieve great success; she only hoped that he would live a safe and peaceful life, get married, have children, and even if he lived an ordinary life, that would be enough for her.

But Aunt Xin also wrote that she knew Shen Huai very well, having raised him, and she understood that he would choose the second path.

If Shen Huai really chose the second path, Aunt Xin also hoped that he would do his best to protect himself.

She wished that, no matter what, Shen Huai would prioritize his own safety, with avenging her as a secondary concern.

She also hoped that Shen Huai could live happily in the future, find a girl he loved, and live a good life.

After reading the letter, Shen Huai was overwhelmed with tears.

Shen Huai knew that Aunt Xin was right.

Given the two choices, he would indeed choose the second one.

His personality was such that it was all or nothing.

He would either give his all to seize everything he wanted, or he would die trying.

Moreover, his pride wouldn’t allow him to die so easily.

And he was determined to avenge Aunt Xin.

To him, Aunt Xin was more important than his own mother; this revenge was a necessity.

He also wanted to claim the position of heir and head of the Shen family!

He knew how important status, wealth, and power were.

Only by standing at the pinnacle and possessing these things could he protect himself and his loved ones.

For the past few years, Shen Huai had been developing in secret.

He was indeed impressive. As a newly adult young man, he had already secured a place in the Shen family and established his own influence and connections. Although not yet comparable to others, it was quite an achievement, and he even caught Grandfather Shen’s attention.

If only they could bring back even one of the Rh-negative mother and child this time, it would bring him closer to his goal.


Revealing his own blood type and becoming a blood source for Grandfather Shen was out of the question for Shen Huai.

What Shen Huai hadn’t told anyone was that his instant affection for Lin Wangshu was partly because she bore some resemblance to Aunt Xin in her appearance.

This made Shen Huai feel very close to her and eager to be near her.

Additionally, he felt that Lin Wangshu had a unique charm or magic about her that deeply attracted him from the moment they met.

He felt that Lin Wangshu was destined to be his woman.

When he was about to leave Haishi and return to Hong Kong, Shen Huai subtly confirmed their mutual feelings.

After returning to Hong Kong, Shen Huai tried various ways to contact Lin Wangshu.

Unfortunately, recent circumstances did not allow it.


Grandfather Shen had died.

Yes, Grandfather Shen’s health had deteriorated beyond recovery, so he had decided to proceed with surgery a short while ago.

Before the surgery, the old master said he had arranged everything.

If the surgery succeeded, that would be ideal. If it failed and he died, then the future of the Shen family would follow the will he had set.

After saying these words, Grandfather Shen entered the operating room.

Everyone waited outside, anxiously awaiting the outcome.

They had all envisioned and prepared for both possible results.

For a full 10 hours, everyone remained outside, almost no one leaving, each person waiting anxiously for the result.

After 10 hours, the result came.

Grandfather Shen ultimately succumbed to bleeding. The failure to provide timely blood transfusions led to unsuccessful resuscitation efforts.

Grandfather Shen was dead. The huge burden over everyone in the Shen family was suddenly lifted, and many people breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon after, Grandfather Shen’s will was made public.

The head of the Shen family would be his youngest son, Shen Ji’an. Naturally, other members of the Shen family received their shares of the estate.

However, this result did not satisfy the other members of the Shen family.

Shen Ji’an was Grandfather Shen’s illegitimate son, and his abilities were average. Despite being the old master’s favorite, the family did not agree with Shen Ji’an becoming the head.

Soon enough, Shen Ji’an met with an accident and died.

This happened the day after the will was announced.

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