Chapter 216 – Shen Huai’s Dream

With the chosen heir set by Grandfather Shen gone, the Shen family plunged into a fierce power struggle.

Naturally, Shen Huai, who had always coveted the position of head of the family, found himself at the center of the conflict. He had to fend off assassination attempts while vying for power.

He was so busy that he didn’t have time to contact Lin Wangshu.

On this day, it was another nerve-wracking day; Shen Huai narrowly avoided an accident similar to the one that befell the previous heir.

Although he survived, he sustained minor injuries.

Exhausted both physically and mentally, Shen Huai fell asleep shortly after lying down.

This time, he had a rare dream.

He dreamt that, back in Haishi, the child tr*fficker had not been caught, and he had successfully brought the baby boy with Rh-negative panda blood back to Hong Kong.

Because of this baby boy with the special blood type, Shen Huai successfully became the heir of the Shen family and acquired half of the family’s wealth.

The presence of this baby also led to the successful surgery of Grandfather Shen.

Afterward, Grandfather Shen focused on grooming Shen Huai, and the abilities Shen Huai subsequently displayed earned the old master’s approval step by step.

Of course, during this period, Shen Huai encountered many dangers set by other members of the Shen family, but he managed to overcome them all.

Five years later, Grandfather Shen finally passed away.

Although Shen Huai was only 23 years old, the five years spent by the old master’s side had matured him significantly. Despite his young age, he had already become a qualified head of the Shen family with a strong and ruthless approach.

Indeed, after Grandfather Shen’s death, Shen Huai smoothly assumed the position of head of the family.

The first thing he did as the head of the family was to avenge Aunt Xin.

And those individuals, including those associated with him, met grim fates.

In the dream, Shen Huai seemed to have luck on his side, everything went smoothly as if blessed by a higher power.

However, in the dream, Shen Huai didn’t anticipate that after becoming the head of the family, his parents, whom he had never really cared about, suddenly started to meddle in his marriage matters.

Naturally, Shen Huai wouldn’t marry someone he didn’t like, and he wouldn’t be manipulated by his so-called parents.

The person he liked was Lin Wangshu, and over the years, he had been in contact with her and met her regularly.

In the dream, Lin Wangshu had also prospered on the mainland; she had outstanding abilities, her parents held influential positions, and her network was extensive.

On the Hong Kong side, the Shen family had reached its peak, and Shen Huai was an ambitious person. When he went to Haishi, he saw the enormous market potential on the mainland.

Although the market was vast, venturing into it without any foundation was challenging.

However, if he married Lin Wangshu and gained the support of the Lin family, everything would change.

Marrying Lin Wangshu would be a win-win situation.

He could marry the woman he loved and gain support for his career.

So, he had decided to marry Lin Wangshu.

Therefore, at the age of 24, Shen Huai married Lin Wangshu.

After marriage, Shen Huai began to expand his business on the mainland, gradually growing it.

Everything went smoothly, even unbelievably so.

He always seemed to turn bad situations into good ones and had great opportunities.

Shen Huai analyzed that it seemed everything was because of Lin Wangshu.

Lin Wangshu seemed to bring good fortune to her husband, like a lucky star. As long as she was around, everything for him went smoothly.

As a native of Hong Kong, Shen Huai believed in these mystical matters.

Therefore, he felt even more convinced that marrying Lin Wangshu was the right decision!

And those who opposed Lin Wangshu, and consequently opposed him, met unfortunate ends.

At the end of the dream, he had directly established a Shen Empire, standing at the pinnacle of the world. He and Lin Wangshu were a loving couple who had five children, including twins, who were all very intelligent and talented.

Upon waking up, Shen Huai sat on the bed, reminiscing about everything in the dream for a long time.

Everything in the dream was beautiful.

If only everything in the dream could come true, how wonderful would that be?

However, as someone who believed in mystical matters, Shen Huai didn’t think he dreamt these things without reason. He believed that since he dreamt them tonight, they must hold some significance.

Maybe some of it is true.

If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t bring back the baby boy in reality, he would have thought that tonight’s dream was a prophetic one.

However, even if the baby boy wasn’t real, Grandfather Shen didn’t survive the surgery in reality as he did in the dream.

But there must be some truths in it.

Like Lin Wangshu…

Shen Huai knew about Lin Wangshu’s family background.

If he truly intended to expand his business on the mainland, the Lin family would undoubtedly provide him with significant support.

Lin Wangshu’s ability to turn bad situations into good ones, Shen Huai also believed to be true.

Or perhaps, deep down, he hoped it was true.

Because if it were, marrying Lin Wangshu would allow him to share in her good fortune, and his future would only get better and better.

So, marrying Lin Wangshu was a must! The sooner, the better.

Thinking of this, Shen Huai realized that he hadn’t contacted Lin Wangshu for some time.

Since Grandfather Shen’s death and the subsequent chaos in the Shen family due to the deaths of the heirs, Shen Huai had been busy and hadn’t found time to contact Lin Wangshu.

He had initially planned to settle the family matters first, even if he couldn’t immediately take up the position of head of the family. He wanted to gain some influence and stability before contacting Lin Wangshu.

But now…

He felt he needed to reach out to Lin Wangshu quickly, figure out their relationship, and marry her as soon as possible once they reached the right age.

Shen Huai firmly believed that everything would improve once he was with Lin Wangshu.

So, Shen Huai didn’t go back to sleep. Instead, he got up immediately, took pen and paper, and started writing a letter to Lin Wangshu…

At that moment, Shen Huai had no idea that, unlike in his dream where they were together due to affection and feelings, in reality, his initial attraction to Lin Wangshu stemmed from her unique aura of good fortune.

At the time when Shen Huai married Lin Wangshu, he had already ascended to the position of family head.

But now, Shen Huai was embroiled in internal strife within the Shen family.

He had even forgotten about Lin Wangshu.

The only reason he remembered Lin Wangshu now was because of that dream.

In the dream, he had learned about Lin Wangshu’s uniqueness in advance.

This meant that his current contact with Lin Wangshu was driven by selfish motives. He hoped that Lin Wangshu’s good fortune could benefit him.

This time, when Shen Huai contacted Lin Wangshu, his heart was no longer pure.

As for their future relationship, whether they would end up together or get married, it was uncertain.

Lin Wangshu was unaware of the true reasons behind his contact with her. When she received Shen Huai’s letter again, she was overjoyed and relieved.

In the letter, she expressed understanding and willingness to forgive Shen Huai.

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  1. I like this aunt xin so I hope this Shen Huai can awaken before he married Lin Wangsu although I know he is no a cannon fodder

    1. Think carefully, the guy is quite willing to involve and traffic an innocent family as a “blood bag”.
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      1. Well I know he is a vicious person wiling to traffic people as “blood bag” but as I said I just like his Aunt Xin for how she raised and protected Shen Huai from being his grandfather’s blood reserve, so, maybe just maybe if he awakens free from the twisted author’s storyline then he may realise how he avoided from being a blood bag of his grandfather hence he should not do so to the others.
        Anyway it’s just my imagination, we have to see how the story continues onwards isn’t it?

  2. I take back what I said about Aunt Xin earlier, I thought she might have been complacent in the baby being tr*icked, but no, she was already gone before then. Rest in peace, auntie!!

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  4. I can’t bring myself to care about them. The novel is a bit to over the place for my taste. Given Lin Wangshu’s double identity as Xu Jinwen her would be spouse here won’t have a good time anyway. So I can’t really muster much interest in how he’s faring rn.

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