Chapter 217 – Xu and Wen’s Marriage

Lin Wangshu and Shen Huai’s affairs were unknown to Xu Jinning at the time; her entire attention was focused on her eldest brother and sister-in-law.

That’s right, the wedding date of Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan had arrived.

A few days ago, they had already obtained their marriage certificate, and today was the day they hosted their wedding banquet.

Today’s bride, Wen Yulan, was stunning enough to impress everyone.

“Is this Wen Yulan? How could she be Wen Yulan? Wasn’t she an ugly girl?”

“Yeah, I remember her face being dark and rough before. Why is it so fair and smooth now?”

“Is this really Wen Yulan? She’s not ugly at all, she’s a celestial beauty.”

“But we only saw Wen Yulan with a dark face and lowered head before, we didn’t really see her features clearly. Maybe she really looks like this.”

“Her parents were good-looking, how could Wen Yulan be ugly?”

“So, she deliberately pretended to be ugly? Why?”

“Why?! She’s an orphan, if she had always shown this face, could she have lasted until now to marry Xu Xiangdong? If she hadn’t pretended to be ugly, she would probably have been sold off by her cruel uncle and aunt long ago.”

“Yeah, her uncle and aunt are not good people. So, the fact that she could deceive them until now shows her intelligence.”

“If I had known Wen Yulan was so beautiful, I would have married her long ago. I love this look!” said a young man in red, looking at the stunning Wen Yulan with hearts in his eyes, his heart pounding.

He fell in love at first sight with Wen Yulan.

Unfortunately, just as he saw Wen Yulan for the first time and felt something in his heart for the first time, Wen Yulan had already become someone else’s wife. It was heart-wrenching, truly heart-wrenching, and regrettable, really regrettable.

The young man was not just speaking for himself; he was voicing the sentiments of the other young men present as well.

Which young man wouldn’t want to marry a wife as beautiful as a celestial being?

And Wen Yulan was more beautiful than any girl they had ever seen.

It’s a pity that Wen Yulan had now been married off to Xu Xiangdong, and they no longer had a chance.

Xu Xiangdong was also cunning; he must have known long ago how stunning Wen Yulan looked, which is why he hurried to marry her.

As for Xu Xiangdong, he had seen Wen Yulan’s true appearance before, but today, in her red dress and makeup, every smile and frown made her even more stunning.

The moment he saw her, he was stunned.

It took him a while to snap out of it, and then he just rubbed his head and smiled foolishly.

He was also very fortunate and happy to have married such a beautiful, gentle, and mutually loving wife.

He was indeed very lucky.

Of course, not everyone felt the same way. Two people with entirely different feelings was Wen Yulan’s uncle and aunt.

“Old man, did you see that? Who is she, is that Wen Yulan, that damn girl?” Aunt Wen looked at the incredibly beautiful Wen Yulan in disbelief.

“It’s her. She fooled all of us.”

“I never expected it. That damn girl is cruel and smart.”

“We can never scheme against her again, we can never control her.” Uncle Wen sighed with a cigarette in hand, his face solemn.

“I knew it, that damn girl is cunning.”

“We’ve been fooled by her, fooled by her,” Aunt Wen regretted deeply.

She didn’t regret not treating Wen Yulan well before or doing bad things to her.

What she regretted was not discovering Wen Yulan’s true face sooner.

She regretted not seeing Wen Yulan’s beautiful face earlier. She knew very well how much men liked Wen Yulan’s beautiful face and what value it held.

Married off, she could definitely fetch a high price.

She truly regretted it.

If only she had known Wen Yulan’s true face earlier, if Wen Yulan had remained as timid and obedient as before, it would have been so much better.

Unfortunately, it was impossible now, everything was impossible!

She realized too late. Now that Wen Yulan was married and had changed, even calculating against them, they couldn’t control Wen Yulan anymore.

So, even though she regretted it deeply, all she could do was watch helplessly and regret silently in her heart.

The only one in the Wen family who knew about Wen Yulan’s beautiful face beforehand was Wen Huihui.

But Wen Huihui had already married and started her new life in the city.

Her battlefield was in the city, in the future. As for the others, including the Dahe Production Brigade that gave her nightmares, she would never come back, nor would there be any contact.

Wen Yulan’s wedding day truly caused a stir among the nearby production brigades.

Because Wen Yulan’s real beautiful face, contrasting with the previously dark and indistinct features, created a huge contrast.

Also, the betrothal gifts from the Xu family to Wen Yulan, including the three turns and one ring and the bride price given, were substantial and valuable.

You could say that the Xu family treated Wen Yulan with great respect and valued her as a daughter-in-law.

The Xu family also arranged several lavish banquet tables to entertain the relatives and friends who attended the wedding.

One thing that particularly moved Wen Yulan was when Xu Aiguo, Zhang Ailian, and Xu Xiangdong said that their first child, whether a boy or a girl, would bear the Wen surname.

They understood the importance of family lineage and knew that in this generation of the Wen family, Wen Yulan was the only daughter her parents had.

If possible, they didn’t want the lineage and family line of the Wen family to end with Wen Yulan’s generation.

So, they made this decision.

When Wen Yulan first heard this decision from Xu Xiangdong, her eyes turned red, tears fell, and she was deeply moved.

Besides saying thank you, Wen Yulan didn’t know how else to express her feelings at that moment.

But saying thank you seemed too formal.

So, in the end, Wen Yulan didn’t say much more. She agreed with the decision, hoping that someone would continue the Wen family’s lineage.

She silently kept this gratitude in her heart.

Also, the inner thought vision of her younger sister-in-law Xu Jinning had directly changed her fate.

You could say that the whole Xu family was her benefactor.

Because of the Xu family’s presence, she had her present life and a promising future.

Wen Yulan also decided that she would have more children with Xu Xiangdong in the future. The Xu family members were so good—kind, with good personalities, and good in every way—that their family line should indeed continue.

Wen Yulan’s eyes were full of determination.

So, on the night of their wedding, as soon as Xu Xiangdong entered the room, she pulled him onto the bed, ready to have children with him.

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Three turns and one ring – bicycle, sewing machine, watch, and a radio

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