Chapter 218 – Entering October

Time flew by after Xu Xiangdong and Wen Yulan got married.

Soon enough, it was already October 1981.

Xu Jinning knew that in the book, October 1981 was a special date.

It came quickly, very quickly!

Before October, some things happened to the people around Xu Jinning.

For example, Xu Jinning herself, under the joint tutoring of her big sister Xu Fanghua and Cai Shumin, combined with a foundation in modern learning—even though it was the foundation of a study slacker—due to the efforts of the two great teachers and her own hard work, she managed to pass the exams and obtain graduation certificates for elementary and middle school.

As for high school knowledge, she was currently studying it.

Xu Jinning found that after crossing over, her learning ability seemed to have improved.

Her memory visibly improved, she remembered the knowledge she had learned well, quickly understood and absorbed the knowledge explained by Xu Fanghua and Cai Shumin, and applied it to solve problems.

Gradually, Xu Jinning realized…

“I don’t seem to be a study slacker anymore…”

“What does ‘study slacker’ mean? Is it about being bad at studying?” Xu Fanghua asked when she heard her muttering.

“It means having poor learning ability and bad grades,” Xu Jinning explained.

“Oh, I see. Little sister, do you think you’re a study slacker? Bad at learning? Poor grades?” Xu Fanghua was shocked.

“Little sister, with your learning ability, you’re a genius! Why are you so lacking in confidence? With your learning ability, if you’re a study slacker, how can others survive?”

Xu Jinning: “…” Big sister, even if you want to praise your little sister, you don’t have to be so exaggerated.

Xu Jinning never considered herself a genius. Before transmigrating, she was a little fool. After transmigrating, her memory, learning ability, and analytical skills improved, but Xu Jinning still thought she was just average or at most slightly better than ordinary people. She was far from being a genius.

Xu Fanghua’s claim that Xu Jinning was a genius was indeed an exaggeration. However, Xu Jinning’s current learning ability was just a hair’s breadth away from that of a genius.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to obtain both her elementary and middle school graduation certificates in just over a year and now be studying high school material.

It was almost October, and the college entrance examination was about to be reinstated.

Xu Fanghua learned from Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts that the college entrance examination would be reinstated in October this year, with the first exam scheduled for December.

Xu Jinning had only been studying high school material for a short time, so it would be difficult for her to achieve a good score in the December exam.

However, Ningning’s inner thoughts also mentioned that there would be another college entrance examination next summer, which would be the second session of the exam.

Ningning also said that these two college entrance examinations would be the most valuable.

Xu Fanghua believed that it would be better for Xu Jinning to take the second college entrance examination in the city.

However, she also anticipated that there would be a large number of participants in both the first and second exams nationwide, and the difficulty of the second exam might increase significantly.

These two college entrance examinations would be like a thousand troops crossing a single-log bridge.

Knowing before marriage that the college entrance examination would be reinstated this year, Xu Fanghua and Song Yi temporarily avoided pregnancy after their wedding.

They planned to wait at least until after the college entrance examination before considering having children.

As for Song Yi, he had previously graduated from high school. Although he was now a doctor at Anren County Hospital, his educational background was relatively weak.

Despite his strong professional skills, he lacked the relevant academic qualifications.

Nowadays, things were still manageable, but it was uncertain if it would affect promotions and further studies in the future.

Song Yi wanted to pursue further studies because he felt his current abilities were still insufficient. There was no end to learning, and the same applied to medicine.

So, he wanted to take the college entrance examination, continue his studies, and acquire more specialized and advanced skills.

As for promotions…

Originally, Song Yi had planned to work as a doctor in Anren County after retiring, remaining in a remote area.

However, after experiencing the events involving Xu Jinning and the Lin family, Song Yi deeply understood the importance of status, power, and ability.

Only by having a sufficiently high status, strong professional skills, and ample authority could he protect those he loved and those who loved him.

Therefore, Song Yi, who had never been particularly ambitious, decided to strive for more.

After learning from Xu Fanghua that the college entrance examination might be reinstated, he had been preparing for it. Both he and Xu Fanghua aimed to attend universities in Beijing.

Xu Fanghua’s target was Beijing University, while his target was Beijing Medical University.

If both of them got into universities in Beijing, they could stay together and avoid a long-distance relationship.

Besides Xu Fanghua, and others like Cai Shumin and Song Yi, who had learned in advance from Xu Jinning that the college entrance examination would be reinstated, were also quietly studying and preparing for the exam.

Among the educated youth, there were also those who had gotten the news early and were doing the same.

These people were Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci.

On the day of their wedding, they saw and learned a lot from Xu Jinning’s inner thought images.

The reinstatement of the college entrance examination was good news for both of them.

So, after their wedding, they also avoided pregnancy and focused on preparing for the exam.

Of course, they were constantly harassed by Xu Ci’s cousin.

She tried to use Fu Zhixu’s mother, always hoping that Fu Zhixu would return to the city.

Unfortunately, she failed every time.

After getting married, Fu Zhixu received many letters from his mother, but he never replied and had no intention of leaving the Qinghe Production Brigade. He was determined to stay with Xu Ci.

He received the letters from his mother, but merely glanced at them without responding.

It seemed that Mother Fu realized her plans were not working and suspected that Fu Zhixu had figured out her true intentions for wanting him to return.

Thus, the content of her letters changed.

Initially, she used various excuses to appear weak and even pretended to be ill. Later, the letters turned into outright scolding.

She explicitly stated that she knew about his marriage to Xu Ci, expressed her disapproval and anger, and demanded that Fu Zhixu leave Xu Ci and return to the city.

In the end, Fu Zhixu stopped reading the letters altogether.

He tossed the letters aside, held Xu Ci’s hand, and reaffirmed his choice.


Sun Meiwen, who had married before Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci, had already given birth to a child.

It was a boy.

Both Zhao Hongxing and Mother Zhao, who initially didn’t like her much, adored the boy deeply and treated him like a treasure.

Even Mother Zhao, who had been indifferent towards Sun Meiwen, became much kinder because of the child.

Nowadays, Sun Meiwen had Mother Zhao taking care of the child, so she had nothing to do but eat and drink every day.

Her life now was much better than it had been in the educated youth spot.

The only downside was that Zhao Hongxing wasn’t the man she loved. Even though they were now married, the only person she loved was Fu Zhixu.

She didn’t like Zhao Hongxing at all and had married him out of desperation and coercion.

Because she didn’t like Zhao Hongxing, she also felt indifferent towards the child.

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  1. I hope Fu Zhixu’s mother doesn’t take drastic actions against him and Xu Ci, particularly in terms of physical harm. As for Zhao Hongxing, I just feel sorry for her child, but at least her baby will get the love and care he needs from his father and grandmother. I have a feeling, though, that she’ll try to take the college entrance exams and pass them, thereby leaving her newborn son, which would just be terrible.

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    1. Actually it’s fine if she leaves. The marriage isn’t happy and she doesn’t love the child. The love the child can get will come from his father and grandmother either way.

      This isn’t like the guy who put on a mask to marry the village leader’s daughter but would push her down a cliff to leave. The Sun girl and Zhao boy are very clear about the kind of people they are. Neither can really blame the other but there’s also no reason to stay together forever. She gained better food and lodging by paying with her body and he had his fun and got a male descant to carry on the family line by providing food and lodging.

      Continuing their current arrangement might bring more children into the world but if she feels like her future path lies in the university entrance exams and isn’t allowed to take them she’ll grow resentful and that will have negative impact on the child(ren).

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