Chapter 219 – College Quota for Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers

Another point was that she didn’t like rural life at all.

Sun Meiwen constantly wished to return to the city. She had no desire to become a rural village woman or spend her whole life in the countryside. She believed she belonged in the city, where she could have a vast space to realize her potential. The city was her stage, where she could truly shine.

Sun Meiwen wanted to go back to the city, but she also understood that given the current situation, it was uncertain how long it would take for her to return.

So, she could only wait temporarily in this desolate countryside.

Similar to Sun Meiwen, another woman who gave birth this year was Wei Rou.

Wei Rou gave birth even earlier than Sun Meiwen.

She also had a boy.

Both Mother Yang and Yang Zhiwen were very happy when they saw the boy, knowing that with this child, the Yang family line would continue.

Wei Rou watched them pamper the child, her eyes filled with cold indifference whenever they weren’t looking.

Then, a relaxed and confident expression took over her face.

The child was born.

And it was a boy—perfect.

Although she didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl, a boy was better.

This way, she could use the child to manipulate Mother Yang and Yang Zhiwen.

Now that the child was born, her plan could proceed.

Yang Zhiwen, Mother Yang, and her own parents…

She wouldn’t spare any of these four people!


Another notable piece of news was that Xu Jinning’s sister-in-law was already six months pregnant.

Wen Yulan married into the Xu family in the spring.

She was determined to bear many children for the Xu family, so after the wedding, she actively tried to conceive.

Wen Yulan’s efforts quickly paid off; just over a month after the wedding, she found out she was pregnant.

At three months, it was revealed that she was expecting twins.

The genders were still unknown.

Even so, this news brought great joy to the entire Xu family.

The happiest of all was naturally Wen Yulan, who had eagerly anticipated the arrival of children.

Now, with her and her husband’s efforts, not only was she pregnant, but she was expecting twins. How could she not be overjoyed?

While Wen Yulan was thrilled, Xu Xiangdong was more concerned.

When he learned that Wen Yulan was carrying twins, his initial joy quickly turned to worry.

Pregnancy itself was risky, and carrying twins was even more so.

Xu Xiangdong was so anxious that he started experiencing pregnancy symptoms himself.

Yes, he exhibited symptoms of morning sickness. He couldn’t eat anything without vomiting and became extremely sensitive to certain smells.

Meanwhile, Wen Yulan, the actual pregnant one, was eating, drinking, and sleeping well, full of energy.

In the end, it was Wen Yulan, the expectant mother, who became worried about Xu Xiangdong, the father-to-be.

Xu Xiangdong became so debilitated by nausea that he was too weak to go to work, confined to bed, pale and exhausted, looking quite pitiful.

Wen Yulan and the others had no idea what was going on with Xu Xiangdong.

How could it be that Wen Yulan was pregnant, but Xu Xiangdong, the father-to-be, was the one experiencing morning sickness? It was truly bizarre.

However, Xu Jinning had a rough idea of what was happening, so she teased, “Big Brother loves Sister-in-law so much that he can’t bear for her to suffer from morning sickness, so he’s taking it on himself.”

Xu Jinning wasn’t making this up. She had heard about this phenomenon in modern times.

Everyone was stunned by this explanation.

Wen Yulan, in particular, looked at Xu Xiangdong with teary eyes, full of emotion.

“Xiangdong, you’re so wonderful.”

She had never heard of a man experiencing morning sickness out of love and concern for his pregnant wife, but her Xiangdong had done it.

Her Xiangdong was truly amazing!

As for Xu Xiangdong, he initially didn’t understand what was happening to him. But after hearing Xu Jinning’s explanation, he felt it made a lot of sense.

He had been puzzled by his condition, but now that he knew he was suffering in place of Yulan, he was happy to do so, more than happy! He couldn’t ask for more.

Forget morning sickness—if he could, he would have gladly borne the child himself.

After all, it was their child; it didn’t matter who carried it.

If he could bear the child, Yulan, a delicate woman, wouldn’t have to suffer.

Xu Xiangdong’s morning sickness symptoms lasted for two months before they disappeared.

Meanwhile, Wen Yulan didn’t experience any symptoms at all and was in excellent condition.

After recovering, Xu Xiangdong stayed by her side at all times, taking care of her.

The Xu family also placed great importance on Wen Yulan.

Zhang Ailian, who was an excellent cook, frequently prepared delicious and nutritious meals for Wen Yulan to help her stay healthy.

Of course, Wen Yulan wasn’t allowed to do any heavy farm work. If she wanted to help with household chores, she was given only light tasks.

Wen Yulan initially thought that her living conditions were already quite good after getting married. However, she was pleasantly surprised to see that her quality of life improved even more after becoming pregnant.

Everyone treated her exceptionally well.

As a result, Wen Yulan easily got through the first six months of her pregnancy.

Now, with twins, her belly was quite large.

She walked carefully, and Xu Xiangdong watched her every move with great concern, always ready to support her to ensure her safety.


In early October, a piece of news suddenly spread through the Qinghe Production Brigade.

It was announced that there was a slot available for the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University, intended for one of the educated youths who had been sent to the countryside in recent years.

This news caused a stir among the educated youths, whether they were unmarried or already married.

A slot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University was highly coveted.

With this opportunity, they could not only attend university but also return to the city!

Returning to the city was a dream shared by all the educated youths who had been sent to the countryside.

Unfortunately, some of the educated youths had been in the countryside for almost ten years. These once fresh-faced teenagers were now nearing thirty, with families of their own.

In nearly a decade, they had largely integrated into the production brigade, losing much of their connection with their families in the city. Over time, some had nearly forgotten they were city dwellers.

Yet, despite having families and children of their own now, the hope of returning to the city remained a persistent longing.

For many, returning to the city had become an obsession.

Of course, the desire to return was not as strong among those who had been married for many years and had established families in the countryside.

The younger educated youths and those who had recently married had the strongest desire to return to the city.

The educated youths at the educated youth spot were all abuzz, discussing who the lucky one would be to receive the slot to return to the city.

They were also speculating on how to secure the slot. Should they approach the captain? Offer gifts? Or seek connections?

At this point, the slot was available, but who would receive it was still unknown.

This meant everyone had a chance.

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