The Abandoned Son Ch.154

Chapter 154 — The Little Secret Realm of Heaven’s Palace

Seeing Ye Fan approaching, Ruo Shui’s aura could not help but drop a bit, and he bluffed: “What are you going to do? Go away!”

Ye Fan looked at Ruo Shui, blinked and said, “You’re the one who injured my cousin?”

Ruo Shui bit her lip and didn’t answer. Ruo Shui never thought that her luck would be so bad, at the auction, she just hit a mortal casually, but she actually provoked such a big evil star and pushed their master to her death.

Ye Fan kicked Ruo Shui and sent her flying.

“That’s my cousin! My cousin is someone you can just casually hit?” Ye Fan said unhappily.

Ruo Yun felt the rapid loss of spiritual energy in Ruo Shui’s body, and the symptoms are exactly the same as that of their master before. Is her junior sister also becoming an ordinary person?

Ruo Yun glanced at Ye Fan and said indifferently, “Young Master Ye, I know the location of Heaven’s Palace, and I also know a few places where Master hid things. As long as you let me go, I can take you there.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ruo Shui looked at Ruoyun a little agitatedly, “Senior Sister, Master treats you so well, but you actually do this, are you worthy of Master?”

Feeling the loss of spiritual energy in the body, Ruo Shui has a feeling that life is worse than death.

After cultivating, Ruo Shui always had a feeling of being superior to others. Seeing that her years of cultivation has been destroyed in one fell swoop, Ruo Shui is angry, and feels a deep regret and bitterness in her heart.

Ruo Yun said indifferently: “Master said that those who cultivate self-cultivation go against heavens and step on the corpses of others to achieve immortality. Master is already dead, and I still want to live.”

“You betrayed your master and harmed your ancestors, you will suffer retribution,” Ruo Shui said viciously.

Ruo Yun looked at Ruo Shui and said disdainfully, “You know how Senior Sister Ruo He died? She died after her spiritual power was absorbed by Master, but you still do your best to collect spiritual medicine for Master. The higher Master’s strength is, the sooner we die.”

Ruo Shui frowned and said, “You are talking nonsense.”

Ruo Yun ignored Ruo Shui and said, “Young Master Ye, let’s go.”

Taoitie Ghost looked at Ruo Yun, blinked with amazement, and said, “Girl, you are quite aware of the situation!”

Ruo Yun smiled bitterly. In this generation of Heaven’s Palace, talents are withered, except for her master, there are no other masters. Once her master dies, Heaven’s Palace will be scattered, she must go back early. Master has offended many people in his early years, and if the news of master’s death spreads, the people who coveted the Heaven’s Palace’s treasures should come together soon. She has to take some valuables first before the Heaven’s Palace gets destroyed.

Ye Fan followed Ruo Yun to the place where Heaven’s Palace was.

“Little Secret Realm!” Ye Fan said in surprise. The place where the Heaven’s Palace is is a space of its own, which is very magical.

“This secret realm is said to be left by the founding master of Heaven’s Palace,” Ruo Yun said.

As soon as Ye Fan entered the small secret realm, he felt a strong spiritual energy, “This place is not bad!”

“Bah! No way, those little secret realms 2,000 years ago were not light in aura like this. Now this place is just a little better than the ghostly place outside,” Taotie Ghost said lazily.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, yes! It is better than nothing!”

As soon as Ji Wen died, there were only a few soldiers left in the Heaven’s Palace. Two of them wanted to stop Ye Fan, so Ye Fan casually kicked them away.

Ye Fan followed Ruo Yun to an attic, “This is the place where Master cultivates. Usually, no one else can approach it. Before, there was a junior sister who didn’t know the rules and trespassed on Master’s site and was beaten to death.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Your master is harsh enough!”

Ruo Yun smiled and didn’t reply, and took Ye Fan into the attic, “There is a medicine garden behind the attic, I have only seen it once. The medicine garden should have a forbidden formation, the formation is said to be left by the ancestors a thousand years ago. There was once someone who entered the medicine garden privately and wanted to steal the spiritual medicine, but was injured by the formation in the courtyard and died in the medicine garden.”

Taotie Ghost said lazily: “This place is the old site of Heaven’s Palace. When the people of Heaven’s Palace left, it was given to your ancestor to occupy, your ancestor really took advantage of it.”

Ruo Yun smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Ye Fan walked to the medicine garden and was shocked, “Oh, I’m rich!”

There are a lot of spiritual herbs planted in the medicine garden, not only the blood dragon ginseng that Ye Fan was looking for, but also the ice soul fruit. In this way, the spiritual grass that Ye Fan needs is only the fish scale grass and the bloody fruit.

Ruo Yun watched Ye Fan rush to the medicine garden excitedly, and did not remind Ye Fan of the forbidden formation.

Seeing that Ye Fan rushed into the medicine garden with no accident, Ruo Yun couldn’t help being a little surprised.

Taotie Ghost looked at Ye Fan, giggled and said, “Little Missy, Ye Fan is okay? Are you disappointed?”

Ruo Yun smiled and said, “How come?”

“You’re not disappointed, I’m a little disappointed. If this idiot dies, I will be free.” Taotie Ghost floated in the air, muttering, “This idiot Ye Fan knows a lot!” The forbidden formation was broken, and the speed was too fast. If you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t see it.

Ye Fan returned with a pile of spiritual herbs, and the news of Ji Wen’s death in Ye Fan’s hands spread like wildfire.

“Cousin, how are you?” Ye Fan walked into the room and asked.

Wu Sihan smiled and said, “I’m almost recovered.”

As soon as Ye Fan left, he almost recovered. Later, people came to give him gifts one after another. In less than three days, his hand was really softened.

“Did you get that ginseng back?” Wu Sihan asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I got it back. Such a good thing, of course it can’t be cheap for others.”

“Cousin, you are very popular!” Ye Fan said.

Wu Sihan smiled and said, “Those people want to please you.” However, Ye Fan’s taste seemed too expensive, so they all gave it to himself.

“It’s all free, you can take it.”

Wu Sihan nodded and said, “Okay.”

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Yang family.

“Sister, Ji Wen was killed by Ye Fan,” Yang Ao said.

Yang Lengxue nodded and said, “I heard, Ye Fan is really famous now.”

Ye Fan killed Ji Wen, and now in the ancient martial arts circle, no one dared to provoke Ye Fan. Mu Lianping was lucky to have a relationship with such a powerful person.

“This time, Mu Lianping is going to be more arrogant,” Yang Ao said unhappily.

“Mu family’s group of old foxes, Mu Lianping betrayed the family, this group of people not only did not deal with him, but let him leave the Mu family. This kind of person, if it came out in our Yang family, would have been dealt with long ago,” Yang Lengxue said. But she is clear in her heart that if there is a person like Mu Lianping in the Yang family, the patriarch of the family will most likely make the same choice.

Yang Ao sighed and said, “Those guys are still hoping to have a good relationship with Ye Fan, so they won’t deal with him at all.” After Yang Lengxue was injured, his status in the family plummeted a lot. Without Yang Lengxue as a backer, his little followers also stayed away from him. The sudden gap made Yang Ao grow a lot.

Yang Lengxue nodded and said, “Yeah! The Mu family has even sent out Mu Shiyu.” Mu Shiyu was the next patriarch of the Mu family, but was sent to the Bai family to protect the Bai family, which was a bit overkill.

“I heard that Ye Fan raided the old nest of Heaven’s Palace, I don’t know how many good things he got. Now, he is so rich!” Yang Ao said with some jealousy.

“Mysterious bird egg should indeed be in that guy’s hands,” Yang Lengxue said with jealousy.

The news of Ye Fan’s possession of the mysterious bird egg was something that the Yang family helped to spread out. However, the Yang family was not very sure whether the mysterious bird egg was really in Ye Fan’s hands.


Inside the hotel.

Chen Ran came out of the shower and saw George eating his duck intestines, which was almost done.

Chen Ran looked at George angrily and said, “You ate my supper.”

George blinked and said, “Ran Ran, this thing tastes good! It’s just a little spicy, and my lips are throbbing now, as if I’ve been poisoned.”

Chen Ran said viciously: “Just die if you eat it. Before, when I went to buy it, didn’t you say you’d rather die than give in? You said that you didn’t want to eat duck intestines because you were afraid of being poisoned. Are you not afraid of death now?”

George looked at Chen Ran, smiled embarrassedly, and said, “I’m just helping you taste this thing to see if it’s really edible. I tried it and found that it tastes good. I didn’t pay attention, so I almost finished it. However, there is still some left, do you want to eat Ran Ran? If you don’t eat it, I will eat it all. “

Chen Ran: “…Eat it, eat it, see if it doesn’t kill you.” There’s only a little bit left, let him eat what ah?

There was a knock on the door, and Chen Ran opened it.

“Big brother, it’s you!” Seeing the person at the door, Chen Ran couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.

“Big brother, what are you doing here? Brother, why are you in a wheelchair? Did you hurt your leg?” George looked at Chloe with some concern and said.

Chloe raised his head, looked at George, and said, “My legs are fine, it’s my body that’s dying. My body is showing symptoms of muscle atrophy, and it’s getting worse, the doctor said I only have two months left.”

George looked at Chloe, blinked, and said, “Oh, dear brother, you are joking with me again, this joke is not funny. Even if you make such a joke, I will not break up with Ran Ran, we are already married.”

Chloe took a deep breath and said, “I also hope I’m joking, but no. Father hopes you can go back and inherit the family business.”

George shook his head and said: “I can’t, I’m not suitable, I still like to travel everywhere. Brother, I went to a ghost village two days ago, it was very interesting. I really hope you can go and see, but at this stage, I think it’s better to see a doctor first.”

“The best doctor in country M said that it was hopeless,” Chloe said.

George said nonchalantly: “The doctor in country M said there is no help, but that doesn’t mean the doctors in China can’t. Brother, there are many powerful doctors here, we can go ask Master Hua Tuo!”

The corner of Chen Yan’s mouth twitched and said, “Master Hua Tuo has been dead for more than 1,800 years, where can we find him?”

Chloe rolled his eyes and said, “George, you say that you like Chinese culture, but you only know half of it. Master Hua Tuo is dead and can’t be found.”

“It doesn’t matter, we can find the Butterfly Valley Medical Immortal, he can bring back the dead!” George said with his eyes shining.

Chloe looked at George, speechless.

Chen Ran: “…”


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