The Abandoned Son Ch.153

Chapter 153 — Heaven’s Palace Sect Master

Ye Fan stepped on the flying sword and flew in mid-air, with a concealment talisman on his body, and followed a taxi without hesitation.

Ye Fan’s cell phone suddenly rang.

“Where are you now?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“I’m in the air, the phone signal doesn’t seem to be very good,” Ye Fan said lightly.

“Are you using a concealment talisman while on the air? Don’t let anyone take pictures,” Bai Yunxi said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I’m using it, I’m not that stupid!”

Bai Yunxi looked at the phone and secretly said: How stupid you are, you really don’t know.

“What are you doing in the air?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“I’m chasing that woman, she got into a taxi, there are too many people, I can’t do it here,” Ye Fan said regretfully.

Bai Yunxi took a deep breath and said, “Try to find a place where there are few people and don’t cause a commotion.”

Ye Fan put away his mobile phone and said, “Understood, I will try to hide it as much as possible.”

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Ruo Shui sat in the taxi and looked backwards, “Sister, he didn’t catch up, I don’t think this Ye Fan is anything remarkable.”

Ruo Yun frowned and had a vague feeling of being watched, “I still feel a little uneasy.”

Ruo Shui hummed lightly and said, “Let’s go back to the villa.”

Ruo Yun hesitated for a moment and suggested, “Or we should go find a bar to sit in, if there are many people, that guy will definitely not mess around.”

“Bar? I won’t go there. That kind of place is smoky, and there are those ignorant men who will lean on me. It’s disgusting,” Ruo Shui said with disgust.

Ruo Yun said with some embarrassment: “But it’s not safe for us to go back to the villa now.”

Ruo Shui looked at the information on the phone and said happily: “Master is here, we can go back to the villa.”

Ruo Yun let out a sigh of relief and said, “Master is here? Then even if Ye Fan finds the door, it doesn’t matter.”

Ruo Shui nodded and said with excitement, “Master is here, let’s see if that Ye Fan still dares to come looking for trouble, if he comes looking for trouble, he is seeking his own death.”

Ye Fan stepped on the flying sword and followed the taxi all the way to the villa.

“Master,” Ruo Shui saw Ji Wen full of joy and greeted her.

“Master, someone is hunting me down,” Ruo Shui said, a little aggrieved.

Ji Wen nodded and said indifferently: “I already know the matter. We cultivators go against heavens for immortality. Fighting for resources is inevitable, it only depends on who is more capable.”

“Master, I may have killed that person,” Ruo Shui said.

“If that ordinary person dies, then he dies, it’s not a big deal. Ancient cultivators also climbed to the top with their tired bones,” Ji Wen said lightly.

“Master, that Ye Fan’s cultivation base doesn’t seem to be low, and it seems that he is also cultivating self-cultivation,” Ruo Yun said.

Ji Wen looked at Ruo Yun and said, “Are you sure?”

Ji Wen frowned. More than two thousand years ago, Heaven’s Palace was a big sect. There were many masters in the sect. Back then, the heaven and the earth changed, and the supply of spiritual energy was not enough, Heaven’s Palace had to withdraw from Earth.

In fact, the current Heaven’s Palace is not the original Heaven’s Palace at all.

Now, Heaven’s Palace’s founding master was just a tea-serving maid of one of Heaven’s Palace’s disciples. Because of her poor aptitude, she was not taken away. The people of Heaven’s Palace left in a hurry and left some things behind.

Those things were collected by the founding master and became the capital of the Heaven’s Palace later.

Because the founding master was only a tea-serving maid from Heaven’s Palace, she didn’t get the true inheritance of Heaven’s Palace, and Heaven’s Palace’s cultivation method only reached the ninth level of Qi cultivation.

After the changes in heaven and earth, it is difficult to build a foundation. Most of the seniors of the sect have not cultivated to the ninth level of Qi cultivation in their entire lives because the exercises are incomplete.

However, the sect still had an amazing and talented ancestor. The ancestor reached the ninth level of Qi training before she was forty years old. After that, the ancestor could hardly make any progress. After years of research, the ancestor found that the sect did not have a foundation-building technique at all, and it was also because of the investigation of the ancestor that she discovered the true origin of the founding master.

The origin of the founding master is not a glorious thing, and only the ancestor of the Heaven’s Palace knows the origin of the founding master.

The astonishing and brilliant ancestor searched everywhere for foundation-building exercises. However, there were many people who practiced ancient martial arts, but very few people who practiced self-cultivation. She cultivated to the ninth level of Qi cultivation, but she did not make any progress for more than 50 years, and finally died.

The ancestor left a will, asking future disciples to find a way to find a foundation-building cultivation method.

Ji Wen secretly said: If Ye Fan is really practicing self-cultivation, then maybe there is a foundation-building chapter.

“Ye Fan, where is he?” Ji Wen asked.

Ruo Shui said happily: “Master, do you want to find him?”

Ji Wen nodded and said, “Yes, he may have stolen our sect’s exercises.”

“Are you looking for me? I’m here,” Ye Fan stepped on the flying sword, flying in mid-air.

Ye Fan frowned, looking down at the woman on the ground, a bit of ridicule flashed in his heart, stealing the exercises, the exercises he practiced were given by the Heavenly Dao when he was born, he doesn’t need to steal.

Ruo Shui jumped in shock when he saw Ye Fan suddenly appear in the air.

“Sure enough, he is also a self-cultivator,” Ruo Yun said.

The ancient martial arts practitioners can only fly in the sky when they reach the Innate stage, however, they do not need to cultivate spiritual energy. As long as the aura is enough, they can fly with the sword.

Ye Fan looked down at Ji Wen, stepped on the flying sword, and fell to the ground.

Ji Wen looked at Ye Fan, a bit of greed flashed in her eyes.

Ye Fan looked at Ji Wen, and said with some confusion: “You are a self-cultivator? A half-assed one then.”

When Ye Fan spoke, Ji Wen finally came to her senses and said in annoyance, “What did you say?”

Ye Fan squinted his eyes, looked at Ji Wen, and said, “You have absorbed the vital energy of the ancient martial arts practitioners. The spiritual energy and vital energy in your body are mixed together. You can easily go berserk and die by exploding your body.”

Ji Wen looked at Ye Fan coldly and said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Ye Fan pouted and said, “Just think I’m talking nonsense. Where is the blood dragon ginseng, hand it over!”


Ye Fan snorted and said, “That’s what my cousin bought for me, it’s mine.”

“What if I don’t give it to you?” Ji Wen asked with a sneer.

“Then when I kill you, I’ll find it myself,” Ye Fan said.

Ji Wen said angrily: “What a big talker.”

Ji Wen slashed towards Ye Fan with a sword, and Ye Fan casually greeted him.

“Hey, it’s actually the eighth level of Qi cultivation, but you have absorbed too many messy things, your foundation is unstable, and your actual strength is much worse,” Ye Fan said disdainfully.

“Shut up!” Ji Wen scolded angrily, but she was a little unsettled in her heart.

The two exchanged a dozen lightning-like moves.

Ji Wen took a few steps back with full of alertness, and a deep fear flashed in her heart.

Since the two met up to now, the other party has seen through her details at once, but she has not seen through the details of the other party at all.

Ji Wen felt that Ye Fan’s cultivation was lower than hers, but when they fought, Ji Wen felt suppressed.

The taoitie ghost figure floated out from the ghost flag, looked at Ji Wen, and said with some doubts: “The practice of Heaven’s Palace, is it possible that there are people in Heaven’s Palace who have been left behind? Impossible!”

Ji Wen looked at the taotie ghost that appeared beside Ye Fan and was startled, “What are you?”

Taotie Ghost bared its teeth, and said happily, “Guess.”

“Go.” Ye Fan didn’t answer Ji Wen’s words, he threw a stack of talismans at Ji Wen, and Ji Wen’s face paled.

Taotie Ghost frowned and said, “It’s boring, just smash her with the Xuanlong Seal and smash her into pancakes. Oh, I remembered, you are too weak, and the Xuanlong Seal will leave you impotent after one use.”

Ye Fan: “You are impotent.”

Ji Wen looked at Ye Fan fiercely, took out a round mirror, and said, “Ghost servant, come out!”

In Ji Wen’s mirror, a bunch of ghosts appeared, and the taotie ghost said happily: “The food delivery person is here, hurry up!”

“You don’t need to tell me, I also know.” Ye Fan took out the ghost flag, and collected all the ghosts that rushed over into the ghost flag.

Most of the ghosts that ran out of Ji Wen’s mirror were put into the ghost flag, and some of them fell into the mouth of the taotie ghost.

Most of the ghosts captured by the ghost flag will be gradually refined. However, the taotie ghost is obviously an exception. Not only has it not been refined, it has also absorbed some of the power of the ghosts of the ghost flags, becoming more and more solid.

Ji Wen couldn’t help being a little stunned when she saw that the Soul Capture Mirror didn’t work.

“It’s my turn.” Ye Fan raised his sword and slashed towards Ji Wen, who spat out a mouthful of blood.

“So weak! Heaven’s Palace practice shouldn’t be so weak! Right, the Heaven’s Palace practice for inner sect disciples is different from that of outer sect disciples. The inner sect disciples of Heaven’s Palace have all withdrawn, leaving the servants who brought tea and poured water. So you should be one of the disciples or the next generation of those servants. That’s why the practice of Heaven’s Palace is so poor now.”

After Ji Wen was slashed by Ye Fan and spit out a mouthful of blood, she was made to spit out a mouthful of blood again by the taotie ghost’s words.

“You are talking nonsense!” Ruo Shui has always been proud of being one of Heaven’s Palace’s people. The Heaven’s Palace people have a sense of superiority when facing the ancient martial arts practitioners. Ruo Shui simply cannot accept that she is a disciple of the servants of Heaven’s Palace.

Taotie looked at Ruo Shui with displeasure, and said, “Little bitch, do you think this uncle is lying? This uncle never lies!”

“It’s not that strong!” Ye Fan broke Ji Wen’s spiritual sea with a punch, and the spiritual energy and vital energy in Ji Wen’s body quickly disappeared. With the disappearance of Ji Wen’s aura in Ji Wen’s body, Ji Wen’s face suddenly grew several years old.

“You abolished me?!” Ji Wen said angrily.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, you should thank me. Originally, your body was mixed with spiritual energy and vital energy, and it was easy to explode and die. Now that you have become an ordinary person, you may be able to live a few more years. Where is the Blood Dragon Ginseng? Where is it?”

Ji Wen looked at Ye Fan and said, “You will never know.”

“This woman committed s**cide!” The taotie ghost said dully: “Ah! How can you be so thoughtless?” The cultivator’s soul is no better than ordinary people, and under normal circumstances, there is no way to capture it.

“What to do now?” Ye Fan said.

“Isn’t there two more?” Taotie Ghost laughed.

“Yes!” Ye Fan looked at Ruo Yun and Ruo Shui on the side.


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