The Abandoned Son Ch.155

Chapter 155 — Divine Doctor

Ye Fan happily played with the spiritual grass in the secret room under the villa.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan who couldn’t hide his joy, tilted his head and said, “Good harvest?”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “Yeah, it’s not bad, not only did I find the blood dragon ginseng, but also the ice soul fruit. As long as the fish scale grass and the blood fruit are found, I can boil the egg and advance to the eight-level of Qi cultivation. Let’s clean up, guests will arrive soon.”

Bai Yunxi said puzzledly: “Guests? What guests?”

“On the way back, I received a call from George. He said that his brother was dying and asked if I could introduce him to a divine doctor who could bring him back to life. I told him that I was a divine doctor, and he asked me to treat his brother,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi smiled and asked, “How much did you ask George?”

Ye Fan smiled proudly and said, “One billion!”

Bai Yunxi said in confusion, “George agreed?”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “Yes, but he said that he was kicked out of the house, most of his assets were frozen, and he could only pay me a deposit of 100 million yuan. His brother would pay the remaining 900 million once I cured his brother, his brother has lots of money!”

Bai Yunxi said in surprise: “The two brothers have a good relationship!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I guess so.”

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Inside the hotel.

“When are you going back to Country M with me?” Chloe asked.

George turned his head, looked at Chloe, and said inexplicably, “Go back to Country M? I won’t go back, I have to stay in China for a while. There are so many delicacies in China that I can’t finish it in my life!”

Chloe said displeased: “If I die, only Dad will support the family business, so why don’t you go back and see?”

“And Jeff!” George said.

George and Chloe also have a younger sister, Lisa, and Jeff is their brother-in-law. Chloe always felt that Jeff was too scheming and calculative.

Now that he is facing death, George has no intention of running the family business. If George doesn’t go back, the family business may fall into Jeff’s hands. Chloe always feels that if the family business falls into Jeff’s hands, his two young and ignorant siblings will not have a good end.

Chloe said displeased: “I can’t give it to him.” Compared with his brother-in-law, Chloe naturally trusted his brother more. “You need to go back as soon as possible.”

“Brother, I contacted a divine doctor for you,” George said.

Chloe gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t need a witch doctor!”

George shook his head and said, “He’s not a witch doctor, he’s a divine doctor. The medicine he makes can cure any disease.”

Chloe looked at George unhappily and said, “That’s all TV, it’s a lie!”

“I’ve paid the deposit,” George said.

Chloe took a serious look at George and said, “Deposit?”

George nodded and said, “Yes, the divine doctor has already accepted my appointment. The divine doctor is very busy, so let’s hurry over there. He won’t be available in a couple of days.”

Chloe twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “How much deposit did you pay?”

“One hundred million!” George said.

Chloe rolled his eyes and said angrily: “The family is rich, but you can’t be a prodigal. That divine doctor must have absconded with the money now.”

George said with disapproval: “Why am I a prodigal? Brother, I’m trying to cure you! Why don’t you appreciate it? Besides, how could the divine doctor escape? There is still the final payment of nine hundred million dollars unpaid.”

Chloe frowned and said, “900 million? Do you have that much money?”

“No. Brother, you know, when I left home, Dad froze most of my accounts, and I didn’t have much money.”

“Then how are you going to pay the 900 million?”

“Big brother, I’m looking for the divine doctor to cure you, so the money, of course, will be paid by you!”

Chloe sneered and said, “I’m not going to pay this money.”

George shook his head and said, “Big brother, you must pay, if you don’t pay, the divine doctor will beat you up.”

Chloe: “…”

“Let’s go over to the divine doctor early. I heard that the divine doctor lives in a haunted mansion with many ghosts, I want to see it,” George was full of excitement.

Looking at George, Chloe always felt that it was extremely stupid for him to come to find his younger brother when he was on his last days.


Inside the villa.

“You two are here.” Ye Fan was a little happy to see Zhang Xuan and Mu Lianping.

“This is a leaflet, this fish scale grass, and this blood fruit. Send this leaflet and offer a reward of one million.”

Zhang Xuan looked at Ye Fan, hesitated and said, “Young Master Ye, it’s only one million?”

If Ye Fan makes any move, it is 100 million! As a result, the reward is only one million? So stingy ah.

Ye Fan nodded and said: “Yes, one million, the price can be negotiated if they are not satisfied. If you meet an idiot who doesn’t know the goods, you don’t need to give so much. You must know that there were idiots who didn’t the goods before, the blood dragon ginseng was auctioned as ordinary ginseng.”

Zhang Xuan nodded, “Oh”.

“Young Master Ye, there is a trade fair in the medicinal material market recently, do you want to go and have a look?” Mu Lianping asked.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s all cheap stuff, nothing to see, I won’t go, I have guests later.”

Mu Lianping asked curiously, “Guests?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yeah! Foreigners, rich, easy to deceive.”

Ye Fan’s phone rang. Ye Fan smiled and said, “Speaking of the devil and the devil is here.”

“Is it here? There’s nothing special about it!” Chloe looked at the villa in front of him and said critically.

George nodded and said, “Yes, brother, let’s go in quickly.”

“This liar is really mixed well! He even bought a villa,” Chloe sarcastically said in a low voice.

George turned to Chloe and asked, “Brother, what are you talking about?”

“I said, I’m going to see the so called divine doctor soon, I’m really honored!” Chloe said.

“Brother, the doctor’s fee is very expensive. Originally, my 100 million yuan was to learn martial arts from the doctor. Now it was spent cure you. Remember to pay me back when you go back,” George urged seriously.

Chloe snorted softly and said, “When the time comes, let’s see the situation…”

George pushed Chloe into the villa.

“You’re here,” Ye Fan smiled at George.

Chloe was stunned when he saw Ye Fan. Chloe originally thought that the divine doctor George was looking for was that kind of old man, but it turned out to be a young man who looked like a university student.

Chloe glanced at George and secretly said: My younger brother is too much, he was actually deceived by a guy who looked like a minor.

Ye Fan glanced at the person beside George, his eyes turned to Chloe.

“Hello.” Chloe reached out to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan stretched out his hand, and George grabbed Ye Fan’s hand first and shook it excitedly.

George spoke to Ye Fan in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek Chinese: “Young Master Ye, I’ve finally seen you again, I’m really lucky for three lifetimes. This is my brother, he’s a little straight cancer, but he’s rich, you must save him ah! I will definitely let him give you the money.”

Zhang Xuan looked at George and secretly said: This foreigner has a future! Young Master Ye likes this type a lot.

“Your Chinese is good.” Ye Fan praised. He even knows the meaning of straight cancer!

George smiled, scratched his head, and said, “Thank you for the praise.”

Ye Fan glanced at Chloe, groped his chin, and said, “Chronic poisoning!”

George looked at Ye Fan, blinked in surprise, and said, “Young Master Ye, is my brother poisoned?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Well, it’s like poisoning.”

Ye Fan slapped a palm on Chloe’s body, the spiritual power swam around in Chloe’s body, and Chloe felt like something was jumping around in his body.

A layer of black substance appeared on the surface of Chloe’s body, and Chloe groaned in pain. Although it was painful, Chloe felt his legs that could not be used seemed to have strength again.

Ye Fan withdrew his spiritual power, George pinched his nose, and said with disgust, “Brother, you smell so bad.”

Ye Fan looked at Chloe and said, “There is a bathroom on the second floor, you can go wash first.”

George nodded and thanked him.

Chloe stood up from the wheelchair. Although his legs were still weak, he was able to walk more or less.

When Chloe came, he didn’t believe George’s so called divine doctor at all.

He came more because he wanted to expose the true face of the divine doctor, and let his brother, who is always whimsical, have a long memory. After he came, Chloe was astonished, the divine doctor was too amazing.

When Chloe came out of the shower, he saw a five- or six-year-old boy in the room.

“Young Master Ye let me get you some clothes.”

Chloe smiled and said, “Thank you.” Chloe reached out to touch the child’s head but touched nothing.

The child disappeared at once, and a crisp laugh echoed in the room.

Chloe suddenly remembered that Ye Fan lived in a haunted house and almost screamed in fright.

When Chloe got dressed and came out, he saw that the several boxes he brought with him had been opened, probably to find clothes for him.

Ye Fan was sitting on the sofa watching animation, and there were a few people next to him watching it intently. A funny animation was actually watched so seriously by a few people.

Ye Fan glanced at Chloe and said, “Are you feeling better?”

Chloe nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master Ye, you said I was poisoned?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “It looks like poisoning.”

Ye Fan pointed at the opened box and said, “What is the potion in that box for?”

Chloe frowned and said, “It’s the IV drip I usually take.”

“There are poisonous substances in it,” Ye Fan said.

“Bang bang bang” a series of gunshots rang out.

A bodyguard brought by Chloe suddenly raised the gun and fired.

When Ye Fan turned his head, the bullet was stopped in the air by an invisible force. The bullet spun in the air, but it couldn’t move forward.

George stood up excitedly, his eyes widened, “Wow, so cool! Master, master, I want to learn this!”

Chloe: “…”


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Straight cancer – is like super strict/criticizing, a super alpha male, like a domineering CEO type, too macho, etc.

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