The Abandoned Son Ch.156

Chapter 156 — Cruise Ship Accident

Ye Fan glanced at the shooter, released a few ghosts, and the shooter miserably screamed, “Ghosts!”

Chloe’s face was extremely ugly. Ye Fan said that he was chronically poisoned, and Chloe felt something was wrong. What he didn’t expect was that the bodyguards around him were actually infiltrated.

Hearing the killer scream ghosts, Chloe suddenly remembered the child he saw upstairs.

Chloe is a materialist, but watching the killer go crazy and thinking about the child he saw before, he can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

“Divine Doctor, what’s the matter with him?” George asked curiously.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “He was frightened.”

“I just saw a child upstairs,” Chloe hesitated and said.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “That’s my ghost servant!”

“Ghost servant! What is a ghost servant?” George looked at Ye Fan with burning eyes, as if he was very interested in everything.

“Ghost servants are ghost servants, similar to human servants, but without paying wages. I like free ones,” Ye Fan said.

Chloe: “…” How much is the servant’s salary? This Young Master Ye is too stingy, reluctant to use humans and has to use ghosts.

“I want ghost servants too,” George said with bright eyes.

Ye Fan glanced at George, shook his head, and said, “No, if ordinary people often stay with ghosts, they will get sick.”

George nodded in disappointment and said, “Oh.”

“Young Master Ye, what is this?” George picked up a few leaflets on the table and asked.

“This is the elixir I’m looking for.”

George picked up the picture with the fish scale grass, and said happily: “This, I have seen this before.”

Ye Fan turned his head and looked toward George, saying with some excitement, “You’ve seen it before?”

George nodded and said, “Yes, I have it in my collection.”

Ye Fan widened his eyes and said, “You have a collection? You actually have a collection? Do you have a good eye? To actually collect this thing.”

Ye Fan has asked several ancient martial arts practitioners, and many ancient martial arts practitioners have never even heard of fish scale grass. Even after drawing the picture, people don’t know that it can be used as medicine.

George smiled and said a little embarrassedly: “I have a manor for storing all kinds of things I collect, but when I was expelled from the house, the property was frozen, and I don’t know if the things are still there or not.”

Chloe’s mood suddenly became weird. George has admired Chinese culture since he was a child, and dreamed of becoming a peerless martial arts master. He collected a lot of messy things and spent a lot of money. Their father disliked his hobby, and he also opposed it many times, but George kept doing it anyway. Chloe didn’t expect that one day the junk George collected could actually come in handy.

“The manor should be untouched.”

Because their father didn’t like George collecting messy things, George kept things very low-key, and the location of the manor was a bit remote.

Although their father froze most of George’s property, he did not take any further action, and those things of George were still there.

George looked at Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye, do you want to go to my manor? I planted a lot of exotic flowers and plants in the yard.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay! I was thinking of going abroad to have a look anyway.”

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Bai Residence.

“You want to go to Country M with Ye Fan?” Bai Shiyuan asked while drinking tea.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. Chloe sent an invitation, and Ye Fan wants to go.”

Bai Shiyuan nodded and said, “Alright.” Having multiple friends and multiple paths, it is always a good thing to have a relationship with the Country M’s Ship King.

“I heard that Ye Fan took a billion from Chloe,” Bai Shiyuan asked.


“This kid won’t have a problem supporting you, you’ll be fine even if you don’t work, don’t worry too much about the company,” Bai Shiyuan said.

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “Okay.”

“This guy, Ye Fan, his fortune is very good! The ship king’s son just happens to crash into his door, but the ship king’s family doesn’t seem to be very peaceful now!” Bai Shiyuan muttered. The eldest son is sick and the second son is carefree, but the son-in-law is a self-motivated and capable one. But he is still an outsider after all, the son-in-law is not quite the same as the son.

Bai Yunxi frowned. According to Ye Fan’s statement, Chloe was poisoned. When they go to Country M this time, he doesn’t know if they will be involved in the infighting of the ship king’s family.


George bought a villa next to Ye Fan’s haunted house and became a neighbor with Ye Fan.

Standing in front of the garden of Ye Fan’s villa, George dragged Mu Lianping curiously and asked questions.

“Young Master Mu, are you a martial arts master? Do you know the Nine Yin White Bone Claw?”

Mu Lianping shook his head and said, “No.”

“What about the Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms.”


“What about slicing boulders with your bare hands?” George asked.

Mu Lianping kicked over, and the big stone on the side was split in half.

Mu Lianping frowned and couldn’t help but have a bit of a headache. Ye Fan asked him to protect George and Chloe, but didn’t tell him that he still had to deal with this overly curious rich second generation ah! George’s questions were simply endless, and Mu Lianping felt as if he had met a foreign Tang monk.

George applauded excitedly and said, “Amazing, awesome!”

Chloe looked at Mu Lianping, his face was expressionless, but he was amazed.

“Will you teach me?” George asked.

Mu Lianping shook his head and said, “This is my family’s secret art, I can’t pass it on. Besides, this is a boy’s art, you need to start practicing it at the age of two.” Mu Lianping secretly said: Chen Ran really has foresight, let him know in advance some of his ways to deal with George, it’s not easy to find such a curious boyfriend.

George said sadly: “So that’s how it is.”

“Young Master Mu, you and Young Master Ye, who is more powerful?” George asked.

“Of course, Young Master Ye is more powerful. How can I compare to Young Master Ye?” Mu Lianping nodded. Ye Fan even took out the master of Heaven’s Palace ah!

George nodded understandingly, “I also think that Young Master Ye is more powerful. I read the news on the Internet and it said that Young Master Ye can fly, but I haven’t seen Young Master Ye fly. It would be great if I could see Young Master Ye fly.”

Mu Lianping: “…”


A cruise ship was sailing on the sea. Ye Fan stood on the bow, enjoying the sea breeze. The white clouds were floating in the sky, and the turquoise blue sea could be seen without an end.

Taotie Ghost floated out from the ghost flag, and said excitedly: “The weather is good! Such good weather is a good time to pick up girls!”

“Pick up girls? You can pick up girls too?” Ye Fan said, puzzled.

“I’m so handsome and extraordinary, many girls are waiting for me to pick up,” Taotie Ghost said.

“Who would be so thoughtless? Not afraid of being eaten by you in the middle of the night ah,” Ye Fan shook his head and said.

“What do you know? The charm of this uncle can make those girls like moths to the flames,” Taotie Ghost said smugly.

“Why do I feel that you seem to have gained weight? Have you eaten too much?”

Taotie Ghost said with some confusion: “Have I? I have always paid attention to my body, I am not fat!”

“You ate my ghosts again. You hide in my ghost flag and eat ghosts every day. Don’t go too far,” Ye Fan said unhappily.

“I can also count as the spirit of your ghost flag now, don’t be so stingy! You know, the emperor shouldn’t starve his soldiers. If you don’t feed me, how can I work for you?” Taotie Ghost said.

Ye Fan snorted softly and said, “Even if you are fed, you will not work.”

Bai Yunxi came out of the cruise ship, and Taotie shook his paw enthusiastically at Bai Yunxi, “Aiya, aiya, the beauty is out, the beauty is good.”

Bai Yunxi looked at the Taotie on Ye Fan’s shoulder, and said puzzled, “Why did you let it out again?”

Ye Fan said depressedly: “It came out on its own, and I can’t control it.”

Bai Yunxi took a deep breath and said, “You should still keep an eye on him.”

Taotie Ghost waved its hand and said, “Young beauty, let’s not talk about such a disappointing thing. Look at this day, the sky is clear, the waves are blue, and the scenery is so beautiful. Why don’t we come and write poetry?”

Bai Yunxi looked at the taotie ghost and said, “Write poetry? Can you write poetry?”

Taotie Ghost nodded and said: “Of course I can write poetry, I am the most literate person in our family, listen!”

“O sea! You are all water.”

“Octopus! You have eight legs.”

“Beauty! How beautiful you are, to fall into the sea and become a ghost!”

“Aiya, good poem, good poem!” Taotie Ghost nodded in satisfaction.

Bai Yunxi: “……” Ye Fan collected such a joke, now, Ye Fan has company.

“Bang!” An explosion sounded, and the ship exploded.

Taotie Ghost laughed and said, “Oh, oh, there’s an accident… The sky has unpredictable wind and clouds, people have their own fortune!”

Ye Fan said angrily, “It’s all because of you, you crow’s mouth!”

Taotie Ghost said angrily, “How can you blame me? I didn’t do anything.”

Ye Fan snorted coldly, “It’s what you said to fall into the sea and turn into a ghost.”

Taotie snorted softly, unable to deny it.

Mu Lianping took Chloe to the deck, followed by George and Chen Ran.

“What’s going on?” Ye Fan asked.

Mu Lianping frowned and said, “A time bomb has been installed under the cabin of the ship. Now the ship has a big hole, and the sea water is pouring in frantically. The ship is about to sink.”

Ye Fan looked at Mu Lianping and said blankly, “Oh, then, what should we do?”

Mu Lianping: “…” You ask him this question, he also doesn’t know what to do!

Bai Yunxi looked at Chloe and asked, “Mr. Chloe, didn’t you check before boarding the ship?”

Chloe frowned and said, “It has been checked.” The staff in charge of the inspection may have had another problem. It seems that some people don’t want him to return to Country M!

“Quickly call the search and rescue team in the nearby waters!” Bai Yunxi said.

Chen Ran said with some difficulty: “Already called, but, the search and rescue team, I’m afraid it will take an hour and a half to arrive, we can not last until then.”

“Oh, sharks! The sharks are here, we’re going to be eaten by sharks!” George screamed in horror.

Ye Fan looked toward the sharks swimming over from afar, blinked, and said, “Here come a lot of fish!”

Ye Fan blew a whistle, and the sharks swam over in a neat group.

George’s eyes widened, watching this magical scene.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “I have an idea.”

Ye Fan grabbed Mu Lianping on one side, threw Mu Lianping on top of the shark, and said, “Go up and sit tight.”

George said in horror: “Young Master Ye, you can’t throw Young Master Mu…” to feed the sharks ah.

George’s words stopped abruptly halfway through, Mu Lianping rode on the shark, and the surrounding sharks did not attack Mu Lianping.


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