The Abandoned Son Ch.157

Chapter 157 — Riding Sharks

“Oh, I’ve seen this, riding sharks! Are we all going to ride a shark? Can I too?” George asked loudly while standing on the board.

Ye Fan dragged George onto the back of a shark, and waited for George to stand firm before flying back to the boat.

Bai Yunxi stepped on the flying sword and flew out, looking back at Ye Fan, “Ye Fan, just drop the man down, I’ll meet you down below.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

George shouted loudly: “Oh, Qinggong, I finally saw Qinggong! Master Bai, you can actually fly! Ran Ran said that only virgins can learn unparalleled magic. It can’t be, Master Bai, you are still a virgin?”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Mu Lianping looked at Bai Yunxi in surprise. Mu Lianping had long known that Ye Fan taught Bai Yunxi exercises, but didn’t know that the exercises Ye Fan taught Bai Yunxi was so powerful that Bai Yunxi could actually fly.

Ye Fan threw everyone on the boat down.

“Clear the way.” Ye Fan lightly landed on the leading shark, and said in high spirits.

A large group of sharks swam forward quickly, and the cruise ship was left behind by several people.

George said happily: “Oh, we are on the shark’s back, am I really not dreaming? Ran Ran, look, look, I’m riding a shark! I’m riding a shark like a peerless master!”

Chen Ran: “…” Yes, he can see that.

“Young Master Ye, can you take a picture for me?” George said loudly.

Ye Fan glanced at George and said unhappily, “Can’t you take it yourself?”

George said with a trembling voice: “I want to, but this shark swims so fast, I’m afraid to be thrown off. And my hands are shaking a bit, I just dropped my phone in the sea when I was taking the picture.”

Ye Fan: “……”

Bai Yunxi looked at George and helplessly said, “Mr. George, don’t fool around.”

“I’m not fooling around! Mr. Bai, I only have this opportunity to ride a shark in my life. If I don’t take a picture, I’m afraid I’ll think I’m dreaming,” George lay on the shark and said.

Bai Yunxi: “Just think that you are dreaming…”

“Mr. George, the person who installed the explosives may still be among us. Don’t care about taking pictures now,” Mu Lianping said.

George nodded and said, “Oh, that’s right.”

George turned his head and saw the picture of the cruise ship sinking into the sea from a distance, and a bit of fear of escaping from death suddenly appeared in his heart.

Chloe frowned. He had thought of this for a long time. If he didn’t catch the traitor, he would face the danger of death at any time. However, in this situation, it is really not a good time to catch the traitor.

Ye Fan stood on the Shark King gracefully with his hands behind his back, and said in a master-like manner: “Now, this young master will give you a chance, whoever is the traitor, please take the initiative to admit it. Confess and I’ll be lenient, resist and I’ll be harsh.”

George looked at Ye Fan, who was standing on the shark in high spirits, and looked at Chen Ran with admiration, and said, “Ran Ran, look at Young Master Ye. Young Master Ye is really cool, I want to do that too.”

“You lie down well, you are a dry duck. You will die if you fall into the water,” Chen Ran said.

“Duck, I’m not a duck,” George said.

Chen Ran: “…”

Ye Fan said displeased: “Hmph, this young master asked so kindly, but no one gave me face. Do you think this young master can’t solve this?”

Ye Fan took out a questioning talisman, threw it at the people behind him, and said, “Who is the traitor, confess.”

“I am!”

George glanced toward one of the crew members behind him and was filled with surprise to find that someone had really confessed.

“Uncle Fred!” George widened his eyes in surprise.

With a wave of Ye Fan’s hand, the shark carrying Fred sank into the sea, and Fred fluttered in the sea.

“Uncle Fred, why?”

“My son’s life is in Jeff’s hands, and he told me to do it.”

Under the influence of the talisman, Fred subconsciously told the truth.

A strong cold light flashed in Chloe’s eyes. Chloe had long suspected that it was Jeff’s actions. After all, when he dies, only his carefree brother is left, his father can’t rely on him.

Fred’s swimming was not very good, and he was quickly submerged by the sea.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Jeff? Don’t know him.”

Ye Fan turned his head, looked at George, and asked, “George, do you know him?”

George nodded and said, “He’s my brother-in-law.”

Ye Fan shook his head and looked at George, and said, “I said, why didn’t you check on your sister when she chose her husband? Look, you let the wolf come into the house.”

George frowned and said a little aggrieved: “My sister is very fierce, she doesn’t listen to me.”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes, “And you still dream of becoming a peerless master, when you can’t even handle your sister.”

Ye Fan turned his head, looked at Mu Lianping, and said solemnly, “Xiao Mu, this guy owes me 900 million yuan, before he pays off the money, you must protect him, otherwise my money will go down the drain.”

Mu Lianping nodded and said solemnly, “Young Master Ye, I understand.”

Chloe: “……” He was thinking that the master’s money could not be owed, and he would transfer the money to Ye Fan as soon as he returned. But looking at this situation now, he could not settle the final payment at once. Once he settled the final payment, there would be no one to protect him.

Ye Fan took out a stack of talismans and magic tools, stuffed them into Mu Lianping, and said, “This is a public expense.”

Mu Lianping felt a burst of joy in his heart, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

George was very happy to ride on the shark at first, but soon became unhappy. The waves at sea were a bit big, and when a wave hit, George was beaten into a soup.

George shivered in the sea breeze. “Ran Ran, I’m so cold!”

Chen Ran said helplessly: “I can’t do anything, just bear with it.”

Ye Fan floated on the sea with the shark for more than two hours, and finally met the corresponding ship.

The group took the boat and decided to find a close place to dock, the group thought about it again, and finally gave up on the boat and decided to take the chopper.

The chopper is much faster than the boat.

After arriving in Country M, the two teams were divided into two groups. Mu Lianping followed Chloe to the headquarters of Country M, and Ye Fan and George went to the manor where things were hidden.

Ye Fan’s group took the chopper again and landed on top of a small island in Country M.

George pointed to the island in front of him and said excitedly, “This island is my father’s birthday present to me when I turned 18.”

Ye Fan: “…” Damn rich second generation, the birthday present is actually an island.

George and his party arrived on the island.

George put the password and fingerprint on the door lock of the villa.

“Ah! It’s actually unlocked! Dad didn’t change the password for me. That’s great!” George said happily.

Ye Fan followed George into the manor. Ye Fan was shocked when he saw the spiritual grasses planted in the courtyard, “The spiritual grasses you planted, you just grow them like this?”

George nodded and said, “Yes.”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and secretly said: This stupid rich second generation! What’s up with this planting method? To actually plant them like dog’s tail grass, he is not afraid of causing species invasion…

Ye Fan followed George to the elixir storage room that George said. There are many jars in the elixir storage room. There are special potions in the jars, and various plants are soaked in the jars.

There are hundreds of jars in the storage room, and most of the jars are filled with garbage.

“I found it, the Fish Scale Grass!” Ye Fan said excitedly.

Ye Fan thought to himself: George, this rich second generation, although his vision is not very good, but with so many things collected, a blind cat can run into a dead mouse.

“Young Master Ye, you like this ah? This is what a fisherman insisted on selling to me. I thought he was pitiful, so I spent ten thousand to buy it. Young Master Ye, I still have a lot of good things here. Look at this, I bought this for 10 million, and this, this 20 million…” George said excitedly.

Ye Fan: “…” George, this prodigal! Spend so much money on garbage.

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Arnold was relieved when he saw Chloe.

Arnold had long received news that Chloe’s illness was cured by a witch doctor, but it was only when he actually saw Chloe recover that he put his heart down.

“Are you really cured?” Arnold said.

Chloe nodded and said, “Yes!” Chloe didn’t expect that when he went to China to find his younger brother, his younger brother actually found a divine doctor to heal himself. He always thought that his younger brother was a fool, and would only be deceived.

“I heard that there is a Chinese bodyguard by your side?” Arnold asked.

Chloe nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Don’t you like the special forces of Country M? Don’t you think the Chinese people are too thin and too small? Why do you suddenly like Chinese people like your brother?” Arnold asked.

Chloe said helplessly: “That Chinese man is very powerful, and I can’t hire him, he was just lent to me by someone else.” He did think about it, to dig Mu Lianping to his side. However, the other party was not moved at all by the conditions he offered. Chloe more or less understood that for someone like Mu Lianping, money was not the most important thing.

“Your brother is back too?” Arnold asked.

Chloe nodded and said, “Yes!”

“This brat, after being abducted by a Chinese, was gone for two years. Two years and he couldn’t even show his face when he came back,” Arnold said, full of dissatisfaction.

Chloe could see that after George left, his father regretted it a long time ago, but his father couldn’t hold back his face. As for George, he was afraid that his father would be angry, so he didn’t dare to take the initiative to come back. Now, the father and son’s relationship was so stiff.

“Dad, if you miss my brother, then I’ll call him back,” Chloe said.

Arnold said with dissatisfaction: “I miss him? Who would miss him, this unfilial son?!”

“Dad, in fact, my brother, he still has his advantages. I can recover this time because of my brother’s blessing,” Chloe said.

Arnold nodded and said, “Your brother is purely out of luck.” Arnold already knew about Chloe’s affairs. “The man your sister married is too ambitious.”

Chloe nodded and said, “Yeah!” When Lisa and Jeff dated, Chloe didn’t approve of it, but Lisa liked him, and his sister was a very headstrong person. Now that things have gotten to this point, it is definitely impossible to leave Jeff alone.

A bit of cold light flashed in Arnold’s eyes, “Go and rest first, I will handle this matter.” In the business world, there are always people killing people invisibly. Arnold can sit firmly in the position of the ship king and take care of his career, with such a big development, he is naturally not a soft-hearted person.


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