Chapter 241 — Peter Pan Premiere

Hill’s promotional message for “Peter Pan” is a fairy tale for adults and children. Everyone has just been emotionally absed by “Girl’s Last Tour”, and many people are cautiously examining “Peter Pan” from every angle in an attempt to find a hint of abse in it. But it didn’t take long for them to discover that even if the film had a sadistic plot, what could they do? Are they willing to miss Lord Demon King’s movie?

At present, there are other movies made by human beings that have been released in cinemas, and these movies have also gained a certain amount of box office. However, it is a bit embarrassing to say that it is precisely because of the appearance of these movies that it reflects how wonderful Hill’s movies are…

Putting aside the plot of the movie for the moment, basic shooting skills and special effects are completely unacceptable. However, there are some slow-paced literary films that are not bad. Hill had previously watched “Notes of the Bard” by a bard who knew magic, and it felt a bit like a stream-of-consciousness movie. But unfortunately, the public does not accept this style, which is the main reason why Hill has not made films other than commercial films.

As for “Peter Pan”… First, the public will not give up a good-looking movie because of possible ab*se, and second, given the current popularity of Demon Realm movies, if you miss one, then in the next few months, you may not be able to keep up with the trend of the people around you. When everyone around you is discussing the last movie, you can only listen to it cluelessly. No matter whether it is aristocrats or commoners, this is definitely unacceptable.

In addition to those taverns and restaurants, Hill has also set up big screens in the squares of major cities, playing some commercials and short films from time to time, and occasionally showing previous movies, which is a benefit to the commoners. The price of movie tickets cannot be lowered, so Hill will make up for the commoners from elsewhere. Naturally, the nobles would not crowd together with the commoners to watch outdoor movies, so this would not have much impact on the income of the cinema.

Under such circumstances, the premiere of “Peter Pan” is naturally full without suspense. Unlike previous films though, there were a lot of kids in the premiere — because Hill wrote in his promotions that it’s a movie you can watch with your family and kids.

Hill himself went to the Magnolia City Cinema to watch the premiere. This time he brought Alice along with Old Jackson and Theodore. Princess Delia and King Magnolia were in the next box. King Magnolia does not want to share a box with Hill, it makes him very much stressed.

When there are children, the cinema is naturally noisy, and many people frowned, feeling that the viewing experience this time may not be so good.

Hill had anticipated this for a long time, and he was not less poisoned by the bear children when he watched movies on Earth. As soon as the LOGO of Demon King Studios appeared, mute magic unfolded in the cinema, the sound in the auditorium disappeared completely, and the sound was isolated in the small area between the seats. If two people sitting next to each other want to talk to each other, they have to stick their heads into each other’s area.

Hill clearly saw from the box that after the mute spell was deployed, many people had knowing smiles on their faces.

At this time, the title of Demon King Studios has been played, and then the starry sky of the Demon Realm appears on the big screen. The dark blue night is like precious velvet, and the bright stars are set on it, shining like diamonds. Then the glamorous starlight and moonlight intertwined into a shimmering light sand in the night sky to form a line: All children grow up, except for Peter Pan.

This beautiful opening is not directly made by special effects, but Hill himself led the starlight and moonlight to form the sentence in the night sky. Hill laughed and said that the title alone is worth 10,000 gold coins — which is not a joke.

All the details of this film, Hill strives to achieve the perfect fantasy.

“I want to create a fairy tale dream, the dream that reeled everyone in,” Hill said with confidence.

Then Ghost Binns, who had seen the movie beforehand, whispered beside him: “And then you destroyed it again.”

“Where is it destroyed?” Hill said with a hypocritical smile, “Isn’t Peter Pan still flying around alone, the fairy tale dream is still in everyone’s heart.”

Ghost Binns was choked by Hill’s attitude and had to say, “You are the real Demon King.”

“I’m not,” Hill said. “Actually, I’m a foreign soul who suddenly took over your Demon King’s body.”

Ghost Binns couldn’t help rolling his eyes, wondering what madness his Lord Demon King was up to today.

However, seeing that Lord Demon King is always so energetic, he also felt that his whole body had extra energy.

The movie starts soon.

Hill adjusted the pacing of the entire film. He greatly reduced the shots of the heroine Wendy at home. He directly used a few shots to show the adventurous spirit in Wendy and her younger brothers and the oppression they were subjected to. And Peter Pan was eavesdropping outside the window when he let Wendy go through all this.

Peter Pan does not know what it means to grow up and take responsibility, nor does he understand what it means that noble women should marry when they grow up. He repeated these words outside the window, with confusion in his eyes, and then he shook his head and showed a happy expression again. “I don’t understand… Forget it, I’m here to eavesdrop on fairy tales and share them with the kids!”

Hill uses these direct and vague hints to sort out the plot very clearly, so that children can understand almost everything in the movie, or at least what Hill wants them to understand, and the adults can of course see more things from it.

Then Wendy angered her father, so her father handed her over to her aunt, confiscated her pirate costume, fairy tale book, and wooden sword. Wendy cried to her father, “You don’t understand me at all! I hate you!”

Her father was originally a man who was not good with words. After hearing this, his lips trembled for a long time and he said, “I hate you too for not knowing any better, even if you are my daughter!”

The conflict reached its climax here, and the children were so angry that they didn’t pay much attention to the separate dialogue between the father and the mother.

“Darling, what you just said went too far,” said the mother.

“I don’t understand her, yes, but I understand the world.” The father sighed and said. He looked downstairs at his daughter’s bedroom on the second floor, and after a few seconds he whispered, “Actually, I do understand, which is why I’m so angry.”

After seeing this, the adults in the cinema couldn’t help but sigh, they could naturally understand what this paragraph was trying to express. And that next conversation between the mother and Wendy and her brothers about their father pulled the thoughts of both children and adults together.

“Children, there are many kinds of courage in this world, and thinking about your family is one. Dad never held a sword or used a gun, but he sacrificed and dedicated himself to this family, putting many dreams aside,” the mother said.

Wendy’s brother raised his hand to ask a question, “Did Dad want to be a pirate, too?”

Mom smiled and said, “It’s about the same dream. But if you are a pirate, you can’t go home to see Mom and John every day, so Dad can only go to work as an ordinary bank clerk.”

Wendy’s other brother asked, “Where did Dad put his dreams?”

Mom said softly: “It’s all in the drawer, and he won’t take it out until it’s late at night. It’s not easy to give up the dream, but did it, so he’s very brave.”

Hill has made some adaptations of the lines here so that children can understand the meaning behind these lines as well. Everyone was depressed for a while.

In the box, Ms. Dale whispered to Mrs. Helen, “I have an ominous premonition.”

Mrs. Helen replied: “Yes, I think this movie is very likely to send a knife.”

The sense of smell of these two die-hard fans of demon culture is still very keen.

The movie continues. When Peter Pan sneaked into Wendy’s house, his shadow was bitten off by a dog. After he found the shadow, he couldn’t tie the shadow to his body again. Wendy used a needle to help him sew the shadow to his body after finding it.

Then, after a series of necessary conversations, Peter Pan told Wendy and her brothers how to fly. As long as you think of happy thoughts, you will be able to fly. These settings are filled with the full flavor of fairy tales.

“Generally, it is easier for children to fly as long as they master the skills, but I have not seen any adults who can fly, because they have too many troubles,” Peter Pan said.

Oh yes, he began to prepare to “abduct” Wendy.

He doesn’t understand what it means to grow up and take responsibility, and he doesn’t understand what it means to marry an aristocrat. His mind is very simple. Children will not be happy when they grow up, so come with him, go to the island of Neverland where children never grow up, so they can always be happy.

“Come with me, come on, let’s go to Neverland,” Peter Pan said.

“What about Mom?”

“And Dad.”

“There are mermaids there.”


“There are elves there.”


“And pirates!”


— Well, the temptation was successful.

Wendy’s younger brothers were much younger, they were hooked directly and flew out of the window, while Peter Pan stood on the windowsill and smiled at Wendy. The little boy who played Peter Pan was very handsome. It’s a mixture of juvenile childishness and unruly wildness, and he even has a dazzling devilishness when he smiles. He just stood on the windowsill, the curtain brushed his face, he stretched out his hand to the girl, and then whispered in the girl’s ear:

“Wendy, forget them, forget them all, and come with me to a place where you never, ever have to grow up.”

“Forever is a long time,” Wendy said.

Peter Pan smiled at her again, the kind of smile that no young girl could resist.

—— He still didn’t understand the meaning of those deep sentences that troubled Wendy, but he knew how to impress the children who wanted to leave.

How tempting it is to never have to grow up, to be happy forever.

When Wendy’s parents were dragged home by their family dog, all they saw was an empty room and a wide open window.

The narrator says this, “It must have been nice if they had arrived in time, but there would have been no exciting story to follow, would there?”

The narration added at the right time pulled back some of the adults who had gone too deep in the movie. This is to remind them that this is only a story, so there is no need to have thoughts like “these children are irresponsible” and “these children don’t care about their parents at all”, and affect their viewing mood.

Of course, the children who watched the movie did not feel any discomfort at all. They were already immersed in the joy of learning to fly and flying to Neverland in the Demon Realm!

Wendy’s adventure is about to begin!

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