Chapter 240 — Hill’s Quotations + Finale Banquet

“Peter, how old are you?” Wendy asked.

“I don’t know, I ran away from home. One day I heard my parents say I’d be an adult soon, so I left, and then I met Tinker Bell in the garden,” Peter Pan replied.

Wendy: “Tinker Bell?”

Peter Pan: “It’s my little fairy.”

Wendy: “Ah, but fairies don’t exist…”

Peter Pan stepped forward and covered Wendy’s mouth, “You can’t say that. Every time someone says that, a little fairy will fall and die.”

This is also a very important setting in the movie. Whenever someone says that they don’t believe in the existence of a fairy, a fairy will die immediately, so there are fewer and fewer fairies on Neverland.

This is quite a fairy tale but cruel setting, but many times, fairy tales and cruelty go hand in hand.

After the clip, the boy who plays Peter Pan sorts out his clothes and says, “Oh, I’m never going to say I don’t believe those things exist again.”

“Me too, I believe in the existence of fairies, I believe in mermaids, I believe in elves, I believe in the existence of everything,” another child said immediately.

It is true that many magical creatures have become extinct on the Magnolia Continent today, such as unicorns, elves. This includes a small bird called the moonlight bird whose feathers are one of the important materials for wands, and which is very friendly to humans, so it is quickly becoming endangered. The rest completely hid themselves.

It is estimated that in a few years, these will really become fairy tales and legends.

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After all the filming tasks in Magnolia City are completed, they will go to Neverland, which was made in advance by the Demon Realm for filming. Hill gave the young actors a three-day vacation, and let them go to the Demon Realm first to have fun. And then he left for Famagusta, to fulfill the previous promise – to help Monroe deal with the old believers.

Once upon a time, when he watched some movies and read novels, he would feel that some higher-ups are so powerful and smart, but when he became such a person and stood at that height, he found that everything was much easier than he thought. There are countless resources available at this height, as Hill said, he doesn’t know if he is reliable, but he can make himself reliable.

“Everyone has weaknesses. As long as people are alive, they must have weaknesses.” Hill said, “What we need to do is two things, one, find the weakness, and two, if you can’t find their weakness, then create a weakness for them.”

He wiped the blood-stained dinner knife with a napkin and said to Alice next to him, “Of course, that’s the basics, is there anything else you don’t understand?”

Alice looked at the bloody dark believer in front of her. The other party had already told all the information Hill wanted during the torture just now.

The little skirt she was wearing was covered with beautiful roses, and she was holding a furry bear doll. Such a lovely girl is out of tune with this dark scene, but together they produce a mysterious beauty.

“Create a weakness, what does that mean?”

“If you don’t like anything, don’t care about anything, then it will be difficult for me to hurt you, do you understand?” Hill asked patiently.

Alice thought for a while, then said, “It seems so.”

“This time I gave you a furry bear and made you like this furry bear very much. If I take it away, it will hurt you,” Hill continued.

Alice suddenly realized: “That seems true.”

“Hmm.” Hill smiled and handed another knife to Alice. Alice took the knife meekly, limped over to the dark believer, and then stabbed the knife into his heart, completely ending his life. A large pile of black liquid emerged from his body after he died, and then the body quickly decayed into liquid.

Alice looked down at the liquid crawling on the ground, and said suddenly, “So, is it true that if I don’t care about anything, no one can hurt me?”

“It can also be understood in this way, but people always have to care about something, otherwise life will have little meaning,” Hill said.

“And does Hill care about anything?”

“Of course. I care about Monroe, the Demon Race and the Demon Realm, the development of the two races, and Alice,” Hill said patiently, he was always very patient with Alice.

It was dark outside, and the dim yellow wind lanterns were rendered blurry in the rain.

“Am I also Hill’s weakness?” Alice asked, turning around, her face stained with scarlet blood.


“Then it looks like there is one more reason for me to become stronger.” Alice walked up to him and returned the knife to him, then said seriously.

Hill wiped the blood from her face gently with a tablecloth: “Good.” Then he got up, “Well, it’s time to go see our other guests.”

“Okay.” Alice nodded obediently.

Next, it was time for a reckless display of darkness. Hill had no half-hearted mercy when it came to some of the near-villainous ones.

“Please, Lord Demon King, I really don’t know anything anymore, it’s all him wanting to sacrifice a village of people…”

“Oh, it looks like the time for begging has come?” Hill folded his arms and looked down at the man under his feet. This man was once a very famous necromancer in the Dark Church. He was the big reason why the Dark Church was infamous in the south of the Magnolia Continent – he took too many young maidens captive and did it in the name of the Dark Church. “Very well, you can start begging, I love to hear people beg for mercy.”

With such a scum attitude, most of the human beings around them will probably feel crazy and lose sanity, but Alice just listened attentively. She has a small book called Hill’s Quotations in her heart. Later, when she first gained power, she very much liked to imitate Hill’s words.


Day by day, the shooting progress of “Peter Pan” was not particularly fast, mainly because Hill shot a lot of clips. The whole film is the same as the original film, but a lot of things that are in line with this era have been added.

The shooting was basically carried out with joy and laughter, and the young actors played more and more comfortably, and their interpretation of many details made Hill amazed.

As the villain, the pirate captain asked Wendy how to fly, and Wendy replied: “Just think happy things and you can fly up into the sky.”

Captain Hook grabbed her hair and said viciously, “I can only think about sad things.”

Wendy’s eyes were filled with tears, but said bravely, “Then you will fall.”

“Stop, this bit won’t work.” Hill made a pause gesture, “Captain Hook, your expression is too fake and your grip on Wendy’s hand is too gentle. You’re a pirate, you’re threatening her, you’re not coaxing a child.”

The pirate who played Captain Hook was a little embarrassed and said, “I’m afraid of hurting Miss Jane.”

“I’m not afraid of being hurt,” Jane, who played Wendy, said seriously, “Mr. Pirate, we’re making a movie, not playing house.”

The pirate actor, who was taught by Jane, was a bit dumbfounded, and then met Hill’s request almost perfectly in the next shoot.

With such joint efforts, the filming of the movie was soon completed, and then it was followed by the finale banquet.

This banquet was held on the edge of the Endless Sea in the Demon Realm, so most of the aquatic products were the main dishes. Braised abalone, steamed scallops with garlic vermicelli, dry fried turbot… In addition, because there are more young actors, there are also a lot of cakes and snacks.

The abalone of the Endless Sea is meaty and nutritious, and is quite delicious after being cooked by the fire elemental spirits. The bright red abalone sauce poured on the rice, looking at it is pleasing to the eye. Hill dug a spoonful into his mouth, savoring the original freshness of the abalone and the taste of the sauce mixed together to occupy all of his mind and soul, a feeling of relief was born. Hill thought to himself: Ah, this is probably what Irvine prepared according to his own taste, this is too delicious.

With a sip of freshly squeezed mint fruit tea next to it, the refreshing and sweet taste overflows the mouth. The water for this batch of brewed fruit teas is taken from the snow water on the petals of the snow lotus on the Snow Mountain in the Demon Realm. The snow lotus is a magical plant, and the snow around it is dyed with its faint fragrance, but not like the kind of deliberate when using the petals directly in the water. The kind of cold aroma that seems to be mixed in the fruit tea, and the feeling brought by the blending together can really make you float ah.

In addition, the rice in the Demon Realm itself is also very delicious. The fragrance of rice is too good to match with greasy food. Every grain of rice is elastic, and when paired with delicious side dishes, it will naturally bring unparalleled enjoyment.

The dishes at the Finale Banquet are as good as ever. The young actors were all excited, but at the end of the banquet, the young actors became sad again. They held hands and did not want to break up, so they took many, many commemorative photos. These will surely become one of the fondest memories of their childhood.

Hill sitting on the reef on the beach of the Endless Sea playing the flute, Monroe sitting on the back of the reef looking at the stars, his knight’s sword stuck in one side.

The wind was blowing, there was laughter over there, and there was peace here.

Next week, “Peter Pan” will be released.

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