Chapter 270.2 – Finale

After hearing Hill’s question, Teresa’s tone was a little depressed: “I received a report that he came to look for you, so I followed.”

Hill let out an “oh” and understood what Teresa meant. Teresa was worried that King Oitin would come and say or do something unfavorable to the Church of Light with Hill, so he also followed.

“Your Holiness, Pope Shelley is worrying too much,” said King Oitin. “I’m just here to visit His Majesty the Demon King. You shouldn’t be so nervous about me.” Hill’s expression here is also quite gossipy.

Teresa seemed to roll his eyes in an unsightly way: “You and I should not play this kind of official talk between us.”

In fact, it is almost as expected by the previous Pope of Light. Although King Oitin has been madly suppressed by him for many years, he is essentially a ruthless character. If he really does it, Teresa may not be able to suppress him – after all, the current Church of Light is not the same age.

Teresa kept the last foundation of the Church of Light and carried out a comprehensive reform first. Although this made the redevelopment of the Church of Light more slowly, Teresa understood that if he did not carry out religious reform at this time, it would be impossible to operate in the future. of. After he finally restored the Church of Light to a certain size, he discovered that King Oitin had almost controlled the entire empire.

The contradiction between kingship and theocratic power… then began to deadlock…

Sometimes, Teresa would slander in his heart that it was better not to save him then, but he knew that even now, he would still lend a helping hand. Although the two sides are fighting, the nature of the fight is completely different from that of the previous years. In fact, the two of them sometimes go out for a walk together and have some personal friendships, but when they are in their positions, they will fight fiercely when it is time to be cruel. Teresa is very clear about this.

As for what the former Pope said to take care of Alice, Teresa originally wanted to take care of her, but he felt as if she was taking care of him… This is a little embarrassing. Teresa thought to himself.

The herb grilled fish for breakfast is naturally as good as ever, with crushed rosemary, parsley flakes, lemon slices, white wine, shredded onion… After marinating, grill it with tin foil, and pour sauce in the middle to keep the fish moist and make the seasoning more flavorful. At the end, the skin of the fish is browned, and the meat is very tender, fragrant, hot, crispy and tender. When he picked up a piece with the skin on, the oil and sauce flowed down the chopsticks, and he quickly caught it with his mouth. And then, wow – the flavor of the herbs and the oily aroma and the flavor of the fish itself are perfectly blended, mellow and delicious. The fragrant juice overflowed his mouth, leaving only the thought of satisfaction in his heart.

In addition, there are delicious lychee frozen cakes, which are cold, sweet, and refreshing; iced mango coconut milk sago dessert, grilled sausages of various flavors… In short, this breakfast was very rich, and everyone was very happy to eat.

At noon, Alice actually came over. Alice was very surprised when she saw this group of people.

“Why Teresa is here too?” she muttered.

Hill was amused by Alice’s words, “Why did you come here all of a sudden, what’s the matter?” His attitude towards Alice has always been very good.

“There are too many things,” Alice said, lying on the table, “It’s very troublesome to deal with all kinds of things, and my fire elemental spirit’s cooking is not as good as Irvine’s… The most terrible thing is,” Alice buried her head into her arms, almost crying: “the dark elves sent in their elder of this generation.”

“The last one is indeed very scary.” Hill also had lingering fears: “It’s hard for you.” He had a deep understanding of this.

“Yeah,” Alice said weakly, lying on the table.

It can only be said that the Darkmoon family has brought too much shock to the Demon King family.

“By the way,” Hill asked, “is the new Darkmoon male or female?”

“It’s female.” Alice gave an unforgiving expression, “But gender is not a barrier for them.”

“Well, I have a different opinion on that, I think gender is not a barrier in the first place,” Hill said.

“Which side are you on, Hill…” Alice was about to cry again.

“Haha, okay, don’t cry, don’t cry, just get used to it.” Hill rubbed Alice’s head. Alice looked younger than her actual age because she practiced dark magic. Her legs were healed a few years ago, and the dragon guard who had been with her became one of the five elders, taking over the position of Gormund. The five elders of the older generation also retired, Gormund returned to the army, Goldnia was in charge of all the properties of the demons in the human world, Ghost Binns became the principal of the Demon High School, and Albrecht became the patriarch of the dark elves. The current Darkmoon Elder is his niece.

As a result, the current five elders chased after her that afternoon, especially the Grand Chancellor Lannon – in the past, Hill and him agreed that he would stay by Alice’s side for a hundred years to assist her, so now Grand Chancellor Lannon has successfully become one of the five elders. His physical strength may be the weakest among the five elders, but he is the most formidable one among the five elders, because he, he is really too spiteful. Alice secretly slandered that Lannon should be a wailing banshee, not a blood ghost, he was born in the wrong body.

The five elders successfully captured the runaway demon king, and then Alice was kept in a small dark room to process documents for two hours.

In the evening, the five former elders also came, and Hill’s manor immediately became lively.

“I have a reasonable suspicion that you are all here to eat,” Hill said.

“I’m not,” Dark Elf Albrecht said immediately: “I’m here to see My King. You’re so beautiful, I can fill my stomach just by looking at My King.”

“Then don’t eat tonight.” Hill said, “Watch us eat Irvine’s dinner on the side.”

Albrecht’s expression froze for a second, and then he said: “This, is this the legendary training? Is it the ignoring play?

Hill’s expression also froze for a second: “… what have you read recently, what nonsense.” He hurriedly glanced at Monroe over there, Monroe is talking to Blood Ghost Lannon, and did not pay attention here.

“Actually, every time we have nothing to do, we want to come to My King.” Death Knight Goldnia also answered Hill’s question: “But we were worried that this would disturb My King, so after hearing that the five elders were coming, we felt like this was a good reason, so we followed immediately.”

The other party’s statement made Hill feel like a scumbag.

But it’s good that everyone still cares about him so much.

Next is dinner time. Hill’s favorite is Irvine’s Dongpo’s elbow, which has been improved many times. Speaking of which, this be called Irvine’s elbow… The name is a bit scary. The bright red soup, the mellow meat flavor, and the plump taste, the pigs produced in the demon realm do not have any fishy smell. Because of the feed, they still have a slight aroma, which is very delicious in itself. Coupled with Irvine’s unique cooking methods , the taste is really beyond words. When he picked it up with chopsticks, it really reached the so-called melt in the mouth, and the sauce full of oily aroma overflowed the mouth, but it was not particularly greasy, and just felt that the taste was really too mellow and pleasant. The more you taste it, the more fragrant it is. In a word, it is delicious.

After eating and drinking, they started chatting.

The two dark elves over there are fighting because of who is more loyal to their king, the two dragons are discussing the war, and Lannon is telling the sad story to Ghost Binns, stealing his tears by the way. King Oitin is asking Goldnia a question, and Alice slips over to ask Hill to tell her a story.

Hill thought for a while and said, “An old man is fishing leisurely at the seaside. He is very good at fishing, and he can get a lot every time, but he only fishes for a short time each time. A young man watching, after feeling very sorry for the old man, said to the old man, ‘you should spend more time fishing every day’.”

“Well, people generally think so,” Alice said.

“Then the young man said: ‘you can sell the extra fish you caught for money.’ ‘And then what?’ The old man asked. The young man said: ‘you can gradually save up money to buy a small boat to go fishing, and then catch more fish and buy more boats, and hire more people, teach them your fishing skills, and you’ll have a whole team.’ The young man looked up and down when he said this…”

Alice: “Huh?”

Hill: “I was so excited I said the wrong word. Anyway, he fell into a fantasy and was very excited. What do you think?”

“Theoretically possible,” Alice replied.

“Well, finally the old man asked him, ‘I have a fleet of boats to make a lot of money, and then what?’ The young man replied, ‘then you can lie on the deck chair leisurely, have a drink, and fish with the sea breeze.’ The old man smiled at him: ‘So, what do you think I’m doing now?’”

Alice couldn’t help laughing: “Hahahahaha…”

“So the young man was dumbfounded and left unhappily.” Hill said, “What do you think?”

Alice commented: “The young man is wrong, he should say ‘then you can fish leisurely surrounded by a group of young and beautiful maids, and you can eat the delicacies of the Demon Mall.’”

“Well… you have managed to make my story meaningless.” Hill commented.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Alice lowered her head and admitted her mistake. She thought about it and said, “I don’t think the old man is right, after a brilliant and splendid life, the end is to return to the ordinary life. How can it be the same as being ordinary at the beginning?”

“Yes,” Hill said. “I think so too.”

Alice thought of Hill’s state: “Wow, Hill is not telling me stories at all, he is entertaining himself.”

“Hahaha, you saw it.”

Alice made a face and ran over to Teresa to talk to him.

Hill smiled and looked at the backs of the two for a moment, then turned his head, and saw Monroe watching him.

The clouds of lightness after a brilliant and splendid life ah… Monroe said, “I’ll turn it all in as soon as possible and move in here.”

“Good,” Hill nodded with a smile.

He has done too much and enjoyed too much splendor.

From crossing over and being forced to sign an unequal treaty to the present, what he has done is not only to revive the demon realm, but also to change the world.

——Invade minds with culture and conquer the world with food.

By now, the story of the Demon King and this world has basically ended, but the story of Hill and Monroe has just begun.

“If I were to write my story into a book, I just thought of a one-sentence introduction,” Hill asked.

“What?” Monroe asked.

“It’s a story of building infrastructure and getting laid,” Hill said, laughing to himself after speaking.

Monroe couldn’t help but laugh, too.

It was an enchanting summer day, and the silvery-gray moonlight swirled over the lake, conjuring up images of unexamined beauty running recklessly toward them.

Tomorrow must be a sunny day, too.




It’s finished! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Finished another project. I like infrastructure, farming, and transmigration themes so I really enjoyed this one.

I’m gonna miss the characters so much.

I’m going to pick up maybe a business novel next, IDK.

I already have an ongoing infinite flow no romance female protag. It’s called Fierce Hongxiu, she’s from ancient rural china, she hoards supplies from the infinite flow worlds and helps helps her family get rich. You can check it out, maybe you’ll like it too.

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