Chapter 269 – New Year

“Avengers: Alien Invasion” was released on the third day after the contract was signed, and Hill wrote the original script based on the original structure. In the other world version of “Avengers I”, Loki is no longer the final villain, but a small BOSS. The big BOSS is someone else. After the small climax in the middle, Loki temporarily united with the Avengers to defeat the invasion of Earth’s enemies together. After all, here, Asgard has become the demon realm, and everyone has become the people of Earth.

Both the demon realm and the human world have been looking forward to this movie for too long. For the first time, people from the other world have tasted the pain of people on Earth who have spent years waiting for the movie. Hill also did it on purpose, the Avengers series was launched at a crazy rate of one every two months. Hill has already filmed them all last year. His intention is to use this series to close the book on the post-war popular consciousness and emotions.

Before “Avengers I” was released, there was a lot of discussion about it in the magazine. Some people worry that because there are too many characters and too many abilities, it may cause some confusion in the movie. Now, moviegoers have also suffered from some bad movies. Movies produced by the demon realm have always been imitated by folk directors. There are also directors who tried to imitate “Avengers” and made a movie about a group of heroes. The result, he wanted to show the shining points of all the characters, causing the rhythm to collapse. It is better to call it clips put together into a movie, and then there was a flood of bad reviews – Hill raised the audience’s aesthetic level, and these folk directors are a bit difficult to survive.

Hill watched the movie at the time. In fact, in his opinion, the director was very promising. He asked Jacob to contact that person and plan to focus on training. Hill has a mountain of scripts on hand, and he doesn’t have the energy to shoot them one by one, so he is very interested in exploring potential directors.

Let’s go back to “Avengers I”, many movie fans on Earth were worried that the movie would be chaotic because there were too many characters. Avengers on Earth originally invited the director of “Iron Man” to direct, but in the end, he withdrew because there were too many elements to mix together. Later, the producers found the director of “Firefly”, Joss Whedon, who was more of a lyrical type of director, which directly led to many voices at that time that the opening of “Avengers I” was too slow.

Hill doesn’t like to add too many emotional clips and endless dialogues in such blockbusters. It’s fine if it’s a one-man movie, but a big movie with a group of heroes needs a fast-paced rhythm and more explosive scenes – Hill thinks so. So, under Hill’s direction, this movie is less romantic and more of a soul-stirring heroic epic.

Hill’s philosophy is: since ancient times, beauties match heroes, but there is also the saying: Wenrou Township is the grave of heroes. In the other world version of the Marvel universe, there is no such saying that beauties match heroes because the beauties in them are also heroes. There is no mutual exchange of heartfelt holding hands before the war, only the iron-blooded romance of rushing to the enemy side by side without saying anything after looking at each other. This might make the whole movie a little too tender, but Hill can’t please everyone, and he knows that.

For example, in this plot, Iron Man wanted to say something to his succubus lover before going to the battlefield, but the succubus directly buckled his helmet, and then kissed his cold armor, her beautiful eyes shone with charming light: “I like this appearance of yours more.”

The eyes on Iron Man’s helmet also flickered twice, and then the electronic screen showed that the charging was complete, a pun, very interesting.

Other heroes and their lovers are almost the same, all in this style.

In “Avengers I”, Hill also gave a final account of the lovers Captain Magnolia and Agent Carter. Captain Magnolia’s appearance in “Avengers I” was in the hospital, where he held the hand of an old lady lying in a hospital bed, quietly accompanying her. Then he received a call from the director of the Avengers, telling him that he had the latest task.

Just when everyone was thinking about why Captain Magnolia was with the old lady, on the screen, Captain Magnolia leaned down and wanted to kiss the old lady’s lips, but she pushed him away, so Captain Magnolia kissed her forehead, and the old lady showed a happy smile.

At this time, someone has vaguely guessed what this means.

“No way…”

“I can’t believe this…”

They saw Captain Magnolia saying, “Then I’ll go first, Carter, and I’ll be with you later.”

This old lady is actually the heroine of “Captain Magnolia”, Carter!

Such a beautiful and sexy Carter has actually turned into this!

“Oh my god… It’s Carter…”

“Demon God above! This is Carter!”

“I don’t know if it’s cruel or beautiful…”

The audience was in a stormy state when Carter, who had become an old lady, looked at the ceiling and muttered to herself, “Seventy years…”

So the audience woke up at once.

Yes, seventy years have passed, and the formerly beautiful Carter has naturally become old.

In these seventy years, she finally saw him.

“It’s just a few words, but I can’t help but feel heavy in my heart.”

“Carter pushed Steve away and didn’t let him kiss her lips, which shows that she still minds her aging.”

“Captain Magnolia doesn’t mind! For crying out loud…”

“Oh, so cruel.”

Captain Magnolia’s emotional line in Avengers I is basically related to Carter. There are not many scenes of the lovers, but they are short and concise, and they are handled neatly. On the eve of the small decisive battle in the middle of the movie, Carter is critically ill. Before Captain Magnolia goes to the battlefield, he made an appointment with Carter to say ‘I will defeat the enemy, and you must defeat death. We will dance together when you are healed.’ Then the small battle was over, Carter survived, but she fell into a coma for a while, and she didn’t wake up until the big battle began. Then Hill gave two shots of Captain Magnolia accompanying Carter in the ward alone. At the end of “Avengers I”, Captain Magnolia sat in front of Carter’s hospital bed and said, “You have waited for me for seventy years, and I will always be here waiting for you to wake up.” After saying that, he sneakily looked left and right, and then kissed her on the lips. Then straightened up his body to straighten his clothes and put on a rather serious look.

This scene was really moving and humorous at the same time. Many people showed smiles, but their eyes were a little sad.

To get the audience to show such complex expressions, the film has been a success.

Hill planned to let Carter die at the beginning of the second part of “Captain Magnolia”, and they didn’t dance that dance in the end, which led to the plot of Captain Magnolia going back to the past to spend a lifetime with Carter in “Avengers IV”. – Hill made a foreshadowing here.

The Demon Mall soon opened in the major cities of the Oitin Empire. The hostility of the Oitin people to the Demon Mall was quickly melted by the overly delicious food, followed by the movies. Compared to the people outside the empire who are waiting for new movies, people of the Oitin Empire can see many, many movies at once, which is a very happy thing.

In terms of anime, the anti-war anime made the people of Oitin Empire, who had just experienced the trauma of war, shed a lot of tears.

After the first wave of cultural bombardment, the films and novels of the Church of Light were also put on the shelves. After all, Teresa came forward to do it officially, so the quality was surprisingly good.

“May I ask Lord Demon King, what do you think of the novels and movies of the Church of Light?”

Hill replied in an interview with reporters: “I think it’s good that all people have the right and freedom to speak out and all people have the freedom of belief. In the future, it would be great if all conflicts between the God of Light and the Demon God could be resolved by cultural means.” Then Hill smiled and said, “The Church of Light’s “The Legend of the Paladin” has just completed its premiere, a film about the growth of a paladin who eventually died bravely in the battle against the demons, and then he inspired countless others who came after him, who chanted his name, trampled the demon realm, and brought down the Blackrock Tower… …Well the shot of the Blackrock Tower falling was quite thrilling. It just so happens that my film “Fight Club” will be released soon, so let’s compete at the box office then.”

The adaptation of the famous “Fight Club” was brought out to fight with the original film of the other world, Hill felt shameless. Haha.

In terms of animation, after the serialization of “Fullmetal Alchemist” was completed, Hill moved out “One Piece”. The result, the tentacle painter who was in charge of the pen drew the characters in it so beautifully that they looked like the pretty boy characters in shoujo manga. Hill looked at it with toothache, “How about you draw the characters rougher?”

The tentacle monster artist has reworked it, but the overall style is still very delicate. In fact, the tentacle painter didn’t understand why it was rough. Hill copied a few pages of “One Piece” for the tentacle painter to see, and then the tentacle painter was in a mess: “I, My King, this, this…”

“Cough, cough, then just follow your feelings, don’t force it.” Hill felt that his obsession was a little strange. However, it’s so awkward to look at “One Piece” with a style like a girl’s manga…

Then later after Hill moved out JOJO, tentacle monster painter looked at that magical JOJO stand on the spot, and almost put down the stall to quit.

“Can’t you continue to draw in this style?” Hill said sincerely: “Feel it carefully, it actually has a kind of beauty in it…”

The tentacle monster painter felt like he was going to die without a cure. – This is something in the future.

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Everything is so peaceful.

Whether it’s food or movies, on the surface, it seems that the role is only to entertain the public, but as the years go by, the public’s three views are also changing. Bloodline is no longer everything, and there are more and more opportunities for civilians. The development of overall productivity has made the poor less and less, and the gradually changing legal system has guaranteed the rights of the general public.

It is worth mentioning that after Hill completed the Avengers, he began to think about digging into the next theme, um… “Fast and Furious” series is very good, but there are no cars in this world yet, so why not invent and popularize cars? To invent cars in order to make a movie is really too much. Hill was amused by himself. Just change it, haha.

The former Dark Pope returned to the Dark Church after investigating the angel’s affairs, but he did not hold an important position, but entered the church school under the Dark Church and became a teacher to teach young people.

In the past few years, Hill has put more energy into eating, drinking, and building infrastructure. Most of the government affairs are handled by the five elders with the assistance of Alice. Alice has grown a lot over the years, she and her mother never lifted the barrier between them, but it does not prevent them from cherishing each other. In addition, Hill handed over the secret of the angel sacrifice to Alice, as one of the trump cards against the Church of Light, to prevent problems before they occur.

The Dijon Tribe’s Harvest Festival tournament has developed into a major event for the whole world, and in addition to the tournament there are various other competitions with generous rewards, Hill modeled it after the Olympic Games. Unlike the Olympics, this is an annual event, held in turns by several countries. By the way, the Plague Islands is now a country. Among them, the winner of the individual competition of the martial arts competition will be awarded the title of “the strongest person in the continent”, and the king himself will award the medal. This made many people look forward to it.

This Spring Festival, Hill and Monroe looked at the new city from the Blackrock Tower of the demon capital. The magic fireworks dyed the night sky, and a large area bloomed in the air. The neon lights of the city below are no less glorious than the exuberant view from the sky.

“It really changed the world accidentally,” Hill looked at the sky and the ground and said with emotion.

Monroe thought for a while, then expressed his opinion on this sentence: “Then you are too careless.”

Still such a straightforward answer, in fact, it still makes sense, but the first thing you want to do after hearing it is to laugh. Hill leaned on the railing and laughed for a long time, “No matter how long I’ve been with you, I can still be amused by your sudden words ah.”

“Because although we have been together for a long time, in theory, the actual time spent together is not too much.” Monroe said: “Not to mention Irvine, our time together is not even comparable to Albrecht.”

Hill leaned his elbows on the railing, looked at Monroe sideways, and smiled at the corners of his lips: “Complaining?”

The stars are very sparse in the prosperous fireworks. Hill’s voice was low and quiet, only the tail sound rose slightly, and seemed to be a little excited.

Monroe didn’t look at Hill, he was still looking at the fireworks in the sky, and his voice was unhurried: “I’m acting like a baby.”

This time, Hill almost fell from the Blackrock Tower with laughter.

Monroe finally looked over at him and reached out to help him.

Once again, a group of fireworks bursts into bloom at the same time, the brilliant light taking up almost the entire view.

“That’s nice.”

Under the enchanting night sky, Hill looked at Monroe, and they looked at each other.

The fireworks bloomed in the sky in sequence, and none of the sky was as bright as the light in his eyes.

The fireworks burned in his eyes, and some magnificent dream pierced his body, making his fingertips tremble with them.

“It is indeed good to be with you.” Monroe said in a soft voice: “They call you the dream maker more often now.”

“I quite like this title,” Hill said. “That’s what they think, what about you?”

“You are my dream.” Monroe lowered his head and kissed the back of Hill’s hand reverently: “My Lord.”

Basically no regrets. Hill thought.

What followed was a deep kiss before midnight.

“Happy New Year, Monroe.”

“Happy New Year, Hill.”

A new year has begun.

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