Chapter 268 – After the War II

Hill was squatting in the Dark Church at Famagusta when Teresa’s succession began.

The church of the Dark Church is a very old-fashioned church, with typical dim light and dignified atmosphere, coupled with the symbols of the dark gods decorated around. The shadow of this magnificent building not only casts on the ground, but also casts on people’s heart.

A luxurious pure black cloak wrapped around his slender body, the gold-edged sheepskin boots stepped on the marble floor, the gloves made of silver moon squirrel skin closed the door,  and the wind brought the candles in the room to tilt collectively – except for the one closest to the visitor. The fire elemental spirit has quietly entered. The visitor leaned lazily against the wall after coming in, with the same lazy smile on his face under the hood: “Busy again.”

“It’s like this every day.” The Dark Pope in front of the case put down his quill, “My Lord, what can I do for you?”

Hill snapped his hood and drifted over to the high-backed reddish-brown couch over there and nestled directly into the shadows, “Nothing.” Only his dark red eyes could be seen in the shadows, he said in a scribbled tone.

“…that’s not good,” Monroe said.

“I thought the average person would find ‘something’ more troubling,” Hill said.

“Because you’ll say things properly right away if you have something, but nothing means you’ll think of all sorts of ways to toss your men around,” Monroe said.

Hill opened his mouth, and finally said a little bit depressed: “You just don’t want to see me…”

“Of course not,” Monroe said, he got up and went over there to open the window, and the damp and sticky air of the night poured in, diluting the faint smell of decay and blood in the room.

Hill took a deep breath of fresh air and said, “Actually, to tell you the truth, I would love to go to Teresa’s ceremony.” Hill said, “But my status is really too honorable to be there.”

“Actually, to be honest with you, that makes me want to gag a little,” Monroe said.

“This kind of honesty, in fact, you can actually hide it a little,” Hill said.

Monroe let out an “oh”, and then continued to look down at the paper in front of him. His face is not very clear in the dim light, but this hazy feeling makes Hill a little itchy.

After staring at Monroe for a while, he felt a little bored because he didn’t get any response, so he walked over and sat directly on the table in front of Monroe, carelessly putting everything on the table under his butt.

This action was so arrogant that Monroe, the former captain of the paladin and the current Dark Pope, was stunned for a moment. He opened his mouth and said after a few seconds: “Books are the ladder of human progress…”

“Then I have sat down on the human race as well as the ladder of human progress. I really deserve to be the demon king.” Although Hill said so indiscriminately, he still got down from the table, and he glanced at the mess on the table: “Ah, you lied to me, there are no books. I don’t see the ladder of human progress, I only see the waste paper that hinders the communication between you and me.”

That’s clearly a political document… well. Monroe showed a helpless smile: “Then I won’t read it, I’ll talk to you.”

“That’s more like it.” Hill again sat on the table, and then extended a foot, “please make a place.” He said this but put his foot over without pausing, Monroe subconsciously spread his legs. Hill stepped directly on the chair Monroe was sitting on, with the side of his foot touching the inner thigh of Monroe. Monroe glanced down at Hill’s unruly feet and wanted to get up. But Hill snapped his fingers and used magic to push Monroe back into his seat.

Then Hill squinted his eyes with a satisfied smile: “You can really tolerate me.”

“What else could I do?” Monroe asked helplessly.

“Leave the stall and quit?” Hill asked.

Monroe said, “Can I?”

Hill pondered for a moment and replied, “If you leave your stall and quit, you might get f*cked by me.”

Monroe actually hesitated.

Hill was stunned, he retracted his foot and shook Monroe’s shoulder with his hand: “What’s the matter with you, Monroe? Wake up ah.”

Monroe showed a pity expression: “I didn’t have the idea of quitting the stall, but after hearing the consequences you said, I actually felt a little excited.”

“Pfft.” This time, Hill was completely poked into a laugh: “This is the so-called Pope who is very strong, but he speaks too bluntly.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Monroe said.

Hill stepped on the stool again, “Because you will tell me your thoughts directly, and you often make me think you’re very cute, you know?”

“I know now.” Monroe said, “You think I’m cute like that…so should I continue to carry this out to make you happier? Or do you,” Monroe directly grabbed Hill’s ankle and pulled him. Hill couldn’t stabilize his balance and had to support his body with his hands, but in less than a second, Monroe had grabbed his other hand and pressed it on the table.


It was actually rather rough.

But neither of them are gentle people, nor are they people who need to be treated gently.

Monroe lowered his eyes and stared at Hill, his pupils condensed with tyrannical aggression: “…prefer me like this?”

This feeling.

His gaze seemed to have actually invaded his body, and then made him excited.

That excitement tugged more other indulgent feelings that grew fluffily within him.

Hill grabbed Monroe’s clothes directly with the hand supporting his body, and used Monroe to maintain his shaky body: “Ever heard that saying?” Hill said, “Cute is worthless in front of sexy.”

Monroe looked down at Hill’s hand holding the clothes, and then opened Hill’s fingers one by one, so Hill lost his balance and fell on the table, and Monroe also pressed down.

“I see.” A low voice resounded in the dark church.

All the flames went out. Only the moonlight outside was misty.

Then the two made a mess of papers and stuff.

After the moon passed, Hill lounged on the couch while Monroe cleaned up the mess of papers on the floor.

“When are you going to go over to see Teresa?” Hill asked.

“I’ve delivered my message, so it doesn’t matter if I see it or not,” Monroe said.

“What? When did you pass it on? What are you two up to behind my back?” Hill climbed up from the couch.

“I didn’t pass him any news, that’s what I sent him,” Monroe said. “Let him go.”

“Oh.” Hill lay back on the sofa again, “I don’t know what will happen to Alice… Forget it, children and grandchildren will have their own children and grandchildren.”

“You raised her well, she’s just too young,” Hill said.

“So I found Lannon for her, and Teresa should take care of her.” Hill said, “Besides, I’m still alive, and I’m still the Demon King.”

“What about King Oitin’s side?” Monroe asked, not answering Hill.

“Let’s just say that,” Hill closed his eyes and faked sleep.

“He probably hates you,” Monroe said.

“Yes, but not more than the Pope of Light,” Hill said.

“That’s true. You’ve always been very open-minded,” Monroe said.

“It’s not that I’m open-minded, it’s because…” Hill still closed his eyes and said in a leisurely voice: “All the eggs in the world combined couldn’t break a single stone, could they?”

“You are as domineering as ever,” Monroe said.

“No,” Hill said. “I mean I’m as hard as a rock now.”

The unexpected car slammed into Monroe’s face.

Then continue… Just like that…

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After the end of the war, a lot of mess needs to be cleaned up, so the people above are busier than ever.

The Dark Church sent the emissary, Leona. Captain Rod was going to let his apprentice Karl or Jack go, but he went there in person after hearing that Leona was going. They have quite a story.

Alice saw Teresa for the second time at the succession ceremony. She found that she still had hatred and fear for Teresa. Although she knew that Teresa should have some agreement with Hill, a few years ago, Teresa was too deeply reflected in her mind. Alice thought she had forgotten, but looking at Teresa on the stage, she noticed that her fingers trembled slightly.

She couldn’t help thinking of her meeting with her mother.

It turns out that good feelings are easy to forget, but negative emotions such as hatred and fear can exist for a longer time.

Alice was enlightened.

——A generation of tyrants seems to be coming online.

Alice did all the things the ambassador needed to do very well. She also officially signed a peace agreement on behalf of the Demon Realm. She was calm and composed among a group of adults, and her imposing manner was no less than theirs.

After the serious meeting, Captain Rod and Leona specifically came to talk to Alice. Hill once took Alice to play on the Deathbird for a while, so Captain Rod and Alice were quite familiar with each other. He was worried that Alice would feel scared but then found that he was worrying about nothing.

“There is not much left. Lord Demon King did mention to me about wanting to develop all those islands at sea, so Captain Rod, you seem to have a lot of things to do next,” Alice said.

“I don’t even have time to rest,” Captain Rod said.

“You’d better not rest.” Leona glanced at Captain Rod with a smile: “You are suitable for running around all the time, and you don’t have time to think about life and the future.”

Captain Rod opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he just smiled.

Alice looked at Captain Rod for a while and said, “Did you just intend to say ‘because you don’t plan to appear in my future, so I don’t need to think about my future’?”

Captain Rod let out a series of coughs, and Leona gave Captain Rod a playful look. Alice realized that she seemed to have done something not very good, and spun her wheelchair to prepare to escape.

Then a familiar voice came from behind her, the male voice that often appears in dreams.

“Can you spare a moment to talk, Miss Alice?”

It was Teresa.

Alice turned her wheelchair and looked at the man in front of her. She remembered how he looked in the fire, and then she nodded: “Of course, Your Holiness, Pope Shelley.”

The meeting between the two was long but the conversation time was not much. Teresa relayed that the Pope was actually killed by him. Alice just nodded lightly: “I guessed it.”

Teresa didn’t know what to say for a while, so she said, “He asked me to take care of you before he died.”

Alice looked at Teresa in amazement: “Your Holiness, Pope Shelley, the weakness contained in your words makes me unable to believe that this is coming from you.”

“People are always multi-faceted and complex.” Teresa lamented: “I admit that I have a weak side.”

Teresa was so calm that Alice was stunned: “I’m sorry for the offense I just made.”

“It’s all right,” Teresa said.

The two walked along the Holy River outside the Holy City, with Teresa pushing Alice’s wheelchair. After a long time, Alice asked, “What kind of man is he?”

Teresa was silent for a while, and replied, “Not a good person, but very powerful.”

Alice let out an “oh”, “you told me he taught you one last lesson before he died, but if it were me, I would have done that not for your sake, but to appeal to your compassion and make you promise me what I want afterward: that is, to take care of me.”

“That may be so,” Teresa said, he hadn’t actually thought of this layer, because recently, his emotional ups and downs have been too great, and he may have been blinded for a bit. He may slowly figure it out in the future, but not today. Alice told the truth in one sentence: “But you are really… As expected of—”

“As expected of his daughter?” Alice asked back.

“Uh, as expected of someone receiving the Lord Demon King’s teaching,” Teresa said, “I want to say this.”

Alice smiled. For the first time since she came here, she showed the appearance of a little girl. She nodded vigorously: “Yeah!”

The sun is just right. The future is promising.

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