Chapter 267 – After the War I

After Teresa stabbed the Pope of Light in the back, the Pope of Light turned to look at him in disbelief. Teresa felt that it was difficult for him to face his gaze, but he was not going to say sorry. However, the Pope of Light’s incredulous gaze only lasted for a second, and then he showed a relieved expression: “It’s actually like this…”

Teresa found this look of relief on his face more difficult for him to face than the look of disbelief, “Your Holiness,” he called out a little dryly.

“Tell me, was it like this at the beginning or was it done on impulse?” the Pope of Light asked, “Forget it. It doesn’t matter.”

Teresa suddenly felt that the sword in his hand was very heavy.

This sword has been prepared by him for a long time, it can tear the holy light apart, and it is also quenched with poison. His absolute strength is a fraction of that of the Pope of Light’s. Even a sneak attack may not kill the other party, Teresa understands that he cannot die, so he has to clean up the mess.

The Pope of Light’s expression suddenly turned hideous, and holy light poured out of him frantically: “In the end, even you betrayed me!”

The enormous pressure made Teresa’s body stiff, and he supported his body with his sword, barely keeping himself from falling. Then the Pope of Light walked up to him and held his shoulders with pliers-like hands, and Teresa felt like his shoulder blades were about to shatter.

I can’t die.

Teresa said in his heart.

I still have to appease the remaining priests of the light, I can still avoid more sacrifices, I still have to…

I still have a lot to do. I can’t die!

Then, Teresa stabbed the Pope a second time, and then he felt his shoulder blade really crack.

But the Pope of Light let him go.

The hideousness faded from his face a little bit: “Forget it, you still have a lot of things to do,” the Pope of Light said while coughing.

The expression on Teresa’s face was absolutely out of control at that moment. He felt that this sentence was like a sword, directly inserted into his heart.

“Be sure to develop the church well.” After the Pope of Light finished speaking, he fell on his back, the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth was black and purple.

Teresa was half-kneeling on the ground, gasping for breath, the sword in his hand fell to the ground, and his arms could no longer be lifted.

The Pope of Light moved his lips and said something, Teresa didn’t think much about it and leaned over directly.

Then… the Pope directly stretched out his hand and grabbed Teresa’s neck!

At that moment, Teresa’s hair exploded all over his body.

He felt his death coming.

Then the Pope said slowly, “Last lesson, Teresa Shelley, don’t have mercy on anyone you see as an enemy… Take care of Alice.” Then, he let go and closed his eyes forever. It seemed that he had deduced the fact from Teresa’s betrayal that Alice was alive.

This feeling of twists and turns really makes the heart unable to take it.

Teresa gasped for breath, the feeling of almost dying made him tremble.

After a while, Teresa looked down at the paladin sword in his hand. Then he closed his eyes and let the holy fire devour the Pope of Light’s body cleanly.


Everything that happened afterwards can be described with the phrase “a lot of things happened afterwards”.

The Pope of Light failed to start the formation and died from the backlash of the holy light. King Oitin was attacked by unknown forces and was fortunately saved by Teresa. Teresa Shelley negotiated peace with the allied forces, during which the swords were drawn several times, but finally a contract was signed. After that, Teresa served as bishop of the Church of Light and changed the doctrine to make it more in line with the current trend of the times.

The Oitin Empire was opened to the outside world, and products from the magic world were imported in large quantities. In addition, the new Bishop Teresa heavily hired popular writers to write novels on the Church of Light and paladins, and plans to make a movie.

In a certain way, people in the other world achieved freedom of faith.

This is what the public knows.

What the public did not know was that the Pope of Light almost stabbed King Oitin to death and let Theresa finish him. When Teresa rescued King Oitin, he put forward a condition not to tell the public that the Pope of Light wanted to kill him. In the end, the Pope of Light left a good reputation for martyrdom. That’s the only thing Teresa can do for him.

A month later, the situation on the continent has basically stabilized.

The ceremony of Teresa’s appointment as Pope of Light was very grand. All countries sent representatives, and the representatives of the Demon Realm were Alice and the Demon Dragon, Gormund. What surprised others was Alice was the superior and Demon Dragon Gormund was the subordinate. In the war, the horror of Demon Dragon Gormund and his legion was seen by everyone, and now he is dominated by a little girl… Could it be that the Demon King was serious about what he said about her being the next Demon King?

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Alice met her mother in the Oitin Empire, where her mother had been staying with Teresa’s father. Alice thought she would be excited, thought she would jump into her mother’s arms, but after actually meeting her, she realized she was so calm.

The mother and daughter just stared at each other for a while in the courtyard, her mother’s expression shifting from pure excitement to bewilderment and confusion.

“What’s wrong, Mother?” Alice asked.

The mother took a step back subconsciously. She looked at Alice, then at the dragon guard behind Alice, and finally called out tentatively, “Alice?”

“Yeah. It’s me, I’m still alive.” Alice nodded, and the dragon pushed her to her mother. Alice raised her delicate little face, she was wearing a layered Lolita dress, the whole person looked like a beautiful doll, “The Demon King saved me.”

“I heard…” The expression on the mother’s face was a little uncertain: “They say you’re going to be the next Demon King.”

“Yes,” Alice answered.

“Those people are trying to use you, trying to use your identity, you…”

“And so what?” Alice looked at her mother quietly, “My identity is my greatest value, why can’t I use my identity?”

“You…” The mother took a step back, she was shocked by Alice’s gaze and blurted out, “You really are that man’s daughter.”

The hurt in Alice’s eyes flashed, but it was so subtle that her mother didn’t see it, her mother only heard her say in a sweet indifferent voice, “That’s one of the truths, Mother.”

Then Alice raised her face and said, “Mother, why don’t you hug me like before?” She opened her arms and her pink lips opened and closed: “Hug me, Mother. Or do you despise me? Hmm? Do you dislike my broken leg? Or is it…” She looked at her with innocent eyes: “…you’re scared of me?”

The mother fell to the ground, trembling all over.

Alice lowered her eyes, turned her wheelchair, and went to the depths of the manor while instructing: “Help my mother up.”

The dragon guard stepped forward and helped Alice’s mother up.

“Looks like we have a long way to go before we get used to each other,” Alice whispered with her back turned to her.

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I really thought Teresa was gonna die. Characters like Teresa always die somehow. LOL

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