Chapter 266 – War IV

When the allied forces entered the Oitin Empire, the war seemed to take on the appearance of war as it should. The pleasure of entering another country’s territory, invading its territory, and plundering its goods, awakened the bestiality in many people’s hearts. In such a situation, restraining the army is a very difficult thing, so in both ancient and modern times, in China and abroad, there are often “three days to entertain the soldiers” after winning a battle, the purpose is to pacify the soldiers, boost morale, defeat the enemy’s potential strength, and then slaughter and pillage, allowing soldiers to plunder the city and commit a series of atrocities.

Hill, however, gave the order to go against this “tradition”.

Some of the generals were a little worried that the soldiers would be opposed to the psychology, but they soon found out that they were overly worried, the soldiers did not suffer too much after this series of wars, and all aspects of the supply are too good, so they do not have too many depressed emotions. In fact, in other words, they have basically broken away from that kind of low interest, there are more pursuits… In fact, the first request the soldiers made upon entering the Oitin Empire was whether it was possible to have magic phone signals all over the city, and they wanted to play with their phones and watch movies.

This made some battle-hardened generals feel very surprised, and they realized that times had really changed.

My lord, the times have changed. Then they pulled out their guns and shot over. → This kind of immediate feeling.

The day is dying, it bleeds, and it turns into a great swath of sunset, and over time the blood turns to filth, and the twilight sinks and devours everything. The carnivorous birds hovered in the air and dared not fall, they instinctively resisted the magic energy below. Ghost-faced bird knights passed by from time to time in the sky, and the hoarse voice of the ghost-faced bird could be transmitted far away, and it had become one of the nightmares of the Oitin Empire.

“You are finally willing to come out of your military tent,” Claude joked as Hill walked on the battlefield side by side with Ice Emperor Claude.

“Your level of jokes has lowered a lot,” Hill said. “Your jokes make me want to fight you.”

“Which kind of fight?” Ice Emperor asked, “Is it the one I thought?”

“Well, I take that back, your level of joking is a lot more elegant than it used to be.” Hill was caught off guard by the wheels of the car crushing his face.

This time it was the Ice Emperor who choked instead: “…Well, elegance. Your elegance can be really powerful.”

“Arsenic for A, honey for B,” Hill said.

“Obviously it is very reasonable, but it’s really annoying to be used by you for this purpose.” Ice Emperor Claude said, “I can only comfort myself with ‘you are a person of great wisdom’.”

“No, I copied all my great wisdom, and petty is what I am,” Hill said.

Ice Emperor Claude smiled: “You are joking again.”

Hill shrugged and did not continue the topic.

The Ice Emperor also did not continue joking, but talked about the business. He did not show the slightest dissatisfaction and doubt about the previous messages that were actually somehow the truth. In fact, Hill asked himself, he was already very kind compared to those tyrannical monarchs, but the people around him were growing more and more in awe of him every day. Hill thought that if the Ice Emperor asked questions or complained about his use of human soldiers as cannon fodder, he would understand, but the other party actually talked to him so peacefully and even joked about dirty jokes. Whether this is because the other party is too deep or does not care about the soldiers’ lives at all, or both, whichever one of these tendencies, it finally points to—ah, the Ice Emperor is really a qualified emperor.

The two of them were walking and talking about the future, and many things were settled in this way. Encountered some patrolling soldiers on the way, and stopped to salute immediately after seeing the two of them.

Both Hill and the Ice Emperor will smile and nod to them.

The setting sun was like blood. Everything is almost over.


The sunset is really like blood.

King Oitin thought so when he fell head-on.

“I have watched you grow up,” the Pope of Light lamented.

Probably because he was about to die, King Oitin was not too burdened, and he said directly, “I thought about betraying you, but I didn’t do it, you were compelled by the Demon King, and you were trapped.”

“Perhaps.” The Pope of Light also did not show an expression of remorse: “But it does not matter, I am not going to let you continue to develop. In the future, Teresa may not be able to suppress you, after all, you are a smart man.”

King Oitin understood the meaning of the words, his eyes widened: “You…”

“Hmm.” Pope of Light replied: “I have been thinking about it recently, I feel that I am weak and hesitant. But when I killed you, I understood that it was just an illusion. After so many years, my feelings, kindness, have been lost for too long, how can I get back.” He smiled to himself: “Maybe it’s those movies and other stuff the Demon King drummed up that gave me some unrealistic illusions.”

King Oitin was even more surprised: “You…”

“Well, I watched everything in the projection stone, and I also flipped through a lot of their magazines.” The Pope of Light said, “It’s fair to say I didn’t lose unfairly, but they didn’t win either.”

King Oitin wanted to say something more, but he let out a series of violent coughs and couldn’t speak.

Although the Pope of Light was talking to him, he was closer to talking to himself: “I watched you grow up, I nurtured you, I watched too many people grow up, nurtured too many people, and in the end, I sent all of them to their deaths.”

King Oitin hissed out with his last strength: “You bastard, son of a b*tch, you will go to hell!” He did not look the least bit noble as he did in the past.

The Pope of Light closed his eyes, “What an ugly sight.” After saying that he turned away and said to Teresa who was next to him, “Dispose of him.”

“Yes,” Teresa saluted.

The Pope of Light walked out of the palace, looked at the gradually dimming dusk, and whispered, “But perhaps, I look a little more ugly.”

Night has come.

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The sunrise is vibrant. Soldiers approach the city.

“Hahahaha! I wonder what the expressions of the light priests inside are now?”

“It should be panicking and praying in front of their gods hahaha!”

Contrary to what the allied troops had guessed, the Holy City actually appeared to be peaceful at this moment.

The believers of the light are praying, yes, but they are not panicking, they are all very calm. Early in the morning, the Pope of Light announced that the Holy City will start a large formation. Those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the God of Light will stay here, and those who want to survive should escape, the allied forces are not addicted to killing, and they will spare them. As a result, not a single person chose to escape. Perhaps the beginning was wrong, but to this point, it is enough to be called honorable people.

Teresa followed the Pope of Light into the basement. The Pope of Light was also very peaceful at this time, he rambled like an ordinary old man to Teresa about what will happen in the future.

“The king is dead, you go and support his son to take the throne. After the allied forces are completely destroyed, you can negotiate with them. Don’t worry, take your time and just keep the fire. Take good care of the remaining ascetics, and believers can continue to develop. You are a little young, you should be more calm and steady in the future…”

Teresa looked at the back of the Pope of Light, he is now somewhat unable to say anything.

If the Pope of Light sacrificed himself and the entire priest’s life to become an angel, the allied forces outside should really be unstoppable. A lot of people would die and the situation could be turned upside down. Then Lord Demon King’s plan will partially collapse. On the other side is the Pope of Light’s attitude towards himself. Those nurtured. The tired face he carries these days. Many people will die. Many people died.

The Pope of Light walked to the edge of the formation and put his hand on a huge magic crystal stone.

Teresa walked behind him and took a deep breath.

Then he suddenly pulled out the knight’s sword and stabbed forward!

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