Chapter 265 – War III

Since Dark Pope Monroe was ‘seriously injured’, Hill’s military tent has become a place of considerable stress. There are still a lot of subordinates coming and going every day, but no one dares to talk to each other, not even a look to each other. They came in in a hurry, asked for orders in the simplest terms, and then left in a hurry.

In such a situation, the only information that the Oitin traitor among the guards could get was that the Demon King was very angry at the fact that Dark Pope Monroe had been seriously injured, but whether it would affect his whole strategy was not yet known.

The atmosphere turned on the rumors of King Oitin, Jefferson Jackson hurriedly came, when Hill was writing plans, Jefferson came in and he realized he had been working all afternoon. Summer is in full swing now, and the days are getting longer, which is more conducive to people’s full attention to work, but also easy for people to forget the time.

Hill habitually rubbed the back of his neck with his hands, even though he had no problems with this body at all.

“Lord Demon King,” Jefferson called out beamingly.

“Just in time, accompany me out for a walk first,” Hill drank the cooled tea and said.

It was dusk at this time, the clouds outside were very thick, and they piled up in the center of the sky. The wind is relatively strong, and the footsteps of the wind wantonly trample on the setting sun that spreads all over the ground.

“You are really awesome, really… unparalleled… I admire you so much!” Jefferson said in a rather enthusiastic tone.

Hill sighed slowly.

Jefferson didn’t notice it, and continued: “I wonder how the Pope of Light will handle the relationship with King Oitin, plus your business with him for more than half a year, and the Oitin Empire’s internal and external trouble at this time… What’s wrong?”

Hill answered honestly, “I think you’re a little noisy.”

Jefferson was choked, and after a few seconds, he called out depressingly: “Lord Demon King…”

“Don’t show me such a sappy expression, I won’t be able to hold it,” Hill said with a serious face.

Jefferson almost fell down, “Lord, Lord Demon King!”

“Speaking of which, your surprised and stupid expression seems a little cuter than the sappy one… but unfortunately, you and your dad’s faces are a little too similar for me to lay hands on.” Hill sighed, “Well, continue what you were saying.”

“Okay, okay, get to business,” Jefferson was in shock.

Hill arranged the tasks on Jefferson’s side. Jefferson asked for some advice, and then he said, “In fact, Lord Demon King, the last time I met with Olivia, we talked about it and felt that you were getting farther and farther away from us.”

“Is that so?” Hill said.

“I chatted with you a few times this time, and found that it seems to be an illusion…” Jefferson scratched his head after saying this, “I don’t know how to say it, but it’s just that feeling, in fact, you haven’t changed, you have always been there…”

“Yeah, it was you who took the liberty of pulling away.” Hill said, “You said that you are getting farther and farther away from me, and that we used to be close…”

“I’m sorry we…”

“Actually, the distance has been quite far and never close,” Hill continued.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Jefferson almost vomited blood and died.

“Okay, just saying a few words casually, you have to be serious when it’s time to be serious.” Hill’s tone returned to his previous tone, “I can trust you, I’m very optimistic about your family. Olivia is doing well in her position now, if she has other ideas let her perfect them on her own.”

“Ah… okay, I’ll pass it on to her,” Jefferson said.

“And so do you, you have countless possibilities… In fact, many people have infinite possibilities, but…” Hill said halfway through and then interrupted himself, he smiled softly, his red pupils looking cloudy and gloomy, “The words have come to this, you guys take care of yourselves.”

Jefferson gave a cautious salute: “Thank you, Lord Demon King, for your guidance.”

“It’s not guiding, it’s just chatting between friends.” Hill smiled again, “Look, you’ve opened up the distance again.”

“That, I…”

“It’s nothing, it’s fine.” Hill waved his hand. “You should go, and send a message to Theodore, since he wants to do something, he might as well be bolder.”

Jefferson was stunned for a moment as if he had thought of something, but in the end, he lowered his eyes and said with a more respectful and distant attitude: “As per your order, Lord Demon King.”

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Recently another story has been circulating on the battlefield. King Oitin intends to make peace. At this time, King Oitin can be called the country’s internal and external problem. The Church of Light on the outside almost became a lonely army, but the fighting power that the Church of Light exploded at this time was only more amazing and frightening.

However, to no avail.

Hill has thrown the frontal army of the demons into it.

The all-around attack from the air to the surface to the ground, the super long distance, long distance, and close-range triple attack. When the priests of light were meditating on sacrificing themselves, suddenly, the banshees began to emit banshee howls together, and the priests of light were so shocked that they vomited blood.

They quickly used light magic to weaken the howls of the banshees, and then the image of the succubus dancing appeared in the sky.

Priests of Light: ……

What a shameless demon race this is!!!

When they were hurriedly concentrating on sacrificing again, the howl of the banshees sounded again, this time with a loudspeaker, and the priests of light watched as several black dwarves came out dragging an oversized black speaker.

Priests of Light: …………

What kind of war is this?

Is this a war?! Can you guys be more serious?!

…Well, more than half of the light priests are no longer able to perform Angel Sacrifice.

What needs to be clear is that if it were replaced by ascetics, no matter how much Hill interferes with the ascetics, they can complete the sacrifice, but after all, these are just ordinary light priests, so the combat power of the Oitin Empire is directly greatly reduced.

“Not surprisingly.”

Death Knight Goldnia looked at this scene and said:

“Everything is within the expectations of Lord Demon King… Then the next step is for the lich squad to summon the Carrion Undead and the tauren druid squad to use plant spells to prevent the opponent’s self-exploding attack.”

Following Goldnia’s order, the Lich Squad and the Druid Squad immediately stepped forward to cast their spells. A few seconds later, the Oitin Empire had launched a charge, only to be stopped by the vines rising from the ground and the lich summons crawling on top, while the goblin air force drop bombs from above.

If you don’t pick up the projection stones dropped from the sky, then please bask in the artillery fire from the sky.

Goldnia thought so.

A day later, Hill looked at the report handed by Goldnia: “The enemy has been wiped out, no prisoners…” After a series of formal reports, Goldnia said: “A passionless battle, everything that happened as a matter of course, without any half-measures, even the preplanning was not used, and there was hardly much euphoria of victory, but rather more heaviness of war. The bodies of the Oitin soldiers were roasted a lot, and I stopped the ghouls from eating their corpses just in time, but some humans from the Allied army still threw up.”

Hill wrote this reply, “Real wars are not meant to be won by passion and blood. It’s almost time to end it all.”

After finishing the incident, he sighed with emotion: “Really, the cruelty of war makes even a demon can’t stand it anymore.”

Monroe’s voice came from the darkness: “Maybe because he was once human.”

“You always throw cold water on me,” Hill complained.

“It’s not just that.” Monroe said, “Compared to the kind of war in which you could feel the blood of the other side, the way you innovated war is too cold, as if life becomes a number, but the dead are real, and this feeling is more likely to make people’s blood cool.”

Hill responded, closed his eyes for a long time, and said nothing.


Everything seemed to be going very well after the devilish frontal army was put into battle. But the ascetics had disappeared from sight for too long. The shock of innovative tactics not only confused the enemy but also put the people of the allied army into a kind of blind confidence, so no one felt that the overly smooth situation in front of them was not right.

Until one night, Hill’s military tent was surrounded by a group of ascetics.

In the tent, Monroe poured a glass of Hill’s favorite iced wine for him and asked with a smile, “How do you feel?”

“I feel like I’m going to die,” Hill said. “If I wasn’t prepared, I think I would really end up dead this time.”

It’s really a master’s game.

Hill had previously used the human army as bait to force Oitin to use Angel Sacrifices first, and then the Pope used the lives of so many ordinary light priests to confuse Hill, and then let the ascetics hide in the dark.

“The Pope of Light is quite a powerful man, it’s just a shame.” Hill finished his drink and smashed the glass directly, then he raised his voice: “Friends out there, if you want to come as guests, just get rid of the unfriendly people first. I have the projection stones for the later seasons of Natsume’s Book of Friends here, plus a lot of new movies coming out, I think you’ll have a good time here.”

There was a commotion outside immediately.

“You, when did you guys… Ah—!”

“Traitors, you actually betrayed my Lord—!”


“How can you still use Holy Light?!”

Screams rang out one after another, and a moment later, a bloodied ascetic entered the military tent, he was the leader of the remaining ascetics, and his eyes shone brightly as he said, “Lord Demon King, I especially like your movie, can I participate in your movie?”

“Of course, you can,” Hill flashed a smile at him.

So, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve, Your Holiness, the Pope?

After sending the ascetic group away, Hill couldn’t help whistling.

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The seemingly logical process seems to be too easy.

“You made war like a child’s play,” when Hill saw Grand Chancellor Lannon again, the other party said this to him.

“Don’t make such a joke. Even so, we have lost too many people,” Hill replied in a quiet voice.

‘And wouldn’t such words negate his previous efforts?’ Hill thought with displeasure.

Whether as a human or as a demon, the Grand Chancellor is always so bad at talking.

‘I hope that the future Alice can stop herself from killing him… Now, Alice seems to have a tendency to kill ah…’

The news that the ascetic group was missing reached the ears of the Pope of Light, and instead of being angry, he just sighed deeply.

Teresa, who was next to him, lowered his head. He had no idea what the Pope was thinking since the war started. Although the Pope had been doing what he was supposed to do, and those war tactics he used were already quite powerful (unfortunately, he ran into Hill), Teresa always felt that something was out of place.

Until now, Teresa suddenly understood that the Pope of Light did not seem to have the slightest passion for this war, and he seemed to be passively participating in the war.

What everyone did not expect was that in this vast war that swept the entire continent, both leaders actually did not have any kind of battle spirit and were tired of the war itself.

“…What are you thinking?” Teresa couldn’t help asking.

“I’m a little surprised. I didn’t think that the Demon King could even solve the ascetics,” Pope of Light said.

“But I feel as if… you have some kind of backup move you haven’t used yet?” Teresa asked.

“I had a hunch that the Demon King might crack the Angel Sacrifice, so I focused on the Demon King himself. I spent a lot of energy and a lot of power to find the trace of the Demon King – he himself didn’t hide too much. Then I use two-thirds of the power of the ascetics to attack the Demon King. If we succeeded, we would not win immediately, but we would never lose,” the Pope said.

“I understand.” Teresa was still sweating for Hill after hearing this description.

“It didn’t work out, it stands to reason that it should be successful… Forget it.” The Pope shook his head, his eyes dazzled: “If there is a later move… of course there is.”

“What is it?” Teresa felt that he was asking a little too quickly after he had finished asking. But it doesn’t matter. Teresa thought.

The Pope did not answer Teresa’s question, but instead said, “Walk with me.”

“Okay,” Teresa could only suppress his temper and said.

The two were walking in the Holy City. The Pope said something from the past. Teresa was not interested in it. He used to pretend that he was interested, but today he is too lazy to pretend, he is tired.

“…I saw a little bird land on my staff the other day and I tried to reach out to tease it, but it flew away,” the Pope said.

“Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to God?” Teresa asked.

The Pope laughed a little, “Young man…”

“Yes, I’m a young man. Many times, I can’t hold my breath. I’m too arbitrary. But I don’t understand why you tell me these trivial things at such a critical time,” Teresa said.

Pope of Light looked at Teresa with a doting smile, and then said, “The last move is to wait for them to enter the Holy City, and then I will enter the formation center underground in the church to sacrifice myself.”

Teresa was stunned: “This…”

“I will drain the power that I have saved for hundreds of years, the church will collapse, and I will become an angel with unprecedented power.” The Pope of Light said, “Then it will be handed over to you.”

“But this…” The impatience just now vanished, and Teresa really felt a sense of turmoil, “But you…”

“Is Alice really dead?” Pope of Light asked suddenly.

Teresa blurted out: “I killed her with my own hands.”

“Oh.” The Pope responded, “Then it looks like this Demon King hasn’t given up on the idea of separating me from you.”

“…I suppose so,” Teresa said.

“Actually, it’s fine if it’s really her.” The Pope said this sentence without a thought: “Okay, walk with me again.”

“Okay,” Teresa replied softly.

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