Chapter 162 – Black Market Treasure Hunt

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Xu family had a great joy — Xu Fanghua was getting married, and the groom was naturally Song Yi.

The two lovers finally became a couple.

Xu Fanghua would be wearing a red wedding gown made by her mother, Zhang Ailian. Perhaps this represented a mother’s greatest blessing for her daughter.

As the younger sister, if circumstances allowed, Xu Jinning would have wanted to add a dowry for Xu Fanghua. And when Xu Jinning got married later, Xu Fanghua, as the older sister, would also add a dowry for her.

After Xu Fanghua’s wedding date was set, Xu Jinning had been thinking about what kind of dowry would be appropriate for her older sister.

In her memory, in the 21st century, families with average conditions would use gold or silver jewelry for dowry. Wealthy people would use jewelry or property, like houses and cars.

She didn’t have a car.

She did have property, though.

Whether it was the welfare house her father got from the textile factory or the small villa in Haishi that the Lin family compensated her for last time, both properties were under her name in the deed.

Even if she wanted to give them as gifts, her older sister would definitely not accept them.

So, it would be better to use jewelry and gold.

As the saying goes, in prosperous times, antiques are valuable; in chaotic times, gold is precious.

Nowadays, the price of gold is low, and jewelry is not worth much.

But in the past few decades, gold could fetch nearly 500 yuan per gram, and good jewelry was even more valuable.

So, let’s use gold and jewelry for the dowry.

However, where should she go to find gold and jewelry?

Xu Jinning thought of the black market mentioned in general period novels.

When it came to the black market, Xu Jinning thought of her second brother, Xu Xiangbei. Wasn’t he a little expert who frequented the black market? It was just right to find him.

So, Xu Jinning found Xu Xiangbei and told him about her idea of buying some gold and jewelry.

“You want to buy gold jewelry for big sister’s dowry, that’s fine, but you don’t need this jewelry; that stuff is worthless,” Xu Xiangbei said.

Xu Jinning countered, “Just because it’s worthless now doesn’t mean it won’t be valuable in the future.”

Xu Xiangbei was about to speak when he heard Xu Jinning’s thoughts.

[My good second brother, don’t think that jewelry is worthless now; in a few decades, well-crafted jewelry made of precious stones can fetch astronomical prices, millions, hundreds of millions, even a billion, all possible.]

[If you have such a set of jewelry, it can become a family heirloom!]

[Gold prices will soar in the future too, maybe up to 500 yuan per gram.]

Xu Jinning’s thoughts successfully choked Xu Xiangbei’s words that were still unspoken.

Because there was no need to say them anymore.

At this moment, Xu Xiangbei was deeply shocked.

Could the currently low-priced gold really skyrocket in the future? And the seemingly worthless jewelry, could it fetch astronomical prices later?

Forget about a billion, even millions would leave Xu Xiangbei dizzy at this moment.

You see, in Xu Xiangbei’s current understanding, a few thousand yuan was already a fortune. In this era where a few dozen yuan could get you a wife, anyone with a few thousand yuan wouldn’t have to worry about food and drink in the future.

So, millions, tens of millions, or even a billion, what kind of concept was that?!

Although Xu Xiangbei was shocked and incredulous, he also knew that anything coming from Ningning’s thoughts was definitely true.

Whether it was true or not, it was worth a try. What if it turned out to be true?

Then they’d be rich.

After all, Ningning said that a good set of jewelry could become a family heirloom.

Xu Xiangbei knew that he didn’t have any outstanding skills, but if he had the ability and the opportunity, he should leave something for future generations, right? These jewelry and gold seemed like a good start.

“Okay, Ningning, let’s find a time. I’ll take you to look around,” Xu Xiangbei agreed.


A few months ago, during the time when Cui Zhiqiang tried to set up Xu Xiangbei, it was the most tense period. Back then, those caught engaging in illegal buying and selling would either end up in jail or eating peanuts (executed) as punishment.

That tense period lasted for a full two months, leaving many people anxious.

But now, in the past one or two months, the tension had eased, and it was becoming increasingly relaxed. There was a sense of openness, a feeling that trading could be done freely, as hinted by Zhang Changzheng, the public security officer.

Many speculated that the previous two months of tension were like the darkness before dawn, and now, dawn was approaching.

Thus, the black market reopened.

Moreover, there were fewer and fewer crackdowns on illegal buying and selling. Even during transactions, if they were small-scale, like exchanging eggs or some food items, the police turned a blind eye.

This was why Xu Xiangbei dared to promise to take Xu Jinning to the black market.

On the third day, Sunday, Xu Xiangbei took Xu Jinning to the county town and went to the same secluded courtyard as last time.

They still disguised themselves.

Last time they came at night; this time it was during the day.

Xu Jinning noticed that the atmosphere this time was completely different from their previous visit.

Last time, although there were quite a few people sneaking around here, it wasn’t overwhelming. However, everyone seemed tense, with a wary look in their eyes. There was a sense that if anything seemed off, they would immediately pack up and leave in a hurry.

But now…

Xu Jinning looked at the courtyard in front of her, which now resembled a bustling market, and she was somewhat stunned.

It was lively, very lively.

Everyone seemed to be setting up stalls, with some even displaying their goods as if they were about to start hawking them.

There was a relaxed atmosphere around them, and the tension seemed to have dissipated.

“Ningning, follow me.”

Xu Jinning followed the young man and was quickly led to a secluded stall.

The stall owner was a man, but his unkempt beard and disheveled appearance made it hard for Xu Jinning to guess his age.

His hair was messy and long, and he looked scruffy.

The stall owner lazily sat there, not seeming like he was selling anything but rather basking in the sun.

When they approached, he only lifted his eyelids slightly.

He didn’t say a word.

“Ningning, are these what you’re looking for?”

Xu Jinning followed the young man’s gaze and saw the items displayed in front of the stall owner.

At that moment, Xu Jinning’s eyes lit up.

Exactly, what was displayed in front of her was indeed the gold and jewelry that Xu Jinning had been looking for.

Xu Jinning immediately crouched down to take a closer look.

As a modern wealthy young lady, Xu Jinning had some knowledge about these luxury items.

The gold jewelry in front of her included bracelets, hairpins, rings, and anklets… all finely crafted.

Especially notable was a necklace made of gold, with a large red gemstone in the center, shining brightly in the sunlight.

Xu Jinning thought to herself that this necklace with the gemstone could indeed fetch a high price in modern times.

However, what intrigued Xu Jinning the most was a particular anklet among them.

This anklet had two golden butterflies encrusted with emerald green beads. These beads were naturally precious gemstones, and the butterflies were intricately carved, shimmering and producing a crisp sound when moved.

“This anklet should be from the Han Dynasty period. Only the concubines in the palace during that time could afford to wear such exquisite double butterfly anklets,” Xu Jinning remarked to herself.

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